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A Break

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#1Rin Moriyama 

A Break Empty Fri Aug 23, 2019 11:41 am

Due to my recent health issues, both physical and mental, I've decided that I need a break for the sake of my body as well as my sanity. I haven't had any muse as of late despite my desire to RP and do things, and that is very upsetting. I also feel like, that even just admitting to this, would cause some people to think I'm making excuses for myself or that I'm lying and don't want to RP, which isn't the case. I'll still be around on discord, so if any of you wish to stay in touch, feel free to DM me.

I will be leaving the server during this time and I should hopefully return within a month or two tops. Right now, focusing on myself is going to take priority in the hopes I can reclaim my lost muse and return here with a renewed determination to do much more than ever before. To those of you, I was in threads with, I'm very sorry to leave you hanging like this. I promise that when I return, I will make this up to all of you. Until then, take care everyone.

#2Sage Meilyr 

A Break Empty Fri Aug 23, 2019 6:44 pm

Sage Meilyr
that is sad to hear rin, i hope you find the clarity and cure you seek for. just know that we will always be here, waiting. <3

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