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Escorting, Guarding, and Warding [LeeAnn|Mini-Event]

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Faye did the last button of her off-white shirt. It was simple with gold colored embroidery and hung somewhat loose on her petite frame. Turning on her heels, Faye watched her brick red skirt swaying through the full body mirror. It was a pretty casual yet cool and ‘I mean business’ kind of look that she topped off with a crisp white jacket.

“Perfect,” She muttered to the reflection. Faye was currently in a room of some mansion in Era. A day or two ago Faye had gotten some official instruction from her guild to go help citizens out anywhere they can in order to contribute positively to the ongoing war with demons. Rifts have been opening up more frequently all across Fiore and Faye, with some first hand experience on how these demons tended to be, was not surprised when most legal guilds started blowing their tops over how to better safeguard their city and Fiore in general. The Council along with the Rune Knights had been going crazy. Faye was one of the few that felt indifferent to it. Other than the fact that she initially came into contact with Leviathan during the fight with some of these demons and that she is now missing with her puppet, Hana, Faye had no thoughts or emotions towards it. The only motivation she had for helping out was the fact that a world taken over by demons would be pretty boring and predictable. Faye wanted to keep experiencing the thrill of encountering new people.

Thus, here she was, getting into some “presentable” clothes that would satisfy her client, a noble lady who needed herself and her son escorted to some high profile upper class party. Faye had originally shown up with just a knitted top and plain trousers but was, with just one displeased look of the lady, quickly pushed into one of the rooms and given some expensive clothes to wear. The idea was to look “classy” and “dignified” as the butler had said over her shoulders but Faye with her naturally cool aura and posture was able to make it look much more.

She was told there would be someone else doing this with her. Another female mage that did not seem to belong to any particular guild. Now she was excited to meet someone like that as opposed to the noble lady and his son that were already judging Faye the moment she stepped out of the room after changing. She had put on some light makeup and her messy hair was forced –after around thirty minutes- into a straight veil over her back by one of the maids.

The lady gave a quick nod. As opposed to Faye who was looking rich but extremely simple, the silver haired woman she would be escorting looked like a decorated peacock. Only, she managed to make it look good. She was tall, middle-aged but looked young, wore a very dazzling white gown that smoothed out into a pale lilac color at the end. There were tiny crystals twinkling all over the expensive fabric and she wore heavy jewelry. Her son matched his mother but in a suit.

Faye quietly resisted the urge to raise her eyebrow at the pair knowing full well she was going to see more of these luxurious pieces once they made it to the party. Now they just had to wait for the other mage whom Faye did not even know if they were shoved into some other changing room just like her. Faye hoped that wasn’t the case so that they did not have to wait and get this over with.

She silently took up a place in one of the less noticeable corners and just observed the two whose safety she would be in charge of. They looked like the typical nobles but the lady looked wise and calm. She did not seem to be freaking out over the rifts like some of the others Faye had seen. In fact, she looked like she was getting this whole escort service just to put up a show and keep up with the trends amongst her upper class friends. Some kind of pride or prestige thing Faye did not care for.

She was more concerned with quite a bit of what ifs running in her head. What if demons attacked them? What if they encountered some other problem during the job? What if she did not get any good rewards even after the trouble she would be put through? Just like that, she slipped off into her own less than positive thoughts. She did vaguely notice the busy click of heels against marble floors and the clinking and clanking of silver utensils. The maids and butlers were going in and out of the room in accordance with their lady’s whims. Faye seemed to be the only one she was not yet paying attention to.

“Where is the other mage?” is the question that brought Faye back and only because she felt someone’s breath on her face. The little boy was gazing curiously at Faye. “Hey, do you know any cool magic tricks?” He asked, rudely poking one of her cheeks. Did this little brat take her as some kind of pet or toy?

She eyed his mother across the room who seemed to have noticed Faye but did not bother to discipline her son. Faye sighed. She gently pushed the kid away and stood up. “I don’t know where the other mage is but she will be here soon.” She wanted to tell him that he could just go over and bother them when they get here but Faye did not believe that someone else stuck doing the same job as her would actually want to entertain the son of some rich woman. Mages, the best of them, hated it when they were regarded as some sort of tricksters that pulled a rabbit out of a hat or guessed the right kind of card in one’s hand. They dealt with things no normal human could dream of and wanted to be acknowledged for it. The kid would have turned to ashes already in the hands of some proud mage.


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LeeAnn Nakamura
Life had gotten a little bit easier with Manzo around. There was something about that man that made her feel more at ease and peaceful. She was not as angry at the world as she once was. The kitsune was mad at the world, but still had a glimmer of happiness in her eyes. A pep in her step. Manzo cared for her and wanted what was best for her, a friend. LeeAnn never really had anyone to call a friend that she felt the same way towards. He could make her laugh and feel better about herself, even if it was a little out there. She lied on her bed, staring at the ceiling with a grin. She closed her eyes and thought about that previous day they spend together. Never had she felt this close with someone other than her older brother. It was not romance, but something better, friendship. That kind of thing lasted a life time.
A knock was on her door. Her head rose a little as she got up from her bed to open it. A young servant smiled, shyly, at her and bowed a little. “Milady, as a reminder do not forget the mission you were sent to do by your father” she reminded her. LeeAnn was from a rich family that owned multiple manors. It was not exactly noble class, but close. It was going to be with another mage from the Blue Pegasus guild, which she had hoped to be Manzo. Though, knowing her father, was not going to be him since he was a bit more protective of his only daughter than his sons. She was daddy’s favorite. LeeAnn gave a small smile. “Thank, Sarah! I will get ready, I almost forgot” replied LeeAnn.
The servant smiled with a wave. “It is my pleasure, milady.”
LeeAnn sat on her bed with a new set of clothes. Her normal purple and girl shirt with a white pair of pants. She gotten herself dressed. Hanging on the back of the door was her red cloak she loved so much. It was her brother’s cloak, she personalized it a bit more from its previous Rune Knight state. Now it looks nothing like it once did. LeeAnn fixed her hair a little and sighed looking at her seven fox tails. Annoyed, she grabbed a brush and started to comb out the tangles. It was a pain to do. If she could just stick with one tail, that would be great. After one hour of brushing, she was finally done. LeeAnn lied on her bed a little bit to rest. The kitsune walked outside into the late summer air. She whistled for her gryphon, Zalor, to come. At her beck and call, he flew to her within a few minutes. He was happy to see his owner like usual, the young and restless creature squawked as she got on him. “To the noble house on…some lane…just get going:” she cried.
She forgotten where this place was, but she knew it was large and rather expensive much like her home only fancier. Her parents made sure to not spoil their kids like all the rich families had done. LeeAnn was grateful for that. Zalor knew where this place was and landed a little rough like usual in the courtyard. “Thank you, buddy. Stay! You can’t go in” she spoke. Zalor huffed and ruffled his feathers. She knocked on the door of the expensive home. LeeAnn was greeted by another servant. “Madame, the other mage is here” spoke. LeeAnn had never seen so many butlers and maids in one space. This was more than any noble home she had been in and she was in a lot through out her life. LeeAnn grew a little irritated. The butler guided the kitsune to a rich, middle-aged woman. She was dressed honestly ridiculous. LeeAnn kept a stone-cold face, serious yet cold. She warmed up a little seeing another mage from Blue Pegasus. Just was when she was going to greet herself to the Blue Pegasus mage, the woman made her jump. “LeeAnn Nakamura! The leader of the House of Nakamura, herself. Never thought you’d show up” she smiled, slyly. LeeAnn nodded.
“I make promises and intend to keep them” she spoke. Already she was getting annoyed with her client. Though, something else had already topped that. LeeAnn felt her tails being pulled. A little kid was already tugging on her tails, which hurt. She gritted her teeth and glared at the boy. Her nephew was younger than him and had more manners. “Hey kid, my tails aren’t toys. Go play with your own things, okay? Leave” she hissed quiet.y The noble boy gave a silent stare and backed away. LeeAnn was not scared of discipling somone else’s kid, especially if they were touching her or her things. Her tails were something she hated people to touch. Leeann watched the boy leave as the woman already began to chatter about her life and about the Nakamura family. “Oh, it’s a shame that your Aunt was murdered! Gosh, I would hate a Rune Knight to kill me, ha” she laughed. Leeann already felt a sharp pain in her stomach at the mention of the insult. Her fox ears tilted backwards in anger, clearly hitting a nerve. The woman seemed to not be phased by her antics. Leeann stood by Faye, feeling more at ease. “Let’s just focus on keeping you safe, alright. Not my family! Okay? Do I make myself clear” she spoke. The woman laughed and actually listened to her calling her butler to go get the carriage.
The client left the room, giving time for LeeAnn to relax and talk to the other mage. “I’m sorry for that. She really hit a few nerves of mine. I don’t like people insulting my family like that. Anyways,  I’m LeeAnn Nakamura, pleasure to meet you. I heard you’re from Blue Pegasus from my father. He’s the one who sent me on this job for the family” she smiled. LeeAnn was now friendly and calmer with the client out of the room. She held out her hand as a nice gesture. Since hanging out with Manzo, she has been a little bit more friendlier with other people, at least those of Blue Pegasus.


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Faye heard the sound of her steps before she saw LeeAnn. Somewhat elated at the fact that another mage was here and they could now quickly get this whole mission over with –the mother and son pair were really starting to test her patience- Faye immediately jumped up from her seat, repeating a friendly greeting and introduction to give in her head. She badly wanted to be able to have someone else to talk to. If they are going to be stuck together with this mission, that made this mage her new best friend. There was no hope in getting along with the little peacocks she had to aid.

But just as Faye was going to voice her practiced greeting to Lee, the noble woman had beaten her to it albeit with a very condescending tone. The bubblegum pink haired mage immediately closed her mouth and blended back in with the surroundings, observing the two as they exchanged their “greetings”. Faye finally figured out who LeeAnn is. She was the current head of Nakamuras, a rather prestigious name in Fiore that Faye did not know much about. It did not answer why the lady and LeeAnn seemed to be in bad terms, though. Perhaps it was because of the lady’s personality. She could definitely empathize if it was because of that woman’s personality.

Then there was the little kid. It appeared he was quite determined with Lee’s fox tails. But unlike Faye who had pretended civility and gently told the kid off, LeeAnn was more clear in her warning, which Faye nodded in approval from the sidelines. The kid needed a good lesson that his mother was not giving. And then, as if their initial sparks were not enough, the lady went and brought up some topic about Lee’s aunt. Faye did not know what it was about but just mentioning it seemed to have greatly angered the kitsune.

She inwardly grimaced at the foolish woman. No Sherlock needed to tell Faye whether the topic was sensitive or not, and this older woman had just thrown it out in open for all to hear, not at all considering the fact that Faye, a stranger, was standing right there. Faye shook her head and finally made her presence known by putting a gentle hand on Lee’s shoulder. “It’s all good,” Faye spoke softly. “The woman was starting to get on my nerves, too.”

Then with a pause followed by a smile, Faye introduced herself as well. “I’m Faye. I got this mission directly from the guild. Wish they could have found someone else now though. Perhaps the pay will be worth it,” She babbled on again, a bad habit of Faye. She was antisocial but when she got going, she could go on for hours. “The demon attacks have gotten people on edge.”

When the butler came back to get them, Faye quietly followed him. The place they had to get to was at the other part of the town, roughly an hour or two of travel. A rather big and grand carriage was set up for them as one of the maids informed her that they will travel with the lady and her son. ‘Great’ Faye sighed before hastily going in and taking a seat opposite to them. She avoided the kid’s mischievous eyes while he seemed to drill holes into the top of her head. The boy clearly held onto some entertaining idea about mages. Perhaps if his mother was not around, he would be demanding Faye and Lee with all sorts of strange requests. Lee would probably end up putting him in place again.

As she sat looking out the window, the lady frowned. “You must remember to stay behind us at all times. I don’t believe in these filthy creatures called demons. I only need to keep up with the appearances. I’m sure LeeAnn would know about that,” She would slowly shift her gaze to LeeAnn –assuming LeeAnn had gotten into the carriage with Faye.

The insensitive order made Faye raise an eyebrow. Who did this woman think she is? Faye guessed the guild was getting some kind of benefit from sending mages to this woman, there was no other explanation as to how anyone could actually stand her. She drew her lips into a thin line and did not say anything, despite the bitter taste in her mouth and an urge to tell her off. Faye did not necessarily need to do this.

In an attempt to block the woman off, she turned to Lee. “So you live in Era, right? I only arrived recently. Perhaps you can help me around the place some other day,” She attempted to strike up a conversation with Lee, not oblivious to the change of color in the lady’s face. She probably did not expect Faye to ignore her so blatantly.

“I am not paying the both of you for small talk,” She huffed at them, expressing her displeasure with a sharp wave of her hand fan. Even her son looked scared for a moment when the fan’s end almost hit his face. He scooted a little away and turned to look out the window. Smart.

Faye again only turned her gaze to the woman. She didn’t speak. Faye was not at all interested in her. She appeared delicate and noble but her current expression was hideous. Besides, she was pretty sure LeeAnn would have something to say in their defense instead.


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LeeAnn Nakamura
It was apparent she was not wanted by this client. Did she have some beef with her family? LeeAnn gave a small, animalistic growl in reply. The noble woman seemed to feel victorious with getting under LeeAnn’s skin. The kitsune had her hands tied with trying to finish this job and getting some money for it. If she failed, there goes another alley to the family. It was best to keep what allies they still had considering what happened with the Magic Council. They quickly headed to the carriage, where LeeAnn and Faye went to talking. “Pleased to meet you Faye, at least someone here has manners” she replied. She would shake her hand with a rare, warm smile. Just was they were getting acquainted, the client started to bark orders like a small punt able dog.
“They are all the same. Humans never seem to surprise me” she sighed. She didn’t mean everyone in particular just the kind that liked to think they could play God. IF there were even ones, she was still not a believer in religions. She had to see it to believe it and even then it was a risky move to trust. After what had happened months ago, she aimed to not go near that sort of subject ever again. LeeAnn rolled her eyes and followed the woman and her brat to their carriage as the butlers pulled it up to the door. It was heavily decorated and polished with a solid gold finish. For her standards, that was WAY too fancy for any noble status to have. That was meant for royalty. She seemed to be outshining royalty. A maid came up the two of them informing they will be traveling with them.  That was no surprise to LeeAnn since he really expected that to happen. LeeAnn whistled loudly, her gryphon perked up and trotted over.
“Alright, boy. Take the skies while Faye and I guard this…ride. Can you do that” she asked. The gryphon squawked and flew immediately at a ridiculous speed. “If we get tired of them, we can just ride Zalor. I keep him around at all times” she smiled. LeeAnn was very tempted to push buttons with this woman. A sinister and dark look came into her eyes, one that she never worn before. “Those who insult my family and others shall not have the right to live this lavish life” she hissed. This angered her how this woman was cold hearted like the rest of society of Fiore. It was starting to piss her off. “Trust me, I wouldn’t even dare touch that thing. Looks something that deserves to be burned” she hissed. LeeAnn gave a glare the would scare the boy into submission, but not the woman. She scoffed and ordered the driver to go. For a while, it was boring being quiet and nothing to do. Faye decided to do some small talk. This gave a warm feeling inside of LeeAnn. “I do actually, I would always be welcomed to show you around. It’s quite the city to be honest” she smiled.
The woman in the carriage soon rained on their parade. She shouted insults and hissing at them to keep quiet. Even her son looked at the window, trying to not tick her off. The kitsune was growing short on her patience. Her ears twitched out of frustration. LeeAnn gave a sinister smile, one that would scare Faye. It was a darker side of the Nakamura she never liked showing, but she wsa sick of it. “You know, they call me ‘The Cannibal’ for a very good reason! I just love a good meal. Dare hush us again and you’ll next on my menu” she smiled. This actually scared the woman and gotten her to shut up. This made LeeAnn laugh really hard as she wiped a tear from her eye. The look on her face as priceless. It was true, but honestly, no one really had to know that. By her reaction, it seemed like just a joke. It was best to keep that a secret. Only Manzo had to know and that was it! LeeAnn calmed down after a while. She looked at Faye, who was probably a bit terrified. “That was TOO good! Oh man, I have not had a laugh like that in ages. Gods, I was only joking, Faye. I really don’t eat people, but they do call me that back when I was a Rune Knight. Why? Honestly, I don’t know. Probably my appearance when I had my scars” she told her. The knight really enjoyed herself for a long time during their trip. Scaring people was now one of her new founded passions.


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Faye honestly expected Lee to react badly to the woman. No proud person could actually stand the words coming out of her oh so noble mouth. But Faye being Faye was ready to just ignore her and laugh it off with Lee which is what had her turning to look at the kitsune with a smile. However, the look on Lee’s face made her freeze. Her body went rigid and eyes widened visibly in shock and apprehension. She truly believed, for a second there, that Lee would stay true to her words and perhaps attack the woman. In fact, Faye had even reflexively moved in a way that she would be able to get between the both of them if something did happen.

Thankfully, Lee quickly turned back; just like the toss of a coin that landed between heads and tails. She gave Faye a bright smile and told her she was only joking. Although it didn’t immediately help Faye’s unease, she eventually relaxed again with a long sigh. She wasn’t sure of what to think of that but looking at the woman and child in the carriage and their pale, frightened face, Faye accurately guessed they would have some peace and quiet throughout the day.

She could neither blame nor encourage Lee on what happened, so she could only swallow it down and go silent for a while, her eyes fixed on their clients to see if they were alright. The last thing the water mage as well as the kitsune needed was for their clients to completely cancel payment because of that ‘joke’. But on another hand, she was also satisfied with not having to anticipate the woman barking unpleasant orders at them. Faye simply shrugged her shoulders and turned back to Lee in order to continue their conversation.

“You were a Rune Knight?” Faye asked, catching on to that particular information. That was something Faye did not know about –not that she knew much about the Nakamuras in the first place. To be honest, Faye did not have many good feelings towards Rune Knights. In her eyes, they seemed quite hypocritical and self-righteous. Because they were synonymous for authority in Fiore, only below the Magic Council itself, they seemed like they felt the need to get involved in every little thing happening around the country whether it truly called for their assistance or not. Then again, not all Rune Knights were the same.

“What made you resign?” She wondered out loud. “Was it because you had to take over the Nakamura household?” Faye looked at Lee as she pulled out a small metal box from her jacket’s pocket. She carefully opened it, her hands missing it a few times thanks to the shaking and swinging of the carriage, and held it up in front of Lee. It was a small box of candies wrapped in colorful papers, something that Faye recently started carrying around in order to calm herself down or just even provide some sweetness to her mouth.

Regardless whether Lee would accept one or not, Faye would eventually place the box back into her pocket and pay attention to Lee if she was talking or just look out the window if they were not. The path they took now was through a forest and just on the other side of it will be their destination. They would have to accompany the woman for some time, let her show off the powerful mages she bought, and they can call it a day –which Faye was very much looking forward to. She would, of course, try and build a good friendship with Lee meantime.

Once the carriage started to slow down, Faye poked her head out the window and looked at the grand castle like building they would soon stop in front of. The noble woman had somehow gotten her nerves back together, having stayed silent for the entirety of the ride, she must have felt liberated when she saw the castle because even more than Faye or Lee, she seemed the most eager to get off on the red carpet laid over the path up to the building. Just looking at her hastening heels, Faye chuckled.

“You really scared her good, Lee,” She smiled, leisurely clasping her hands behind her back and following the woman and kid out. Though Faye felt nothing was going to happen, she still kept a good eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Without moving her head around like a frenzied deer or looking like she was actively searching for something, Faye moved her gaze from one person to the other that was gathering outside, holding up their invitations and looking like the world revolved around most of them. She didn’t think she could ever get into the whole vibe they got going on there.

“This is a gathering of peacocks trying to see who could spread their decorated tails the wider,” She whispered to Lee as they walked in, carrying a slight frown on her otherwise calm and indifferent face. “How do they stand to do such boring gatherings every day?” The pink haired water mage was starting to feel quite out of place until she noticed other mages, all brought over by other nobles, some to truly acquire a sense of security from the demons, and others, like their client, to just show off to their elite circle of “friends”.

She could not find even one honest face among all the nobles. They all wore fake, indulging smiles and clicked their wine filled glasses with each other, laughing humorously at jokes that without a doubt they did not even care for. Their client had also perfectly blended in with the crowd, looking virtuous and graceful and not at all like the venomous snake or scared cat she was in the carriage some time ago. ‘Just a little more, just a little more,’ Faye chanted inside her head. They only had to walk around with her, try not to lose their cool over her words for the next few hours, take her back, and they will be done.


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LeeAnn Nakamura
Laughing, she held her stomach trying to not fall over. The kitsune pulled off a sick joke which could get them fired from the job. At this point, LeeAnn did not care. She was far too busy laughing her tails off. Perhaps, she hung around Manzo too much. Her finger wiped a tear from her eye as she calmed down. She stared at Faye, who seemed unsure of what to think about all of this. It was expect to get that kind of reaction from a bystander. As much shit as the kitsune had been through, she could careless what came out of her mouth these days. The days of having a filter were over. She just wanted to speak what was on her mind. Thanks to the help of Manzo, that was starting to show. Though, as a head of a family, she had to keep up a reputation so that aspect would have to be controlled.

She let the silence calm the situation down. The peace didn't last long. Faye asked that she used to be a Rune Knight. The smile wiped away quickly from her lips; showing intensely that it was a heavy subject. She didn't want to appear rude to her new friend, so it was something she had to answer. Rune Knights had used her family for so long. "They let me and my whole family go without a word. Never told us what we did wrong, only that we broke a rule. Come to find out, they also killed my Aunt, whom was undercover for your Guildmaster. Paisley Nakamura. The sweetest and most gentle person. Even the most sinful of demons would turn good just with her words. That's too flowery, but you get the picture" she answered. Her eyes turned dark with guilt and shame, unable to process what happened a while ago. Her Aunt Paisley was like a second mother towards her and everyone. Everyone loved her, why would someone do such a thing. She gave a defeated chuckle. "What takes the cake is, the Rune Knight who killed her was never punished! Her death was around the same time they kicked out my whole family. We've served them for so many years...then POOF...all that effort wasted" she said. She was going to leave at that. There was no need to dive deeper into the subject without getting too violated. It was a private matter, but she was more open to share this since it was public knownledge that the Council Members had killed a member of the Nakamura family. Everything was dumped on her to fix it. Just like everything was in her life.

LeeAnn looked over at Faye, seeing she was holding something. It as not her business to pry into other's lives. She left it alone. LeeAnn checked on Zalor. The mount was doing a good job keeping a bird's eye view of the whole city from up above. She gave a smile at the gryphon and aimed her focus back to the carriage. It slowed down and came to a steady halt. The woman was hesitant giving a worried look at the kitsune. LeeAnn's eyes narrowed. It was good that she was standing in her place, where she belonged like the filth she was. Faye giggle, saying she really scared them for good. A victorious smirk came to her lips. "Good! No one should treat other's like scum. Talking down upon me like that, I will make sure she pays" she spoke. Even if it was only mentally, she felt in power. This was a new founded side of LeeAnn that she enjoyed a lot more.

Faye then went on how she didn't understand them and why they were so...them. LeeAnn sat down and leaned against a fence. "Like things with like things, it makes sense. They fell in power if they are with their own kind. Snobs amongst snobs. My family maybe almost noble class, but we are not snobs. People like them disgust me" she replied. LeeAnn didn't seem at all worried about anything that was going to happen. She was more carefree that usual. "I wouldn't worry about them. They will never change. Humans...they are almost all the same. Cold, heartless, and unkind. Though, you and my friend, Manzo, are nothing like that. You guys actually care and do for others. You see people for whom they truly are, not for fancy fake items. Money doesnt make a man, a man makes the money. That saying is something I live by" she told her. LeeAnn found her old pack of cigarettes from her drawer back at home. She felt the need to smoke since it was boring. She placed one in her mouth and lit it with her finger.

Leeann aimed the smoke away from Faye. "Does smoking bother you?"

She would move away a little to make sure she wasn't bothering Faye. Some time had passed and Faye was trying to keep herself focused. This made her chuckle a little. "Guess that's one way to keep yourself focused. I wouldn't worry that much to be honest. If something comes up, Zalor will screech" she spoke. She lied back in the shade with her eyes closed, almost about to fall asleep. She heard giggling from the peacock ladies and the fancy talk. "People like our client don't know what it's like to loose almost everything or what it means to work hard for something. I have lost my humanity, sanity, ability to trust, and my whole life. I didn't know I was adopted until this year, I didn't know I was never human to begin with until a year ago. Hell, I didn't even know I was from Joya. My whole life has been an illusion, a good one, but an illusion. My adopted family, the Nakamuras, really do care for me and I am grateful beyond that. It still hurts they never told me I was adopted. That's the past though. At least, Manzo is showing me the way again...slowly yet surely. That man truly knows how to make me feel better" she smiled a little.


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While they were talking about Rune Knights earlier, at the mention of how they dealt with her aunt and then pushed their family away, Faye’s expression had darkened. She knew Rune Knights were no good but she did not expect them to be so corrupted that they had shamelessly done things without even pretending to keep up their appearances. Though she could not fully sympathize with Lee’s lose, the story about it nonetheless lessened her opinion about the Rune Knights further. Sometimes she caught herself thinking radical thoughts such as wiping out the Rune Knights and establishing a new ruling order.

Back to the present, Lee and Faye stood to a side, watching over their client without interfering. They took the opportunity to talk. “Humans…I don’t know. It’s not just humans. Any living being that can think and act for themselves has the ability to choose what they want to be. Although some factors may force them into certain paths, I believe it can be the same for any race out there. I wouldn’t hate on humans. I don’t quite love being one either,” although Faye could tell Lee was not hating on humans or anything of the sort, she felt the need to say that humans are not to be scorned altogether for what some of them choose to do, just like not all elves or demons can be held accountable for what others of their race may or may not have done. They all have an inherent nature to them, but it is their choices that truly makes them. On the other hand, she completely agreed with Lee on man makes the money and not the other way around.

When she started smoking, Faye shook her head. “It doesn’t bother me”. She did not smoke or drink but that did not mean she minded anyone else doing it. As the smell of tobacco slowly filled around them, Faye found herself slipping off into her thoughts again, a habit she had developed over the years. She faintly heard LeeAnn talking about her life and memories she did not want started flashing in her thoughts as well.

She did not know what to think about LeeAnn’s situation. While her life may have been a lie, she thought, at least it was somewhat a good one. Faye’s memories of her childhood were all darkness, the wailing voice of her mother, and the clinging of chains against the floor and walls. Though things seemed to have gotten better on the outside, Faye felt like she had lived through an unending dream of absurdity.

“Whatever that happened in the past, I’m sure it is within our power to rectify. If we lived an illusion back then, let’s make a reality for ourselves now. We have the authority and strength to do it. It’s just that sometimes we don’t really see it like that. We get sucked into the ghosts of our past. It is indeed good to have someone by your side to lead you out of it. You’re lucky, Lee,” Faye smiled, going back to staring at particularly nothing.

After some time, Faye looked up to see their client walking towards them. It appeared that they were done for the day. She did not even look at Lee, clearly still somewhat afraid of the kitsune, and spoke directly to Faye. “We can go back now,” was all the direction they got before the woman and her son got back into their carriage which pulled over just as they went out. She hastily climbed over with Faye and Lee –she assumed- following.

The drive back was seemed a little bit longer than how it was in the morning. Speaking with Lee had left Faye with quite a lot to think about. She was also very interesting to Faye –strong and independent, Lee was someone striving to make and walk her own path. She could tell that much from their short acquaintance. Lee, she thought, would probably be a friend she can truly count on in the future. That thought made her smile a bit.

When they were finally back after that silent ride, Faye was the one who took the reward and shared it with Lee, since the woman had gone straight into her room and ordered the maids and butlers to “send the two mages away with whatever”. Faye shook her head. “How bad do you think that scare was that she does not even dare to look at you anymore. It’s a good thing though,” She said before going back to the room she was rudely shoved into earlier that day and changing back into her casual clothes, a plain white shirt and a pair of black trousers. Once that was over, she came back to say goodbye to Lee.

“I will someday take up that offer of yours in showing me around Era. It was truly wonderful meeting you, Lee. I think I have found a very interesting person,” Faye had gone back to her usual self, the self that sought out new characters for her puppet shows. “Let’s meet again soon. Goodbye, LeeAnn.”



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LeeAnn Nakamura
Humans were wonderful yet destructive creatures. She never understood why that certain way, but so be it. LeeAnn missed her brother more than anything. This was due to the lack of his presence in her life. The smoke emerged from her cigarette, blowing the smoke out of her nostirls. They flared with anger thinking about it. “I honestly, agree. Though, people in general just don’t mix well with me” she spoke in response. The kitsune had a bad past with people, the council, and the church of Illumin. She just wanted a place to call her own. A guild. That was something she had to find on her own. Perhaps Fairy Tail or Blue Pegasus would do? She didn’t know quite yet. That was another story for another day.

“Humans have more of a bad stigma than other races due to the amount of damage they cause to people like me. Though, I wouldn’t know since I have only been a kitsune for 8 months and a neko for 2 years. I was a human for most of my life” She replied, adding on to what she had said earlier. LeEAnn was just a confused mess of fur. On one hand hse could understand where people were coming from but on the other she could see the other side of the races. It was like fate was trying to have her bring them all together. Though, there was enough on her plate to deal with. Between her cousin, her aunt’s death, and being head of the Nakamura family, all of this ain’t so easy for her to deal with. There was no true coping mechanism for her to really have right now othe than smoking and that was going to make her health even worse. At this point, the kitsune was not worried about such petty things. Romance, health, and what people thought were thrown out of the window a long time ago. She really just wanted to be left alone by other people. “People like our client will go to the pits of hell and burn for all I care. I honestly think she would make a good meal for a lion than being human at all” she spilled out. She had no filter at this point of age. There was not point in doing so, pretending everything was aright. She was now starting to open up her mind and speak what she thought.

“Not all my life has been bad, I mean, my family is great! I have a good friend. I am starting to find my way, thinking about joining Fairy Tail. That guild looks promising” she spoke. The kitsune was considering joining the ranks of the Fairy Tail guild. It would fit her since she was a misfit amongst society and the guild in general was more of a family that she was looking for. Just breaking her trance, the client spoke out that it was time to go. Lee’s ears perked up as she slowly got up. Putting out her cigarette on the ground and threw it away. All the woman had said was it was time to go, making it as brief as possible. Her and LeeAnn made eye contact then strayed away, not wanting to see the kitsune ever. She really did scare her the noble woman to the bone, actually. LeeAnn felt proud of her self that she accomplished that. It was time someone put that pig into her place. LeeAnn felt disgusted with her to the point it left a metallic taste into her mouth. “Time to go” she whispered. It finally almost over. She as a little sad that her time with Faye was ending. She honestly was starting to become fond of the Blue Pegasus mage. Seemed she had a good head on her shoulders and a start of a new kindling friendship, something the kitsune needed oh so desperately. LeeAnn only had one friend that she could count on and that was Manzo. That bastard was her one and only friend that she trusted. She was s tarting to open up to some people and making her way around again to her old yet better self. There was something about Faye that was comforting to the kitsune. The walk back to the mansion or estate, whatever you called it, was longer than she really remembered. She decided to make small talk. “If  you ever find yourself back in Era or if we run into each other in Hargeon, feel free to come by to the Nakamura estate. We would love to have you” she smiled. Her smile was more a friendly one. She wanted to know more about Faye, what her dreams where, and what made her smile every day. For LeeAnn, that was her brother. Someone she cared about desperately. The thought of seeing him again motivated her to do better in life. Joining a guild would be her next goal. Maybe Fairy Tail? That would be a good start for her. The reached the building hteir client lived in. She quickly got off the carriage nad did not look back at the Nakamura, which brought a smile to her face. That was one of the most satifysying things she could ever see! The look on someone’s face of fear. She was paid her amount which was a heavy nice load. “I hope to meet you again soon Faye, take care” she smiled



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