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Oblivion [Solo]

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Oblivion || SOLO

Oblivion. That's one word that could describe Hiketsu's surroundings. A pitch-black field he was not aware of, a state of unconsciousness within a silent void. Thus it begs the question, what caused the void? What pushed the adventurer into a deep coma? The answer was as terrifying as it could get.

Following the adventurer's encounter with Odin, an individual who seemed to be nothing more than a cursed bag of bones walking aimlessly, bringing death in his stead, Hiketsu was knocked out and thrown into a profound coma. It was a direct result of openly challenging the undead, being consumed by flames of anger only provoking mere laughs. To Odin, Hiketsu's attempt was pure entertainment, an action laughable at, placing the swordsman in the same box as the other average citizens. Average and weak. That's what brought failure upon him.

That day was succeeded by an entire week spent incapacitated on a lonely hospital bad, without any signs of consciousness being shown by Hiketsu. He was the sole survivor of a massacre and due to that reason the Rune Knights were anxious to hear from the adventurer once he woke up. In spite of spending so many days within the void of his mind, that projection of himself decided on meditating throughout the silence, rather than ending up consumed by it. Said meditation allowed for a level of self awareness no science could explain and hidden deeply were the answers to his failure. Hiketsu was weak, average, powerless, impulsive and the list kept going on and on. A series of negative characteristics which could as well be considered dishounourable - the very adjective he hated. Contemplating, accepting them and looking for solutions were the only actions one could do inside the oblivion and that's exactly what the adventurer did.

One week later, Hiketsu opened his eyes. As he was greeted by the medical assistants of the local Era hospital, he learned about what happened after he was knocked out. Odin chose to murder all by-standers in cold blood and leave only one alive: Hiketsu himself. The reason to that was unknown and naturally it lead to the Rune Knights asking several questions, but amid headaches, interrogations and treatment, the new goal of the adventurer was to get stronger and eventually defeat Odin in battle.

Wordcount: 383/300

~ Exit ~

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