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Paris Vermillion

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#1Paris Vermillion 

Paris Vermillion Empty Fri Aug 23, 2019 5:13 am

Paris Vermillion


Name: Paris Vermillion

Age: 19

Birthday: December 9th X787

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Caelese

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Spellsinger

Profession: Idol- INT

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Her guild tattoo is on her right shoulder, matching the color of her hair.

Face: Crim Plea-Kurtzpel


Height: 5'1 ft

Weight: 99 lbs

Hair: Light Pink

Eyes: Magenta

Overall: Paris has a well kept and groomed appearance, her body is petite with thin arms and legs which makes her look dainty and a lot smaller compared to girls her age.  Her straight hair is a light pink color and silky smooth, coming down past her hips, yet is always tied in a long right sided ponytail while on some occasions it's let down.  She has soft and delicate features, having a small nose and smaller lips while her eyes are big, always having a curious look in them.   Her skin tone is a fair complexion with rosy red cheeks.

 She has a star hair pin on the right side of her bangs as well as a small pink stripped hat with white little pom poms and a purple ribbon.  In terms of her clothing, she wears fancy and cutesy clothing that make her stand out in a crowd like her usual idol outfit.  The color schemes usually range from purple to hot pink, she may even adopt different hair styles for the occassion. There's a large decorated satchel bag that she keeps most of her belongings in, which the strap is on her right shoulder and goes diagonally across her chest.  

Extra: N/A


Personality: Paris on the surface is generally very chatty and happy go lucky, she can be very competive and focused when she needs to be, a overachiever with a positive perspective on things and a even stronger determination! She is rather self confident, well maybe a little too confident as she has a slight arrogance as part of her charismatic attitude.  She can be kind of a brat with a big potty mouth, very headstrong and quick to anger especially when teased or treated like a child.  At times she's cold and temperamental to those she doesn't get along with well, if she finds their first impressions not to her liking she won't be very fond of them.  Yet despite this behavior Paris can be a lot more serious and tolerable if the situation demands it, she will even warm up to those she's gotten close to, even the one's she might of hated at first.
These people will see how Paris truely is, her softer side.  

She's really all bark and no bite, seeing how she's very timid and tearfully apologetic to others for how she was or just getting them in trouble etc.  She shows a lot more compassion and is more of a sweetheart, always showing concern for others well being in her own way.  It's a complete opposite to how she actually is, like she was trying to hide behind a strong front, mostly likely because she doesn't want to be seen as meek and easily trampled on.  Which is why it's hard for her to open up at times.  


  • Cutesy Things: Paris loves anything cute, whether it's pretty dresses, stuffed toys or animals like cats and bunnies.   She even has a small stuffed polar bear named Rufus, it was a souvenir from her father so cherishes it a lot and actually brings him along wherever she goes.   Often she hides him in a bag, because she would be a little embarrassed if her guild mates found out she was carrying around a stuffed toy.   She only really brings him out when she's alone and needs comfort, it helps her sleep at night too.  I guess it goes to show Paris is still very much a child at heart.  
  • Exploring: Ever since she's been overwhelmed with these feelings of wanderlust, she doesn't like to stay in one place too often and explore every nook and crany.  Through this mindless wandering she now knows Magnolia like the back of her hand.   Yet she's grown tired of the place, she wants to discover new places and try out new things whatever it may be.   Maybe there's creatures she didn't even know existed or a place she's never heard of, some sweets she's never heard of.


  • Bugs And Getting Dirty: Bugs are the bane of her existence, the sight of spiders or other bugs gross her out and cause her to panic.  Since she lived in well living conditions, she isn't used to seeing bugs or being in dirty enviroments.  She won't do most things that involves her getting filthy and ruining her appearance, though if she's in a situation where she's forced to or there's no other choice she'll just grumble and get it over with.  
  • Being treated like a child: So she actually gets mistaken for being younger quite a lot and those who do treat her like that of a small child, which annoys her to know end which she feels the need to correct them.  She doesn't like when she's given special treatment morever she just wants to be seen as a equal and a reliable one at that, but that can be hard for others to give since her attitude from time to time is immature and rather bratty.  She knows to be mature and courteous, just sometimes not at the time she needs to be.


  • Finding her father and becoming a strong adventurer: Her father was the main reason she ever wanted to become a adventurer in the first place, so the search for him only gives her a stronger drive to adventure out into the unknown.  Wherever he may be, she will ask around and look for clues.  Those who may have a lead to her father's whereabouts, lie or not she won't hesistate to investigate! She has so many things she wants to say to him and just really just wants to see his face again, maybe he will be proud of her of how strong she's become and glad she chose to follow in his footsteps.  She can't go into this empty handed, she has to get something out of it! She will do whatever she can to become stronger, both physically and mentally.  She wants to be able to actually be confident in herself and not just through the strong front she puts up, she might go to great lengths and tired herself out easily since she really has no knowledge on proper training.  She can be stubborn that's for sure but to some extent Paris is willing to swallow her pride and learn from others who can guide her well.


  • Failure: She can't help but doubt herself at times.  Even though she knows her calling she's still very scared of the future, thoughts like will she make the cut? Is she actually going to become stronger?  Will she will ever find her father? What if he really is dead and this was all a worthless journey?  She feels herself on the verge of giving up as these thoughts overwhelm her, yet whenever she is there's some kind of driving force inside her that keeps her going.  While she's scared, people in the future might count on her now and she will need to confront her flaws instead of hiding behind a strong front.  
  • Scared of leaving home: While she's craving adventure, she's scared of leaving home.  It's made her feel so safe ever since she was young and everything beyond the city, who knows what could be out there.


Magic Name: Magic Mystical Ballad

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: Her melodic voice is able to cheer up others and boost morale, but has actual enchanting properties.  It can protect others from a nasty blow, enchance their strength or soothing to the point of calming creatures and people.  For Paris, her voice is her weapon.  


History: Paris was born to a very rich family in Magnolia who was often spoiled and pampered during her youth.  Even then she still had a relatively good relationship with her parents, especially her father who she was very close to.  Her father was a well known adventurer in the Fairy Tail guild, often coming home with stories and little gifts for Paris.  It's what inspired her to become an adventurer, the only problem was she was very unfit for it and that she already had a career going for her.  See, Paris was gifted with a melodic voice and thus her mother pushed her towards perfecting that along with her dancing, soon she aroused quite a following and became a well known idol in Magnolia.  She performed for special events like festivals and parties, she didn't necessarily hate it morever she actually enjoyed peforming for others and seeing them smile.  Though there was always something missing, a empty void that she couldn't really fill.  She didn't want to be stuck in Magnolia her whole life, she wanted to explore the world and see new things, go on adventures or even join a guild! Especially the one her father was in, Fairy Tail.  Though one day without much warning, her father didn't return home after a mission.  

Days, weeks even had pass without any sign of her father, eventually making others believed that he went missing or worse, had gotten himself killed.  She didn't believe this, not one bit! Her father was alive, out there somewhere and she wanted to go out and find him!  It was at this point she felt like no one was on her side anymore, even her own mother, people she thought she could call her friends were only really using her for her wealth and status.  She had enough and was tired of it, of everything.  She didn't care if she was not strong enough nor did she listen to rumors of her father, she wanted to become a adventurer and she was damn well going to! Storming off from her home to the guild hall of Fairy Tail.  Her goal now was to become a lot more renown and much, much stronger.  That way she can show others that she isn't some delicate little flower that can be trampled on! She would take her next step out of Magnolia to the next place, surely enough he will hear of her and eventually find her.  This is how Paris Vermillion's journey begins, this was her purpose in life and she wasn't going to stop until she's seen every corner of the world.  


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#2Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †
Yo, I'll be reviewing your app.

  • Firstly, for your age you have to add the month and year your character was born. We are currently in year X787.

  • Everythin you wrote in the "Extra" part of General appearance can be moved to Overall appearance. Extra is usually used for things like scars, tattoos and/or anything else that really stands out on a character.

  • Homesick isn't something I'd count as a fear. Perhaps Paris is afraid to leave her home or safe haven, affecting her reaching her full potential? Fears are things like phobias.

  • Remove the part about making people fall asleep in your magic description.

Bump when edited.

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#3Paris Vermillion 

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Paris Vermillion
Alright it's been edited!
Hope the changes are alright.


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This Character Application has been Approved.

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