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Name: Shura

Age: 19. November 25th, X768.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Warrior

Profession: Exorcist - Str, End

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Lamia Scale

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Black, on the left shoulder

Face: Shirou Kotomine - Fate/Apocrypha


Height: 5'11"

Weight: 150 lbs

Hair: White, neck length, windswept

Eyes: Yellow

Overall: Shura is a young man of average height and build that stands proud as somebody of virtue would. With his job as a knight however, he does possess some degree of slim musculature just by the nature of his duties.

His golden yellow eyes gleam with intent, mismatching his face which is often a neutral slate or slight smirk. Combined with his robotic or stiff movements at times, many tend to think that Shura has already died and has become a walking corpse. Yet, his tanned complexion and shaggy cut snow white hair assures them that if he is a zombie he's doing a good job blending in.

He is rarely seen without his church attire, altering it from its usual priestly design to better fit an adventurer on the road. Over his usual priest garb is a scarlet adventurer's cloak designed for warmth and protection from the weather on a long travel.

The rest of his attire varies from day to day, but often chooses to keep casual and light when not on missions. Some might not even see him as the knightly type due to his relaxed fashion sense seeming to belong more to a regular citizen walking the streets or a priest attending service.

Extra: Shura cannot speak.


Personality: From what people know of Shura, he's the kind of person that values the virtues taught by Illumin. Spending time every day in silent prayer, Shura sincerely believes that one's actions speak louder than words. That demonstrating a virtue is far superior to simply reading it off of a page.

His belief is that gestures of faith and random acts of kindness speak to the heart what a million books would be unable to, for the downtrodden and the fallen. Every event in life has a purpose, no matter how insignificant it may seem at first glance. No matter what tragedies may befall mankind, Illumin's grace will guide the path if the Word is followed and faith is kept through every trial.

At times this behavior can border on psychotic to some, however - self-sacrifice on the level of serious injury to himself can unnerve those around him. His faith in the church and in miracles is such that at times it almost doesn't seem as if a real person is inhabiting Shura's body. It's plainly obvious that he doesn't see much value in himself so much as the ideals he stands for.

Shura places a great deal of emphasis on the philosophy of actions speaking louder than words, as he himself is unable to speak. While some would see that as tragic, he himself has known nothing else and thus doesn't see it as a terrible setback. As it has drastically reduced his talent for magic however, he could admit that he's always felt like a bit of an outcast among the more spectacular around him.

In order to better allow others to gauge his emotional state and opinions, one may find Shura to be a rather animated personality with many over the top gestures and reactions to things to signify his thoughts in substitute for words. Due to his lifestyle he has become a master of non-verbal cues and the art of charismatic presence through simply existing. He strives to uphold knightly values, showing that even without the ability to speak one can inspire and teach.

Naturally however, Shura also loves his downtime. As much as he's improved with communicating, he finds it exhausting after extended periods of time. Thus, he chooses to spend his free time mostly alone honing his skills or taking up a new hobby or passing interest. Believing life to be short-lived, Shura falls in and out of love with new things on a regular basis to at least say he's tried it.


  • Illumin: Everything that Illumin's light stands for and protects is a blessing that Shura is thankful for. While at first glance he may not appear the religious type, he feels he owes his very existence to the benevolent presence of Illumin and the church.

  • The Crown: The crown, the government, the knights and the nobles all serve the purpose of the betterment for Fiore. They protect its ecosystem, and maintain order and civility among its people. Shura couldn't ask for a better system for a society to thrive in, and respects it despite his lot in life.


  • Dark Guilds: Shura was brought up believing that dark guilds are the true threat to the world; that as long as they live, chaos and anguish will persist. Without question, those of dark guilds must be punished for their sins and made to believe in Illumin's light.

  • Demons: Demons and other beings born from the abyss are born evil and thus must be destroyed. To Shura, there is no such thing as a demon with any redeeming qualities. Unlike dark guild mages who have some chance of redemption, demons are all born vile and thus must be eradicated - even half-breeds are not to be trusted and are thrown in with the rest unless Shura is given a proper reason to trust them.


  • To become a loyal servant of God: Shura wishes to experience true enlightenment as one of Illumin's chosen guardians. During his journeys, Shura's goal is to spread the word of Illumin's glory through his actions and acts of self-sacrifice. As faith is all he has known, so too is faith his standard by which to live his life.

    Meeting Illumin: Shura wouldn't consider himself a very selfish person. If, however, there were one thing that would bring him joy more than anything else, it would be to meet Illumin one day and receive recognition for his loyalty. He wishes to become powerful and reverent enough one day to receive the honor of meeting the idol that has guided his life since the day of his birth.


  • Sin: Shura is loyal to Illumin's cause, but nobody is perfect - especially not a human like him. He strives every day to uphold the God-given laws of Earthland and become the righteous sword needed in such a dark point in history.

    Sometimes while Shura is alone with his thoughts, though, he feels himself slipping at times. It isn't easy to follow the guide set for him. It's a difficult path to walk, and Shura at times has felt himself falling apart with doubt over whether he can truly come out superior, or succumb to humanity's fatal sins entirely and allow them to consume him. Lust and envy in particular plague him nearly daily.

  • Weakness: A champion unable to defend the honor of the people and of his God is no man fit to walk with that God's light. He fears not just mental weakness through sin, but physical weakness through the inability to give form to the power he desires.

    A servant of Illumin must be superior to all of their peers to remain the beacon of morality that those servants have become known to be. Sometimes Shura may hesitate with the knowledge that he might not be fit for that life.


Magic Name: -

Magic Element: -

Magic Description: -


History: Shura was born to a loving working class couple, taking more after his mother in appearance than his father. Despite being a loving couple however, they had no family name to inherit and thus simply existed as they saw fit. An only child, his Joyan heritage growing up gave him odd looks among Fiorians of his age group, but the church accepted all regardless of background; thus any discrimination was put down swiftly.

The young devout grew up in a supportive environment in Crocus, learning about the glory of Illumin and the power that comes with believing in the holy light. Shura was fed stories daily of heroes fighting back the darkness and returning the world to its status quo. His eyes would light up like fireworks with each new tale told, and it was obvious from a young age that he was destined to become another firm servant of the God they collectively believed in.

As years passed, Shura's love of the church only grew. He never gained the usage of his voice, but he did become the pride of his family. Other than his eternal silence, the boy had never known loss or true emotional pain. Through Illumin he became a bright soul who aimed to guide others past their inner turmoils. For one such as him with no voice and who had discovered zero natural talent for magic, his only choice was to pick up a blade among the Holy Knights in order to protect those he loved.

However, despite his best efforts, he failed to become a Holy Knight. As if fate had stepped in, however, his determination and skill caught the eye of a wandering Lamia Scale mage, who invited him into the guild. Left with little else, having to choose between returning to his mother and father as a failure or risking his life with the rugged, chaotic warriors of Lamia Scale, Shura chose the latter.

For the first time he had been allowed to distance himself from the church and from the confines of his parents, and experience the world through his own eyes. It was a bittersweet feeling, having to leave. The butterflies in Shura's stomach, however, assured him that his journey towards true peace was only just beginning.

Reference: -

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Yo yo. Everything is good to go, however the Holy Knights are locked at the moment. Bump when you've made the edits.

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Vali Onfroy wrote:Yo yo. Everything is good to go, however the Holy Knights are locked at the moment. Bump when you've made the edits.


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Also, please add the month and year in which Shura was born.

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This character application has been approved.

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