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By and Down the River(Ylva)

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#1Regis Karlinius 

By and Down the River(Ylva) Empty on Thu Aug 22, 2019 8:13 am

Regis Karlinius
Such as a day that started new, Regis would wake up to being by the closest river he would find when he entered Era. The settled nature of the sound of flowing water.

He did not set up a camp this time, Regis just kind of found a spot and just laid there and rested, he kind of just sat by and slept by the river and just looked out to it in the morning. It was peaceful and Regis even if slightly uncomfortable being in that armor of his she was sleeping got up and walked over to the river.

Regis seemed to start the morning in a simple way, walked over to the river, took off the helmet and cloth around it, taking the cloth away and dipping that upper part of the helmet and used it as a cup for him to drink out of it, He was so use to being alone to himself he did not think to himself while here, did not react to may noises around him easily.

He was happy not much had bothered him while he had been asleep nothing woke him up, Regis was unsure where to head off towards next should he find his sister? He had no reason to go anywhere towards the rune knights base. Regis guess he would finish up washing at least his face and having a drink of water before he continued on to anything else.

Regis would take the plated gauntlets off and dip his hands in the water and then would clean the very rough and messing hair and facial hair he had, he had not shaved in months and oddly enough he look rather much like a homeless knight just lounging around. Or just had not had a razor in a while.


By and Down the River(Ylva) Empty on Fri Aug 23, 2019 3:47 pm

Ylva smiled as her feet touched the cool river water, small waves lapping against her shins as she continued to walk deeper into the water. It was a lazy day for her and she just started, the last day of the week was the day she could relax from all the quests that she partook in. The sounds of nature and the beautiful weather was a getaway from all the hustle and bustle from Era. Recently she had been feeling more powerful, more free and liberated than she had ever felt before. She had one man to thank for that and the more she thought about him the more her cheeks flushed with pink.

She didn't expect anyone to be out here but her Crystal blue hues caught the frame of a man not so far from her further down the river. She didn't know anyone would be out here so she continued her walk in the river, her dress allowing her to enjoy it without getting her clothing wet. As she got closer she waved her hand out to him. " Hello sir. Do you need help? " To her it looked like he was washing up and for a moment she wondered if she was disturbing him. Without getting too much closer she would wait for his response.

#3Regis Karlinius 

By and Down the River(Ylva) Empty on Sat Aug 24, 2019 11:22 am

Regis Karlinius
Regis would look to a upon who was speaking to him, the generally still slightly dirty looking man he was, Regis had not taken care of what he looked like for a while but at least he seemed still able to speak normally hopefully even when he spoke.

She was rather smaller then most people he had seen in a while then again Regis might also just be slightly above average height so she seemed smaller. But since he seemed a rough he was rather peaceful."I am unsure with what could be helped for a person like me." Depressing to open up with but Regis did seem like he was down on his luck.

He would ask anyway since it was now on his mind."Would you know some one where I could get a hair cut and shave?" Regis was no much but he was asking, But it was something at least. Regis seemed like he needed it considering the rather super messy unkempt facial hair, The matted and not taken care of hair, it was all still dark blue color. Continuing the pieces of conversation aside from that one thing he asked only because he had needed it really."I would find that extremely helpful, I would be rather thankful as well."Regis also showed signs he might have a various other things he could need help with but he was just too stubborn to ask or unsure if he it could too.

After his asking he would pick up that helmet part again and took a drink of water yet again he seemed to take his time with this, Regis kind of almost expecting her to just leave right away but hoping she wouldn't after so long with out human contact a person did seemed to take a toll on him being simple and short conversation pieces.


By and Down the River(Ylva) Empty on Mon Aug 26, 2019 6:27 am

Waddling a little closer to the man she shook her head. She in fact didn't know where he could get any of those specifically but she would wager he could find a place in Era itself for it. But since she didn't know she couldn't be helpful and that sort of made her feel useless. " Sorry, I don't know a place like that.. But maybe you can find one in Era. They have a lot of different place for different things." She wanted to continue her walk since it seemed that she had nothing else to offer the man but as she saw him drinking from the river she wondered why when there was a town her could get food and drink from.

" I could maybe help you look for a place like that if you want. My name's Ylva. What's yours? "
She questioned him, trying to open the line of communications a bit more. The cool waves lapping up against her skin made was nice enough but she didn't mind leaving it to go back into the town to help this man. She would wait for his response but wondered what he was doing out here all by himself.

#5Regis Karlinius 

By and Down the River(Ylva) Empty on Tue Aug 27, 2019 2:16 pm

Regis Karlinius
It seemed he did not have much else to go off of anyway. But at least Ylva seemed to be willing to help him, It give a bit of a dim smile to this very lost and tired looking man."I would think there would not be much harm in it, I am not use to towns or cities anymore"Regis would put the rest of his armor back on since he would not leave behind everything he had left at this point"My name is Regis."

Only hoping Ylva would not find and realize how eerie Regis looked with the rest of that armor on, His pale skin was just covered in withered and almost rusted metal and tattered dark blue cloth. Only sign he was still alive and around the sound of moving metal plates.

Regis seemed to be a man of few years, But his life seemed to be that little now. Regis then again did not know what else to mention to her. Life was different for a man who seemed to have been hidden for many years away for whatever reason.

"I will have to also check whatever money I have left to see if i would have enough to pay when I know the cost." Regis still seemed to mention, like he was worried about that since he had not planned for it, he only planned what to hunt to eat about it. Regis did not seem to have it in mind to ask if she would help with that only because Ylva was doing enough by showing him the way town and helping him find what he was looking, As well as being vast stubborn that he would most likely not want to ask as well since Regis was that use to doing it all alone.


By and Down the River(Ylva) Empty on Wed Aug 28, 2019 12:45 pm

Waddling out of the water and taking her shoes that she had been holding in her hand and placing them on her feet, Ylva learned the man's name. He looked like a worn knight to her with his armor on. It was interesting to see someone wear a full on set of armor like that. She wouldn't judge him though, and would only smile as she waddled out of the water and onto the land. The dirt turned from moist to dry and it made Ylva feel uncomfortable as she rub her feet on the grass before placing her shoes back on that she had been holding in her hand.

It didn't go on unheard ears that he might not have the money to pay for getting the thing he desired. It was a shame honestly because she didn't have any money to help him. " Maybe you can do a few jobs around the city. That's what I do when I'm low on funds.. I could help you if you want. "
She would take the lead but wait until she was sure he was following. Not being a native of Fiore she always wondered if the people she encountered were also from different countries, which always led to this question. " Are you from here? " In order to keep the conversation going and maintain some communication she looked over to him, smile still on her face as she waited for an answer.

#7Regis Karlinius 

By and Down the River(Ylva) Empty on Thu Aug 29, 2019 4:44 pm

Regis Karlinius
There was something oddly adorable in watching Ylva  walk out of the water then again kindness goes a lot longer way and means more to Regis now more then ever if anything, With nothing left all acts of kindness shine brighter to him then any star or sun."I am sure I will figure it out in the end, I am just getting annoyed and realize how horrible my hair and face seem with the state i have left it in."Regis expressed the closest thing to being worried about how he looked currently, for a long while anyway.

That and Regis would prefer she did not pay for anything for him so a part of him felt a part of relief that she admitted she could not help, but could leave him to wonder if she had anything she could need help with too, But Regis was not quite ready to ask that."But, doing some jobs with some one might do some good in general."Thinking about it it would be good to try and break from him this rut he was in now."It has been a while." There was a hint of hope in his voice with this like he wanted to be free from what he was dealing with and this was getting his mind off of it.

It was odd but he had not had a conversation in a fair while."I am from here yes, Are you as well?"He asked kind of just to find out more about Ylva as well, He wanted to with out making it too strange since Regis just for once. It was not common to have a bit more engaging people as of late, at least for what he remembered anyway, living in the woods and sleeping under trees you could only track so many things so easily most of that not being people but: animals, water and safe places to sleep, part of him misses that home he once had.


By and Down the River(Ylva) Empty on Sat Sep 07, 2019 11:15 am

She shook her head. " No, I'm not from here. She didn't want to tell her story to another stranger, the few who knew left a trail of information behind whether they knew it or not. As the two walked and eventually entered Era, Ylva was rushed down by a small child. She knew this child and she knew his mother. Her eyes showed worry but she continued to smile. Asking the small child how he and his mother had been she was met with a flood of tears and word soup. Quickly comforting the boy and kneeling down to his size she eventually calmed him enough for him to speak clearly.

According to the boy his mouth had gotten worse. Her wound was blackening and she was is no much pain. Apparently no one would help him and so he came looking for her. Ylva picked the boy up and turned to her would be new found friend. " I'm sorry, I'm needed elsewhere. I hope we can meet again soon in the near future. " Quickly she found herself running in the direction of the home of the boy and his mother. Her heart beating in her chest as she could only hope to save the woman's life.

- exit -

#9Regis Karlinius 

By and Down the River(Ylva) Empty on Sat Sep 14, 2019 2:04 pm

Regis Karlinius
It seem the moment Regis might have slowly turned to something interesting and if anything making him remember a part of his past that he felt like he had moved on from for the moment. But Regis alas seems to have not. But that disappointing moment Regis' company seemed to be already be departing.

It was understandable.Ylva seemed so kind and wonderful it was something Regis could enjoy the thought of about her even if she was already trailing off to ensure some one else's health and life."It is okay, Do what you must." Regis mentioned to her in reply to her looking after the small child, Regis if anything was not bothered by it, The since to duty was something he admired.

Eventually, Regis would figured out his way around Era, He did not really remember that part where before being cured of his madness or whatever it was, Regis had been here before anything of that was faded long away. It would be like exploring a new town or city entirely over anew again. He did not mind it since he laid low and just woodsman lived for a long time there.

Regis would eventually figure out what he wanted too do aside from walking around Era aimlessly learning areas around it. Figuring out a few things he could sell off to get some jewel to get that hair cut and shave he wanted to get done. It was a bit awkward because Regis did not speak much and seemed all so odd and creepy walking around and having just his general look, He seemed a bit less worry looking after the cut and shave but it was all hidden away with in his helmet. He did not mind personally Regis after all did feel better, He would just hope they would meet again.


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