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Adrien Lupercal

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Name: Adrien Lupercal

Age: 23 - 11 / 07 / X764

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Boscosi - Human

Ethnicity, Mother: Iceberg - Wood Elf

Class: Hunter

Profession: Tracker/Trapper - Intelligence/Speed

Race: Half-Elf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Upper Chest (Between Upper Ribs)

Face: Cu Chulainn - Type Moon Franchise/Fate Series


Height: 6'4" Six Feet & Four Inches (193 cm)

Weight: 68.5 Kg. (151 lbs.)

Hair: Light-Blue

Eyes: Light-Red

Overall: Adrien's typically most recognized and first to be noticed physical trait is the vibrantly light blue of his hair from his mother's side. In the vast majority of cases, Adrien would let this hair flow free. A connector behind behind his head being the only stylization creating the beginning of a ponytail that frays as it extends. The distinctive hair acts as a frame for Adrien's face with strands often drifting before his face with movement. Shining and piercing light red eyes stand out from within the frame the contrasting blue hair creates stands out with further significance to an observer. The bright red of these being overshadowing to the pupil to most eyes lending ease to the assumption of a predatory nature in Adrien.

Beyond these distinguishing facial features, Adrien is of a more than modest height. Far from a hulkingly imposing muscled giant, Adrien is lean and toned in his muscle mass and dutifully maintains his physicality to a level that gives the maximum muscle possible without interference in the mobility of the joints. In spite of the unkempt and rarely groomed nature of Adrien's hair, his clothing and choices in attire are attentive to formality. Typically outfitting himself in formal wear associated with the upper class of the local or expected culture, provided the option for such apparel is accessible to him. Blending with and projecting the image of those respected in the society around him to better be able to carry out his duties as a hunter.

Extra: Golden hair connector creating the half-attempted ponytail. Scars along his chest and lower torso from early days Hunting.


Personality: Adrien is an openly classy and polite individual with an outwardly honorable and respectful behavior. Being one to respect and state each of an individual's titles and pay them proper respects. Bowing before monarchs and lords as well as shaking hands with commoners and peasants alike. A look at his chosen style of dress and the air of nobility that he carries himself across all encounters would convey these qualities to the observer and the targets of the interactions.

However, underneath this outward layer of repsect and noble trappings is a violent man waiting to be let loose upon the world. Someone who respects violence, even reveres the concept of it so much as he is able. Being of the blood of Bosco and Iceberg and with a burning passion and ambition inside of him aside, it is nothing but natural for Adrien to be a boiling cauldron of uncontrolled emotions and pentient for violence beneath his demeanor.

Adrien's external demeanor is something that he takes great care to maintain but it is by no means infallible or unbreakable. Believing firmly that everyone deserves respect and to be honored in the traditions of their society, at least among those Earthland natives, has instilled him with a kind of mentality that everyone gets the benefit of the doubt. This is, however, nothing but his barely contained learned beliefs on the nature of life and the value it would therefore have inherently. An internal struggle that is constantly at war with his more internal, primal, and passive traits of raw rage and violence that brew within.

The core driving principle to Adrien's behavior is his internal struggle between his attempts to accept all life native to Earthland as least being capable of accomplishing a purpose with life, and his inherent struggle to be more like a machine of raw violence. While the latter of these elements of struggle is almost always able to be sated unless he is otherwise offended that leads to his belief that someone has been proven 'deserving' of his violent side being let loose. Typically this is how Adrien manages to stay in balance within his own Psyche.

Foremost among his driving principles is the idea of Earthlander Superiority, or at least contendor status, against any from other realms. Regardless of the reality of the situation or the inherent power behind those who could come from or be empowered by The Lucent or Hell, or those who would be supernatural and capable of feats and provings of prowess beyond the mortal realm of possibility. However, Adrien views it as his duty to represent the realm of his birth and the center of his existence against those who would come from outside or be otherwise a corrupting influence on his reality, as he sees it.


  • Violence: Adrien is an inherently violent man, finding violence as the expression of his very human ambition and a means of giving permanence to his work. Where once he may have acted of duty, he has since learned to enjoy the battle that ends his hunt. Going easily beyond to simply enjoying the act of violence comitted unto another deemed deserving.
  • Risk:  Adrien, in his lust for violence against those he views deserving, has come to enjoy the threat of death that comes when attempting to bring about the death of those seen as beyond the races of Earthland. This thrillseeking drive has spread further into Adrien's personality by an interest in all challenges of mind or body. From the mundane in conversational sparring to the extreme in fighting tooth and nail to survive.

  • Victory: Whether engaging in conversational wordplay with an intelligent other, reaping rewards from a well laid trap, or claiming the life of something considered supernatural, Adrien enjoys them all as triumphs and seeks these victories in whatever form he can achieve them. Taking internal victory laps for even the most mundane of perceived victories through virtually all mediums.

  • Guile & Tact: Adrien considers his mind as honed as his body and has great respect for and appreciation of Earthland society and sophistication. When the burning for blood is not boiling to this surface of his thoughts, Adrien acts with eloquence and pride with a general sense respect and talented rhetoric.

  • Intelligence: Others who display a mind that has been developed by knowledge are inherently of greater value to Adrien than those who have focused elsewhere. Believing knowledge and intellect to be the only truly practical quality that may apply to any and all situations. Naturally this idea has led to Adrien's consideration of those who choose to add quality to this trait, to be of greater; value, interest, and potential in his mind.


  • Peacocking: Adrien's interest and respect toward those who value intelligence and dignity is equal to the offense he takes at those who feel the need to behave as though they were inherently superior. Regardless of race, ability, allegiance, or beliefs, Adrien percieves superiority as a mental state as the most disgusting of creatures to violent levels in the right (or wrong) circumstances.

  • Self-Centrism: Adrien takes personal offense against those who are only able to consider their own perspective or are too short sighted to see the bigger picture of their actions. Friend of foe, ally or enemy, countrymen or brethren, Adrien is unable to respond to those who cannot think beyond themselves with any form of positive regard in return.

  • Ignorance/Idiocy: Similar to Adrien's opinion on those who are unable to view life or the world beyond their own perspective, those who willfully choose to live without knowledge or to forego the pursuit of knowledge are considered unforgiveable. Assuming the choice to be made in pursuit of a life who's purpose is minimal if existent.

  • Unnaturals: Adrien believes that all life can come to a purpose. However, this ideology only extends so far as life originating on Earthland and without being tainted by those from other realms nor those who's very nature is less than human in Adrien's eyes. Beings classified as supernatural such as the bestial Werewolves whom are more savage than sentient and Vampires who cling to life so desperately they bleed it from others. These creatures form the basis of Adrien's path to a Hunter.

  • Disrespect: Whether through lack of care or deliberate intent, ignoring the courtesies believed to any who has neither wronged nor proven undeserving of it is an act of outright hostility to Adrien. Stemming from his belief that anyone and everyone is capable of purpose and his definition of a good life, to deny the rights owed to that fact is grounds for Adrien to determine an individual to be proven as a lost cause for life.


  • Earthland/Mortal Superiority: There is nothing that stands out more or burns brighter in his soul than the idea that those born of Earthland hold inherent superiority in their own realm over all others. This has bred in Adrien the complete dedication and desire to establish this world order and to defeat those from outside the realm of Earthland with skill rather than overwhelming force.


  • Failure: Nothing is so constant of a fear to Adrien as the looming threat of failure. Aiden remains keenly aware that as long as he continues to succeed he will make progress. Fully aware that the opposite of this is true in that failure means the absence of progress toward all goals, if not the cessation of his ability to work toward his goals.

  • Inferiority: Just as failure is the expression of the end to Adrien, so is Inferiority to those creatures he despises an expression of failure. It remains a constant fear in the back of Adrien's mind upon any interaction with those of a supernatural sort that he be proven definitively lesser.

  • Stagnation: The epitome of life's lost purpose is in stagnation. The loss of progress is only possible in an entity that has lost will to strive for something better. It is a great fear for Adrien that he should one day suffer it and just as source and reason for Adrien to despise those who would fall for it.


Magic Name:  Shape of the Bloodhound

Magic Element: Earth

Magic Description: Adrien generates and manipulates the element of Earth and the Earth around him for primarily supplementary purposes. While he has a preference for using his weapons in combat, he sees the usage of magic as an effective tool to faciliate and support his work as a Hunter. The primary purpose this magic serves when it's manifested is through changing the properties of weapons by adding Earth as well as traps or other environmental changes that would give Adrien the inherent advantages attached.


History: Adrien's life began in Bosco but the story of his life begins in Iceberg. Adrien is the child of a female Wood Elf from Iceberg, a woman who had been lost and disconnected from Altharian and living in a part of the world that was wholly opposed to the lifestyle of her peoples. Finding herself in her formative years within the Iceberg lands. Dodging civil wars and avoiding conflict through her youth before altogether breaking out to seek other life and peoples. Responding to her very nature somehow never being able to embrace the Iceberg traditions and culture, in spite of her efforts in the attempts.

Having fled from Iceberg lands, Adrien's mother found her way into Bosco. While the lands of Bosco
were not any kinder or full of people more close to the natural beauty of all life that she had hoped to find appreciation of in human society, the woman was happier. She wandered and eventually in the course of these wanderings she was encountered by a Vampire. Taking advantage of her gentle nature she was lured into a trap and in the moments before she was killed, a young man from Bosco swooped in to save her life. He had been hunting the creatures for a while at this point and had taken advantage of their exposure in their attack on the Wood Elf. Having been rescued and taken away to the man's private hut, the two found enough of a kindred spirit for her to finally feel safe enough with someone to settle down.

While the relationship between the human and the Woof Elf was not entirely of true love or great shared ideals, it was love of a sort. Somewhere around a year later the Elf was with child as a result. Some time after the news of her pregnancy came about, Adrien was born in the small hut among only his two parents. It was decided upon that the nature of the child as they raised him and exposed him to the culture of Bosco around them would determine which of the two would take the role of primary parental figure for him. Which path he would follow would be divined by his natural choices and actions.

It did not take long for the violent and war-hungering nature of the boy to be revealed to his parents. Adrien was very interested in military affairs, the wars between nations, learning to fight, and destruction in general. Both his mother and father knew that such rage would do nothing but send him to an early grave but his nature clearly had proven closer to his father than his mother. So she tempered him, taught him of patience, nature, and magic. Whils his father took a more active role in his education. Teaching him of the various kinds of monsters that existed out there. Instilling in him a pride for Bosco, an appreciation for their culture, and of his role in the world as a hunter.

As Adrien grew older, his father began to take him out more and more upon his hunts and his formal education began under his mother. Teaching him of respect, class, dignity, and the respect of cultures as well as enforcing into him the respect toward everyone that has not done personal wrongs. While from his father, Adrien learned a true disgust down to his very core for the beings of Earthland that were viewed as unnatural. Those from Hell and the Lucent as well as those who had forsaken or been stripped of their otherwise mortal and Earthland souls. Combining the two mentalities in the growing teen of a child was not an easy task, being disciplined in mind and yet full of hatred and hunger for battle as he was, but in time he came to learn to balance the ideas in his mind.

Eventually, Adrien's father became older as Adrien came into his own as a hunter. Finding his own footing in the nature of being a Hunter. As less and less his father would come with him on hunts, pointing him in the right direction, giving him information and helping him make sense of what he would track and run into. Teaching him more and more the arts of a Fur Trader, a skinner, and a tanner. A task that his mother had experience with as well and joined in in the education of. Making the trade one of the few things for Adrien to represent both his mother's teachings and father's.

In the recent year, Adrien's father had fallen sick and died and his mother had vanished into the culture of Bosco in her grief. Fueling Adrien even more toward the mindset that his father left behind to him. Seeing it as his legacy and becoming somewhat imbalanced in his own nature, favoring the violence of his people and the hunting of his father without his mother's influence to temper him. Seeking off into the lands around the small world that he had originated from to fulfill the ever burgeoning idea that it was his destiny to become a champion of Earthland Superiority.

Reference: Rin/Alyssia/Rhea/likely-other-names-too td>

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