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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

Cryptic Message [Open] Empty on Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:31 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
She sat there with her client. LeeAnn had her sketch pad and pencils ready. The client was trying to remember what he remembered of the incident. His words fumbled trying to explain to her the details. LeeAnn was used to this sorta thing. Lately, she had picked up a side job doing sketch art of strange sightings and becoming a crytid, better known a Monster Hunter. She was always fond of the unnatural magic side of the world. With what happened to her two years ago with that Wendigo, she has taken more research into the subject and down the rabbit hole she went. "Okay lets start with the head. What shape was it" she asked.

He stammered. "Th-The head was shaped like a horse and muddy color. It had teeth portruding out from his mouth like a boar. Uhm...small ears like a pitbull. It had a sorta long neck like a horse, body of a lion and small nub tail. Is ahd this weird, smiley like hair that looked like algae and green too" he spat out.It took a while for him to gather up the courage to talk about it. She could tell he was traumatized by this. LeeAnn continued to sketch out the creature to what he spoke of. She was almost finished and looked up. "Did that eyes glow at all? What color were they? Can you tell me more about the face" she asked .

"Th=the eyes we-were yellow and they did glow. All I can remember it's nose was similar to a hog's but not at the same time" he spat. LeeAnn nodded. She stayed silent knwing what he had seen. She made the final detail on the sketchpad. The kitsune lifted her sketchpad to show the drawing. The client nodded very fast and pointed to the finished sketch. "Y-Yes that's it! That's it right there. That's what I saw" he cried. Lee closed the sketchpad and put it into her backpack. She knew the monsters by heart and pretty well. "That's a Hog-nosed Bunyip, a class 3 monster. They are very dangerous. They can be found in any body of water that is murky. Where did you see this creature" she explained. He spoke that this creature attacked him when he was near the Darlane Lake that's nearby.

"I will look into this. Having a class 3 monster in a area where the public vacations at is not something we need. Thank you for your cooperation" she spoke. She would gather  her things and pay from the client. It was clear she knew her things about these monsterous creatures. She would aim to go to the lake later. LeeAnn walked down the sidewalk, minding her own business.

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#2Sage Meilyr 

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Sage Meilyr
Sage Meilyr had just came back to Fiore and he had already received some looks from people. Their glares were ones that seemed astonished by the beauty of his outer look, from his long fluffy white hair to his shimmering violet eyes that pierced through souls to his oversized white-purple cloak. His demeanour was graceful and elegant and his overall vibes just gives off this mysterious aura around him. Yet Sage couldn't care less of the eyes that looked upon him, he liked to be reminded of his own beauty and grace. In addition to that he was used to people looking at him as he understood the curiosity that rose inside them like finding a rare piece if gem.

Sage kept on walking the sidewalks of Era just enjoying the view of the town and the small events that occurred here and there. He took in the fresh air that was released from the leaves of the trees by the sidewalk. He had always enjoyed being close to nature. He likes to feel that he is connected with everything. One with the universe. Which had some truth to it as every particles inside us must have originated from the environment in the first place. Science, something he likes as it helps him understand the nature that he adores so much better.

#3LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
The kitsune paid no attention to the people passing her staring. For once, they weren't staring at her. She was a kitsune, perhaps on of the few in the whole country. Many would ask about her kind and powers. Though, in all honestly she couldn't answer those questions. She really didn't care about her kind nor her powers. There were other things on her mind. She had to find whoever killed her Aunt and make them pay. Rage and revenge were starting to seep into her bloodstream. LeeAnn paused and went into an alley. A bright light shined.

The light fadded. A orange and white wolf with a thinner frame than most and more of a fox-like face. A Ethopian wolf. She leaped from the alleyway, scaring a few people. They dodged out of her way. Some even screamed. "A wild animal" screamed one woman. LeeAnn rolled her eyes and ingnored. She was very quick and dashed towards the forest where the lake would be located. Though, something stopped her. White hair. She paused sniffing the air, thinking it was Manzo. Nope. Wasn't him. She huffed and dashed off as people went out of her way. LeeAnn dashed through the trees and bushes, being alert of what was around her. She had her sights on the lake. Ahead was a beautiful, crystal clear lake that shimmered in the late summer sun. "Finally, I am here now I can..." Leeann paused. She sniffed the air, seeing the same scent from earlier. Slowly, she growled. "Show yoursef, human! Or else, I am not nice when I am being followed" she growled.

Name: Wolf Metamorphose
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: Wolvenhowl Ring
Type: Supplementary
Element: Arcane
Range: Self
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user changes their appearance into a wolf. Their fur color is the same as their hair color. The user can speak while in wolf form. While in wolf form the user receives a B-rank Speed buff. The user can't cast spells while being in wolf form. The effects of items that were worn while in human form are still applied to the user in wolf form but spells that are attached to items can't be used.

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#4Sage Meilyr 

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Sage Meilyr
As he was peacefully enjoying the calming environment in the town of Era. A sudden disturbance disrupted his balance state of energy. A sudden scream could be heard from a distance. Sage was too used to things that are alarming that his body didn't jerk, only his neck quickly turning to face the direction of the scream he heard. When his gaze lays upon the direction he could only catch silhouette of a being running towards the wilderness.

To make his day a little more interesting, he began to move closer towards the trees snd bushes, his movements didn't hint even a slight sign of fear. He had faced horrifying things before he couldn't possibly be afraid of something minor like this. He closed in towards the wilderness and what seemed to be the 'animal' was just a peculiar fox-like creature, but bigger. He wasn't really an expert in types of animals but it was obviously something like a wolf or fox. He found its orange and white furs rather exquisite and beautiful. But what interested him more was the magic energy he could feel from the creature. He had seen a lot of spells before he bet on his life that it was a transformation spell.

The creature had seemed to sense him, he wasn't intimidated a slight bit but rather excited as the animal could add speak. He moved out of his hiding and exposed his full body. "I am truly sorry for disturbing you," he said with his gentle voice while exposing his bare palms and nodding slightly. He wanted to make sure that he wasn't showing any signs of dishonesty and trickery. "Say... Who are you?" he asked with a curious tone, his violet eyes resting on the wolf's.

#5LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn growled a little to show she was not happy with a human following her. Upon looking at him, he seemed harmless and innocent like a young child. She could see a sense of wonder in his violet eyes, curious as to what she was or who for that matter. The kitsune huffed, straightening her posture. Her head rose up straight. Her mixed matched eyes stared at his. She had to be careful no matter what the case maybe. AS in the past, she has been attacked by others and creatures whom were trusting. He apologized for following her, she took a step closer to get a better look at him. It was said that animals could sense if someone was lying or not. She wished that was true in her case.

He asked who she was, LeeAnn sat down. She tilted her head for a minute with her ears twitching. Finally, she spoke. "A monster hunter and artist by trade, mercenary mainly. LeeAnn is my name, yours?" she spoke with a slight glare. Showing she was not fully trusting of this man in front of her. LeeAnn had to be careful even if her instincts told her that this human meant no danger.

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#6Sage Meilyr 

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Sage Meilyr
As he had guessed, his gesture was friendly enough to gain the creature's trust. It had worked a lot of time before, travelling did teach him a thing or two about social interactions, not that he needed it as he was very social and friendly. It might sound that he was manipulative but he was not he was simply being friendly and trying to make some new friends. One important lesson in life is that you can not survive alone, humans thrive better when they are together. He mirrored the wolf's movement and sat on the grass, his hands on his lap, with a gentle smile of his listening attentively with his two ears.

The answer shocked him a little bit, he did not expect a civilized and well structured answer. Judging by the sentence he felt like he was facing someone with clarity in their mind. "I see, not a fox after all huh." he commented with a slight playful grin on the corner of his lips. He then continued to reply to her question, it would be fair to answer it as she did to his question. "You can call me Sage. I like going on adventures and discover new things. Oh I can also do some spells." he introduced himself with gentleness mixed with excitement in his voice. Even though he has this mysterious aura around him, when he opens his mouth he is like an open book. Although he ended the sentence like he wanted to dismiss it as he wasn't truly proud of his spells at the moment.

#7LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn could see he was just a curious fellow. Much like him, she was curious about this fellow as well. He told her his name, sitting down. He was a mage like herself. The kitsune sighed."First off, this is a wolf transformation. I have a ring that allows me to transform" she retorted, growing a little annoy. That quickly faded when he watch him. His aura was playful yet mysterious. She remembered with Manzo how she opened up to him so quickly. Telling the man about her life, she considered him a friend. Perhaps, she needs to start taking a chance to get to know people. Not all humans were bad, she knew that for sure. Though, it was who to trust. That as the serious question. The kitsune transformed back into her human self that came with abirght white light.

Revealing her seen orange and white tails and orange fox ears, the kitsune looks well equipped and powerful at that. She was held her ghoul eye, a black eye with a ring eye color, and her normal eye at Sage. She sat down in the grass facing him. "I see. Your curiosity wanted to know what I was. Well, I am a kitsune. Before you ask, I know nothing about my kind or where I am from other than I grew up with adopt parents in the Nakamura family. I have to say that before people ask. You have no idea how much these stupid tails catch people's attention" she explained. She was clear that she was not one of direct attention or to be friendly. Though, she seemed she was trying to open up. LeeAnn gave a calm yet curious expression towards Sage. "So you know magic? I do too. Fire is my element. What kind of magic do you use if I may ask. I could possibly use your help to relocate a monster from this lake" she explained, pointing to the crystal clear waters behind her.

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#8Sage Meilyr 

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Sage Meilyr
So his guess was right after all it was a transformation magic. He felt a little bit of victory in himself for being right. As the bright light gave off and Lee transformed back into her original form a spark of wonder could be seen in Sage's eyes. It wasn't everyday that he could witness a transformation spell those are quite rare these days. But what sparked his interest the most was the thing she wad. Fox ears and tails, her facial features resembles that of a fox as well. At this point Sage's jaw dropped a little bit, he was astounded by the marvel features of LeeAnn.

Before he could start attacking her with questions she had answered it first, apparently she was used to people questioning about her, which wasn't a surprise as kitsunes are very rare these days. The way she spoke hinted to Sage that she was being open even though her tone doesn't sound that way, Sage could tell that they can make this friendship happen. "Haha they are quite nice to see, especially when you don't see things like that everyday." he commented, not wanting to make the conversation one sided.

"Oh it's just your ordinary spells nothing much about it, I don't have any specific element though, I harness pure Arcane energy." he answered humbly, he still needs some tweak with his spellcasting, he needs to train more. "Oh yeah I would love to help you, I don't have anything to do after all. So what kind of monster are we dealing with?" he accepted the offer instantly, a monster hunt might spice up his day a bit, plus he doesn't want to miss out on an adventure.

#9LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
She expected his kind of reaction. Sage clearly was holding himself back a little when her seven tails appeared and her fox-like appearance was made apparent. The kitsune was far too used to this kind of thing, which was a good thing. She was at least prepared for it. Manzo was the only one who didn't do that sorta thing. "They are, but really hard to maintain. You try brushing seven tails each day. At this point, I just give up and have one of my servants do it or I just brush it once a weak" she spoke. Her fox ears twitched and seemed to follow her moods much like a cat or wolf would do. It gave an extra charm to her that many people seemed to adore about her. LeeAnn really didn't like people touching her ears without permission. Manzo was the only one who could do this without her sayso.

Leeann could see his magic was probably a pure kind. Anything would do at this point. She needed extra backup since this was a class 3 monster. If this was class 4, she would probably not even encounter it. "Any magic will do. As long as you can control it, I don't really care what element it is. This monster is a class 3, which means its very dangerous" she explained. Then it his her, he probably wasn't familar with the class system of cryptid hungers aka monster hunting. She stood up. "To give you a background, I am what they call a 'Cryptid Specialist'. I specialize with the unknown and mysterious creatures that are mythical or legends. Though, I deal with all monsters including demons. There is a set class system to establish a difficult in rank. There are four classes, Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, and Class 4" she started.

LeeAnn pulled out a field guild she had gotten from her library at her home in Hargeon. It had the title, "Complete Field Guide to Monster Hunting", in her clutch and showed it to him. "This field guide is what every monster hunter needs in order to know what htey are dealing with. Class 1 monsters are basically nothing. They wont kill you, if anything they would most just scratch you like a cat. Class 2 monsters are capable of killing you if you let them, but they are not nessicarlly dangerous. Most of hte monsters in this class tend to be distant and reserved, but if threatened can and will kill you. Think of it as a wolf. Class 3 is where things get dangerous. These monsters are very capable of killing you in one fail swoop. They wont hesitated to kill you and confront the public many times. You think of a demon of some sort. They are very agile and smart. But can be avoided and defeated with the right training. Class 4...consider youserlf already dead when you encouter these creatures. They are as smart or smarter than humans. They are quiet and silent killers. Many of them are never even spoken about but no one lives to tell the tale most of the time. If you ever encounter one, consider yourself dead" she explained. She grew grim when it came to class 4. What started this whole expedition was why she had to eat humans? The encouter with that Wendigo, a class 4 monster, two years ago. He told her that she was no different than he was. It haunted her ever since. She was lucky to be alive after that. LeeAnn would look at Sage then back at the water.

"Open to page 34, you will see what were facing. Class 3. You seem capable enough since your magic power. Its a Hog-nosed Bunyip, a nasty creature with a nasty temper" she spoke.

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#10Sage Meilyr 

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Sage Meilyr
Having the kitsune telling about personal things such as brushing her tails was a good sign to Sage. It shows that they are getting more comfortable with each other's company. "Well I can say the same with my hair, but I enjoy brushing it, it feels very calming." he said while touching his long white hair briefly. Sage saw her ears flickered, it was a cute and unique feature to her appearance, it wasn't weird just out of the ordinary, he found it quite amusing to see it move now and then.

LeeAnn then started talking about the monster. It sounded dangerous at first but Sage didn't bat an eye, throughout his journey he encountered lots of dangerous creatures and it seemed like fear just wasn't in his vocabulary. While she pulled out the guide book, Sage replied to her previous statement of her being a Cryptid Specialist, "Well I'm not a specialist but i can say that I expertise in handling any kind of creatures." he joked with a sly grin, his sense of humour exist in any part of the day no matter the circumstances. Sage moved closer to LeeAnn as she showed him the guide book. Sage likes books and reading so it excites him that he was shown one.

He listened to LeeAnn attentively and scanned the pages of the book. His observation skills can be said was at a professional level. Sage grew more curious and alert when she explained about class 4 monster, he wondered why were they so deadly, he wondered if he could defeat one if he met one. He flipped the page to where Lee told him too and he could see a weird looking creature that looks funny. He smirked when she told him it has bad temper, tricks came to his mind if they were to fight it. "Bad temper huh..." he muttered while observing the creatures features in the book.

#11LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn observed this man was more of a light-hearted, kind type. Personally, it was okay to relax a bit around him. He could kind of relate seeing he, too, had long hair. There was a sparkle in his eyes that she never noticed before. He flicked his hair in a fashionaly manner. She really didn't care about that and shrugged. "Whatever floats your boat, I am not one to judge" she spoke. Lee was more focused on the task at hand. She loved her job. It was thrilling and took her mind off of her other bigger responsibilities such as being the clan leader of the Nakamura house and dealing with her Aunt's death. It was a great escape. One that she needed. She didn't start pursing this job until a few months ago. LeeAnn was an expert in the books about all sorts of creatures and trained a lot in her spare time. She has handled many creatures in the past few months. She found out that her grandfather and great-grandfather were monster hunters too before they joined up with the Rune Knights. It was a nice family job from what she heard of.

In fact, that's how her grandfather had died was due to a Wendigo attack. That same Wendigo that she had encountered that day. It warned her about the Rune Knights and what they entailed for her. LeeAnn was attacked twice. This first time was when she was fourteen, right before she was kidnapped. LeeAnn stared at Sage, he seemed to be a huge bookworm. This made her smile. "If you want, I could teach you a few things about being a monster hunter. It's a good paying field and always an adventure, just super dangerous. You might loose a limb or two though" she offered. It was her way to extending her friendship and help towards him since he looked to be interested. He said he was experience in handling creatures. This was pleasent. She sat down in front of him.

"Before I go on about the Bunyip, I need to explain a little something. When I say Monster Hunter, people tend to thing I just kill them. Instead, I try to save them and the people
of Fiore. I kind of a peacekeeper to say. This practice is not well liked among monster hunters since they really...just kill. I only kill if deems nessicary or if your life is on the line. With this Bunyip, we need to transfer him to a swamp nearby"
she explained. LeeAnn went over how they would transfer the heavy creature which would be via her Gryphon to lift it to the swamp a few miles away. She then went back to the book with the Hog-Nosed Bunyip.

Her finger point to it. "The Hog-nosed Bunyips are very stupid, but their tempers make-up for everything. They're very aggressive and act like boars. They love to charge at you, so speed is what we need to focus on. You're job is to shoot this dart into it. That is all, I dont want to risk you life. I am warning you, that is may want to charge at you too. I am going to distract it since I have my sword and abilities" she spoke. She held a small dart with a long, thick needle, the kind you can feel when stuck into you skin. It held a clear liquid that was a tranquilzer. "Shoot this with this dart gun! I have multple in case you miss. I just hope you aren't a lousy shot. Try to not shoot me or yourself" she spoke.

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#12Sage Meilyr 

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Sage Meilyr
It was amusing to Sage that LeeAnn offered him to become a monster hunter, was their meet up some kind of fate? Anyhow he loves looking for adventures, he might as well join on her quests. "Danger? It's my middle name." he jokingly teased her. As she explained that they were not going to kill the creatures, it brought a whole new meaning to the term 'monster hunter', maybe they shouldn't call herself that but instead another nicer less gore name.

He simply listened as she explained, without interrupting her at all. He had already figured that the bunyip was stupid as anything that has short temper is stupid. He took the dart gun from LeeAnn an gave it a quick scan on how it works. After a short while he could say that he figured the item out already. "Well it is just the same as throwing out spells, it won't be that hard." he said after the kitsune said that she hoped he wasn't of a lousy shooter. To him, it would be as easy as aiming his spells which he had been doing throughout his whole life, he couldn't possibly mess things up. If the bunyip is big in size it would make things a lot easier for him, and he couldn't possibly get injured that badly, he can protect himself with hid spells.

#13LeeAnn Nakamura 

Cryptic Message [Open] Empty on Sat Aug 24, 2019 12:17 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn could see some sort of amusement in his eyes. She did not know to think of it, but shrugged it off. Perhaps, he was just hungry for some excitement. As he agreed to help her, she became less tense. She was a little relieved that she would have to do everything. It was better with more hands in this kind of situation since this was a Class 3 monster. "Good! I am glad you are up for the task. Thank you, I was a little nervous doing this alone to be honest" she revealed. LeeAnn was glad she had asked him to help her since this could turn to make a new friend. It would be nice to have other people other than Manzo to hang out with, no offense to her only friend. Though, she was sure he would agree with her.

LeeAnn sniffed the air as she tried to find the horrible stench of the creature. Nothing. Her ears twitched in irritation. "We're gonna have to find it. Its not in this cove like I had expected. I can't swim unfortunately, we will have to walk on land" she spoke. She scanned the ground for any sign of footprints. LeeAnn saw freshly trampled grass leading from the lake itself. She snapped her fingers and pointed at the path. "Bingo! Always looks for any sign of disturbance" she quickly said, giving him a quick tip.

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#14Sage Meilyr 

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Sage Meilyr
Sage was glad that LeeAnn opened up about her feelings to Sage, he believed that he had made himself a new friend. He hoped they would last and he won't get back stabbed by her in the future, he had a couple of experiences in his life that made him cautious of the people that he trust. But when he looked at LeeAnn, he knows that she is a good person. He observed the lake and the nearby cove for any signs of the creature, but it wasn't there as informed by the monster expert in front of him.

He followed Lee wherever she go, staying close to her as they need to stick together in case anything happens. Later, Lee found a peculiar pattern on the ground, Sage gave it a glance after she pointed it out. It did look like something came up from the water and made its way into the wilderness. The monster expert then gave him a tip which was to always look for signs of disturbance which was quite logical when he thought about it. With the dart gun in his habd, he was ready for the bunyip to come out, it was his first monster hunt and he was pretty excited.

#15LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
It wasn't exactly simple for LeeAnn to open up about her feelings to just anyone. If it was for some thing simple, such as a monster hunt, sure she could. As something as deep such as her hatred for the Rune Knights and Magic Council, that was difficult to describe. Her focus relied on a clear head. She couldn't think about anything else right now. Bunyips were powerful, but stupid creatures. Sage lied behind her. The trampled grass had a clear pathway. She followed it closely. She sniffed it, having a clear source of where was coming from. LeeAnn silently stared back at Sage, insisiting him to follow her. She took light footsteps. Upon seeing what was in front of her, she saw something hideous. It was just like how her client had described it. A hideious monster that looks like a mix between a horse and a boar. Teeth portruding outward, beady yellow glowing eyes with a algae-like mane.

"There it is. Seems to be scavenging for food. Take a nice clear shot. The less we have to do the better" she said. The plan had changed since the Bunyip was busy. She stepped aside for Sgae to gain a nice clear shot.

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