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Dead By Daylight [Caius]

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Dead By Daylight [Caius] Empty on Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:27 pm

She was actually tired of the shit. She could not believe the audacity of some people. The more she was exposed to the humanity of others the more she realized that Erebus was right, these people ain't shit, and they don't even know how to make kool-aid. What person measures how much sugar you put in kool-aid? Absolutely unacceptable! You must taste how much sugar goes in kool-aid, you have to pour until it's just right. Using the measurements they give you on the packet will leave you with diet kool-aid, anyone worth their salt knows that.

Ylva was on her knees in front of a fountain, in the praying position. She prayed that a mother lover would test her one more time today. She was on the edge, she had never felt so annoyed in her whole life and she didn't know how to let out her frustration properly. This was a new and unwanted feeling for her. Pushing her feelings aside all the time really has done a number on her, and like anyone who bottled up their emotions she was about to burst like a damn volcano. She prayed to her god that he deliver her from these heavy thoughts, but honestly she needed a drink more than anything else.


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Era. The home of the magic council and a place that he never hoped to be around for long. However, he got a tip that it was a hot spot right now to peddle his wares. The informants he had were top of the line so there was no chance he was going to miss an opportunity like this. He would just have to tread more carefully than usual. For now he was just getting a lay of the land.

Caius walked through the middle of the city getting beat down from the summer heat. Wiping the sweat from his brow he spotted a fountain to cool himself off. Some tiny blue haired girl was praying at the end of the fountain. He pulled up next her and got on his knees. He dunked his head in with force causing a large splash to flair up in the girls face. He pulled his head out and shook the water off. "Damn that's refreshing. Was that what you were praying for"


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In her prayer, in her silence, in her peace, in her meditative state, she didn't think anyone would bother her at all. She thought she would be left alone to her own devices. Ylva was stupid in a way that she couldn't see past her own naivety. It was true she had learned alot coming her, like how most fiorians used only one pack of kool-aid for their gallon of water, or how their sweet tea doesn't slow her blood as she drinks it, or even how some places only use salt as a seasoning which is just a curse to all cooking.

Yes our girl was pressed so pressed she didn't notice the man kneeling down next to her about to do some fuck shit. It was the cold water that shook her too her core that made her shoot up from her praying postion. The man next to her said some slick shit that honestly would have caused her to strike him but instead she jumped with a " deer in the headlights sort of look ". Biting her tongue as she searched for the words she could feel herself not having it with this one today. " No that was not what I pray for. Why did you do that? " Her thick iceberg accent tumbled out, her attention on the man took away from the soaked blue and yellow dress she wore that pressed against her body and showed just a little too much unmentionables.


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The girl seemed in shocked by his actions. She stood there with her eyes as big as dinner plates. This was nothing out of the usual as he tended to have that reaction on people. He had a certain charm about him. After a few seconds of awkwardness, she finally spoke. Some thick accent came out of her mouth that made it sound like peanut butter was stuck on the roof of it. He heard it on tv before but never met a person from there.

Apparently his guess was wrong and that cool down wasn't what she was praying for. Regardless, he felt like she should be grateful. "Well you see Blueberry, It is like 100 degrees outside so i needed to cool off. Isn't the cold water refreshing? You should be happy right? You're welcome." He had a tendency to nickname people he didn't know. Hers was a play on her short blue hairstyle that rounded her face. Caius then noticed all the water had made dress tighten against her. He stared at her chest making it quite obvious. "By the way your nips are sticking out" He said with no filter.


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" My name is Ylva. Yeel-Vaa, not Blueberry. It's hot, yes but I don't need your help cooling off. Besides you disturb me. " She pouted a little bit and quickly folded her arms over her chest when he pointed out that her nip nops were poking out. It wouldn't have happened if he didn't just splashed water on her so in the end it was his fault. Staring into the man's eyes she looked him over, he looked rugged to her, very manly man, reminded her of her uncles. " They wouldn't be if you didn't splash water over me the way you did. It was rude, I am waiting for an apology... Please. " She wanted a chicken sandwich right now, her stomach did it's growling thing to signify that she wanted food and she would probably get some after this little ordeal passed. The sun would dry her eventually, and since the dress was a nice thing summer one it wouldn't take long. Her cheeks turned red, her embarrassment just now seeping in as this perv really had the audacity, the nerv, to comment on her breast as if didn't have some god damn dignity. Why was today the day she had to run into a whole weirdo.


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"So Ylva huh? First time I've heard that name before. Sounds weird.   Caius rubbed his goatee while he eyed the young woman down. She demanded an apology but was very passive about it. That wasn't going to happen. However, it did entertain him greatly.   It was like she was fighting herself at being mad at him. Stupid human.  Once she realized her predicament, she turned bright red out of embarrassment.  Caius further studied her figure though the see through dress and decided she would make a valuable asset. People with no self confidence were easy to manipulate. However, since he was still new to the town he would play it cool for now until he learned the lay of the land. Her stomach rumbling gave the perfect opportunity. "So you're hungry huh? How about I buy you food to you know make up for the splashing? Sound good? "


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He commented on how weird her name sounded. So not only did this asshole get her wet, disrespect her by tactlessly calling out her body, but not he was here calling her name weird. Her lips tightened as she forced herself not to punch the shit out of the man who had yet to even say his name. He was just some unknown scruffy guy, who by the way didn't even fucking apologies to her. If he thought he was going to get out of that he had another thing coming. She was tired of people thinking that they could just walk all over her, it was getting exhausting.

She almost spoke up but then he spoke about buying her food. Was that almost an apology? He wouldn't outright be saying sorry, but feeding her was a good way to make up for alot of things. Plus it was free. Letting her arms down in a resting position she stood up and nodded. " Fine..I guess that would even out the fact that you haven't verbally apologized. " She didn't offer him a smile but she stopped being all tight lipped and allowed him to lead the way to whatever place he was taking her to get food.


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Again with the apology thing? It wasn't going to happen. He was glad to see this tiny woman Ylva had calmed down after he mentioned food. He didn't want to have to bust out his backhand. They always said the key to a woman's heart was through her stomach. The problem was he really had not been to Era that often and didn't know any good restaurants. He would have to go with plan B and find a food stall.

Luckily, there was a few nearby within walking distance. One of them was more crowded than the others with the line almost at 15 people. It had to be good right? Caius took her hand a dragged her over to the back of the line. He asked the man at the back what was so special about this place. Apparently, they had released a new chicken sandwich that blew peoples nips off and had 5 star reviews around the country. This caught his interest as well but he didn't want to wait. He dragged Ylva again to the front of the line which pissed the other's off. He turned around and unleashed his demonic aura to intimidate them. "We're first now got it? " he said with a smile. They quickly backed down and let the two order "I'm getting a chicken sandwich. Order what every you want Blue" Caius said to Ylva.

Fear: Daemons strike fear into their enemies with their mere presence. All enemies within 25 meters from the Daemon receive a 10% debuff to all their Attributes if they are the same rank as the Daemon. This debuff is further increased by 10% per rank difference between the Daemon and their enemies, if these enemies are lower ranked than the Daemon. All those who are of higher rank than the Daemon are not affected by Fear. Daemons can choose to suppress this effect should they wish, in order to conceal their presence.


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Food was nice and she wondered where the were going. It didn't take long before she felt the grasp of of his around her dainty little wrist, pulling her along. Not the first time a man overpowered her but she made sure she wouldn't let it keep happening. Annoyed once more but allowing herself to be dragged along, they ended up stopping at some point at the end of a line that led to a stall. She didn't mind waiting, the best things were usually enjoyed the most when waiting awhile for it, the anticipation only making it better once received.

All feeling of dread fell over her and Ylva quickly saw that this man was not the patient sort. Whatever aura he was letting off she wanted to run away with the rest of the people. It was a flight or fight instinct kicking in but only the flight part was working in overtime. Almost as if nothing happened he brought her to the front and ordered, asking her what she wanted. She couldn't think and asked for the same thing that he did along with some iced tea. " What in the world was that back there? What did you do? " Her voice was shaky as she asked, her crystal blues looking up at him with obvious fear as they awaited their food.


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The food cart owner quickly went to the back and got the both of them their order. It seems he was affected by his demonic presence and was whipping it up in a hurry just out of pure fear. He glanced down to Ylva to see she was cowering as well. He probably should have toned it down a little but the man hyped up the sandwich too much he wasn't thinking. Overcoming the fear, Ylva managed to speak asking what he had just done.

Most people were visual learners so he would demonstrate for her again. He patted her head again like a child as he would explain. "Sorry Blue didn't mean to get you caught up. You see that's my bad ass aura. It can be a bit intimidating." He couldn't out right say he was a demon so that would do for now. Caius faced towards the stall. The wave of demonic energy focused solely on the owner of the food cart. "Where's the damn sandwiches already! I'm starving over here"

A shiver went down the owner's spine as he got the two sandwiches with the drink and ran over. He bowed to them with tears in his eyes and apologized. Seeming trying to bargain for his life, he informed them that there was no charge. Caius handed her the food. "Pretty useful huh?"


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That was not useful it was god damn terrifying. She got her food but she was no longer hungry as the fear lingered in her stomach. She could only thank the man but quickly realized that she was needed elsewhere. " Thank you for the food... I guess this makes us even. " At this point her dressed had dried and she wasn't so much as angry anymore as she was wanting to get the hell away from this man..If he even was a man. Taking a bite of the sandwich she would perk up. " Hey this really is good. "

Walking away and eating the food she started to plan her day. For whatever reason at some point something inside of her went numb. She couldn't put her finger on it but she felt.. stronger? or was it just different like something in her was changing, like her cells were moving in a very inhuman way. Shaking the feeling off she finished off her lunch and made her way to the church. Ylva needed some assurance and she had found it in the church among her peers, some who's asked her to join the revered holy knights.. Of course Ylva would reject an offer but that was another story for another time..

- exit -


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Once she had gotten her food she didn't even eat it. She straight up bailed on him! Had this chicken sandwich not been one of the most delicious things he had ever tasted, he probably would have given her the backhand of the gods. For now he let her go. He knew her face and her name so he was sure he would find her again. Once he got more familiarized with Era she would be a fine addition to his collection. Caius would finish up his sandwich and go back to the food stall for one more. There was work to be done in Era.


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