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Paranormal Surveillance & Investigations

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Paranormal Surveillance & Investigations PSI
Welcome to Cowgate!
Cowgate is a small town south of Aberdeen in Scotland. It is home to many fluffy cows, beer, and awefully preternatural beings that defy our puny structures of logic.

For there are things that are from beyond the stars and our reality breaks under their weight. Paranormal Surveillance and Investigations (PSI) is dedicated to containing and banishing these paranormal beings.

PSI is always looking for more agents!*

*Agents may be eaten, vaporized, vanish, become something else, lose their grasp on reality, and other things that we do not speak of.

Paranormal Surveillance & Investigation
PSI is a pastiche of the new weird, fantasy, sci-fi and speculative fiction. In this world, the familiar heroes of urban fantasy do not exist, but unfamiliar antagonists press down upon our ill-equipped characters who are tasked with investigating eerie and mysterious phenomena.

PSI in brief:

  • 18+, 3/3/3, Jcink Premium board
  • No word count
  • Profile application
  • Inspiration drawn from Lovecraftian and New Weird genres
  • Original lore
  • Three character types: Parahuman, Cursed, and Human
  • World fueled by member contributions and input
  • Possibility for interaction with livestock such as cows, goats, and alpacas
Rules | Plot | PSI Intranet

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