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Unexpected Discovery [Quest] [Solo]

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Unexpected Discovery [Quest] [Solo] Empty on Tue Aug 20, 2019 8:09 am


Unexpected Discovery || QUEST

While walking through Era, which at this point became a daily activity of the adventurer, Hiketsu couldn't help but hear various people mentioning something along the lines of someone being cursed. Retrieval, intelligence gathering, training others, guarding, escorting - all of those were activities the adventurer carried out before, but dealing with a cursed person was something new, something fresh which caught his interest. He decided to head into the nearest bar to find out more. As he walked into the bar, Hiketsu approached the clients of that business one by one, politely requesting the latest news about this so-called cursed child. Among them, overhearing the conversation, was the familiar face of Gaud Teller who told Hiketsu that the child he is looking for is capable of using dark magic to kill anyone. He even informed the adventurer that there had been a victim recently, affected from the magic wielded by the child.

Following Hiketsu's encounter with Gaud when the adventurer was busy helping out Joseph with retrieving the Family Crest of some noble family, Gaud decided to hire Tsu on a job regarding the child everyone was talking about. While Hiketsu was surprised at first, he accepted the offer, understanding what networking was - the direct or, in his case, indirect use of social platforms and connections to interact with other individuals or to find people with similar interests to one's own. In this situation, Gaud had a task that required completion, while Hiketsu had a wallet that required filling. You can't have more "similar interests" than that.

Gaud was a traveling merchant who Hiketsu ran into previously, but also someone who he did not have the chance to find out more about. Gaud had the same appearance as the last time: a large brunette man with a bushy mustache and beard, giving off a jovial manner, but with a calculating glint in his eyes. According to the citizen that told Hiketsu about Gaud, the merchant is very capable, getting his hands on all sorts of Rare and Unique items, a detail which explained how Gaud had the family crest of the Messers in possession.

After discussing with Gaud, Hiketsu understood that the rumours have been circulating throughout the town far and wide, as the result of a few citizens being harmed by the unfortunate soul. Curses were not a common sight, especially not in highly secured towns like Era. A curse usually involved the unwarranted interference of one or more dark mages who couldn't help but stick their noses into the lives of citizens, but this time the Rune Knights did not know about any dark mages entering during the past few days, which indicated another possibility. It could have been a case of magic going rampage and taking over it's user. Nonetheless, it was Hiketsu's task to gather information on the cursed child and eventually capture it to avoid more citizens of the town being harmed.

Wordcount: 487/2000

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