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Blue Moon [Kaiser]

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Twas another evening in the city of Era. In the last three days Manzo had found himself in the company of many different people, from many different walks of life. Though it seemed tonight would be the night for solitude. He wore his usual outfit, as well as fragrance, nothing too over the top for a night out alone, he didn't for see meeting anyone or anything that would require him to be dressed to the nines. Which in and of itself was a quite nice change for the white wolf. Though tonight he was neither Storm Caller of Blue Pegasus or White Wolf of Joya. Tonight he was simply Manzo, and that was something to be grateful for.

As he made his way down the street toward the liquor store, it had dawned on him how beautiful the moon was tonight. He hadn't realized it was to be a full moon tonight, meaning the monsters would be out on the prowl, though truthfully he wasn't too concerned, the city streets had been clear enough in his stay here, and he wasn't completely helpless, at least not in his own mind. Though that would be thoughts for another time. He went into his pants pocket to pull out a cigarette, upon finding one he lifted it to his lips. With a snap of the fingers it was lit, and he began to sing a little tune to himself.

"Blue moon, you saw me standing alone. Without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own." He sang to himself as he walked.


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The magic capital of Fiore was beginning to bore her, but that was nothing unusual. Kaiser had a habit of losing interest in things after a while. Maybe she would pack her bags and get out of this dull ass place once she got used to her newly acquired racial traits. It was all still very new to her, so she needed time.

Staring down at the mangled neck of her dinner, Kaiser wiped away some of his blood that got on  her rosy cheeks. It had only been a few days since she was turned into a bloodthirsty creature of the night. Though Era wasn’t a safe place for creatures like herself, she believed it was fine as long as she stayed in the shadows. Besides her new race, a new magic had begun to manifest in place of her previous one, and at random times, she would accidentally release powerful waves of energy that you couldn’t see but would damage whatever was in their path.

After cleaning up, the vampiress gracefully walked out of the alley. The expression on her face made it seem like she had lost her way and was looking for someone to help her. The street was basically empty, except for a white-haired man singing a tune and walking towards her with a cigarette. Lacing her fingers together, Kaiser kept on walking, looking around like a lost puppy as she brushed past the stranger.


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As he was walking, he found himself being brushed by a young woman. Nothing too unusual for the streets at night, they were dimly lit most of the night, which did cause such things to occur. Though at this time, his cigarette fell out of his mouth and onto the ground below. "Shit." Manzo said to himself as he bent down to pick it up off the ground. After doing so and putting it back in his mouth he turned to the woman who had brushed into him. She was a fairly attractive thing, but that wasn't an uncommon thing in this city.

From her mannerisms he could tell she looked as though she was indeed lost, but honestly speaking, given the amount of monsters and demon that lurk at night he wasn't too keen on letting his guard down. A precaution in case this turned out badly, though he was going to genuinely check on her. "You alright miss? Need directions or something?" He said while flicking the ash off his cigarette waiting for her reply, he was genuinely curious as to why she was out here at this time of the night by herself.


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Though she had not expected it, Kaiser had accidentally made the stranger drop his cigarette. Immediately, the vampire turned around and took in his appearance as he was picking his cigarette back up, thinking of how she could use this situation to her advantage. “Oh, sorry about that,” she said to the man. When asked if she was alright, she shrugged lightly.

“Oh yeah, I’m looking for this street. Actually I could use a cigarette,” she said, eyeing the cig between his fingers. This was true. It was just like the feeling of wanting a cigarette after meals when she was a human. Or before a meal, or right after waking up. But now she was a vampire and in fact, she had just finished her dinner. In the case that the stranger offered her a cigarette, she would light it up and take a long drag. The emptiness of the night made her want to just drown in an ice bath, but at least she had company now.

“So where are you from?” she asked. Kaiser didn’t bother to walk any further since she had no real reason to, so she simply leaned against the streetlamp next to her.


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Manzo chuckled to himself as he took a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket. No harm in loaning her one, wouldn't be the first time he let someone bum a cigarette of him. He handed her a cigarette, after she took it from his grasp he was asked where he came from. He took a long hit from his cigarette and exhaled through his nostrils. "Well I'm from Joya, but other than that I don't have a home really. Wouldn't even really consider Joya my home either." He said as he took another drag from his cigarette before looking up at the night sky.

He took in the view for a moment, placing his hands in his pockets, it was a rather chilly night out considering it was the tail end of summer, felt more like an autumn night. "Name's Manzo, Mattori Manzo." He said whilst flicking the ash from his cigarette one the street beneath his feet. "What about you girl, where did you come from?" Truthfully speaking he was curious where this beauty up and popped up from, not every day someone with her looks just pops up.


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When the stranger mentioned her mother’s home country, Kaiser visibly froze for just a split second. This was the second time she was meeting someone from one of her parents’ origins. Excitement. Curiosity. The vampire scoffed, eyes cast down for a while. It was hard deciding whether she wanted to reveal bits of her personal information to this stranger, or not, but in the end she couldn’t help but succumb to nostalgic impulse. “I’m half Joyan,” she told him. “My name is Kaiser.” If he had any knowledge of the languages of the world, he would know that Kaiser was an easily recognized word in the Boscosi language. It meant ‘conqueror’. Her last name meant something similar, but in the language of the gypsy who named her.

When it came to talking about herself...well she didn’t. Not until recently. She had been throwing around bits and pieces of her personal information left and right like a social butterfly. Kaiser opened her mouth to speak again, the words rolling out in that strange accent of hers. A mix of Boscosi and Joyan. “I was born in Boscosi, but I grew up in Joya. So you can guess what my other half is,” she chuckled, and inhaled through her cigarette. The street lamp flickered overhead, as if warning Manzo of the dangerous creature he was facing, although the good news for him was that she had just finished her dinner. Though, if she felt like it, she could probably go for a second helping in a bit.


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Manzo laughed a bit now noticing her accent was indeed unique. "I suppose I could guess. Though I'm more than certain I can figure it out without an issue." He said as he took a drag from his cigarette, blowing smoke out of the side of his mouth. "If I had to guess, I'd have to say you're part Bosco and Joyan. Given the uniqueness of your accent." He said as he ashed his cigarette, though there was indeed something else about this woman. Not just the funny accent, but something a bit more, unsettling in all honesty. But perhaps that was just paranoia from being a hunter. Suspecting everyone who came your way to be somewhat dangerous until proven to not be.

"I apologize if this is a bit forward, but would you like to grab a drink. I know a place around here." He asked, though he didn't expect her to accept his invite considering the two had just met. But perhaps that would be a more appropriate place for them to continue this little game of twenty questions they were playing. Alcohol would probably make it a little more fun considering one would usually let their guard down and be as honest as the day they were born.


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Kaiser made a face that said ‘Really, now?’ when Manzo spoke of how he would have been able to guess her nationality without her having to reveal it to him, though she didn’t say anything more on the subject. She was halfway through her cigarette by now. “I see you are an expert of observation,” said the vampire, referring to his genius guess of her nationality, releasing a puff of cigarette smoke. At the mention of drinks, her lips curled into a playful smirk. She dropped the rest of the cigarette to the ground and pressed on the lit end with her boot. It was starting to get tiring to talk to people.

“You know I normally don’t say no to drinks, but I’m really tired and it’s almost bedtime,” she said, cocking her eyebrows at the moon, which was shining quite brightly tonight. She imagined the werewolves would be having a good time, considering how full the moon was. Her eyes sparkled subtly as she gave him a wave of her hand. The whole ‘bedtime’ thing was a joke. Kaiser didn’t need sleep. She was a vampire, goddamnit! And so she would turn around and start walking away from the man, and towards a bar where she could have a drink alone with no one bothering her, not that she thought Manzo was bothersome. She simply wasn’t in that much of a mood to ‘socialize’.

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