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A Bit of Fun [Ren]

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A Bit of Fun [Ren] Empty on Sun Aug 18, 2019 5:15 am

The Rune Knights, one of the largest organisations in Era, and a group that had been causing Odin bother since his first steps as a mage. Perhaps that was mostly because he was constantly breaking the law and causing trouble for the Rune Knights, but it was still annoying. And yet, Odin hadn't come into contact with many recently. He had heard so many stories of the power of the knights, some Odin had met and some he hadn't, but he hadn't heard of any current doings. All stories Odin had heard were from a few years ago, so he was curious as to whether or not the Rune Knights were still as intimidating as they once had been. Perhaps they had lost members, and they just weren't a threat anymore.

What Odin was planning was definitely a terrible idea, but he didn't fear death, and figured it would be interesting to see the response he would get. He stood outside the main entrance, the main gates of the Rune Knight headquarters, looking up at the imposing building and thinking about all the secrets held within. His armour equipped, his mind calm and his body ready, Odin shouted towards anyone inside the building.



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Ren Liath
"Will someone please shut that vandal up?!" This command came roaring from one of the captains who was rudely awoken by the shouting Lich just outside of the door. This wasn't the first time the Rune Knights had a late night hooligan shout profanity their ways in the late hours of the night nor would it be the last. Naturally such outrages and outlandish claims weren't taken seriously and as such the knights were instructed to just ignore them.

However this time it was different and the person was rather persistent. He even went the extra mile with his costume which genuinely made him look like he was made by actual bones and not held together with flesh and blood like the rest. It was enough to impress anyone even if they weren't into cosplay. Most of the other Page's thought so anyway. But as most admired the sight only one was chosen to actually go and deal with the problem. "Alright, Ren? Was it? Yeah can you go out and get rid of that guy out there? Force is alright, since he says he's a criminal. Oh and be quick about it. We don't need any more hassle from the captain..." One of the Seated Knight's said as he patted the young man on the back and out the door. With a silent nod Ren did as much. The moment he set his foot outside the door his pendant began to react. So he really was a criminal.

"By order of the Rune Knight's we ask that you vacate the premises and stop your loud shouting." Ren declared in his own loud voice. His facial expression was rather plain, almost bored looking as he stood with a slight bend in his knee. Had to be ready to fight after all. Even if his magic had changed a great deal he was sure he could hold his own in a fight if needs be. "I won't tell you again."


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Odin was nothing if not a bit of a showman, having worked in his bar and entertained the worst scum in Oak for many years. He knew how to choose his moments, and when best to strike. That ability came in handy here, as picking the right time to provoke the Rune Knights was crucial into seeing what the response was. Nighttime was the obvious answer, with knights wanting to get sleep and already being irritable. Here he would see the response: if the knights would attack him from knowing who he was, or if they would just ask him to leave.

Sure enough, a young man came out and began shouting at Odin, in a voice equally loud to make sure the Lich could hear. Oh, the higher ranking members likely wouldn't be huge fans of all this shouting. Odin was asked, politely but threatening -if such a tone of voice could exist-, to leave the headquarters and, for lack of a better term, shut up. Apparently this man was allowed to use force on the Lich too, in case Odin resisted.

The boy was young, too young to be anything other than the lowest rank in the knights -unless he was someone kind of prodigy-, so Odin knew that he'd be able to have a little fun with this. "And what if I say no?" the Lich asked, still shouting over to the man to get everyone in the area annoyed. Odin, while speaking, raised one arm to wave at the man, and that's when he felt it. His arms felt heavier, noticeably but not by a lot. He rolled back his shoulders, and felt his body for a second. Something had caused his physical abilities to drop a little. He could still punch as hard, run as fast, and last as long, but he could feel the minute changes as he stood there.

"Oh, you really shouldn't have done that..." he whispered, activating Fear. A wave of dark energy would emanate from Odin causing any in the vicinity, for example the rune knight, to feel the crushing weight of the Lich's bloodlust. This would prove, beyond all doubt, that Odin wasn't just a run-of-the-mill mage, but an evil to be feared.


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Ren Liath
"Well then you leave me no choice. Prepare yourself." At once his pendant began to vibrate, indicating that this person was of course a felon. Sadly the pendant could not distinguish how much of a criminal a person was and simply activated in the presence of one, even allowing some of their attributes to be lowered thanks to the relic's minor debuffing magic. But in doing this the so called Lich knew how serious the boy was.

The man whispered a threat that Ren had heard many times before, but for some reason these words carried more of a literal impact. The young knight broke out into a cold sweat as the man spoke. The warm summer night soon turned frigid and for no declarable reason, Ren was terrified. At once the knight pulled out his steel sword that was at his hip and got his other hand ready to cast some spells. As he held his sword he felt as though the weapon was heavier in his hands. In fact his whole body felt heavier. Why am I so frightened? Is this his magic? Or perhaps is it something else? Ren's head raced with a multitude of possibilities, his mind was in a frenzy trying to make sense of the situation so he could calm himself down.

The only thing that kept him from running was the command he was given to subdue this threat. If he did get into trouble at least the other knights could come to his aid, although at the moment none seemed to concerned since for the most part the shouting had stopped. Even with backup in reserves, Ren remained stationery to see what the Lich would do. His body although feeling more sluggish was poised to move at a moment's notice. But what would his opponent do? What magic did he have and how far would he take this fight?


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The situation, despite having the importance of life over death, was actually seen as funny by the Lich, mostly because the threat of death was something he had grown tired of a long long time ago. The man, this rune knight, had activated his pendant to try and lower Odin's abilities in the hope that it would make him easier to subdue. In reaction Odin had activated his own passive ability, the Fear that Liches possessed, to make the man's body feel even heavier. Odin could tell by looking at him: he was more affected by Odin's power than Odin was by his.

The man drew his weapon, and seemed ready to cast some spells against the Lich, despite how much weaker he must've felt, and Odin honestly recognised the willpower the man held. Despite the debilitating effects of the Fear ability, the man was willing to stand his ground and still fight the Lich. Odin wanted to test him and see what he would actually do though as, for all the Lich knew, at the first sign of actual danger the man would either freeze up or just faint. And so Odin would initiate the first attack, pointing his index finger at the man's chest. A 1mm diameter spell circle would appear, and a small bullet would fly out, aimed directly at Odin's target.

Let's see what he could do.


Name: Poison Bullet
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Poison Magic
Type: Offensive | Debuff: Endurance
Element: Nature
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user points their index finger at the target, at which point a small magic circle appears at the tip. A 1mm diameter circular bullet is fired out of the finger, which will cause D rank damage and reduce the targets endurance by D rank if hit.


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Ren Liath
Although it was fair to say Ren froze in this situation he was still shaking like a leaf. Although with how lightly he was shaking it would be more accurate to say he was vibrating. Could he really do this? Beat an actual Lich? Still assuming this was a Lich. There was still a doubting presence in his mind that told hi otherwise. Surely this had to be some form of magic or device that was making him feel this way? Isaac looked into the skeletal face of his opponent, the glowing eyes a reassurance that this was in fact the real deal. Taking a large gulp he mentally prepared himself.

But that preparation wouldn't get the boy too far since this monster was a well seasoned fighter and knew to take advantage of the hesitation in Ren. He fired off a small harmless looking projectile of magic which metit's target, hitting ren in the chest. The size of the attack was minute and so was the damage. In fact it tickled! But then burned... Ren could feel himself getting nauseated almost, his body relaxed and contracted very slightly. It was a small change but a noticeable one.

Was it poison? It was a known magical element for it's detrimental effects. But the spell that hit Ren was nothing like the fear he was feeling. Quickly! A diversion! Making an "S" motion in the air various magical circles appeared around Odin. Before launching the attack Ren ran back into the headquarters, requesting backup, that there was in fact an actual Lich on the premises and it was not just a random hoodlum causing a racket. After a few precious moments of convincing, Ren showing the most amount of emotion he had up to that point he managed to twist the arm of a few other pages to come out with him. But once they did the best was gone. "Ya see Ren, It was just a vandal. He ran away at the first sign of backup. Heh, Lich, think you've been reading too many scary stories." the other knights joined in on the laughter once they returned to the headquarters but Ren knew for a fact what he saw. And in time so would the others as the creature of the night would eventually go on his brutal rampage.


Name: Wind Demon's Ferocious Tempest
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Demon Slayer Wind
Type: Offensive
Element: Wind, Light
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: With slick hand movements making the letter 'S' 4 0.25 meter diameter white and gold magic seals will appear in a 15 meter area anywhere Ren wishes. Another seal appears on the back of the hand he uses to indicate the spell. From each seal Ren can fire a small white bullet of wind the same size as the seal it launches from once he points to it whenever he likes. Ren does not need to use the spell instantly and can keep the other seals offensive magic within them until he needs to use it. This only applies once the time it would have taken for the spell to reach said area has passed. Each bullet deals D rank wind and light damage on contact and when it has been released the magic seal vanishes.


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In reaction to the attack, which hit without any issue, the man threw up what seemed like a big spell, surrounding Odin in magic circles that seemed poised to attack him, but none of them did. The man ran back inside and then activated them, which allowed four bullets to fire out at the Lich, each bullet dealing the same amount of damage that Odin's own attack had caused. After thy hit, the spell vanished, and the man was also gone. It seemed odd to say all that big talk just to then run away from the fight, but it left a sour taste in Odin's mouth. His desire to actually fight had left him just as the man left, and so Odin had no more reason to stay in front of the headquarters.

He turned to walk away, not even realising what the man was doing as he was inside the building. If Odin had waited, he would have faced off against multiple knights, getting the kind of battle that he was wishing for, but his impatience got the better of him in this case, so he walked on off, now having to find something else to do with his time. Not thinking of anything, he would just head to the nearest pub.


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