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Out in the Wilds [Sage]

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Out in the Wilds [Sage] Empty on Sun Aug 18, 2019 4:47 am


There was a woodland area which Odin had decided to explore today. He wasn't really one for nature, or he hadn't been until recently, but he felt it necessary to make the journey. After all, he had recently gained newfound magical powers: powers that attuned him to nature. Granted, his magic was to do with poisons and weakening his enemies over time to eventually destroy them, but it still gave him powers over the natural world. As he was, that day, he sat in the middle of a clearing, trees covering him on all sides about ten metres. The grass was a lush green, and Odin felt himself connected to the world. He closed his eyes, and started breathing deeply.

Breathing was obviously not a necessity for the Lich to survive, but he felt it brought him calm and peace that he wouldn't be able to achieve otherwise. There weren't many feelings Odin could still experience, but the wind was certainly as special one. Right now Odin wasn't wearing his armour, instead allowing the wind to pass through his body. The frequency of the wind resonated with the Lich's skeleton, and a beautiful melody was produced

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Out in the Wilds [Sage] Empty on Sun Sep 01, 2019 2:40 am

Sage Meilyr
The streets of Era was too noisy for the Magus that day. He wanted to be in a peaceful and calm environment for an exchange. So he decided to head into the wilderness where he had assumed that nobody was there. He wasn't scared of the unknown things that resides in the woodland area for he had magical abilities to defend himself with. He made his way among the trees, far from the bustling street. The atmosphere began to change as he did and the air he breathed in felt better than the air in the city. His features was the same as his usual days, but to some it might look a bit out of the ordinary. His hair was long and white in color, with a few streaks of violet. His robe was white and decorated with various ribbons and feathers.

At one point, Sage stopped in his tracks for he heard peculiar sound. It made him curious and he wondered what could have produced such lovely melodies. He was careful with his steps, he feared that he might get noticed. As he drew nearer, the harmonic sounds began to grow louder, he could hear it even more clear this time. As he was distracted by the beauty of the melody, he accidentally stepped on a twig and hence it made a cracking sound. He realized his mistake and cursed under his breath, his body frozen, waiting for something to notice the sudden cracking noise.


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The peaceful sound of the wind moving through Odin's bones, allowing him to become one with nature, was made even more beautiful by the birds. As he sat completely still, animals began making their way towards him, drawn in by the mellifluous sounds they could hear emanating from this strange creature. Squirrels and rabbits sat next to him, or jumped into his lap, while birds landed on his bones and chirped along to the melody he produced. There were few words that could perfectly capture the moment, but tranquil and serene came close.


The sound instantly brought Odin to attention. The animals noticed this, with some flying away or jumping from him as he tensed. It happened for only a moment, as the Lich focused his eyes once more to see what had caused the sound. It had been too loud to be another woodland creature, which revealed to the Lich that a humanoid was present. It was then that Odin, still sitting down, spoke in the direction of the noise. He didn't know exactly who the origin was yet, but he knew they would be able to hear him.

"If you mean no harm to the forest, or its inhabitants, then do not be afraid. Come forward stranger."

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Sage Meilyr
Something did notice the sound of a twig snapping. But Sage still couldn't see what was calling onto him. Being fearless as he ever was, he walked out from between the trees and towards the clearing without any hesitation, every inch of his movements were effortlessly elegant. But as the sight of the skeletal being came to sight, it gave a sudden wave of alertness through his body, but it only lasted a fraction of a second as Sage was more interested in knowing what he met rather than fearing the thing he met. Sage also noticed the scampering into the bushes, which he guessed was his fault. "I'm sorry for disturbing you, sir." he apologized, his tone was confident, yet gentle.

His eyes scanned the being that he had never encountered before, it made him ask a million question inside his head as he observed the skeletal being. He had never seen or heard about one, this was very new to him, and anything new spikes a curiosity inside of him, he likes to learn and know more about the universe and everything in it, he always seem to see the bright side of it even though to the general it seem completely horrid.


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The man seemed calm and apologised for his mistake in scaring the animals of the forest, as he approached Odin. Looking into the man's eyes, the Lich could tell that he was the first being this man had met like him. It made sense, as Odin had yet to encounter or even hear of another Lich in Fiore. For most people, Odin was the first Lich they saw, occasionally he was also the last thing they ever saw, but today didn't feel like it was going to become one of those days. He had come to the forests to look deep within himself and learn about the true nature of his magic: a magic that, ironically, concerned itself with all things life, despite being used by one of death.

Nature was both life and death, and there seemed to be no reason why Odin himself couldn't tread that fine line. After all, what was he but something dead that was alive. His magic was his perfect fit, and also gave him the bonus of holding dominance over the light mages and nephilim that always sought to cause him trouble. Odin beckoned the man over to him, intrigued by his silver hair and calm demeanour despite what he could have been feeling.

"No need to apologise. The woodland animals were startled, to be sure, but that could happen over any little movement. Tell me, what brings you into the forests today?"

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Sage Meilyr
Sage was a bit glad that the being he encountered was one that didn't resolve into a fight or act violently, it seemed pretty collected and calm, one that reflect Sage's characteristic as well. A small smile could be seen carved onto the side of his mouth as the being asked of what Business Sage has to come to the forests, and he answered with full honesty as there were nothing to lie about,

"I've come here to seek peace and tranquility from the busy and bustling roads of the city. Nature had always called my mind. I'm training myself to have a better control at redirecting my mana, and nature had been an excellent aid to that."

He answered with precise detail. The best way for him to control his mana is to have better control of his breathing, it had always been about breathing energy since he started learning magic, and to master magic he had to master his breathing first. It seemed that his original purpose of coming to the forest had been averted as he met the being, maybe the being can give him some of his wisdom in magic as the skeletal being pretty much look like a magic user himself.


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This man, this mage, seemed not to give off any hostile intent when he spoke to Odin, in fact smiling despite being faced with a being that radiated death. It was, in a strange way, almost comforting for the Lich to interact with someone in such a calm way, as usually there was a lot more screaming involved. He was here to gain a better understanding of his own abilities, and the peace that the forest could provide had always helped in the past, which was why he had come back today, wishing to get better at controlling his mana. It was a good answer, one that Odin completely believed, and he was beginning to develop a fondness for this man. However, like most instances of Odin making a friend, it would probably change once the man learned what kind of person the Lich actually was. He wasn't simply a being created by darkness and death, but he brought it with him everywhere he went. It was only a matter of time before this man also discovered what Odin was.

For now, however, perhaps Odin could have a civil conversation and understanding with the man, before everything erupted and an inevitable hatred grew. "Ah yes, I understand that need myself. I have recently become more in tune with nature through my magic, which brought me here. I figured the best way to understand nature better was to simply experience it." Without moving, still in his seated position in the middle of the clearing, Odin finally made his introduction, "I am Odin, pleasure to make your acquaintance..." He waited for the man's response, hoping to get his name also. After all, if they were one day to become enemies, Odin might as well get as much information as possible.

But it seemed he wouldn't get anything after all, and so Odin would just get up and leave a few minutes later, tired of being made to wait.


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