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Hanying Tian

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#1Hanying Tian 

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Hanying Tian


Name: Hanying Tian

Age: 18 (July 13th X769)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Sinese

Class: Ranger

Profession: Lacrima Repairman (Intelligence, Speed)

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Right Calf, Green

Face: Yukine - Noragami


Height: 5'5"

Weight: 129 lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Topaz

Overall: Tian is a young man with a rather small frame compared to most males. He is shorter than average, and definitely has a much younger look to him than most boys his age. His blonde hair is often very uncontrollable, and so he finds it hard to make his hair not messy, rather leaving it like that most of the time. He is noted to not look very Sinese, most likely due to inheriting most of his looks from his father, who he is noted to look almost identical to. He will usually wear some kind of casual headwear, though he prefers toques and beanies over something like a cap. His clothing is fairly simple, though he likes to use many pastel colors in his outfit, especially being fond of those in a shade of blue.

Extra: N/A


Personality: Tian has always been noted as a very gentle boy, one who would not mean harm to even an ant. That is not to say that he is soft spoken, in fact, he is usually quite loud and rowdy. He speaks his mind often, not really caring if people think him to be weird or anything. That being said, he is often not one to stand up for himself, preferring to simply keep his problems to his own chest as well. He would rather not cause any trouble for other people if he could.

Tian often speaks in a very casual manner, usually never using anybody's proper name unless he would have to, such as a superior or something of the like. Instead he will often nickname everyone he possibly can. This is because of his want to be close to people as much as he can, even if it means sometimes going in too strongly.

This can lead to Tian often being pushed away from a lot of people. He is often too hasty to make friends, often causing people to become intimidated or warded out by his actions. For the most part, Tian is desperate to become close to someone, most likely due to the neglect he received from his parents and his lack of friends as a child.

Tian is very selfless outside of this though, usually offering just about anything if it means he can be of use to someone. Sometimes he will even disregard what he wants and instead focus entirely on the wants of someone else, which can often lead him to get used by many people in his lifetime.

Tian has the potential to be very thoughtful and calm with the people he is close to, but it usually involves him having to drop his insecurities completely, something that he almost never does in fear of rejection.


  • Sewing: Tian has been a fan of sewing ever since he was young. It initially started off as a desperate attempt to be of use to his family, but over time it became more of a hobby to him, one he found personally very relaxing.
  • Lacrimas: As a lacrima repairman, Tian is extremely interested in the technology. He often dreams of how they could be used in the future, and believes that they have many more uses than they even have right now.
  • Drawing: Tian has always been very fond of drawing, often using it for not only designs for sewing but also lacrima related business. In recent years he has also started to draw portraits as well, though he still has to improve on them greatly.


  • Solitude: Tian doesn't like to be alone, though it is often something he will have to put up with. Sometimes he will attempt to talk to random strangers just so that he doesn't feel isolated, though this isn't taken well by some people due to his pushiness with it.
  • Family: Due to many years of neglect from his family, Tian has grown a hatred of sorts towards them. He openly admits that he would be happier if he never saw them again.


  • Lacrima Discovery: Tian's teacher in the way of lacrimas often spoke of an untapped potential in the devices, something that could boost their efficiency by a ton if a way was found. Tian's teacher asked Tian to find this for him, having been growing old. Tian happily agreed, and hopes to find a way to achieve this somewhere in Fiore.


  • Rodents: Tian hates rodents with a passion. To him they are not only gross on principle, but he hates it the most when they pop out of nowhere. He tries to stay away from places where he sees a lot of rodents, particularly rats.
  • Ghost Stories: Scary stories, especially those of the ghost variety, have the ability to keep Tian up at night. Usually the story is most effective on Tian if it ends of a cliffhanger of some sorts.


Magic Name: N/A

Magic Element: N/A

Magic Description: N/A


History: Tian's parents were comprised of a Fiorian father and a Sinese mother. The two moved to Magnolia long before Tian was born. Tian was born as the youngest child of 4, with two older sisters and the eldest, his big brother. Because Tian was born as the only one in his family without any magical ability, he often did not receive as much attention from his parents. His siblings were all much older than him too, so he didn't get along with them much either.

When Tian was young and in school, he was often bullied by the other boys his age. He was very soft spoken, and was into a few things that many of the boys in his class would consider "girly", especially sewing. His love from sewing would stem from him trying his best to patch up his elder siblings clothes from their intense training, and he was very quick to get good at it.

Tian did have one friend though, a girl who also shared Sinese heritage. When he was young she was about the only friend he had, and as such he would spend a lot of time with her. He felt safe around her in a lot of ways, like he could be himself without worry of someone making fun of him. They were friends for quite a few years, until the year Tian would've been 12 years old.

Tian's family decided that they would be moving back to Sin for a while on account of a business opportunity. Tian had no real choice but to go with them. Tian didn't really mind leaving Fiore, but he was most broken by the fact he had to leave his best and only friend behind. Tian had to say one last goodbye to her with an overwhelming amount of tears in his eyes before eventually moving to Sin with his family.

In Sin, Tian found it upon himself to try and take up some sort of apprenticeship, especially considering that his family had nothing planned for him, only for his older siblings. He searched for a while, before eventually meeting an older man near the city his family lived in.

This older man was an expert in the ways of repairing lacrima, an extremely useful skill in a world where they had become so common. The man was impressed by Tian, noting that his years of sewing led to his finger being extremely nimble, which was a useful skill in this line of business.

Tian quickly got a hang of the technology behind it all, and before long he was able to handle most of the work without his teacher. His teacher's ways also rubbed off on him a bit. Tian was now a bit more confident in himself and spoke his mind more, though he still was horrible at making friends.

Tian's teacher eventually had a talk with Tian when he turned 18. He suggested that Tian move to Fiore now that he was old enough. Tian's teacher believed there was much more work in their field over in Fiore, and thus Tian couldn't help but agree with him. Not only would he get more work, but he would be able to be rid of the family that had done nothing but ignore them. Perhaps he'd even run into the girl from his childhood as well...

And so, Tian made his way to the land of Fiore once more after 6 whole years.

Reference: Zane's alternate account.


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