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A Forgotten Night (Snowflake)

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A Forgotten Night (Snowflake) Empty on Sun Aug 18, 2019 1:45 am

Duffy's Pub. Not exactly the most high end bar in Era. Not exactly the most popular one either. In fact, lately the establishment had been suffering some business woes. The place just wasn't as popular as it used to be, especially with some competition opening up closeby. Still though, this was probably Zane's bar of choice in certain situation. Yes, he would usually go to the popular bars in order to do things like meet people, or talk to girls, or just have a fun time. But this was not one of those times. Today, Zane was moping.

It wasn't really like he was bawling his eyes out or anything. In fact, he wasn't even crying. He just felt melancholy was all. What could've caused this simple fact? It was simple. He was having what many would call an existential crisis. All he ever did was wander from town to town, meeting people and then never running into them again. It felt like the only real friend he had in Fiore at the moment was Kaiser, and even then she was definitely not the most sociable person in the world. So how did Zane plan to solve this tough issue? By doing nothing, actually.

In a bar that was almost empty, save for Zane, 2 other people and the staff, Zane sipped his fruity alcoholic beverage. Yes, you could call it a "girly" drink, but Zane didn't care. He would drink girly drinks as much as he would want tonight. It was a fairly sad sight, really. A 20-something year old man, sitting alone, by himself in a booth of a dying pub, drinking probably the most fruity drink one could order on the menu.

Perhaps this was all a call for help. Perhaps Zane DID want someone to roast him for drinking these things all alone. Still though, he knew that there was no hope for him making friends if he just sat alone, like a princess waiting for a knight in a tower. There was nothing like that in the real world. Still, the other 2 people in the bar seemed to be some sort of couple anyways. Zane already knew that he would just feel worse acting as a third wheel to them.

"Another one, please." Zane said, calling out to the bartender from across the bar. The bartender didn't really care if he did that, honestly. Chances are, with how things were going, that bartender would be out of a job within a month or so anyways. Zane leaned back, sighing to himself. If only something would just happen...

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Eternal Winter

The evening passed on as restless as ever, the stars were burning their cores and neon lights were buzzing at the hyper-sound of migraines and ladies in uptight skirts were dancing across the palm of men as they threw their money at the roulette — to win or not, which excited them. People sought the glee and wonder of a night-time refuge to hopefully distance themselves from their lives when the sun calls them in. By this hour, people have fled to the safety of their own shelter, into the arms of their beloved ones while drunken men and female wandered the streets. But, one young woman with bright snow-white hair — translucent enough to change to silver under the moonlight — sauntered over the cobblestones of Era’s roads, bringing her tablespoons of simple ease as she stared at the spaces between each one.

Snowflake wasn’t going to a bar because she was feeling social — she would never be — it was mostly due to her cravings for alcohol on a particular lonely night. Due to her habits of wandering around often, the woman had discovered a raw diamond among all the shitholes that considered themselves ‘bars’ – the Duffy’s Pub. Even the name itself was cringy enough for her to say it out loud. While the food wasn’t the best in all of Era, perhaps even below average, the beverages certainly were not.

Her heels clacked against the floorboards, echoing through the alleyway, as she pushed the wooden doors open and entered the pub. Silver blue hues scanned the place and she was quickly disappointed by how little customers were loitering around the pub. Perhaps it was either early or the bar was running out of business. If that were true, she would have to go through the trouble of searching for a new cozy pub once again.

Snowflake approached the bar counter, took off her black coat that she wore on her shoulders and found herself a seat beside a blond man. Her outfit wasn’t as flamboyant as she would normally wear on a night out, but instead, she wore a silver crop top with a black tight fitting skirt, which was still fancy enough for someone who was planning to drink alone. The hunter crossed her legs and waved at the bartender, quietly gesturing him towards her.


Out of curiosity, she glanced at the beverage that the man beside him had indulged in and almost winced in distaste at his choice. ”Are you going to drink that the entire night?” She might have possibly sounded insulting, but that she did not care. If he came out to a bar to get a drink, he might as well order something that’s better than a fruity cocktail. ”Here, you can have mine if you want.” She slid her glass of whiskey across the counter, offering him to take a sip from her glass.


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Oh look, there was another girl that just so happened to show up near Zane the moment that he wished for it. It was almost like he had a special power that helped him with that or something. Looking over to the girl, he didn't really give her much thought: he was sure that she would have no interest in a melancholy man like himself, especially considering he was drinking possibly the fruitiest cocktail on this side of Fiore.  Whiskey happened to be her choice of beverage as well, which made Zane believe that she probably wouldn't approve of his choice of beverage should she decide to pay much attention to him. But who would do take their time to do that anyways?

Zane was wrong, as he heard the woman's voice while taking another sip of the cocktail.  Putting his cocktail to the side as his eyes looked down at the whiskey she had passed him, he looked at the whiskey down in front of him. "Not that I'm complaining, but I thought in these cases it would be me who buys you a drink." he joked, taking a go at it anyways. He perhaps took in a little bit too much there, but luckily for him he had learned how to hold his liquor in recent years anyways. After all, when you explored Fiore so much, you definitely would have to stop at a bit too many bars on the way.

"Ah, I know this one actually. I think they make it in Baska." As a former chef, it wasn't uncommon for Zane to know a wide variety of the foods in Fiore, as well as other info about them. This actually extended to drinks as well. "Duffy knows how to really pick out a selection. It's a shame that this place is going downhill..."

The bartender gave him a look, and Zane quickly bounced back to the bartender's good side. "I mean, as in that the people of Era are dumb, of course! They're not smart enough to appreciate this place." The bartender quickly returned to his usual duties, fading back into the background of the moment. Still though, Zane had to thank the girl next to him. "Thanks, by the way. I guess I must be out of it, usually I don't order such sweet drinks..." This was only half a lie - he had to admit they were a guilty pleasure of his, but he often liked to try and balance it out with other things. He was starting to feel a bit better now, evident by his face showing a bit of a smile.

"So, anything I can get for you? I do owe you a drink's worth or so, after all."

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Eternal Winter

"Well, whoever buys it doesn't matter. A drink is still a drink."

Snowflake swirled the whiskey in her glass that she shared with the blonde, listening to the chinking of the ice cubes, breathing in a fragrance that only years in an oak barrel can achieve. Already the worries of her day were beginning to fade, even before the first taste – just watching its gentle vortex was hypnotizing enough. When the liquid settled, she brought it to her lips and let the amber fluid sit in her mouth a while before swallowing. The stronger the alcohol, the better it was for her. She closed her eyes, dwelling only on the flavour; the keen burn that made her recoil every time she’d had her first taste. Even then, it was still the elixir of her life.

”Seems like you know a lot about Baska,” commented the female. ”During my stay there, I think I spent half my time at that pub—what was that called again,” she clicked her tongue, attempting to recall the name of that bar she visited so often that customers probably got sick of seeing her daily. ”Ah, right, the Boar Hat Pub.” She silently winced at how the name sounded. The name certainly was not catchy to the ears, but the beverages there were one of the best she had ever tasted.

And, so did this bar have awesome alcohol compared to the shitty ones that she’d tried before. It truly was shame that the place attracted so little customers that she wouldn’t be surprised if they had to close the pub down in a few days. ”Certainly is.” She lifted her glass, shrugging at the same time before she brought her drink to her lips again. She was drinking really fast tonight, and hopefully she wouldn’t end up wasted faster than she had expected. But, it was the least of her worries, for she knew she could hold her liquor longer than most males. It was one of her useless talent, though she was very proud of it.

”Well, maybe with a bit of investment, they could just refurbish this place. I’m sure the business will be back thriving,” she glanced over at the cushions that were probably eaten by rats, the old wooden floorboards and walls that would crash the instant someone punched through it. If it wasn’t for the alcohol, Snowflake wouldn’t even bother to visit with how shitty the vibe was here. Aside from that, she was rather taken aback with how social she was being today. Perhaps it was just the alcohol, or simply just the man seated beside her who wouldn’t stop getting her involved into his discussions. It wasn’t a bad thing, in fact, it was something she probably needed – to engage into a casual conversation and enjoy her drink.

Within just a minute or so, she had completely emptied her glass, without bothering to offer her newly attained acquaintance another sip. ”You could get me another glass of whiskey, preferably a bottle.” She hesitated and pondered for a moment, ”Or you could just promise me a lifetime of alcohol, how’s that?”


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It was true that Zane knew a lot about Baska, but he also knew a little bit too much about everywhere in Fiore in general. Still, Baska was where he was born and raised, so he supposed he probably knew a little bit more about it than the other places. "Well, it's not just that I know a lot about Baska. I used to be a chef, so I recognize a lot of different tastes and where they're from." Zane wasn't afraid to admit that he was trying to show off a little there, though not for his usual reasons. While it was true that usually when he tried to impress a girl it was to woo her or something, tonight he didn't feel that way.

It was odd, he felt much... calmer tonight. But even more so, he felt smarter. Perhaps it was because he was feeling down, or because of the liquor. Speaking of which, the girl next to him seemed to be even more interested in liquor than he was, as he noted how fast she had already finished the drink. He had a surprised look on his face for a second, before eventually it simmered out. He supposed he had just never met a girl who drank that fast. Zane sat up a bit in his seat. Somehow this woman had made him feel less down, though he wasn't sure if it was because of her personally or just providing a distraction just yet.

Chuckling, Zane spoke at her suggestion. "Well, a lifetime supply sounds like the more fun answer, but with how fast you seem to drink I doubt even the richest man in Fiore could afford that." He was smiling at her now, something he hadn't really done for hours. Turning to the bartender, Zane decided to be a bit daring. "A nighttime's supply of liquor for her, please."

Was Zane maybe acting too hastily here? Yes. Was his wallet probably going to cry? Yes. But in the state he was in, just off being sad and also having drunk a fair amount, he was a lot more bold than he usually would've been. And in this case, he wasn't even being bold for the sake of getting in the girl's skirt or anything. It was a reason he couldn't quite describe. Maybe it was the desire to, as they say, "live a little". Still though, Zane wasn't the smartest man on the block, even despite the way he was feeling tonight.

"You'll be sharing with me a bit, though. I hope you don't mind." turning his attention back to the girl, he wondered how she felt about all of this. Hopefully he didn't come off too strong or anything. Even he noticed that he probably looked like he was trying too hard right now, though he had a feeling that she would probably see the reasoning behind his actions fall under a different motive.

"I'm Zane. What about you?"

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Eternal Winter

”Snowflake,” she began, a soft sound to couple with her soft appearance.

She actually meant it as a joke when she requested for a lifetime supply of liquor, but it seemed that the man might have taken it seriously. Albeit, it was still very nice of him to offer her enough beverages to last for the rest of the night. ”That’s very nice of you,” spoke the female, with a hint of a smile curving onto the line of her lips. Oh, he was such a pure-hearted man, it almost made her feel guilty for taking advantage of his kindness.

The woman had been struggling a bit with her income these recent days, considering how she hadn’t been able to pick up any missions and somehow, most of her savings were gone within a blink of an eye either on her equipment, booze or travelling. An exhausted sigh left her lips. Money was also one of her worries that had been bothering her for quite some time, but at the very least, she found someone who was willing to buy her a few drinks.

”Not a problem,” she nudged her glass that had been refilled by the bartender towards the blonde. Sharing the same drink with a stranger was probably one of the most peculiar things that she had done. She wouldn’t have minded if it was someone she knew well – like Alisa, for example – but he was someone she met just a few minutes ago and they were acting as if they had been buddies for ages.

”So, you said you were a chef. You must be really good at cooking then,” the snow haired maiden raised her eyebrow in curiosity. A man with an ability to cook properly at the least was a rare find these days – she couldn’t hide the fact that she was impressed with him. ”Mind sharing me some of your recipes? I, myself, do enjoy a bit of cooking” – though she clearly wasn’t the best, from her lengthy record of burning pancakes and omelettes.  


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Zane seemed to have this habit of his kindness being taken advantage of by pretty girls at bars. In this case though, Zane wasn't really noticing, and even if he did he wouldn't exactly care much. This woman gave off a different vibe than most he encountered. She was very... smooth, for lack of a better term. Zane had noted that the way she spoke all made him feel as though she was very cool. Though perhaps he also may have thought that way for the sake of making a pun about her name in his mind.

"Thank you." Zane said, drinking out of the glass. Usually Zane's mind would trail off somewhere else from this scenario, thinking of it as an indirect kiss of sorts, but he wasn't really like that tonight. He just saw it as drinking from a glass, nothing more for now. He put down the glass in the middle of the counter between two of them.

"Oh, yeah! I've got a lot of them. In fact..." Zane would reach into his pocket, pulling out a small notebook. It was a little bit thick, but still for the most part pretty small. That being said, it was very well taken care of by the looks of it, with minimal wear to it. This was mostly because Zane took very good care of books in general, something he learned to do while working as a chef that handled with cookbooks ever so often. He slid it over to Snowflake, urging her to open it up. "Take a look in there. I meant to use that as a diary, but I mainly only put recipes and maps in there most of the time."

If Snowflake were to open the diary, it would be as Zane said, almost entirely recipes and maps. Some of the maps took up two pages, and there were a few pages with miscellaneous notes, though most were just self-reminders and information. Most of the recipes were pretty thorough in their descriptions, with almost all of them having specific directions each step of the way. The maps weren't crudely drawn, but they weren't high quality either: still, Zane had found a lot of shortcuts around Fiore, so there was some info in the maps that would be useful if he wanted to remember the fastest way to get somewhere.

"If ya see a page in there with a recipe you like, you can probably just rip it out. Most of the stuff in there is stored in my head as well anyways." he smiled as he looked over to Snowflake, secretly hoping she would be at least a little bit impressed by his notebook. He didn't really mind giving her a few pages, as he was usually trying out new recipes anyways. "I guess I'm not really a cook anymore, but if we ever run into each other again sometime in the future, I wouldn't mind cooking something for you. After all, it's pretty enjoyable, and it kinda makes me happy to see people enjoy something that I made." Zane's voice was clearly a lot less serious than before, and it was apparent that he was enjoying the conversation. At this point he had pretty much completely forgot about the sadness he had before.

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Eternal Winter

Cracked and dry with age, the thin volume smells faintly of the blonde’s scent. The pages within are brittle and the journal’s condition almost looked anew, as if he had just purchased it, despite the many recipes that filled the pages. The brown papers rustled as she thumbed through the book to find what she was looking for. Words appeared and disappeared as her eyes flickered across the pages, quickly picking out anything of importance from the jumble of sentences that littered the word she had become immersed in.

”I must say,” Snowflake’s composure festered slightly in astonishment, a pregnant pause stopping the flow of conversation. ”You’re really thorough with your recipes.” Her fingers brushed over the ink and colours that were engraved, feeling the texture of them before flipping onto another page. ”What’re these maps for?” Reading over the notes that were scribbled on the maps, she came to the realization that the maps had information about specific locations, and even shortcuts of the town to help with directions. Considering how horrible her sense of direction was, perhaps she could take this as a tip to create a book of her own filled with maps to help her get to places without getting lost.

She couldn’t deny the fact that his notebook showed a lot about his personality; the way he took care of his journal, she could see that it was of importance to him and all the details that were included – she understood them enough to tell that he was rather detail-oriented. ”Well, I can say for sure that your journal is definitely better than mine.” The woman hinted a smile, as she continued to flip through the pages. Books had always been her favourite, mostly novels, but she still enjoyed reading journals and documentaries. In a way, they are the legacy their author’s thoughts, preserving ideas that would otherwise be as fleeting as the song of a bird.

”Which recipe is your favourite in here?” the woman lifted her gaze to meet his, her eyes crossing over the gaze of blue. If she was going to take a recipe, she would rather just rip a page of his favourite recipe or one the he considered the best, so she could see it for herself. As much as she would have loved to try them out all, she didn’t really have the patience nor the time to cook compared to her older days. ”Oh, yeah? I’d love that.” It was very kind of him to offer to cook for her, that way, she could try his cooking in person – not to mention, she would be getting free food, so who wouldn’t be up for that?


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Zane had to admit that he felt a little bit happy with himself after seeing how Snowflake reacted. He actually never really got a chance to show off this journal to anyone, so to have someone look through it and note how thorough he was definitely acted as a strange sort of boost to his self confidence. "Ah, well, I travel around a lot. So most of em are just for self-reference, but I also note down any shortcuts that I run into. If you look through a few of them you'll see that I've found some stuff that not even official maps have on them." Zane was of course talking of things like caves hidden on roads that nobody bothered to discover, the nooks and crannies of Fiore that hadn't been found by many others.

Zane couldn't help but lean towards her a little bit as Snowflake looked at his journal, mostly to see what page she was on. He had gone from sulking alone in a bar to quite enjoying himself with a girl he just met, and his demeanor was quickly becoming significantly more like how he usually would be. "Hah, don't worry about it. I doubt most people use their journal as much as I do." He responded in answer to her comment of her own journal. He wondered what it was like... he didn't take her as the type to use it as a diary to talk about crushes on the boys she liked. In fact, now that Zane thought about it, Snow was definitely different than most of the girls he met in Fiore. Not different in a bad way, of course, but she had a different air to her than most. Perhaps it was mainly because the only girls he had been talking to in the last week were an odd puppeteer and an anti-social girl obsessed with stuffed animals. He supposed that Snowflake was simply mature, so to speak.

Zane's eyes lit up at the chance to show Snowflake his favorite recipe, his fingers moving towards the book as she still held it, just enough to flip between the pages without actually taking it. "Yeah, I know the exact one! Lemme see..." moving 11 pages to the right, Zane finally found the recipe he would consider his favorite. This one was clearly special to him as it even boasted an illustration of the finished product, which while not exactly worthy of being in Majura Gallery was still quite impressive for the small space it was fit on, giving the impression he spent more time on drawing it than even the maps.

"My mother used to always make this one, though this is more of my own take on it. It's cassoulet, pretty much a bean stew of sorts. It's pretty easy to make too, and you can use either duck or pork in it, though personally I think the duck tastes better." he said, as his fingers moved to gently the tear the page out of the notebook, being very delicate so that the rip was as clean as it possibly could've been. He gave a smile and held out the page to Snowflake, gesturing her to take it. "And now you know my favorite dish, Snowflake. Hope you end up trying it yourself someday."

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Eternal Winter

”I wish I had thought of that earlier. I’m such a loser when it comes to directions,” the woman scowled in disappointment, to none other than herself. It was no lie, her directional sense was significantly awful that even until now, she would still get lost among the streets despite travelling to the town countless number of times. ”Well, I can say for sure that these maps give more details than the maps I’ve seen my entire life.” In case she needed to discover more of Fiore, she could probably always rely on Zane’s map to get her somewhere.

This was most likely the first time that Snowflake had ever spoken so much to someone in her life. Perhaps it was the alcohol that made her feel more social than she was, usually. It wasn’t a bad thing – in fact, she enjoyed it and she was even surprised that she could naturally talk this much with someone she had just met, for someone with very little words. ”Oh, I do. Quite a lot, actually. It’s always good to keep memories, even the bad ones.” One could say she was a sentimental person – she truly was, despite how she may not look like one – and she knew that if she were to get old, she would flip through the pages of her old journals and all those precious memories would bring a smile onto her face.

She would let the blonde turn the pages to what they were looking for, and there it was – his favourite recipe. The woman leaned into the journal, just to get a closer view of the recipe and the image of the finished meal attached to the corner of the page. ”You’re really good at this. In the beginning, I actually thought you were bluffing.” She’d never cooked stew before, so hopefully, it wouldn’t turn out as bad as she’d imagined it to be, but hey, she wasn’t that bad of a cook either. ”Thank you,” she steadily folded the parchment paper, end per end, and further buried it in the holes of her coat. ”I’ll make sure to try it and inform you of the result the next time we meet.”


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Zane couldn't help but bashfully blush at her compliment. Sure, he was a renowned chef in the past who got tons of compliments on his work, but this felt a little bit different - it had been years since he cooked professionally as well, so he supposed it had also just been a while. Still though, he wouldn't have minded actually cooking for her... mostly so he could impress her and get more compliments, but also just out of the kindness of his heart as well. "Well, then I'm going to make sure we meet again. Can't have you waiting too long on that food, right?" With a smile, Zane's conversation was quickly cut short by a sudden idea.

He had noticed from earlier, as well as just her drinking habits in the conversation in general, that Snowflake had a pretty high alcohol tolerance. Possibly even higher than his, actually.
"I might tell you a few drinks you can make too. After all, it seems like you really know how to hold your liquor. Probably even more than me, actually."
Zane put his hand on his chin, thinking. The two of them had to spend the night away somehow... Zane knew he probably couldn't keep a conversation going that long. There was clearly only one solution to this huge problem. "Are you a fan of drinking competitions, Snowflake? Back where I grew up, I always won them. Gotta defend my title and all or something, right?" he asked, nodding over to the glass that the two shared. Plus, it would be a good idea to use up our nighttime's supply of liquor, right?"

Zane wasn't really sure if he should be getting smashed in some rundown bar with a girl he barely knew, but it was better than moping in sadness while drinking fruity beverages all night. Besides, he had already entrusted Snowflake with his favorite recipe: he was clearly either naive, drunk, or just like her a fair bit. Most likely all three of them, though Zane would never admit to the naive part.

Besides, even if Zane lost the drinking competition, he could just make the excuse that he had a fair number of the sweet drinks beforehand anyways. Even then though, he acknowledged in his mind that Snowflake still might be able to beat him even if he had come into it completely sober. Still, he wasn't planning on losing... even if he didn't mind either way.

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Eternal Winter

”That’s very observant of you,” she raised an impressive eyebrow, her hand reaching for the whiskey glass that had just been filled up by the bartender. ”Well, you’re not wrong. I think I can hold my liquor quite more than others.” Hesitance breathed in a little, a shallow puff between her words before she added, ”But, I’m not really familiar of drinking games, so perhaps I could test my abilities.” Amused, she crossed her legs, her heels slightly scraping against the metal stands of the stool.

Her eyes involuntarily glanced towards the clock hung up far on the wall, where it chimed way past midnight. It wasn’t as though her magic was going to wear off for whatever reason – she was no Cinderella – but even then, she still needed to return home before it was too late. ”As much as my competitive self would love to empty the bar’s liquor storage, I have to return home,” she spoke, a small frown rising onto her lips. It was rather unfortunate for her that the night would end so fast. For someone who had always crawled up in her little hole of solitude, the joy of having a decent company was an element of enjoyment to her, as rare as it was.

”Thank you for the drinks. If we’re meant to pass ways again, we’ll surely see each other soon.”

With that, she exited the bar, her heels clacking against the wooden floorboards. Her hand edged inside her pocket to reach for the paper torn from the journal that Zane had shared with her and she caught herself smiling in a very very long time, as her hands ran over the rough edges of the yellow parchment.

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