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Sisterhood [Faye]

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Sisterhood [Faye] Empty on Sat Aug 17, 2019 11:48 pm

Venus Rosé


Eternal Winter

The streets were busy with a lively tempo as people flocked to places they were supposed to be, finding things they were supposed to do, and one young Pegasus would be there, muddled through the crowd, unknowing of what to pursue first, and how to deal with the day. The markets always attracted hoards of people who’d crowd amongst themselves as soon as the morrow drew its first sunrise. They’d bargain with the merchants to give up their coins for better prices, good were shipped all the way from the high seas, and the temperament of traders gloated around as they load and unload their galleons.

The Pegasus hunter found the trades to be mysteriously wonderful thing, where the system is carefully understood and accepted among the rest. But those with the most vile of intentions aren’t exempted from even the grandest of things, and while the trades delivered good deals, there were also humans who’d label themselves the weeds of the system, riding on the ideal jewel-gathering process known as an economy. The lancer edged her head one way, avoiding the passing look she garnered from a heftily bearded man as he lugged around with his box. The pirate would stare at his uninteresting form with one bulging eye before assuming his former walking pace, briskly hurling whatever the contents of the crate was into a corner of the road.

Hours of waning through Era streets and eating meals at diners had finally led her to the end of an empty street, a large park gleaming from afar. A slight breeze rustles the leaves making them fall to the solid ground one by one. The air was warm, the beams of sunlight glowing onto her skin. Flowers were vast, as they concealed the freshly cut green grass where the children are playing and adults talking amongst one another. The park was the kind of place where she sought stillness—at least more than those crowded streets in the piazza. Deciding to enjoy the tranquility, the woman sat herself on an empty bench, watching the view unfold before her. Even from this distance, she could still see the minute-sized humans scattering about, and even the clamour from the market.

It wasn’t until her most desired peace was interrupted, which didn’t even last for a minute, by a young child who came running towards her and tripped over her foot. ”Watch it, will you?” Her voice was loud and stern, clearly displaying her frustration. Perhaps it was her cold demeanor that frightened the kid, or maybe it was just her words, but nonetheless, it ended up making him weep. ”Oh, for heaven’s sake.” She threw up her hands in the air, rolling her eyes literally to the back of her head. That was why she hated children. She had never been good with them, nor even imagined herself to be approaching them but what was she to do now that the kid was sobbing in front of her?


Sisterhood [Faye] Empty on Sun Aug 18, 2019 12:50 am

Faye found some parts of Era just irresistible. Left or right, whichever direction you looked, the great city was simply beautiful. With the great marbled edifice of the Rune Knights casting its righteous shadow over it, Era was also almost completely free from crime. It was a peaceful city to live in as long as trouble did not seek it every now and then. Its people got influenced, too. Most of the citizens were upbeat, energetic, and virtuous –not to say little hiccups didn’t exist, but Era found very few of it. They were up early in the morning, working or going about their daily life. Rune Knights were there at every turn of a corner dressed in their spotless uniforms and splendid capes. They hung about as friendly as they come and often gathered waves of approval, appreciation, and awe. But...Faye never saw them the same.

Early in the morning, an attempt to be somewhere without those men in blue lead Faye to the park. She idled away some time on a piece of paper, sketching the fountain and fully bloomed hydrangeas she was overlooking from her seat under a willow tree. The shadows over her shifted along with the swing and sway of the branches. It was peacefully picturesque. A scene that Faye fully enjoyed. She would normally attempt to draw people as material for new puppets. But again, some parts of Era were just simply irresistible. The artist in her called for attention. It was such a wonderful moment that Faye felt the winds will sweep her off her feet any moment.

Sadly, it was broken.

An awfully loud sob rudely awakened Faye from her blessed stupor and the sun-kissed fountain her pencils crafted now had an overbearingly dark line running across it. “Whatever in the world…” She began, throwing her head around to look at what was making all that noise.

She found a kid, then a glimpse of silver and Faye was already up and quickly approaching the woman throwing her arms around in frustration. “Snowflake!” She did not even have to think for one second. The bubblegum pink haired water mage had already recognized her old friend. She wanted to throw her hands around her but quickly judged against it. Knowing Snow, it was like directly asking to be impaled with her spear.

“Snowflake I didn’t know you were in Er...” She had no chance of finishing the sentence when the child, sensing the two older women to be shifting their attention away, started wailing once again, this time on full volume for the whole park to hear. People shifted over, throwing glances at the three of them, some even eying the corner they knew they’ll find a Rune Knight at.

“Oh for the love of…” Faye took the liberty of clasping a hand right over the kid’s mouth. “Shush.”

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Sisterhood [Faye] Empty on Mon Aug 19, 2019 5:58 am

Venus Rosé


Eternal Winter

Kill me.

The hunter silently prayed to the non-existent gods above, hoping that at least someone would come save her from this nightmare.


She heard someone called her name. Her head spun towards the direction of the source, with a hint of anticipation that it would be the kid’s parents or whatsoever, as long as the child was away from her—even if a dragon bellowed at him—she would be fine with it. Instead, it was a glimpse of pink; the one that she had seen when she was in Orchidia and eventually came to pretty good terms with her. Truth be told, she was the only bubbly person Snowflake could tolerate; somehow it was her presence, she supposed, that made her feel like she had known this woman for years. ”Faye,” she looked up at the other female, and for the first time, she felt like pleading for someone’s help, desperately. ”Get rid of this kid.” She hesitated and added, ”Please.”

If she wanted, the woman could have done the puppy eyes to her — the kind that young ladies would act towards their beaus if they wanted something, not that she’d reckon it would work on Faye, but it was too cheesy for her to attempt anyway. It seemed like Faye’s method of silencing him did work a bit, until the child spotted his parents from afar and pushed through the arms of her acquaintance and ran away, wailing once again. ”Begone, hideous creature!” she screamed, albeit silently, as she cupped her hands around her mouth. ”I didn’t do anything, I swear! She did!” The frost mage yelled over the distance, sneaking a look towards her peer, curious as to how she’d act on her joke. Throughout her years staying in Fiore, she had learnt the ways of making jokes and pestering people from travellers and her colleagues alike, though her facial expressions didn’t do much in helping her becoming social.

”Good that you’re here.” Snowflake’s composure festered slightly in awkwardness from what just occured, a pregnant pause stopping the flow of conversation, with nothing but the seagulls singing their ungraceful bird songs in the backdrop. ”Now, why’re you here anyway?” Out of all the people she’d met, she certainly didn’t expect to run into her at the park. It truly seemed that Era was now the hotspot and it was highly likely that she would run into more familiar faces in the coming days.


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Faye stood awestruck for a little. That was the last thing she expected from someone like Snowflake, to plead her for something. She should have checked to see if something is wrong with her little frigid friend but found the way she looked at her as if she has been caught in a huge oopsie quite cute. If she knew Snow could make expressions like that just because of a mere child, she would have secretly sent a bunch of them to her already. There would be something oddly pleasing about seeing someone normally so composed and cold go awkward and clumsy.

Heh. She chuckled but quietly placed the devious thoughts away for another time. Faye was fully laughing by the time the child ran back to his parents from hearing Snowflake muttering a good riddance to the “hideous creature”.

“Hahaha…Should I throw some salt at him now?” Faye joked back, now without a delay throwing her hands around her pretty silver friend. “Oh I missed you,” She almost started jumping around with the other mage but willed herself not to, knowing Snow wouldn’t be completely up for the energetic gesture of happiness. Besides, just standing there with her hugging Snow, quite a bunch of people had already started giving them an amused look.

Despite so, Faye held on. She eventually did let go but it wasn’t until her arms were starting to hurt. “I came here a couple of weeks ago. I have been traveling,” she shrugged. That was her usual thing. She traveled without there being any particular reason to. Although this time she did lowkey have a mission to seek out her beloved puppet, Hana.

“What brings you here?” She asked, turning and walking back over to the willow tree after gesturing Snow to follow. “Where have you even been? We sort of lost contact with each other so quickly,” Faye was starting to babble again. She had not seen the other mage for so long and she was the first friend she made in Fiore. Faye was fully ready to pour all her attention over the beautiful friend today. “What do you do these days?”

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Sisterhood [Faye] Empty on Sun Sep 01, 2019 2:21 am

Venus Rosé


Eternal Winter

”Oh, that will help a lot,” the woman chuckled, and she was almost surprised at herself for finding something as silly as this ridiculous. It was something about the pinkette that she could naturally let her guard down, even more so, smiling all ears and laughing with her – something that she rarely does with people around. Perhaps, it was just herself who was growing more and more accustomed to the presence of people and though, she couldn’t say Faye was her favourite person just yet, it was for certain that they were on better terms that she had initially thought.

Eyes wide, it took her quite a while to process her thoughts in; the fact that Faye was hugging her like a bear. ”Umpfh.” The female grunted, due to the impact from Faye’s hug which somewhat caused her legs to fumble about, if not from the shock of even receiving a hug from someone in the first place. The silver duelist remained dead still, her arms outstretched forward, not sure what she was supposed to do in the middle of a hug. Her body was stiff, but it wasn’t then she slowly began to relax her shoulders and tugged onto her dress, in a form of returning a hug. ”I know,” she almost said jokingly, a small smile emerging onto the curve of her pink, plump lips.

It certainly wasn’t often that she would be told how much she was missed while she was gone, and she couldn’t lie – it felt really good.

”Did you do anything interesting while travelling?” she directed her question to none other than her partner standing before her. ”I went to this place called Astera. Quite the shithole,” she shrugged, the ends of her lips turning into a small frown. It was true that she often loses contact with her guild mates before even realizing, and there was no other way to maintain communication except sending letters. ”Perhaps, whenever one of us starts travelling we should send a letter, or just travel together.” She wouldn’t mind sticking with this girl right here, since she had basically been stuck with her since they met, except for the time they parted ways not long ago.

Snowflake always preferred to be alone, but she supposed it wouldn’t hurt to be around someone or have someone as her go-to person. ”Nothing much really, I met a few interesting people on my way here to be honest,” she chimed in. Her fateful encounters were always amusing to her, albeit she was always thankful for them, as they gave her an opportunity to socialize with other people except those from her guild, and it was one thing that she needed to better herself at all times. ”But, I’ve been bored to death recently with nothing to do. Even the books don’t help anymore.” Being a rather conservative type, she spent most – if not, all – of her time burying her head in novels, journals and books of all sort, but somehow, she’d been losing interest in them much faster than she’d noticed. Perhaps, she just needed a change of pace to do something out of the blue to get her back on track. ”And you? What’ve you been up to lately?”


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Faye was indeed very happy that she could spend some time again with Snowflake. It wasn’t too farfetched to say that she sort of looked up to her. Although they were close in age, this woman in front of her had much more experience than Faye did. She wasn’t far behind, but, she wasn’t very close either. Sighing, she took a bit long to stare at Snow fondly before answering her.

“I would love to travel with you. You know I tried looking for you before leaving Orchidia but I couldn’t find you. Nothing much happened,” she said, deliberately leaving out the information about her puppet and the demon possessing it. “I have met a couple of interesting people, too. Recently I have also been thinking that I need to grow stronger. I have been living a rather uninteresting life so far, just me with my puppets. I want to just get up and make some sense of my life, you know what I mean?” Faye found herself spilling some of her feelings. She didn’t know what it was about this silver haired woman that made it feel just so easy to be talking to.

She wondered if Snowflake will be up to it if she asked her to train Faye. Their magic powers belonged somewhere around the same spectrum, anyway. “Hey Snow, I was thinking…I want to train a bit. Do you think you can help me? If it’s ok, we can move to a more remote part of the park. I just…I don’t know, perhaps it’s because of the kind of threat the world is about to undergo, or perhaps it’s just my own ambitions, I really want to become stronger, and you will be perfect as a motivation,” She gave Snow a lazy smile before getting up and moving to that portion of the park not many people went to. They will have some peace and quiet there.


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