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Clue Digging [Quest | Amira]

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Clue Digging [Quest | Amira] Empty on Sat Aug 17, 2019 6:22 pm


And while you are sitting indoors
waiting for the storm to pass
I will be outside dancing in the rain

Emerald hues bore into a pair of greyish blue irises that showed no hint of hesitation. They stared at her, eyeing her from head to toe as if judging her capabilities and personality based on her appearance. The woman standing before her clicked her tongue at the rogue who merely glanced at her, refusing to pay attention to the reaction of a woman unbeknown to her.

“So you’re asking me to do your job for you?”

The confidence in the blonde’s eyes morphed into rage as she scoffed at Amira’s words. “It’s called assigning a task.”

Taking a step closer to the black haired beauty, the egoistic knight placed her finger facing Amira’s chest, just barely touching it. “It’s not my job because something like this is beneath me. Got it?”

Ahh, the audacity of knights. She couldn’t help but think of how entitled people are. Although she herself, to some extent, was like that too, she at least knew how to put up a facade rather than displaying her true self. Everyone has an ugly side, so did the two women. However, Amira at least had the sense to disguise it.

Her eyes glistening because of the picturesque image of breaking the finger that was pointed at her. Nevertheless, she hid it with a smile before uncrossing her arms and pushing the woman’s hand aside. Taking yet another step closer, she leaned in until she was close enough to the knight. Her eyes held mischief but contrary to that, her face morphed into an innocent smile. “Yes, of course. I’ll be glad to do this task for you.”

She took a step back, eyeing the knight before glancing at her partner, a young handsome man here to help. “After all, that’s the least I can do for a knight as a responsible citizen of this country.”

It was a simple task. Although the female had started her morning with an errand around town, looking for people to mess around with, she grabbed the attention of the female knight that halted her steps before a two story house.

The task itself was to cater to the request of the owner of the house who had found his wife’s disappearance rather disturbing. All she had to do was thoroughly investigate the house and look for any clues. It sounded entertaining enough for her to decide to give it a short.
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And while you are sitting indoors
waiting for the storm to pass
I will be outside dancing in the rain

Shooting a short glance at the blond detective who stood behind the knight, her smile morphed into a smirk. He was rather attractive, which meant she could have some fun while she was at it. After all, she was getting paid to do the work.

The sound of her heels clicking against the wooden floors echoed through the empty house. Contrary to the simple and plain exterior structure, the inside was rather cozy, almost creating a facade of comfort. Surrounded by shades of wooden brown and other warmer tones, she took her time examining the photos that rested on the shelf.

Behind her, she could hear the soothing voice of the young detective, whose name she didn’t bother asking, as he consoled the frantic man who suffered for his own imagination. In his situation, he was probably wondering about all the worst possible scenarios, thinking about what could have potentially happened to his wife. Amira simply looked back and scoffed at the sight of the pitiful man.

“We’ll be taking a look around.”

Glancing at the detective, she used her hand, which was adorned with jewels, and motioned for him to follow her.

The house was annoyingly quiet. She could hear the sound of her own breathing dominating the vicinity. As she moved further away from the living room, examining and studying the walls and the portraits that hung on them, the sounds of the man’s sobs disappeared.

She walked up the stairs, her black silk gown flowing behind her as she used her free hand to twirl a strand of ebony hair. The scent of men’s perfume lingered in the air, drowning any other smell.

Behind her, Amira could hear footsteps thy followed her. Upon noticing that the detective was silently following her, with his eyes glistening in anticipation, she entered the bedroom. Of course, he too followed her in.

“Miss, do you happen to have a clue as to what happened here?”
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And while you are sitting indoors
waiting for the storm to pass
I will be outside dancing in the rain

The inside of the room was rather simple. Engulfed in solid colors, it exuded a sort of gloom that the rest of the house didn’t carry. Or perhaps it did, it was just hidden too well. She walked to the middle of the room and took a look around.

The bed was neatly arranged as the room glistened with cleanliness. There was no flaw within the room. A smirk formed onto her face as she turns back to look at the blond detective. Her gaze traveled over his tall body as his blue eyes stared at her. She could see him flush under her gaze. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

She stepped towards him, like a predator hunting it’s prey. Her eyes did hold a sort of hunger to them. After all, it would be a waste to let such a gorgeous man go. As she stepped closer to him, he stumbled backwards. Sweat rolled down his face as he gulped, visibly nervous. She couldn’t help but chuckle as he collided against the wooden dressing table. However, that was enough to make her stopped. Amira continued moving forward, until she was barely inches away from him. Uncrossing her arms, she placed her hands against the wooden table, trapping him in place.

With a charming smile that he couldn’t help but take his eyes off, she closed in further, bringing her face to the side as she whispered in his ear. “Of course I know what happened here. However, the monetary reward isn’t enough for me to spill the details.”

A few minutes inside the room was all she needed. As she enjoyed herself while fooling around with the detective, the woman had also managed to find a suitable scenario to explain the disappearance of the man.

A small chuckle escaped her lips as they parted with the man’s. Pushing herself away, she walked out and then proceeded to head back down to the living room where their client drowned in self pity.
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And while you are sitting indoors
waiting for the storm to pass
I will be outside dancing in the rain

Giving the man a look that was filled with disgust, she quickly guised it with a smile. Bidding him goodbye, they promised to find his wife before heading out of the house. The young blond stopped in his tracks once they were far enough from the house and let out an awkward cough.

A blush tainted his cheeks as he looked at her, clearly asking her to explain what she had found. Sighing, she said mere simple words. “His wife doesn’t exist.”

She told him about all of her observations, ranging from the portraits and pictures in which the woman had a grim expression as her face was caked with makeup. Her clothes, often too big, engulfed her body in every picture, hiding every part of her skin. However, she had luckily managed to spot the discoloration on the skin on her neck as well as the tight grip her husband had on her arm in every single portrait.

Moreover, the room had only smelled of men’s perfume. The dressing table where she had a blissful time with the detective, was filled with only men’s products. The room was spotless. It was as if it was regularly being cleaned. However, as much as she hated love, she couldn’t imagine someone who was devastated because of losing a loved one, being so ingrained into reality that they care about their surroundings rather than simply moping.

For some reason, it was as if his wife never existed. Nothing other than the pictures proved her existence, or their relationship. “The woman in the picture, was probably not his wife. It seemed like he tried to make her look like someone.”

If she was right, he probably forced a woman to take pictures with him under the delusion that she was his wife. Something must’ve happened to her for him to behave this way. After all, if she really was his wife, there could at least be some remnants of belongings within the house. But there were none.

Who that woman was and what happened to her, was not for her to solve. The detective’s eyes widened as he listened to her, nodding along before handing her the reward. However, for her hard work, the reward was much too small. Attacking the beautiful blond once again before letting him go, she scoffed and walked away.
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