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A Walk to Remember (Faye)

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A Walk to Remember (Faye) Empty on Sat Aug 17, 2019 9:57 am

The time was at least past 11 PM at this point. The streets of Era were starting to die down. The nighttime crime in this town was always pretty low either way, mostly thanks to the Rune Knights having their base situated here. So all that would be in the cool summer air were the sound of crickets.

There was also Zane. Having just got off his mission with Faye, a girl he had only met earlier in the day, he was offering to walk her back to her in. "The cat's paw, eh? I think I know what street it's on. Shouldn't take too long." he noted, walking slowly down the street. To be quite honest with himself, Zane was really only going slow because he didn't want to get to the hotel too fast. Was it because he was with Faye? Or maybe he just didn't want the day to be over? Zane didn't really know either way. Sometimes he felt like many of the things he did in life were simply just stalling. Like he was trying to shake off his responsibilities and goals as much as possible.

"I have to admit, even I might have trouble sleeping after all that." he noted to himself, feeling more honest than usual. He didn't really feel like trying to hit on her or impress her or anything. "I really hope they can find a way to save that girl."

Turning a corner on the street, Zane continued down it. They were all lit up with lacrima powered streetlamps, so it wasn't like the two couldn't see at all - just not very far past the lights of the lamps. While Zane didn't expect anything to happen, he was aware that for all they knew some drunk could come out of the bushes and attack them. "I'm sorry about what I said in the orphanage, by the way... that was, uh, kinda bad timing on my part." he said, referring to the compliment he had given her right before they fought the cursed child. Even he could tell at the moment she wasn't a big fan of it, and he wasn't always the best at reading people - it was that obvious.


A Walk to Remember (Faye) Empty on Sat Aug 17, 2019 10:21 am

Faye had her hands linked at the back as she walked. Laidback and relaxed, it felt good to be going back safely after a dangerous mission. It was even better when there was someone else walking right beside you.

Zane had offered to walk Faye back to her inn and she happily agreed. Besides the fact that they just got off from one of the scariest missions Faye has been on, walking back all by herself seemed just so lonely. Not a lot of people tend to approach Faye. This is especially so when she is out with her puppets. They don’t realize how badly Faye wish she could just melt into the company of other people and feel like she belongs. Sadly, Faye could never take the first step. She just did not know how.

When Zane began to talk, Faye automatically tilted her head over to listen. Ah, the cursed child. Indeed, what a disaster it was. “I’m not surprised you feel that way. Did you see her pitch black eyes? And those screams…” Faye shook her head with cold laugh. “I am not doing something like this again. I understand that it was an evil magic but honestly, it looked like some devil’s spirit.” Faye wasn’t a religious person and she wasn’t someone that believed in ghosts and spirits, but unexplainable things did exist in their world.

“Mmm, I don’t think they would be able to. Even if they removed the spirit, its traces will remain in her memory. She won’t be the same again, she will not be treated the same again,”
Faye answered with a sad smile tugging one end of her lips up. She fixed her eyes on the path they walked, letting the bubblegum pink hair cascade over her face. She did not want Zane to see her expression.

Now that was another change. Hana was the perfect escape. The little doll made it so that Faye felt nothing. But now that it was gone, it felt as if a veil had lifted over her. She was now visible; her feelings were visible.

It must have been due to the fact that they fought a cursed child or that she was too deep into her thoughts. When Zane suddenly apologized, she quietly looked up with a puzzled look. “What did you say back at the orphanage?”


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Zane couldn't help but feel bad about what she said about the child. It was too late for her, huh...? Perhaps it was too late for Zane as well. Maybe he would end up being a human for the rest of his life. Ever since then, he wasn't even able to face his family, worried they would shun him for no longer being an elf. But that girl, well... she didn't even have a family. Zane's right hands went into a fist of sorts, frustrated at his lack of control over the situation. He really wanted to save her...

Zane's thoughts were cut short by Faye not quite remembering what happened in the house. Zane sighed to himself a little bit. It was rare he was in a bad mood like this. "Well, it wasn't big or anything. I just said you were beautiful and all. I guess ya could I was panicked and something that I shouldn't of said just came out." Zane didn't even blush, and he wasn't even trying to hit on her anymore. He just couldn't stop thinking about how, in the end, the two did all that for nothing. Sure, they stopped a threat, and they got money, but... he wished things could've turned out better.

Relaxing himself a bit, Zane eventually became less riled up, his fist returning to just his normal old hand. "Anyways, how did you get to Era in the first place, Faye? Any reason you decided to drop on in to the home of Rune Knights breahting down your neck?" He looked over at her, though down would be a better example - he was quite a lot taller than the girl. He wasn't really all that tall himself either, only at 6 feet, but still.

"I came here with a girl, myself." Zane quickly noticed how that might be seen, correcting himself while falling over his own words at the same time. "I-I mean, not like that! We're just traveling together, that's all."


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Faye could feel Zane’s disappointment roll off him in waves. He must have wanted to save the kid and give back her childhood. But there were some things that were out of control even with mages like Zane and herself. She only gave him a smile when he explained what he had said back at the orphanage. Yes, she now remembered it. It came with a poor timing but Faye guessed it was his nerves talking back then.

“Yah, it was an odd timing but we were both scared and nervous so I understand where it came from,” Faye just shrugged her shoulders, thinking no more about it. Besides, it was not her first time getting praises like those. Although she was difficult to approach and people found her off at times, no one ever denied that she was beautiful. She dressed plainly, usually in just a shirt and shorts, and left her hair open most of the time. The bubblegum pink color itself made her standout among the crowd. So with Zane’s compliment, she thought nothing more than it being him nice.

“Oh, I came here looking for someone,”
Faye slowly uttered them, pausing between each word to pick the right answer. She was not going to tell him she came there looking for a demon possessed doll. That would be an overkill after their earlier mission and it might make Zane feel creeped out by her. She finally found someone willing to be friendly with her, after all.

When he corrected his own words, Faye laughed. She didn’t even say anything and he was already getting flustered all on his own. But she was suddenly curious. “What sort of girl? A friend?” She asked, turning her face up to look at him. “Someone beautiful?” She made it sound as if she was teasing him but in truth, she was feeling a bit uneasy. Faye had a bad habit, and it was already starting to show its ugly self out.


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Looking for someone? It seemed like a simple motivation. The way she said it made Zane think as though she was after some long lost friend or something, though he knew she could've also meant something else with her words. "I hope you find them, Faye."

But Zane was hit with something that he didn't see coming. A question that would prove to be very difficult, and probably more scary to answer than that entire experience with the child was. She was asking about Kaiser, and most importantly, if she was beautiful. Zane put his hand on his chin, thinking to himself. He was nervous, he had only a few seconds to think, but even moreso, he had to be careful what he said. Most girls he knew didn't like to hear other girls were pretty. He hadn't really thought about which girl was prettier actually, and he didn't exactly have time to just yet. There was clearly only one way out of this entire situation, and that was the oldest trick in the book: flattery. Here went nothing...

"She's a friend of mine, yes. And she is beautiful, but..." here was the big moment, the one had to nail. He looked down at her in the eyes, trying his best not to trip over his words. "Not nearly as much as you." he said, blushing to himself and turning his head forwards after. His heart was racing, mostly because he knew that he was in a dangerous situation. He was at a very high risk of hurting her feelings here, but he didn't want to lead her on too much either... he didn't even really think about who was prettier. He just hoped to god in his mind that Faye and Kaiser would never meet and exchange this info, or he had a feeling that he would probably be found dead not too long after that happened...


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Faye raised an eyebrow at the look and answer she received. Did he misunderstand her somehow? She paused at her steps and tilted her head as if she was trying to solve some puzzle. But she quickly caught up. “I…well, thank you,” she just ended up saying. Although Zane had looked straight at her and told her such a thing, it still left Faye feel at odds with the honesty of his words. Besides, he seemed to think she would get angry at hearing she was less beautiful when in reality, she was only uneasy about his closeness to the other girl, like if they were better friends than Zane and her. A silly though to have considering they only met earlier that day but this was just the kind of person Faye is.

Faye looked like she was considering something for a bit, taking glances at Zane, opening her mouth only to close them again and think. “You…don’t have to flatter me. I mean you can be honest with me. I’m not so petty that I’ll think badly of you just because you like someone’s looks better…” She finally decided to just get it out of her. Zane seemed like a good friend –a bit of a flirt but still a friend- and Faye liked it when they were honest. People that lied but called each other friends were like bubbles. They were beautiful to look at but would burst at the slightest touch.

“This friend of yours must be pretty important if you two are traveling with each other. What does the other person do?” She asked, curiously. Perhaps they would meet one day and Faye would befriend her as well. If that were to happen, maybe there will no longer be any unnecessary feelings of jealousy.


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It didn't take long for Zane to be found out by Faye, which caused him to sigh. "Ahh, sorry..." he said, looking back at her. She was pretty perceptive it seemed, either that or Zane really ws just that obvious to most people. "To be honest, I can't really compare you two. So I don't really know which of you would is better looking anyways." he said, hoping that it was an answer that she was looking for. But still, now she was asking more about Kaiser as a person.

What did Kaiser do, anyways? Zane always just seemed to assume she was a traveling mage, going around and doing jobs. He knew that he might be wrong about that, but he never really noticed much off about her, so he didn't think about it much further before answering Faye's question. "Well, she's a traveling mage and all. Her and I didn't meet very long ago, but I know a lot about Fiore and all, you see. She was new in the country at the time, so I offered to be her travel guide for a while. I guess she's also a friend to me now as well." This felt kinda weird. Why was Faye so interested in Kaiser? Zane though to himself about it for a second, and maybe all of this was for one simple reason... was Faye into girls?!

Zane's stupid self decided that was a likely reason, so he went along with that for the time being. "I'm sure you and her would really hit it off too." he said, with a smile on his face as he noticed that, well, maybe he didn't want the two of them to hit it off. Was he becoming the third wheel? Would the two girls fall in love and completely leave him behind as a third wheel? He had to do something to make him look more appealing. "Though, probably not nearly as much as you and I are, right?"


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Faye sighed. “Hey, I’m not even trying to be compared. Who cares who is the better looking one among us,” She softly huffed. Zane seemed to have made a whole puzzle of the matter, a puzzle, it seems, he did not even want to solve. Did the matter of two beauties affect him so much? Faye silently chuckled at the thought.

“Oh! So a traveler as well!” Faye exclaimed oblivious to the blasphemous thought running across Zane’s mind. “We all are the same, then. I would love to meet her someday. I’m always interested in meeting new people, especially if they are pretty. Say, does she have long hair? What color are her eyes?...” She trailed off with a bunch of questions, completely absorbed in forming a mental image of the person. Perhaps she could become her next puppet.

Faye did not notice the look on Zane’s face as she quickly slipped off to her thoughts. She wasn’t even looking at him until he asked something that normally would be Faye’s lines. It made Faye pause and look curiously up at the blonde man. “Of course!” She beamed. It was probably too much to say of a person she just met but Faye seemed to have really taken a liking to Zane, especially since he willingly became a bait for the cursed child in order to help her. Not a lot of people would do that unless they were kind and brave by nature.

With an odd smile hanging on her lips, Faye stopped right in front of him and grabbed his face in both of her hands. “Oh you’ll be perfect for it, too.”


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Zane's paranoia of sorts sunk even deeper as Faye continued to ask questions about the girl. Zane couldn't help but panic. Oh no... did he just lose out on two girls from his own suggestion? "Well, she has long hair, yes. But I dunno, it's hard to describe what she looks like, I've never been too good at those kinda things." Zane was lying, of course. He would've been able to describe most people, including Kaiser, pretty darn easily. What he was really trying to do was just change the conversation a little bit in fear of becoming the third wheel in a dynamic that hadn't even been created yet.

The two of them were just around the corner from the inn, Zane just about ready to change the topic to whatever the inn was like, when his face was suddenly grabbed his face with her hands. Zane couldn't help but have his face turn red. "Faye...?" he asked, before she spoke about how he'd be "perfect for it". His mind quickly went to.. a lot of places. It was as though he explored the galaxies of possibilities in his mind all very fast, though in reality it was really only like 3. Was she into him? Were they gonna do something?!

Zane's heart would beat pretty fast. Was this it? Was this the moment that he had spent so long waiting for? He couldn't even think about how he got tricked by Seira that one time right now, he was pretty much completely lost in his own train of thought, unable to get off it. "P-perfect for what?"


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If Zane was taken aback and had things running through his mind, Faye did not know. She herself was locked away in her own thoughts. Faye imagined the kind of puppet Zane would make, the kind of new stories she could put in play with him. The other person he was talking about sounds very pretty too. Perhaps Faye could gain the most out of it.

That was how her thoughts were structuring itself. She did not, for a moment, think that Zane may have taken her words the wrong way. She only examined his face further by turning it every other way. The pale streetlights assisted her in her curiosity as much as it could when she squinted her eyes at the details of his features. He was definitely on the handsome side.

She didn’t quite snap out of it until Zane asked her what he was perfect for. She blinked at him as if he should already know the answer to that before releasing her grip on him. “You’ll be perfect as my puppet, of course!” She cried, throwing her arms around in excitement. “Oh you just wait, I’ll turn you into a beautiful little puppet,” Faye babbled on, bringing her hands together behind her back and skipping away from the blonde mage. She was, once again, in her own world. She did not even realize they were very close to her inn by then. Faye wanted to show Zane all of her work now, perhaps he would like them.


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Oh... a puppet. Well, that certainly wasn't what Zane was expecting from the whole ordeal. His blushed face quickly converted to one that held a mix of confusion and disappointment. "Ah, right... a puppet, gotcha. I didn't know you were into puppets though, Faye." he said, leading the way around the corner to the inn where Faye had told her that she was staying. The Cat's Paw was the name, and it was quite appropriate by the neon sign of a cartoonish cat at the front of the place. He wondered if the beds there were better than the hotel he had picked out when he first got to Era. Maybe he could see if he could switch hotels? Then again, he already paid for both his room and Kaiser's room for a while, so he supposed that wasn't really an option on a financial level. Unless he wanted to be stuck eating nothing but the cheapest noodles for a whole week anyways.

The lights on the sign flickered with Zane wondering if this was truly going to be goodbye for the night. He felt kinda lonely... he didn't wanna just say goodbye yet. "I guess this is goodbye for the night, huh Faye? After all, I suppose you probably wouldn't want me being up in your hotel room or something like that." he said, with a nervous chuckle. This was his last ditch attempt to keep hanging around her for tonight. From the impression he got the girl didn't really seem to think the same way as many others... if he suggested something like that, Zane figured that Faye's mind might not instantly think that Zane was trying to do what most men would of been trying to do when they say something like that.


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Faye clearly did not know how Zane felt about it. Although some tiny voice inside her head did hint her at the fact that no one would want to be made into a puppet, that it was quite a creepy thought, Faye was lost in the bliss of a prospective new addition to her collection. As such, when Zane told her he didn’t know Faye was into such a thing, she uncharacteristically grinned widely at him. Gone was the shy, antisocial little doll replaced by an enthusiastic woman who started explaining about how much she was into her hobby and profession.

“The greatest fun is in making them! Choosing its skin, the eye color, the hair, nails, clothes; Oh! You must take a look at them to know!” Faye almost started jumping up and down under the neon lights of her inn’s sign. Flashes of pink and blue highlighted the water mage’s own bubblegum hair and just as Zane said goodbye, she hooked an arm around his own and started pulling him into the inn. “No! You must see them. They are my most gorgeous works,” She started as she, disregarding the various looks they were getting, took Zane straight to her room.

Now her room was anything but normal. There were no pink curtains or beautiful fluffy sheets. Instead, the it was completely littered with wood, cotton, strings, paints, and other materials obviously used in the making of puppets. “Welcome to my workshop!”


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Zane was quickly granted his wish of spending more time with Faye using his pseudo reverse psychology, but it ended up being a lot more... hectic than he expected. Zane's arm was quickly hooked by Faye, and before he could say anything he was suddenly dragged off by her into the hotel, having to move fast to keep up with the excited girl. His face turned a little red when he noticed some of the looks they were getting from the people in the lobby and hallways of the inn. They probably thought they were going to do something way different than showing off puppets, especially with the way she was dragging him around in their arm lock so eagerly.

Once Zane was in Faye's room, he sighed in relief a bit, but still hoped he never had to see anyone in that hallway or lounge again. "Faye, you can't just drag me around like that... people might get the wrong idea." Zane's concerns were soon interrupted however when he turned his attention from the girl to her hotel room. There was a lot of puppet making supplies. In fact, Zane almost wanted to consider it a bit of a mess. His face turned a bit nervous, though not enough for someone to think he was that way. What was she going to do with his puppet...?

"This is all insanely impressive Faye, but... what do you plan to do with the puppet you make for me?" he asked, turning to the girl once more. Zane thought that maybe she might've been using voodoo or something. It was a small chance, but still, he wasn't a fan of just giving up his body to be her plaything. In the voodoo sense, at least. Zane internally complimented himself on his insanely high skill innuendo creation before getting back to the topic at hand.


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The gears inside Faye’s head obviously did not the way it normally should. If it did, she probably would have remembered the kind of look all those people threw at her and push Zane out the window of her room immediately. She was far too excited. The puppets she had painstakingly spent hours on making will be able to show itself off in front of someone. That was a bigger thing than a man being in her room. Faye just did not think of how wrong the idea might seem to others. In fact, she even completely missed the expression and voice of unease Zane had.

Instead, she flew over to a wooden desk at the corner of the room and picked up the newest puppet she was working on. It had silver hair and icy blue eyes, matching the look of a certain frost mage that Faye felt extremely close as a friend to.

Upon Zane’s question, Faye simply tilted her face confusedly and raised her eyebrow at him. “What wrong impression?” Again, her mind was just not wired up to completely grasp the meaning of those words. She did not think she had done anything wrong so far. “Anyway, forget about all that, look at this puppet I have made. Isn’t it pretty?” She started chattering away about the various features of it.

“Of course I’ll have a puppet show with it!” She exclaimed confidently at the second question Zane gave her. What else did he think she would do with her puppets? With a skip of her heels, Faye went closer to Zane and started staring at him again. “You’ll definitely make a pretty puppet.”


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Zane was becoming increasingly aware that he had sent her on a snowball down a hill. Once he mentioned puppets in any sort of capacity, the ball would keep on rolling and rolling. At this rate he was going to be hearing about puppets all evening... while Zane admitted Faye seemed like a nice girl before, he was starting to think of her as a little creepy. Zane's inner self stopped his also inner self from that train of thought. He was sure that she was just misunderstood, right? Maybe Faye just had a troubled childhood or something. Yeah, he would go with that headcanon for the time being.

"A show, huh? Well, I have to admit, I've never been part of a story or anything before..." Zane mumbled to himself in a somewhat happy tone. Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all? His nervousness was now pushed back a bit by a sense of interest and perhaps ego-stroking of the possibility he could be part of a story. He loved novels and plays after all, and who knew, maybe Faye would turn him into a legend, even if it was through the form of a puppet?

"Hey, if I was in one of your puppet shows, what would my story be about? Would I be a brave hero who'd rescue the girl and save the day and all that?" admittedly, Zane was into a particular genre of fiction that was supposed to wear off most people around their late teens. "Wait, wait, is it just like the hero in 'Western Punch'? I used to love those stories! Man, what I would give to be back then..." Zane's eye were now completely gone of all nervousness, confusion or distaste. If anything, the look in his eyes screamed more of a puppy dog being on the verge of given a nice treat or something. Despite Faye not even saying much, Zane's own trail of thought had led him down its own path, a path that often led to nothing but disappointment for the young man.


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Faye’s gears were running pretty wildly considering that she had not once stopped talking about her puppets until Zane asked her about his puppet. That pretty much halted all the previous functions to renew in a different direction. This time, Faye was actively imagining Zane as the heroic character in a fiction. A hero that saves the princesses was cliché, even in the puppet show world. Just the thought of staging something that typical made a frown to bloom between Faye’s delicate brows. She cast a judgmental look upon Zane and shook her head resolutely. There was just no way.

“Silly,” She openly claimed, looking at the beaming face of her new friend. “My stories are not that silly. Puppet shows might primarily be for children, but even they don’t fall for that kind of stories anymore. Besides, why would you…” Faye scolded him for a few minutes until she started to feel the weariness of the day slowly take over and cast heavy spells upon her eyelids. By the time she had rested her body oddly over the bed, the pink haired woman was drifting off to sleep holding one of the puppets in her hand. Although she vaguely realized Zane was still in the room, Faye’s mental reasoning in the mist of drowsiness failed to figure out why that was even such a bad thing. He didn’t seem the type to attack her in her sleep. She just assumed he will show himself out when he needs sleep as well.



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Zane frowned upon hearing the bad news. Did children really not like those kind of stories anymore? Stories of heroes, friendship, action, plot armor and dues ex machinas? It was sad, really. The storytelling standards of Fiore truly were dropping. For the next 4 minutes, which, by Zane's calculations was equal to 240 seconds, he was scolded intensely by Faye. Eventually, the woman in front of Zane just dropped onto the bed and fell asleep almost instantly. Wanting to avoid ending up like a certain, well, actually... Zane wasn't going to put that in his thoughts. That might be a bit too offensive for a public forum. Simply leaving the room, he would wish her goodnight silently as he closed her door, hoping nobody would go in with it unlocked... opening the door once again out of worry, Zane found the key to her door lying around, went outside, locked the door, then slid the key under Faye's door. Perfect! Now he didn't have to worry about someone breaking into her room or something. With one less thing left on his mind to overthink, Zane would make his way down the stairs. One thing to worry about down, only 29,011,833,219,112,355,542,071 things to go.


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