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Family Crest [Quest] [Solo]

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Family Crest || Quest

Sooner than anticipated, the tasks completed by Hiketsu on a daily basis changed from being intriguing to being completely mundane, leading the adventurer on a path of boredom. It was time to step up the game and buy a weapon that would allow him to defeat actual enemies and at the same time have an impact on the world. On the other hand, he couldn't afford a weapon unless he completed more of these annoying tasks and that's what pushed him to grab yet another job announcement from the board dedicated to average adventurers.

On this occasion, his client was not a former page in the Rune Knights, but an authentic Seated Knight. By researching him a bit, he found out the following. Known as Joachim throughout Era and among the page regiments, he was a young Seated Rune Knight who often spent his time scouting through the town, looking for anyone that needed some help. His reputation and fame was built on helping citizens no matter their background and showcasing a good heart in the process. Some pages even went as far as saying that Joachim's blind obedience of the regulations was both his strength and flaw. Nonetheless, an interesting character.

After meeting with the knight, Hiketsu received a brief summary of the situation. It seemed that the Messer family crest has gone missing, and the family honour had been lost. Joachim was tasked to retrieve it himself, but unfortunately he was also scheduled to raid a dungeon soon, therefore he needed someone else to take care of the case. He handed Hiketsu a piece of paper with the family crest drawn on it. It looked like two swans entangling their necks and judging by the shading, they could have been made of a rare material of sorts. Finding the missing family crest was now Hiketsu's responsibility.

Wordcount: 308/1000


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Standing now in the middle of Era's crowded streets, the first plan was to search around, perhaps they dropped it somewhere accidentally and no one found it. With that possibility in mind, Hiketsu started looking around every corner, behind every box, inside sewers, between patches of grass, near parks and benches, only to reach the conclusion that he was merely wasting time. Even if they did drop it by accident, it would be impossible for one person to cover the entire territory of Era. And that's how he decided to adopt plan B.

This time, being back to standing in the middle of a crowded street, Hiketsu changed his approach. Instead of searching for a nail in a haystack, he thought that asking locals would be more effective. Perhaps one of the citizens saw something and could help. He asked one person, then another and so on, until he was close to giving up and moving into plan C, but he managed to come across someone that has sighted an item similar to that crest, in the hands of a criminal a while ago. He told Hiketsu that the criminal intended to sell the crest, but the citizen refused. At the same time, the citizen remembered that Gaud would be willing to purchase anything that can be sold for profit and that Hiketsu should check there.

Now, Gaud didn't have a specific shop where he did business, but rather was constantly on feet, searching for trading opportunities. Finding him would have been difficult if it wasn't for the Citizen who, on top of the information he provided Hiketsu with so far, also remembered the whereabouts of Gaud. Hiketsu started walking towards the location described right away, intending to find Gaud with any price. It was the best lead he got all day and it would be a shame if he would return to Joseph without the crest.

Wordcount: 625/1000


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Hiketsu proceeded towards the location he was told about by the citizen. It was a small and open trading area situated between neighbourhoods, where local merchants would come to do business. According to the description the adventurer received, Gaud was a fine man with a broad back and a lengthy brown beard. He wasn't that hard to find in the crowd and, as a matter of fact, his trading stand was the most attractive of all stands.

As he approached, Hiketsu greeted Gaud and asked to talk for a few minutes about an important matter. This required a private conversation because Hiketsu did not want anyone to butt in and he also assumed that persuading Gaud would be easier away from curious eyes. Tsu started telling the story about how the Messers lost their family crest and how it was most likely stolen. He then showed the piece of paper with the drawing on it to Gaud, who agreed that it was indeed the crest he had in possession. Gaud further explained how he had no intention of getting into trouble with the Rune Knight and even admitted of purchasing the crest from a shady figure.

Shortly after, Hiketsu was given the crest and was apologised to. Gaud had no idea that the item belonged to the Messers and he said that if he knew, he would have returned it to the owners or avoid doing business in the first place. At that moment, all of the puzzle pieces seemed to fall into place. It was time for Hiketsu to return back to Joseph.

As he was walking towards the garrison where he met up with Joseph previously, Hiketsu remembered how Joseph claimed he would be busy and wouldn't be able to receive the family crest himself. After retrieving the crest, Hiketsu was supposed to move towards the gates and hand it over to one of the guards stationed there. Amid the madness he went through, the adventurer almsot forgot about this detail of importance.

While heading to the gate, Hiketsu was happy that he could complete his last job of such low ranking. If that task paid as much as Tsu assumed it could, then he would have just enough to buy himself a weapon - most likely a katana fit for a swordsman. It didn't take long for Hiketsu to reach the gates, find the guard and receive the reward, thus successfully ending his duty.  

Wordcount: 1031/1000 - FINISHED

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