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Tiny Little Thieves[Mission-Crissandra-Solo]

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#1Crissandra Clearwater 

Tiny Little Thieves[Mission-Crissandra-Solo] Empty on Fri Aug 16, 2019 7:21 am

Crissandra Clearwater
The dark forests of Era were like a second home to Crissandra as she moved under the shadowed trees on the ground. She had grown up hearing stories and songs from her Uncle about Goblins that had once scared her but now they were just child stories. She had met the Goblins of her home forest, who had a strange relationship with the wood elves. Her uncle seemed to have made great friends with the Goblins and had been helping them gain a sense of partnership with the Wood Elves, though conflicts did still happen.

But she knew better then to assume that the goblins would be friendly. She had borrowed a dark green cloak from the Rune Knight who had given out the job, Marin. It was a nice green cloak, that she had dirtied infront of him to his shock to turn it into the perfect Forest Camo. She knew that to get this job done she would have to go in stealthy and quiet.

Even though she had decided to go in stealthy and quiet, she could not help herself and as she moved she started to sing. She sang a song about goblins who were nice but dumb, who always went out of their way to help others. Her carefree nature was one of her best attributes, but it could also end up getting her into trouble. She couldn’t count the number of times she spent being chastised by her uncle by being distracted almost everytime they pulled off a prank.

This time however, it got her in a dangerous situation. She stopped as she heard the movement in the area around her. The stepping of small feet looking to ambush her as they settled into their positions. She realized her mistake and hoped she could make it out of this fine. As the young girl watched the small creatures slowly come out of the foliage. They were ugly, and not to tall. But they still managed to scare her senseless. She held her ground despite her fear and pounding heart. She moved into a better position, using her uncles tactic of letting them think they were repositioning you.

She moved quickly and with a firm lunge and a follow up punch to the forehead, even with her small strength she was able to lay out the goblin she hit before it could even respond. It let out a clogged noise from its broken nose. She could hear the other two running at her and she ducked under the first one and dodged the other as she stepped away gaining more distance from them. They werent happy she had attcked, but that didn’t stop them from trying to retaliate.

She slammed her hands together and cast a magic circle around her hands as they hit. Pullign them appart she threw a punch that summoned a large wooden log that was shaped like a beasts mouth. It soared through the air aimed at one of the goblins, but when the first goblin, the one who she had hit, suddenly reached up to try and grab her she had to move the arm controling the spell, making it turn and miss.

She cursed in her elvish tongue and canceled the spell, hitting him again with a punch.

“STAY DOWN!” she huffed out as he hitt he ground. The poor creature was out cold again as she turned to the others and resumed their fight. She dodged them skillfully despite her young age. Her Uncle had taught her how to fight and she had enjoyed learnign as much as she could about it. She summoned forth another magical circle and send out a spear of Bamboo shooting forward from her hand and slamming into one of the goblins chest, sending him back and onto his ass as she remade it, makign it shrink to a bo staff size. She swung it around slamming it against the ground as she launched herself up and slammed it into the ground barely missing the goblin who dodged. The other tried jumping on her only to miss the mark and slam his knife into the dirt inches from where her foot would have been.

She spun around and slammed the bostaff into the goblins head, hitting the base of his neck and skull unknown to her at the time. She didn’t even realize the creature had died before it hit the ground as he moved to attack the other. He tried to run away, but she didn’t allow him too. She slammed it into his chest as she let out a mighty roar and broke the staff against his chest as she hit him. He fell unconcious and badly hurt. She panted catching her breath and deactivating the spell. She started to search the goblin.

“Sorry pal. But you guys cant go stealing from people and ambushing them on the roads. You guys should be like your cousins, and be helpful to the people around you.” she said to him with the innocence that only a child of any culture could have. Luckily he had the gems, allowing her to avoid searching the other two. She smiled and stood up after counting the gems and making sure it was all there. “Perfect! This is great. “

She smiled and turned running back to the true owner of the gems. She said a goodbye to them and hoped they would be better behaved next time she met them. Unknown to her, two of the goblins were either dead or close to dying, while one of them may or may not recover from the damage done to his face. But for the young Crissandra, who knew nothing of the consequences of force, she had no idea that she had left death in her wake. All she knew was that the mission was done and that she really looked forward to seeing them again, hopefully as better goblins then she had met them as.

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