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Helping Those In Need[Mini Event][Ylva|Kutari]

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Helping Those In Need[Mini Event][Ylva|Kutari] Empty on Thu Aug 15, 2019 3:13 pm

She was tired. She didn't know how long she had been out in this heat but she could take a wild guess at it. All morning Ylva had been attending to broken bones, bloodied bodies, and damaged souls. Cries were heard through the little village outside of Era ever since those demons showed up. She heard about the demons coming over to this side and she heard that the seraphim were suppose to keep them at bay.  What she didn't realize was that everyone else would be caught up in the crossfire. " It's ok, we'll get you fixed up soon... Just trust me this will pass. "

Her words were ones of comfort, but she was honestly not too sure what would happen. She was afraid, and the only thing that kept her going was her new found friend Kutari. He was rough around the edges and a little aggressive sometime. He might not have seen her in the same light she seen him but that didn't matter when he was all she had to lean on for support. At every turn someone called out to her, cried for her prayers and healing spells to get them through the pain. Ylva was doing all she could and wondered how much more she would need to do.

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Helping Those In Need[Mini Event][Ylva|Kutari] Empty on Fri Aug 16, 2019 1:40 am

Kutari Aldrich
The coming season of the whimsical fall would begin to show it’s influence upon the midday scenery of the rural village, engrossed in a plethora of vegetation and summer bloom as the forest cornered the surrounding meadow. What looked to be a peaceful scene would house feelings of demise and regret as the recent comings of the demon incursions left their mark upon the village; various shattered souls with matching mutilated bodies would be riddled throughout the village, the torment of the supernatural ever present within the morality of the village. Having traveled to this land in hopes of carrying out his sworn duties as a Hunter and searching for the truth of his past, Kutari would’ve never imagined being contracted to aid such cannon fodder.

The weak will continue to perish until they relinquish their claims as such, however the association didn’t support Aldrich’s rather morbid views as he was instructed to aid the victims of these onslaughts however he possibly could. Accompanied by a woman that carried a supportive nature to her various actions throughout the village for this assignment, the two shared very few words due Kutari’s own lack of interest in conversing, however this seemed to bother Ylva little. She came off as a kid individual to the people of the village coming to their aid, Kutari watching with a glaring eye. The gloomy wraith figured it may be time for him to go about his own business soon as shadowing Ylva in seldom chatter since dawn was a boring task.


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Blood, bandages, weak breathing, weakened spirits. Ylva found herself taking care of a child no older than five. His arm was blown clear from his body and the shock of it should have killed him instantly, if not the blood loss of it. Ylva couldn't do anything but the mother with tears in her eyes and despair in her voice caused her to try. Ylva could feel the boy's life waning in her arms as she let her magic do what it could, had she been stronger, had her magic just been a little strong she could have at least saved the boy even if he would be living without an arm. " I'm sorry... There is nothing I can do.. " She placed her hand over his eyes to close them, looking away as her first loss settled into her. The mother screamed at the top of her longs as she mourned her child, some people taking her and the body of the child away. Ylva wiped the blood on the front of her apron, getting up to find Kutari, hoping he was having a better time of this than she was. Sadness filled her eyes but she put on a smile as best as she could when she approached him. " It's not getting any easier... How have you been holding up? "

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Helping Those In Need[Mini Event][Ylva|Kutari] Empty on Fri Aug 16, 2019 8:09 pm

Kutari Aldrich
A dull emptiness would occupy the integrity of the Hunter as the cause he swore to uphold would remain tainted, failing his duties in protecting the people who lacked the strength to protect themselves; an uneasy silence would remain between the male and village occupants as this reality shimmered right before them. The small child’s flickering light would inevitably tucker out with a shallow whail, Ylva’s attempt futile as the casualties continued to grow - a world saturated in blood and terror still at large. The ashen one’s cruel eyes would meet Ylva’s empathetic glare, his own lack there of being clear as he chose to remain ignorant to the feelings of those who suffered around him.

He would receive a question after being reunited with his partner for this ordeal, in which the figure cloaked in black garments would reply in an aloof nature, “Our efforts are wasted being assigned to a location we can’t aid the main forces. These villagers lack the aptitude to survive such a trial, in which case they were never worth the time of day outside of distracting the enemy forces. Only the strong prevail in this corrupt world, and I’d advise you to uphold those values if you wish to continue to draw breath for what’s soon to come.“ Though he spoke ill of the villager’s, he made no attempt to hamper his vocal expression as he spoke crudely and with strength, in which the villager’s looked at him with more animosity than they already had been - the morality of such a troubled boy clearly lacking.


Helping Those In Need[Mini Event][Ylva|Kutari] Empty on Sun Aug 18, 2019 12:09 am

Her eyes filled with sorrow, filled with empathy for these people in their plight settled on Kutari. She knew there were people out there who couldn't connect with another being on a level of the same understanding, people that were closer to demons in their feelings towards their fellow human. She knew and she was constantly involved with people like that so unlike the crowd of people who looked at him with disdain, she looked at him with acceptance. " Everyone deserves a chance. From the weak to the strong Kutari. These people have lives too and they deserve to live them as happily and as peacefully as they came. They have the capacity like any other to be strong if they had someone to guide them.. I think you can be that someone. "

Her words might have fallen on deaf ears but she had to try to show him the world was always as black and white as he shaded it. It was much more and the people in it made it worth living. She believed that everyone was capable of something great if they put their minds to achieving it, but that couldn't happen if they were dead just because they were looked at as " weak ". Ylva would feel a tug on her skirt and looked to see a small child bleeding from his leg. Her heart nearly broke as she bent down and healed him with her magic, only to be tugged away with him whispering something about his mother. She had more work to do it seemed, and she hoped that Kutari would help these people as best he could.

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Helping Those In Need[Mini Event][Ylva|Kutari] Empty on Sun Aug 18, 2019 2:20 am

Kutari Aldrich
Sadly this apparent utopia you describe as ‘peace and happiness’ isn’t a luxury our world is allowed to harbor, and until that unlikely day arrives these people will be nothing more than a statistic.” His spiteful words would ricochet throughout the surrounding growing crowd, the beacon of hope the village bestowed as their savior showing their true colors, capitalizing on the overpowering point was attempting to make: The weak will continue to assume their position. Even now they relied on others to save themselves, not using such a catastrophe to their own benefit, becoming utterly useless like a pup to their master whimpering for a meal.

As Kutari would look longingly into the open scenario quite some distance away, in a captivating trance of sorts, his attention would return as he witnessed the kindhearted girl being taken away by some villagers boy that likely would die soon enough. It seemed there would be no use even conversing with the feeble girl as she clearly held true to her ideals as he did himself, however he would have no interest in lounging around all day doing absolutely nothing. Thus what brought him to the open fields nearby the village, sword in hand as he began to train as a growing crowd formed, a combination of awe centered with resentment towards the blunt vigilante. The spectacle he would continue to perform his training regime as some of those who took his words to heart would gather to take notes, or pick up tricks the trained combatant learned during his own lessons.


Helping Those In Need[Mini Event][Ylva|Kutari] Empty on Mon Aug 19, 2019 9:06 am

"My mama.. She was just picking veggi.. help " the small child that pulled her into a tent and towards a woman with both of her arms ripped off began to cry upon seeing his mother again. It was nothing for her at this point. Her eyes held sadness but she could not cry. The village would have fallen to ruin and it's people decimated had it not been for people like her, she had to be strong for those who were weak. It seemed someone was there to at least bandage up the stubs of the woman's arms. This would help Ylva immensely because at least she could heal it enough to where it would close the wound cleanly. The woman would have to worry little about infections killing her with Ylva here.

" Will my mommy be ok? " The little voice asked as Ylva got to work removing one bandage from one of the arms and letting her sacred water magic do it's job. The mana filled water covered the stub, cleaning it of the blood and slowly but surely speeding up the healing process while killing any pain the woman might have. "Yes Your mommy will be ok. but for now on she'll need all your help when she get's better. " Ylva turned to smile a little at the boy before turning back to the woman.

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Helping Those In Need[Mini Event][Ylva|Kutari] Empty on Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:03 pm

Kutari Aldrich
The growing crowd of viewers wishing to appreciate the spectacle Kutari was showcasing became a captivating nuisance to his psyche. He had little to no intent upon helping the hopeless in any shape or form, despite how he was assigned to do as such. He figured the Hunter’s Association would scold Kutari for his actions as they were meant to be something reminiscent of a beacon of hope for those who wished to survive the peril of the demonic arts, however the rebellious hunter cared little for their resentment and disdain. It was clear from the start of Kutari’s training under their care that he was deprived of a proper moral compass after being enslaved for so long, the demons properly altering his mentality towards that of their kind. What he fought so hard to subdue truly being himself under a certain light.

Kutari would continue to train however, as it seemed as if they had no intention upon getting involved with his routine as they learned themselves. It even so that the small children would pick up sticks and begin to mimic what Kutari was doing. Noticing their lack of finesse he would scold them about how to properly utilize the technique grudgingly, before going back to his own efforts periodically.


Helping Those In Need[Mini Event][Ylva|Kutari] Empty on Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:21 pm

She did all she could do and in the end she hoped it was worth something. She didn't know it but this hardened her, not in a way that she would be unkind to her fellow man, but in a way that it only strengthened her resolve to grow stronger so that she could help them in any way she could. It broke her to see the many broken bodies and sad spirits, it broke her to not be able to do much for those who passed on. She hated the demons for doing this, she hated that they took advantage of the weak with no regard to life. They were evil, it was as simple as that, their actions opened her eyes to a world where they needed to be gotten rid of. But this anger was not only reserved for the demons, it was for the Seraphim as well who failed to protect mankind and in some cases only helped harm it. She was conflicted she thought they were made in the real of Illumin and wanted to protect humans, but she could see that she was wrong. Packing up her things she vowed to grow strong and she knew the man to help her. Making her way to Kutari she watched him for a moment before calling out his name, telling him it was time to move on. The villagers thanked them and with what they could paid them before the two departed.


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Helping Those In Need[Mini Event][Ylva|Kutari] Empty on Fri Aug 23, 2019 1:43 am

Kutari Aldrich
A bit more time would pass as Kutari began to see that his companion would return from her sudden travels with the young villager to wherever they may have gone, he had done about enough helping the people of the village in his own unique way. Though he hadn’t seen it as such and cared little for his actions, at the very least he could report back to the association with something of merit, albeit he’ll be haggling the truth in actuality. Secluding himself from his routine with a cooldown intermission before returning to the side of Ylva, it seemed she had little words to share as she was taken in thought by whatever she was tasked to do.

The demons nearby wreaked havoc of this village and harmed many, many weaklings were defeated to humor the strong and those who survived would inevitable perish. Kutari would begin to leave the village with that ideology in mind, not a faint remark of pity or care upon his expression as it seemed their job was complete. He respected the strength of the demons despite loathing their very existence, wishing to gather enough strength to one day combat them himself. The travel back home would be a bleak one, with the eccentric duo once again having little to comment upon given the current nature of affairs.


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