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Mad Shopping [Quest] [Solo]

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Mad Shopping || Quest

Another day, another job. Lately this phrase became particularly descriptive of Hiketsu's schedule throughout the week. Given how his application's processing took much longer than expected, the most he could do is complete several quests on a daily basis. They were a stable source of income and, if anything, they allowed him to practice a variety of skills he was not aware of previously. On this occasion, his client was not an inhabitant of the slums, nor an aristocrat of sorts, but simply an old man with a distinct reputation.

Going by the name "Hugo", Hiketsu rendezvous'd with the man near the entrance of his laboratory. Hugo was an elderly man who enjoyed science and was definitely terrific at practicing it. His researches were officially recognised and funded by the Magic Council of Fiore, which meant no one could question the quality of his work, nor did he enjoy hearing other opinions on it.

Hiketsu greeted the scientist and right away received a piece of paper with a list written on it. It was a list of items Hugo was in need of, as well as their location. Willing to hear more details, Hiketsu attempted to the man for more information, but what he received instead was a scoff. Hugo acted like the adventurer already left and ignored him, probably because the task was straight-forward and didn't require any additional clarification.

The first stop on the list was a hardware store located not too far away from the laboratory. Hiketsu walked there in roughly 30 minutes, only to head into the store and find a massive package waiting for him. According to the shop owner, the package contained a variety of hardware parts that were rather sensitive to movement. Hiketsu realised there's no way he would carry the package around while picking up the other items on the list, therefore he considered it a good idea to return to Hugo first and then continue his task. Getting back to the old man wasn't as easy as getting to the hardware store, seeing how even for Hiketsu the package weighted a bit too much. A 30 minute walk turned into an one hour walk and he had to apologise to Hugo and explain why he is back and ensure him that the package did not suffer any damage from all the carrying. No one wanted to receive broken hardware, after all.

Wordcount: 400/1000

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The next few items on the list were slightly unusual for a scientist. Hiketsu wasn't sure if he had the right list, because it said he was supposed to pick up whipped cream, cooking oil, and candles. The list suddenly turned into a groceries one and

As he departed from Hugo's laboratory once again, Hiketsu checked the list to see what was next. This time, the items were rather unusual, especially for a reticent scientist like Hugo was. The adventurer even questioned if he had the right list while reading out loud the ingredients he was supposed to find. Whipped cream, cooking oil and candles. From his knowledge, none of the three had any technical appliance, but science is science. After all cooking is a science too and if Hugo wanted to bake a cake, Hiketsu couldn't judge it.

Nearby, there was a groceries store and Hiketsu decided to check out if they had any of the three ingredients. Fortunately, they had both whipped cream and candles, but they were missing the cooking oil. The adventurer paid for the ingredients and asked if there was any other grocery store in the immediate vicinity. As it turned out, there was another one right by the corner and they even had cooking oil. Now having all of the required ingredients, Hiketsu decided to head back to Hugo once again, to make room for what was coming next. Having read through the entire list, now it seemed more like a list of gorceries meant for a party of sorts, not necessarily for a scientist. The third item on the list was a dog and finding it might have been trickier than the rest.

Nevertheless, Hiketsu walked back to Hugo and gave him the three ingredients. Before leaving, he double-checked with Hugo if a white dog was indeed what he wanted and Hugo simply noded, instead of replying normally.

Wordcount: 715/1000


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The most difficult part was now left towards the end of the task. The last item on the list being the most unusual among the four: a dog, and not just any dog, a dog whose fur has a specific shade of white. Hugo was looking for a perfectly white dog, either for himself or as a present towards someone he cares about. The old man, in spite of his cold demeanour, was likely capable of having feelings and Hiketsu simply assumed, based on the list he received, that the old man wanted to host a surprise party. Maybe he had nephews or relatives and their birthday was coming up.

Unlike the previous items, this one took much longer to come into possession of. It must have taken Hiketsu somewhere near three hours to find the perfectly white dog, after searching up multiple pet stores. Towards the end of the day, he did find a dog matching Hugo's interests and as he started walking back to the laboratory with the dog next to him, Hiketsu realized that he forgot to pick up additional accessories for the dog, such as food bowls, water bowls and a leash. A detour at the end of the day was rather painful and exhausting, but the adventurer had no choice. He returned to the pet shop where he found the dog and asked for the necessary accessories to take care of the dog.

In the end, Hiketsu successfully delivered the dog and the accessories required back to Hugo, who seemed to be working hard on something in the meantime. He did not respond to Hiketsu, but instead gave him a grunt of approval and pointed at the reward on the table, which was waiting for the adventurer. Tsu picked it up and then left, ending yet another job.

Wordcount: 1018/1000 - FINISHED

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