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The Song of The Soulful.(Aria)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

The Song of The Soulful.(Aria) Empty on Wed Aug 14, 2019 4:19 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed fate and a bit of chance would lead Judith way, however on her own still. She had asked Anders to return home by himself much to his slight annoyance, Judith however had her reason. Era was not something she thought or assumed any of it. Judith then remembered for a moment this was the Rune Knight main area, She had nothing to fear unless some one really knew. Fate was telling her to be here and some one would meet her.

But Judith had to think of something to pass the time while she walked."You can't explain why your whole life~"Her slow walking Judith would be singing a song to herself yet again as she always did when alone with not one to talk about or was trying to focus on anything."is lying down on this shoreline~"That perfect singing voice in practice along Judith's normal way of being able to speak and make things sound so mystical Judith was seemed to be having a normal day now.

The always so personal words she sung was still always like there was a story behind her songs that no one had tried to figure out."You feel no pain~"Maybe this one was about how her life and how it had many turns at one point."Just float above~"Every once and a while Judith would get a look from people every once and a while."All live and let go~" nothing had still caught her eye, like fates calling had reached her yet."See from above~"Judith stopped singing for a moment to look around her, She felt like something was that calling to her for a moment but alas maybe it was not quite there yet, But she paused her song for a moment.

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Just another day of being a Rune Knight, the young-looking wood elf had just finished up all the paperwork that was left on her desk and was ready to head out on patrol. She reported to her superior then left headquarters to see if all was peaceful in the streets of Era. After walking around for a good half hour, she felt her stomach sink with a rather loud grumble. The green-haired woman had forgotten to eat breakfast this morning and now it was lunchtime. As much as Aria hated taking breaks while on patrol, she wouldn't be able to properly perform her duties on an empty stomach. So, reluctantly, she headed into her usual cafe to pick up some food-to-go so she wouldn't have to spend time dawdling about in a cafe when she could be keeping the peace.

She ordered a chicken salad sandwich and a bottle of water from the counter. Ten minutes later she received her food, paid and left. Aria took the sandwich out of the paper bag and took a bite then opened the water bottle to take a sip. She repeated this process over and over all while keeping her eyes peeled for any suspicious individuals or activity.

There was no rest for the wicked much less for the good. As she went around, the wood elf heard a sweet singing voice that gave her a weird sense of nostalgia. Without even thinking, Aria headed in the direction the voice was coming from. To the Rune Knight's surprise, it was a short purple-haired woman with a gentle demeanor. Upon seeing this woman, Aria once again felt that weird sense of nostalgia.

The wood elf's mind flashbacked to the day her granddaughter told her she didn't want to have anything with her because she couldn't accept how Aria didn't age at the same rate as her and the rest of their family. It wasn't like Aria wanted to be this way. It was her fate as a different species, it was already heart wrenching enough when her husband passed away way before her. Without realizing it, a tear had streamed down her cheek. The Rune Knight with struck with the certain urge to talk to the purple-haired woman.

So Aria quickly approached her, however, given how socially inept the wood elf was, all she could manage to do was tap her on the shoulder and say; "Excuse me, ma'am, may I ask why you're singing out loud like this in public?" That wasn't at all what Aria wanted to say but, she was so god damn awkward, it was all she could manage. At least she could hide her embarrassment well.

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#3Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
So finally fate's call knocked before Judith, All that was asked had a simple answer."For sometimes, weary souls need to hear solace within the owes of their minds.Judith answer in her own motherly and peaceful way."Unless laws have changed for it to no longer free for me to do so?"Judith asked so calmly about it.

Reality seemed to be different it was an odd situation to be in, Judith reached over to this new  face had approached her but with a tear along her face and touch the very are of her face were tear was, the line of water was still there Judith knew she had the small tear had been and ran her thumb along the path of the tear and wiping it away."Was it from sadness and suffering?"Judith asked the very woman she knew well of."Or The wind?"Judith asked in her in a super curious manner because people being made was just a something she never enjoyed at all, Judith also just kind of comforted strangers so normally it was kind of just second nature to her.

She laughed about the wind but also seemed super curious about her."An elf is something I never saw before, then again a life for a hermit you assume you see a lot more most people do to start with."Judith was interested about being in front an elf she was rather pretty and showed a lot more grace then Judith would normally."But living in the woods just nature and yourself, Other races were rarer then animal my eyes would spy."Judith was at least trying to be polite and carry a conversation. Aria could see that Judith had a cane and a broken leg for the moment.

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