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Cannibal Lecter [Q]

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Cannibal Lecter [Q] Empty on Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:26 am

Kaiser was in luck because decided to keep the dagger that she bought for the previous mission. Now she had signed herself up for another head hunting job, in which she was supposed to bring back the head of the enemy, who had apparently taken the daughter of some old man. She had not read the details carefully. The only thing that attracted her to such an annoying task, was the money reward that was written at the bottom of the request paper. She could not just skip over such a rewarding request. It was fairly easy, too, in truth.

Plucking off the request paper from the request board that she was standing at, the sorceress turned on her heels and began walking in the direction of her hotel. She needed to go back to get the dagger first since she did not bring it with her. To tell the truth, she had not planned to take a request that involved any kind of violence, in the beginning. She was just going to go with one of those easy missions where she had to flower some plants or take a dog out for a walk, or something similar to those.

After arriving back at her hotel, she pulled out the drawer of her bedside table and retrieved the little dagger. She had cleaned it after using it the last time, so it was nice and shiny. Now all she needed to do was change into appropriate clothes for the job. She wanted to wear clothes in which she would not be easily spotted. Since it was almost nightfall, she picked out a dark outfit and tied her hair up into a ponytail and tucked the ponytail into the back of her top. Picking up everything she needed, she headed out.

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Since it was still kinda in the middle of summer, the days were long, and the nights were short. It took a while for the light of the sun to die out, and the sky to darken completely, only to be littered with little lights that gave barely a fraction of illumination that the sun could provide. Though this was an advantage for her to sneak around and have a higher chance of not getting caught. The first thing she had to do was get to the location where the stuff that were mentioned in the request sheet were happening.

There was a letter attached to the request paper that had the details of where the missing girl told his father she was headed to. Apparently it was a campsite and the girl never returned and Kaiser was pretty sure the girl was dead by now. There was no way someone could survive after such a long time of being missing. She was either dead or in another country, being a slave to some fat rich man. What was even worse? She could be a sex slave by now. The thought suddenly made Kaiser feel a little burst of anger.

After walking for about thirty minutes, she could see that she was going to the right direction. There was a little broken sign attached to a tree and the words on it were barely readable, but she could make out the name of the woods that she was supposed to go to. Valdra Woods. The name was pretty weird to be honest, it did not sound Fiorian, but maybe it was named by a foreigner after discovering it himself, or herself. After having made sure that she was going the right direction, Kaiser kept walking into the woods with caution.

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Of course there were not many clues that she was able to pick up along her way. This was not some stupid film where the protagonist finds like seventeen clues to a mystery and miraculously figures out who the culprit because that’s how poorly the culprit executed their plan. Anywho, so Kaiser was here in the dangerous woods where girls were being abducted. Kaiser was not scared though. She was very sure that if danger presented itself in any shape or form, she was capable of fending it off on her own though she couldn’t hear anything at this moment.

False, there were many sounds that filled the eerie night, but they were in the back of her head. Her focus was undivided as she searched for any and all clues she could find. In the attached paper with the information provided by the victim’s grandfather, he described what she had worn on that day. Maybe he thought that pieces of her clothes could be left to be found by the person taking this request? Kaiser just thought that he was being...a little too hopeful. She was sure that there was no way she could bring the girl back.

Kaiser imagined that, if she was in his place, she would be satisfied if the culprit was punished by death as well. An eye for an eye, right? Even though she was not sure if the girl was actually dead or not, it was the more likely situation. It was written in the request sheet too that bringing back the head of the culprit would be enough. Just as she was thinking about that, she noticed a piece of cloth hanging from a sharp twig on the tree she almost walked past. Seriously now? Just like in those stupid movies?

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The cloth matched the description that the client gave perfectly, so she knew that it belonged to the girl who was missing. She plucked it off the tree that it was hanging from and stashed it in her pocket. She did not expect to find any more clues, nor did she feel like searching for any more clues because this was good enough proof to Kaiser that the girl had been taken in these woods. Now it was payback time, and Kaiser’s job was to get the client what he wanted, which was the head of the culprit. Somewhat savage.

While it was fun and games to look around for clues, soon Kaiser came to a part of the woods where she spotted two guards patrolling the area. What were they patrolling here for? She did not read anything about them in the details of the request, so she assumed they were there for another reason. Her vampiric abilities allowed her to be sneaky and eavesdrop on the guards’ conversation. It was about the stuff going on down...here...as in the Valdra Woods? Listening more carefully, she realised they were probably talking about the person who took the girl!

This was the perfect moment to strike since the information they provided was enough for her to draw conclusions. With the dagger that she brought, the vampire snuck up on the guards and slit the throat of one of them. She did not want anyone around to witness her bloody work. So she took the head of the first guard before she turned towards the remaining guard, who began to whimper in fear. “A scaredy-cat are ya?” she said, wiping the blood off her dagger on the clothes of the dead guard. She then advanced towards the other patrol guard.

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The other guard whimpered like a scared little puppy, afraid for his life. Kaiser knew that there was no use keeping him alive, but she was kind of enjoying the moment. “Please...please,” he pleaded. He was hugging himself, as if he was afraid of her touching him or something. The most ridiculous thing about this was that he was so afraid to fight back. Were they even guards? Should they not have had some kind of training before doing this kind of work? She could not help her curiosity. She wanted to know why he was so freaking scared.

“What’s the matter? They didn’t train you for situations like this?” she said, twisting her wrists to make mini slashing motions with her dagger. The guard shook his head rapidly, making Kaiser laugh out loud. “Well that’s good. That makes it easier for me!” She advanced towards the guard who tried to move back, but he was trembling too much it was like he was having a seizure. Kaiser made a slashing motion towards him and that caused him to yelp and fall backwards, hitting his head against a tree. “Oh...cornered now,” she laughed. The guard began to cry.

“Please, please don’t hurt me. I’m not even an actual guard, you know. The reason that I’m here...you won’t believe it, but it’s true. I was sent here as punishment for suspicion of fraud. I am here to patrol these woods for six months! I am not the person you are looking to kill…”

The sorceress of course, didn’t care about any of the things he was saying. It was starting to get a bit annoying with all the pleading, so she took no time to slice off his head with her dagger before he could say another word.

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Kaiser cleaned her dagger again before giving the bodies a final look. Now it was time to look for the real culprit. With the information she gathered from eavesdropping the patrol guards who turned out to actually be bureaucrats, she was able to confirm that what was rumored to be happening in these woods, was actually happening. Seriously, she could not believe that a cannibal was living somewhere in these woods. Did he eat here as well? Being an ordinary human being, Kaiser could not help but feel slightly grossed out by his choice of dining area. It was just nasty, and unhygienic.

Without further investigation, Kaiser started looking for the hiding place of the cannibal. Where could someone who likes to eat their own species be hiding at? Of course she could not even start to think of where that place could be, because as mentioned above, she was just an ordinary human being with magic powers. There was a very eerie silence that was really...eerie. Sometimes a random noise would come out of nowhere, making the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. They sounded like animals were dying or just squealing in pain.

The only sound that broke the silence as of now, was the sound of her feet rustling the fallen leaves as she traversed the forest that—for anyone who had a weak heart—creepy as fuck. They would probably pee in their pants. Imagining such a situation made her scrunch up her nose in disgust. You could say that she was slightly distracted from the task at hand at this point, because the woods went on forever and she still could not find the human who had been eating other humans. She regretted killing the guards too soon. Now she needed information.

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If she did not kill the guards right after they spilled the information concerning cannibalism in the woods, there was a chance that she could have found out where exactly it was happening. Those two so-called patrol guards did everything but patrol or guard the place, but they were mostly talking shit. Kaiser kept away her dagger for now, since she felt like it was going to be a while until she found out where the culprit was hiding. The longer she roamed in these woods, the longer it seemed to take for the day to pass. It felt like time had been stretched out while she was here.

It did not take long for her to realise that the shadows of the trees were falling towards the east, meaning that it was almost nightfall. “Really?” she mumbled, annoyed at how just now she was thinking about how slow the day was going, and now it was almost sunset. It was like time was playing with her mind, she was losing control of her own mind, as if she was under some kind of spell. Although, it was not a spell. She was just really hungry and thirsty...and she had been walking around for hours now.

The weather was pretty hot today, and even though she was under the shade of the many trees of Valdra woods, she could still feel the heat. Soon, she could not take it anymore. She took off the top layer of her clothes, and tied it around her waist. Her hair was up in a ponytail and now she was really determined to find the cannibal. Not because she was motivated or anything, but because she wanted to go home. It was getting so boring and hot, she just couldn’t bear it anymore.

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Walking around looking for something with a hunger and thirst for water that was growing nonstop was really torture. She just wanted to be done with it, to be quite honest. The point of completion for this mission would be when she delivered the head of the culprit—in this case, the cannibal—to the client, who lost his granddaughter to cannibalism, which was sad really. But Kaiser had already decided that she would reveal to him the cause of her death. She figured that it was the best option. Some other people would have probably thought of something a bit less painful to say to the old man, but for Kaiser, that was the kind of pretense she wanted to avoid.

After circling a well like a stupid vulture, the sound of some rocks moving snapped her out of her little episode of daydreaming. This was the first time she was hearing anything like that, because all she heard this whole time was her feet making the fallen leaves rustle, and animals squealing in the far distance. Wait a minute...it was coming from...inside the well? Kaiser rushed to look down into the well, and realised that it was not that deep at all. She caught sight of something moving down there, and moved away.

She did not want her enemy to see her. A well, though? Seriously? It just got worse and worse, the more she found out about this cannibal. She was really doing the world a favor by getting rid of him. The well did not smell like rotting dead bodies, so she wondered if she was actually correct in assuming that whoever was moving in the well was the culprit. Then, she heard footsteps coming from behind her. Oh dear, how many of them were there!?

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Kaiser turned swiftly on her heels, bringing out her dagger while she did so and faced the owner of the footsteps. He was wearing a hooded top and had bandages all over his face and hands like a mummy. Kaiser was really curious to know why he was all wrapped up like that. He had a crazy look on his face too, like he wanted to eat Kaiser...and then it clicked. This guy right here was the cannibal she was looking for. Of course he was not in the well. What the hell was she thinking, right? I mean, who eats in a well?

Then slowly, the mummy wannabe inched closer and Kaiser could not help but blurt out, “Hey, if you have some kind of skin disease, I would really appreciate it if you stayed away. You’re going to die by the way, so I would rather your disease die with you.” There was no response from the enemy’s side, so she assumed he could not speak, or did not know how to communicate verbally. Maybe cannibals were like that. Who knows? Although what Kaiser said seemed to have struck a nerve because he lurched forward, trying to grab Kaiser but she was quick enough to evade that.

“What’s your name? I’ll spell it out on the back of your skull, like a nice little engraving,” she chuckled. She was having some fun now. This is part of the reason she did not have many friends, though. Another grab with his filthy hands. The next time, he tried to pounce on her but she was able to dodge that as well, and with one swift movement, slashed off his head from his body, successfully decapitating the cannibal. She immediately wiped the blood off her dagger on his clothes.

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Thank god she brought a bag to put in the head. She quickly did so, because she did not want to touch the cannibal’s head for more than five seconds. After tightly sealing off the bag, she headed back to where she would deliver the head to the client. She was prepared to deliver the information of how his granddaughter died as well. After leaving the Valdra woods, she made a stop to buy a drink. It would have been really weird to sit down and drink or eat something with the head of a dead man in a bag with her, so she decided to just get a drink for now.

With the honey-lemon tea that she just bought in one hand and the bag with the head in another, Kaiser kept walking until she reached the house of the old man who had requested for this job. He seemed quite delighted to see her, it was really weird, because what she was bringing him was a head. As soon as he saw her, he told her to come into his house, which she did, because she had something to say to him. He immediately grabbed the bag and looked into it—a look of evil satisfaction flashed over his face for a split second. Then he brought her the reward for the request and thanked her dearly.

“He ate your granddaughter,” she blurted out. She could not find the right time because the old man just could not stop speaking. This piece of information, however, made him shut up immediately. “Yeah, and not in the good way...know what I’m saying? He was a cannibal.” That was all that she said. Without further ado, she departed from the old man’s humble abode, leaving him wide eyed and utterly speechless.

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