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Escorting and Guarding [Solo] [Mini-Event] [Quest]

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Escorting and Guarding [Solo] [Mini-Event] [Quest] Empty on Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:09 am


Escorting and Guarding || Mini Event

Hiketsu returned to the Headquarters of the Rune Knight to check on his still processing registration form. It seemed that signing up was not as straight forward as one would expect, especially for a foreigner like the adventurer was. He approached the nice lady at the registration table again, only to receive an explanation regarding how foreign applicants must go through intensive background checks, to make sure there are no ill intentions hidden away or questionable pasts. In Hiketsu's case, a questionable past could be the main aspect which would result in his application being declined or processed for longer. He was, after all, a samurai who disrespected tradition and instead of committing seppuku when his lord died, chose to walk away towards a new - even better life.

Understanding the situation at hand and how patience was a virtue, Hiketsu decided to grab another announcement from the jobs board. Now facing the board, he couldn't help but notice how there were still people in need of training. Instructing a small group in the slums must have not been as impactful as he intended. He thought he needed to try something different, perhaps shifting his attention towards the higher class temporarily. In spite of a fundamental antipathy towards the snobbism of higher social classes, acting like assisting them wouldn't make a change wasn't the smartest idea. With that in mind, he extended his arm and grabbed the announcement which read "Escorting, Guarding & Warding".

Unlike the previous job which requested his presence in the slums, escorting the ones whose noses were in the air required presence in the expensive neighbourhoods of Era. Ideally, Hiketsu would need to dress for the occasion, but he chose to wear a simple and casual kimono. It was crafted by an average tailor he met in Stella, which meant higher classes were bound to look at him with superiority - exactly what he wanted. Making his way to the neighbourhood where his clients were, Hiketsu realised what a different life higher class was. The streets seemed recently built, the buildings were renovated and there was no sign of trash. As for the pedestrians, they were all dressed in aristocratic outfits probably tailored by famous craftsmen.

Wordcount: 368/1000


Escorting and Guarding [Solo] [Mini-Event] [Quest] Empty on Wed Aug 14, 2019 3:38 am


Soon enough, Hiketsu reached the building where he was supposed to pick up his client from. It was a large house with an almost medieval architecture. The exterior was painted in cold colours that reminded the adventurer of the night sky back in Joya. The building also had a small garden on the side with a formal feel to it, perhaps that's where the aristocrats hosted brunches or other events that required an open space. As he entered the building and walked up the stairs, he found himself in an average-sized, rectangular dining room/living room combo with matching wooden, metal and plastic furniture. The dining seating was cushioned and the living seating was plush. The floor, as expected from a medieval building, was old oak wood and the walls were papered. In terms of light, the room was not too bright and the only light sources were the table lamps and the ceiling light. All of these were analyzed by Hiketsu without leaving the door frame area, he did not intend to be impolite towards the higher class, as much as he disliked their likes.

After requesting permission to walk in, Hiketsu was greeted by a voice coming from the other room. As the adventurer approached, he finally met his client. It was an eldery man who had grey, short hair which slightly covered a full, worried face. The amber eyes looked concealed within their sockets. There was also a mark stretching from just under the right eye, possibly left by a sword, running towards the tip of the nose and ending under the right eye. As the client stood there, in an ordinary position, Hiketsu couldn't help but notice the unusually strong frame for an elder.

There was without a doubt something enticing about him, perhaps the comfortable vibes or perhaps simply his disposition, but nonetheless, Hiketsu spent time socializing with him. During their dialogue, the client explained how he required protection from an unknown stalker and how not even the Rune Knights bother with such small cases, no matter how threatened the people felt. Even Hiketsu thought that dealing with a stalker wasn't worth his time, but he had no other choice, after walking there and meeting the client.

Wordcount: 740/1000


Escorting and Guarding [Solo] [Mini-Event] [Quest] Empty on Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:26 am


The following hours of the day were spent with the old man, who told Hiketsu about his youth. It seemed that his client was, in fact, a former Rune Knight, or - well - a former Page. According to the old man, ranking up from Page was something not many managed to do. It was similar to a pyramid structure, where the more you go up, the less people you find in each rank. The old man could have counted on his fingers the amount of Kingsguard there are, if he wanted to, but he didn't, because apparently he did not really enjoy their company.

When Hiketsu grabbed the job announcement, he expected to be treated like a slave by some high-horse aristocrat, but it seemed that the odds were in his favour. The whole day was more of a captivating dialogue with a veteran than a day of work. He did not expect to turn the whole guarding idea, which was without a doubt a chore, into something constructive. Either way, Hiketsu was curious to find out why the old man required protection. If he was such a seasoned veteran, even if no more than a former page, he should still be able to protect himself, in spite of his age. It turns out the old man was actually being guarded by Hiketsu from an unexpected thread to the adventurer - the old man's wife.

For a brief second, Hiketsu couldn't help but laugh, he found it amusing how his client went as far as posting a job announcement and offering a reward to any random adventurer who decided to protect him... from his wife. Either way, Hiketsu was glad he accepted the task, because he had the chance to meet an rather interesting character. His client politely thanked him for his assistance and paid Hiketsu for his services, not before confirming that it was indeed an amusing situation, but one that couldn't be helped.

Wordcount: 1053/1000 - Finished

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