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Illugi Strongstone

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Name: Illugi Strongstone

Age: Year 50 - August 13th, X737

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergan Dwarf

Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergan Dwarf

Class: Warrior

Profession: Forger - END, CON: Illugi is rather inexperienced in item craft, however so. His father is ingenious in the art. Illugi is set to take up the mantle slowly but surely over time. This causes him to be somewhat bratty when he sees lackluster items in the Fioran world. His reputation precedes him however, and the boy is notably many times better than a "human" blacksmith.  

Race: Dwarf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Mode: Nightmare

Tattoo: Burgundy - Shoulder-blade

Face: Regu - Within The Abyss


Height: 4ft

Weight: 120lbs.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Amber

Overall: Illugi is short, standing at the hip of most other people. This is because Illugi is not human, and even for his own race, is still very young. While the age gap far surpasses most people around him, he has lived barely a tenth of his lifetime. Illugi is too young for the moment to grow into his beard; and while he sees that as a great honor, he is partly glad he does not have one. That's because Illugi is thin for a dwarf, he has a belly, but he isn't as stoic as the rest of his kinfolk. Often enough, Illugi is bullied for having a childish or feminine frame. His eyebrows grow tilted seeming to match his bratty personality, and he has facial tattoos, to symbolize his place in the Strongstone family. Illugi is infamous for wearing a cape, and melting down the gear he wears to fit his usual get-up.

Extra: Face Tattoos.


Personality: Childish, but intelligent. Illugi stands out from a crowd of dwarves. Both for his inventive individuality, and the few traits that truly speak unique for a dwarven warrior. He believes humans to be incompetent in their ability to create, and also holds a bead of resentment for having to be so short next to them. Illugi has been a kid longer than most humans have been adults, he has grown to watch human children become old men. This makes it hard for him to get close to humans because he knows they wither away very fast. In secret, he views this as a beautiful magical process. They can be so powerful-- rival Gods if they truly desire it, and then be gone in the snap of the finger if Father Time says it be. On top of that fascination with Humans, Illugi sees human women as far more attractive, and on top of this. Thinks they make far worse mothers, not that a centuries old mother compared to a mom of barely two decades should count. Illugi has a boyish nature in the fact, he loves to peep, and use his small "unassuming" body to cop feels and perv on unsuspecting women. Illugi is mischievous, but is a source of true good nature. He does not steal from the poor, but would give the clothes off his back to children of any race. He is what his people call, a Earth Angel because he is one of the few dwarves who would die for humanity, or elves; without desiring pay or anything in return. Illugi fears that he will never really obtain the love of a female because he is seen as weak or girly next to other Dwarves, and small or childish next to other races, this can depress him at times, but he knows that someday he will have a beard. And a family to call his own.


  • Stones, Metals, Ores: Like a curious animal, Illugi hunts for beautiful ores to create exotic gears and clothing, or architecture with. He is fond of Moonstones, Meteorite, and Marble just to name a few things.
  • Passion: Illugi is very hush about it, but he thinks a lot about Love. What it means... and how he can give it to others, whether it be just be compassion, empathy, kindness, or something a little more.


  • Height Differences: Illugi is insecure about being short, and not just that. He's short even for a dwarf, so you can imagine that he probably feels inferior.
  • Abaddon: Illugi hates destruction. Especially if it entails to innocent lives, the heart, or anything one has put their heart's into-- such as their creations.


  • Justness: Illugi might fight off the subject, but he is carried by unrelenting senses for justice and heroism. He strikes down the wicked, irregardless of the dangers he faces. His clan believes the Stone is responsible for having carved this into him.


  • Breaking: Literally, Illugi believes he is an ore which was carved from Stone in the Soulforge and given life. He is under the impression that doing harm to others for no reason will cause cracks in his being. And, as horrible as it sounds, this has allowed others to say awful things to him for most of his life.
  • Dishonor: Illugi dreams of becoming the next Dwarf Hero, the next Dhurain. With such pride on his shoulders, he is vindictive, and if he loses? He makes it a personal war with whatever has defeated him. His resolve is unwavering.


Magic Name: N/A

Magic Element: N/A

Magic Description: N/A


History: Fifty years ago, Illugi's parents fell in love. Praying to the Stone for a child to inherit the family's duties, their son was born into the clan. He was small, as all dwarves were but the Strongstones anticipated he would be a mighty warrior. Able to strike down the most powerful Orcs and Goblins in the realm. They soon learned their baby would be special, it just hadn't occurred to them yet how. He was raised in doors, around the ores and the metals from which his father gained notoriety. This made him the inventive type early on, but he was beginning to look like a runt. Other dwarf kids couldn't stand Illugi because, well, he just didn't like people. He did; but he couldn't be bothered when he wanted to be alone. by alone, he meant with his father. In the forge. Illugi never really got a chance to touch a lot of the stuff, but he watched. He developed understanding that others didn't, and so despite being inexperienced... He was pretty good at what he knew. When Illugi was twenty-five in human years, a village outpost made a Call to Arms, it had been sung their end was coming by the Orc rivals, so the Dwarves raised their shields and the coalitions united.

It was during this time, the little dwarf got to meet his first humans, they were all so captivated by his tiny body and "age" compared to theirs, but alas, he was brought along for the Raid. He met many of these "medium-giants," learning what he could of their culture. But like all things, humans die, they lacked the same strength his daddy had. He had to see them off with their names unsung, on the front lines. This made Illugi mature-- for he knew that death was a ready avarice, and he knew that life for Humans was much too swift. They were gone in an instant. He told himself they were hopeless, to help his heart get through the storm.

Illugi went back home-- he never saw them slaughtered but he carried the humans with his memories. Underneath the mountains Illugi remained, for another twenty five years, but he was growing impatient and wanted to adventure, he told his mother he would return wealthy, powerful, rich with ingots, and kissed her goodbye. Illugi's father was a different story, they had a small escalation before the tiny dwarf boy left, and one month later, Illugi has not went home to apologize. But his father would understand. He decided to himself, if he couldn't become something on his own. Then he simply was not Dwarf, and Dhurain would never smile down on him. His ambitions, and his faith in The Stone, carry him forward. Across a boat to the Realm of Fiore...

Reference: N/A

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Hello there, I'll be reviewing your application.

  • Ethnicity means nationality i.e. Fiorian, Sinese, Joyan, etc, so please edit the ethnicity of Illugi's parents.
  • Please add the attributes that you want for your Profession.

When Illugi was twenty-five in human years, a Rune Knight outpost made a Call to Arms, it had been sung their end was coming by the Orc rivals, so the Dwarves raised their shields and the coalitions united.

  • This part of your history suggests that there was a war between orcs and dwarves that involved the government of Fiore as well, therefore it is not valid for the forum and should be edited.

Bump when edits have been made.

m a t r i a r c h y

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For a pretty lady, you're a grumbly grump!


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Vali Onfroy †
Cute so cute I want to eat his face.

This character application has been approved.

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