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Mind of a Fox [Manzo]

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#51Lee Nakamura 

Mind of a Fox [Manzo] - Page 3 Empty on Thu Sep 05, 2019 2:32 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn was used to Asteral, a very well trained Umbreon that protected her with her life. She missed her old companion a lot, but the past was the past. Manzo knew how to rule a pride. Dominance. She displayed that with Asteral, but not with Salem. Although, Asteral never gave her a reason to do that. She listened to Manzo and nodded. "I only had Salem for a few days. So its going to take some time, but I will get there" she smiled. LeeAnn got up to help by getting the silverware and dirty cups. She stood by him, listening to him while he talked.

"Felines are different from canines! That's for sure. In the past, all I've had were dogs or foxes for pets. They all listened to me given enough time. Cats are completely different" she replied. Salem chimed in as he rubbed his face along Manzo's pant leg. "It takes a cat to know a cat, Lee" he retorted. LeeAnn nodded.

"Ruler of the pride, huh? Seems like someone likes to be dominant" she teased a little. She leaned down and scratched Salem a little behind the ears. It would take some time before Salem would fully warm up to her. They were off to a shaky start. LeeAnn helped Manzo finish the dishes. "Alright, what now?"

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"Seeing as how you're going to be the head of this family one day soon, it's high time you started dressing like it." He said as he picked Salem up and cradled him like a child. Giving soft belly scratches whilst Salem nibbled on his hand. Her over all presentation left a lot to be desired in the fashion department, but that was something that could be easily fixed truthfully. She was a beautiful woman, just needed a new wardrobe and given how much pull he had in Era given his years of faithful servitude to the powers at be, he could get some decent prices.

"Someone with your figure, and looks should be wearing clothing that reflects it. Some thing powerful and elegant, but also battle ready." He said as he quickly pulled a cigarette from his pocket while still cradling Salem in the other arm. While most cats were fussy after a while, it seemed this one had little to complain about. Given the fact that his belly was full of sushi grade salmon and he was in the presence of someone he feared and respected. Male lions were quite the same in nature in the presence of the pride leader or the head lioness.

#53Lee Nakamura 

Mind of a Fox [Manzo] - Page 3 Empty on Thu Sep 05, 2019 2:55 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn looked at herself. He was right! She really wasn't dressed, seeing she was in some old clothes. A nervous laugh came from her. She was not at all a fashionista. LeeAnn was always someone who was a tomboy, but she was willing to go out of her way to look the part. Afterall, she didn't want to look like a slob. It was bad enough people didn't take her seriously already. There was a lot of work to be done! "Now that you mention it, I think I do. I may of lived here most of my life, but I know nothing about clothes or where to go. I got the cash, I just need your help...again." She smiled innocently.

Salem was melting in his arms. She was not surprised by this. The cat was purring and enjoying all of the attention. He was like a little kitten all over again. "Let me get into something a bit more...presentable than this garbage and we will leave shortly" she replied. LeeAnn went up to her room. Opening hte drawers, she felt a bit violated. Astrid, her lovely cousin, take the liberty to give her new clothes that are smaller in size. The kitsune growled. "Stupid, Astrid! Fuck" she hissed. LeeAnn scrambled to find something of hers she brought from Astera. LeeAnn finally found basic blue jeans and a tight blue shirt. It was the only thing that she could fit into. She came down the stairs more combed and well dressed!

"Alright you ready, you two?"

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Manzo patiently waited for her to get ready, though he did think about sneaking up stairs to peak at her changing clothes. Even though he had seen her naked for an extended period of time a short while ago. So he just let that thought pass out of his mind because it was nothing of any real importance. He played with Salem for a moment waiting for her to return. He wondered what her taste in clothing was, seeing as how she hadn't exhibited any real fashion sense in their time of knowing one another. He took a drag off of his cigarette and exhaled a large cloud of smoke before turning his eye to the stair case to see the buxom kitsune descend down the steps.

"I'm beyond ready, there are just a few things I have to get ready before we go into public. Can never be too careful these days." He said with a wink before going on to the frond yard of the home and whistling up to the sky. his wyvern descending down from the heavens. "Right on time boy." He said as he walked over to ghost and patted his head.

#55Lee Nakamura 

Mind of a Fox [Manzo] - Page 3 Empty on Thu Sep 05, 2019 10:34 pm

Lee Nakamura
It had been a while since she had to go clothes shopping for something major. Considering that her lovely, nosy cousin replaced all of her good clothing with thinsg that are smaller, she was not too happy. Manzo was playing with Salem. He told her he was beyond ready but had to get a few things before leaving. She only gave a nod and picked up Salem. She held him in her arms, gently. She petted the feline while waiting. "Watch Takumi and the house while we're gone. If you need anything, send Zalor our way. He's smart enough to figure out where I will be" she told her most trusted servant. She knew her nephew would be fine. He was used to her going on trips and leaving her in the care of her servants. Despite her older brotehr being the father, Takumi needed a proper figure to look after him. Not some stingey father.

She and Salem followed Manzo outside. She never really seen his wyvern. The size of Ghost was jaw dropping. "Whoa! He's bigger than Captain! Holy shit" she commented. Her Uncle's Wyvern, Captain, was used within the family quite often for trips such as her mother delivering Salem. Salem hid behind LeeAnn a little due to the size of the Wyvern."Scary..." he whispered. LeeAnn was unfearful of such a creature. She followed behind Manzo to Ghost. "Would it be okay if I pet him" she asked.

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