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Mind of a Fox [Manzo]

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Mind of a Fox [Manzo] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Aug 21, 2019 3:43 pm


Manzo chuckled to himself, before wading over to where she was. It was time play a game to two with his finally awake friend. He couldn't help himself but to tease her, maybe it was her beauty or maybe it was the fact that a previous interaction with someone he trusted had made him wake up to the reality of his own personality. Perhaps it was indeed the act of the siren who pulled him out of his shell. Though there was no way to know for sure, then again if there was indeed an event that it would have spawned from, it would be his meeting with the siren.

As he waded over to her, he got deep into her personal space, as a way to mess with her. He gave her nose a bite and her breasts a quick squeeze before swimming away to the other side laughing to himself. He couldn't help himself, he felt she took herself to seriously and he felt she owed it to herself to loosen up a bit. It was important to enjoy the good times, and spend it so pent up just about everything and anything. It was time to enjoy ones self and he intended to do so to the fullest.

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Lee Nakamura
She tried to look embaressed to play hard to get. LeeAnn had never allowed anyone this close before. In the past, she would always snap back if anyone grew too close. That happened with Kazimir. There was something Manzo had done to bring the real her out, much like Hikaru had done with her. Good times flooded back to when she was a kid. Thinking about those times and with Asteral and her family. They made her happy, but right now, that was a painful thing to think about. She pushed away those thoughts. She felt someone above her. Her eyes looked up, seeing Manzo above her. LeeAnn's eyes grew wide with a deer in the headlights look.

He gave her a playful nose bite and a squeeze of her breast. This made her turn red. He quickly swam away, laughing to himself. LeeAnn felt a tug in her stomach that finally let her relax. She grew a smile then laughed a little. "I am going to fucking get you for that you, idiot" she smiled. Leeann forgotten she was in water, which was her weakness. She couldn't freaking swim. LeeAn got up and attempted to run. That completely failed as seh fell forward. Her boobs broke her fall luckily, but she sat up. She shook herself from the pain and looked at Manzo. The fox snorted a little and marched right over to him. Her face into his. "You wanna go buddy? I know how to play dirty" she smiled. She sat on Manzo and tickled his sides a little until he would either fight back or give in.

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While being tickled he noticed that she left herself wide open to a counter attack being so close, and he knew the perfect way to get her off her game with out fail in any regard. While she got in his face, he too got in her face. Placing his lips onto hers, exchanging a kiss, as well as biting her lip in the process, this had worked in one other instance without fail so in his mind, he was one for one. being one for one meant it was 100% effective on everyone, until it wasn't and that was something he would indeed need to test.

While he had her this close he made it a point to now grab her supple butt with both hands and give it a squeeze as well as a playful slap before scampering off again on this game of chicken and or tag depending on who it was that you were dealing with. "Trust me when I say, you have no idea what I am capable of, and quite frankly I doubt you could handle such a thing to be perfectly honest. So tread lightly my dear." He said with a chuckle before grabbing his drink from the side of the bathing area.

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn thought she actually could get him back for scaring her all those times. A false sense of victory was soon lost. She gotten more into his face. The kitsune he was going to fight back. She was thinking she was prepared for what was going to come. He gotten more into her face, leaving herself wide open. Without seeing what was coming, she froze. He placed his lips on hers, her fox ears went straight up as the fur on her fox tails stood up on end. Heat rushed into her cheeks, feeling a strange feeling she had never felt before. It was unfimilar. Shock maybe?He bit her lip a little which for some reason drove her nuts. His method was more than a 100% effective, it drove her wild.

The kitsune felt him grow closer to her body. LeeAnn felt his large hands squeeze her butt and gave a playful smack. Her heart skipped him beat when this happened. Something new and unfamilar awakened inside of her brain. The chemistry was slowly changing into something that made her feel a bit more aroused. She was really liking this attention. Manzo got away from her. It was clear that she was the inexperienced one. It took her a moment to process what had just happened. LeeAnn was a little confused and thought about it. All of this was new to her. She grew a smirk on her lips as she slowly waded over to him. Pressing her boobs against his chest and placing her hands on his ass, she leaned up to his head. "I'd like a good challenge, wolf. I never turn down such a thing" she whispered into his ear. LeeAnn was staring to let out a side she never let out before. It was all just naturally coming to her. She stared into his eyes licking her lips a little, holding a mischievous smirk on her lips.

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"Heh, you're certainly playing with fire that's for sure." Manzo said as he wrapped his arms around her. The actions that would follow are not for those with faint hearts. Given the circumstances they were in, one could assume that one thing lead to another and being both young people it's not hard to imagine. After the deed was done, Manzo could be found propped up against the side of the bathing area with his drink, and a cigarette in his mouth.

"Fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars." He sang to himself as he stretched out. It had been one hell of a long time since he had done anything like that. Maybe it was a good sign, a sign that he was coming back into his own as a man. Though that was not the only thing on his mind. He wondered how his companion was doing, a lot of time had passed in their escapades and she didn't seem to be as well conditioned as he. Though he was quite good at first aid if she had somehow hurt herself in the act.

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Mind of a Fox [Manzo] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Aug 23, 2019 1:56 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn lacing experience in the physical department, she really got tired out easily. The sounds coming from the room were something else to hear. Though, it felt...nice. It felt great. She couldn't explain it in words how she felt, she felt the best she ever had been in over ten years. Happy, was the best she could explain. It made her feel better about herself and forget about all the stress she was under. The death of her aunt and the guilt surrounding that. Everything. It was the exact thing she needed and did things that alcohol would never give her. Manzo was something else as well.

To be fair, she was not that fit in this department. The water was warm and she closed her eyes for a minute. Her fox ears twitch as she opened her eyes. Staring at the Manzo's side, thinking about her Aunt. LeeAnn inched closer, wrapping her arms around him becoming a little affectionate. "Thank you...for everything you're doing. That was fucking great. My lower body is sore, but felt...fantastic" she smiled. LeeAnn knew this was a fling, but she was an affectionate person when she let herself loose. "Oh...sorry, if I am getting a little too affectionate. I miss doing things like this, makes me feel  better actually. At least, with you it does. I honestly, don't know exactly how to explain it, but whatever magic you are doing seems to work on me. I am...happier than I ever have been" she smiled. LeeAnn sank lower in the bath, laughing for a while. She opened her eyes and smiled at his mischievously, gears turning in her head.

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Manzo placed his arm around her as she clung to him. She was a good friend, and in situations such as these, good physical loving can do wonders for someone. It forms a bond, a closeness even if there were no romantic intentions involved. Sofia had done the same for him about a month ago, not to the extent as to what he had just done for Lee, but the premise was the same. It's good to feel loved, to feel cared for, and often times the touch of a friend is all you need in this life.

"Don't be silly kid, you should never apologize for telling a friend just how much it is they mean to you. Life's too short to not say what's on your mind. Especially these days." He said as he took another drag from his cigarette, exhaling through his nostrils creating a small cloud system within the steam of the bathing area. Though perhaps it was time for them to be out of the water. Though perhaps she had other plans, who knows. Not he, he was the furthest thing from a mind reader, and that didn't bother him very much.

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn had never cared for someone like this other than her older brother. This is what it felt like to have a friend, a bond. He placed his arm around her while she hugged him. LeeAnn held a warm smile on her face. The kitsune knew that there probably will never be romantic feelings between him and her, but the fact that she deeply cared for him this far. She smiled, her eyes were soften and happy. Like her father had said, a beautiful woman is one who smiles. That was the true definition of beauty. Guess she felt pretty now. Manzo spoke that she should never apologize for speaking what's on her mind. For telling a friend how much they mean to you, LeeAnn smiled innocently with a slight blush. "This whole friendship stuff is not my biggest strength if you couldn't already tell. I don't have very many friends" she spoke.

LeeAnn thought of something alright. Something that she dared to not tell a soul. Something that Hikaru was forbidden to know, well he knew but was never able to talk about it. She let out a smile and got out the water, now not that embaressed of being naked in front of Manzo. "I wanna show you something, come on. Once we we get dressed of course" she smiled. LeeAnn walked to where Manzo had undressed her and put on her clothes. They were a little wrinklely, but she could careless. She would grab Manzo's hand and lead her to her bedroom. Leeann kneeled down and pulled out a box with a key. "I am going to show you something taht no one outside of my family knows. Its a good thing, dont worry. I trust you enough" LeeAnn smiled. She unlocked the box with the key hidden somewhere.

Inside the box were documents of adoption papers and her birth certificate. A small slip of paper written in Joyan. It was the only Joyan word she knew and read "Sophie". "My real name is Sophie. I never liked anyone calling me that name for some reason. Not even my parents or family call me that, but only you can, if you want at least" she smiled. She pulled out her original birth certificate that Hikaru had written on. LeeAnn cracked up a little remembering the story. "My father found me when I was a baby with that note. He couldn't read it at the time. A family friend said 'Sophie'. When my parents brought me home the first time, Hikaru demanded my name to be LeeAnn for some reason. He went as far to write the name LeeAnn on every document with the name Sophia Nakamura on it. Finally, my parents had enough nad decided to change my name to LeeAnn Sophie Alister Nakamura. Haha, its a cute story. Its probably the reason why I prefer LeeAnn" she smile. She showed him all the document Hikaru had written on when he was a kid.

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A name, what's in it? A name can mean everything, or nothing at all, such is life. But Manzo could tell from how Lee spoke of her former name that this name did indeed mean something to her. Manzo was given his name by his teacher, it was a strong joyan name, one he did not feel he deserved in the slightest at the point it was given. Now he felt as though he was deserving of it, just a little bit more than he once did. In his mind he still felt as though he had a lot to do to earn it, but he was well on his way.

"Sophie huh, well Sophie it is nice to meet you." The man said with a chuckle before putting another cigarette in his mouth and lighting it. He would exhale smoke from his nostrils and look upon the documents she had shown him. Her brother sounded like a very strong willed child, he could only imagine what kind of man he grew up to be. Probably someone who was well respected by his peers. Given how Sophie described him, maybe he would indeed have the good fortune of meeting him.

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Lee Nakamura
She looked over at her comrade. He studied the document she had given him. LeeAnn knew she was from Joya or had Joyan parents, thought she was never motivated to find them. She didn't know and the idea of it was still forgien for the kitsune still. It was hard to believe that she was adopted. Upon finding out, she yelled at her parents and caused them to almost divorce. She didn't take too kindly to the news. Though, time healed those wounds and she was already starting to accept her fate as it was. She realized how lucky she was to have such a good family. LeeAnn had faced many hardships which still haunt her to this day.

Manzo made her smile a little. Leeann was not used to the idea of now being called Sophie, but it did hold a special meaning to her. She didn't know what, but hte fact it was her supposed original name was important. The original name her blood parents had given her. The kitsune grew a little sad at the thought, but shook it. LeeAnn was more of an important name since her brother had given it to her. Though, she felt a little conflicted. "Sophie means wisdom in Ministelian or so they say. I know I have Joyan parents, but I am not too keen yet on finding them. If I do...would you come with me, Manzo" she asked, looking at her friend.

The kitsune would sit next to him lying against her bed. She would smile a little bit thinking about Hikaru. "Hikaru is someone I'd always wanted to be like. Strong, kind, lawful, and cares for everyone. As much as we love each other as siblings, he's never around that much. A lot of the time I feel alone since he was the only person I could ever trust" she told him a little. LeeAnn smiled, her mixed matched eyes look at Manzo. "Now...I dont feel that way anymore. I guess, in a way, I can start trusting people slowly again...at least a little bit" she smiled.

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"Trust is a hard thing to regain, it's a fantasy that we buy into that someone we care for won't turn on us." He said as he got up from where he was sitting to stretch. The tattoo on his arm began to resonate, it was as if it was changing again. The shapes that had come to adorn his skin were beginning to change once more, as was his physical shape. This had only happened one time before. The form that he would don, had only made itself at home one time before this. When he had first obtained the power to slay gods.

His body began to grow warmer, as if it was being kissed by the sun itself. He turned to the mirror in the room they were in, black sparks of electricity crackled around his body and he chuckled to himself at the reflection he saw in the mirror. His once shaggy white hair had turned in a golden blond mane. Resembling that of lion more than the wolf he had become so synonymous with. The cigarette in his mouth still lit through it all, he turned to face his companion. "Well Sophie, I guess we should get truly acquainted. This is the sleeping power within me. Come to play." He said, his usual dull red eyes shining bright like blood red diamonds.

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Lee Nakamura
He hit the nail on the head. That she fully believed in. Trust for her was hard and difficult to regain after everything that had happened. For so long and even still, her head was clouded with thoughts and emotions she could not process. The kitsune simply smiled at him. Though, that quickly faded into a expression of wonder. Something was changing in the environment. Manzo stood in front of the mirror. Black lightning sparked around him, seeing some of his power. He started to change much like how she did when they last met. His true supressed form was starting to show. LeeAnn stared at him in awe.

His white hiar was now a shaggy blonde mane as his red eyes stayed the same. He was still the same Manzo she knew and loved, but there was something a little bit different about him. She got up from her bed and made her way towards him. He stood taller than before, making her feel shorter. "A fox cannot defy a pack of wolves while a lion cannot defy a snare. But with both, you can fight a pack of wolves and defy the trap" she whispered. She saw more of a lion-like features in him. The kitsune just stared as he lit his cigarette. Calling her Sophie made her blink a few times as she was not yet used to it. "See you prefer that over my actual name? Alright...what do you mean by to play" she smiled.

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The man with shaggy hair chuckled to himself as he looked down upon her. Her words were true, just not for him. This lion had no equal, believed himself too cunning to fall for a snare, and felt he could out smart any fox. Not to mention, he thought it was more proper to devour the weak than to coddle them. Become the king of the jungle or serve him, those were your options in the real world, though he had a different idea in mind. Those a part of his pride he would defend to the death, and those who would rise against it, he would devour. With no hesitation.

"Play may not have been the appropriate at word, though look at you now, I feel as though it might be time for more than just play." The red eyed one could not help himself but to jest, it was in his nature to play with his food, and she seemed like quite the meal, and he with an empty stomach. Perhaps she would be what he needed to cut his teeth on for the moment, he thought to himself as he walked around her stalking.

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn licked her lips a little thinking about the nature of the situation. The kitsune noticed a different kind of spark in Manzo. Something more hungry than a wolf. Her fox ears would twitch more trying to figure him out. She could feel a little heat in her cheeks, seeing he was hungry for more than just food. It was natural for humans or...lion? Leeann could definitely tell there was more of a side to him than she had realized. He circled her, like someone who was up to something. LeeAnn just stared at him and grew more of a smile. One that was definately seeing what he was saying. "I guess, lion likes what he sees? You've seen this before. Hm..." she smiled, with her hands on her hips.

She couldn't help but grin at him. There was more of a predator instinct in him that she was starting to like. "Guess, this lionness has not been claim. Why not change that" she smiled, grabbing his shirt collar. There was a different look in her eyes now more hungry that before as she licked her lips a little bit more.

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"Heh, do not misunderstand me." He said as he placed a hand firmly on her rump, giving it a soft stroke while he continued to circle her. Making eye contact with her he licked his lips."I'm not here to claim you. You're not cattle, nor are you a lioness. Though I would ask that....dance with me." He said as he leaned in closely. Brushing his cheek against hers before taking her into his arms. His firm body creating quite the contrast agains her soft supple body. It was a truely wonderful feeling.

He did not mean to play with her in this way, be he couldn't help himself. Such things were becoming more and more natural to him as time went on. SO he would not fight the carnal instinct that propelled him to heights unknown up to this point. The next time he saw the siren who woke him up he'd be sure to thank her for this. Such a wake up call was just the thing he needed to truly in order to be. Though simply beeing would not do for him, not now. Upon being woken up, he vowed to never sleep in such a way again.

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Lee Nakamura
She jumped a little as he placed his hand on her rump, but he was gentle. LeeAnn was starting to get more confused by what he meant about 'play'. The kitsune was a little surprised by his answer, but did not object to his words. It was refreshing that he didn't think of her as an object, but as a person. The kitsune tried to read between the lines of "dance with me". He leaned into to tell her this, whispering into her sensitive ears about "That's the first anyone has ever told me I am not an object. Of course, I would Manzo" she smiled. LeeAnn was pulled in closer into his arms. She relaxed all of her muscles, slowly taking in the moment. LeeAnn was never held like this in such a manner.

Her past lover was rough and rude with her. She often felt like a tossed piece of trash after he was done with her. She was glad he was dead. LeeAnn wrapped her arms around his torso. There were no words with how happy she was feeling. She let out a small giggle then looked up at Manzo with a glint in her eye.

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"Before we do anything like that, we need to put some food in you, you were given quite the work out." He said with a chuckle as he took her by the hand and led her into the kitchen. What would he create today, that was a hard question to answer. It was well past breakfast so it would have to be something savory for lunch or dinner depending on when it is she took such a thing. He would of course need to peruse through the kitchen and see what it is was there to be made. Though all things considered it probably wasn't a stretch to assume that they had a good deal of produce and proteins.

Manzo sat Lee down at the table, before going to the fridge to see what it is he had to work with. From the looks of it, he had a whole market to play with at this point, so now it was just a matter of taste and desire at this point. Though he was feeling a pasta dish, he would need to make two different versions for his companion and that was fine. She had to eat just like he did, and it was for the benefit of her health.

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Lee Nakamura
She giggled at the mention of the workout, given face flushed a little. LeeAnn could only smile at him. He taken her head and lead her back to the kitchen. She let Manzo do his thing, seeing she didn't want to be in the way. The rustling of food and movement in the kitchen made Salem, her new talking pest of a pet. The feline walked in and eyed Manzo in the kitchen, thinking he was a servant. Given he was not dressed in the attire of a Nakamura servant, he still assumed so. He cleared his throat. "Finally, someone is going to fix me a meal! LeeAnn I see you're finally awake. Servant I would like the usual but this time extra tuna" he ordered. The kitsune grabbed him by the scruff.

"Shish you stupid furball! That's my friend, he's not a servant. I will make your meal, okay. Mind your manners will you? He's a guest, not your minion" he hissed. He gave a smug look on his lips and purred with satisfaciton. "I always have a minion, I can always get someone to do my bidding. I am a cat! Maybe this is not a bad punishment afterall" he spoke. LeeAnn rolled her eyes. She set the cat down and grabbed some fresh tuna she had stored for her cat. She prepped the food according to how her mother had instructed for her to make it. "I apologize for his behavior, Manzo. Salem has no manners. He was a gift from my mother, according to her he was punished by the Magic Council for trying to take over the country. For that, they turned him into a cat...I am surprised they decided to go easy on him" she spoke.

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Manzo turned his gaze to the cat by his feet creating a fuss about not being fed. Manzo would greet this cat with a smile. He bent down to meet the cats gaze with his own. Before suddenly grabbing the cat by the nape of his neck and picking him up. "Let's get a few things straight here, I am the king of beasts, and you oh you are nothing but a sniveling piss ant." He said without breaking his smile and pleasant expression. Talking cat or not, he would not be disrespected by a lower being than him.

"Where I come from, you are quite the delicacy. So, if you ever talk to me like I'm the help again, I will eat your legs, and then your arms, all the way up to your head. Then you will be nothing but headless, legless, armless thing. Like a piece of shit in the street." Manzo said as he placed the cat back down on the floor before turning back to the stove and finishing the prep for dinner, as to not delay lunch he would work faster than before, while still keeping it's quality.

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn saw another side of him that she had never seen. The kitsune stayed silent as she watched the whole thing unfold. Passively, she looked down, respecting Manzo's words. She felt as if he was talking to her, but Salem was the victim. The feline's dull blue eyes widen in fear. Salem nodded. "Y-Yes, sir! I-I am so sorry" he studdered. When he was set down, he zoomed out of the room. LeeAnn pursed her lips and just quietly went back to making Salem's meal. Her fox ears grew  flat out of a little fear of him. She didn't want to do anything to piss him off.

The food for hte cat was finished. It was quick to make. She walked into the other room, seeing Salem scared. The kitsune never seen him this way. "He-He's scary! Please dont let him eat me! Please" he begged LeeAnn. Silently, she set down his food in front of him. She looked passive, not the dominate nature she always had. LeeAnn was not one to step on Manzo's toes. "You have to learn fucking manners around people. Bother me! Not him, got that! He's one to not make false promises. This is not my mother or me. Salem, please grow some respect" she hissed, angrily. The cat gulped. She walked away.

Silently, she sat in the chair, staring at the table. She dared not cross him. LeeAnn really didn't know what to say about that whole scene. "Manzo, do you need help" she asked.

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Manzo flashed her those red rubies for eyes, before declining her offer of help. He truly didn't need her assistance, not just because of that show of dominance he had displayed moments earlier. While his words were hollow due to his lack of power, one day he would make his dream come true. Having enough power to one day change that, one day his words wouldn't ring hollow, that was his dream. With any luck and no shortage of hard work he would achieve it. In his current state, he felt that there was nothing he could do to achieve that in his current guild. He felt as though there was no place for him there, and that was a hard truth.

"Alright love, lunch is about ready to be served, set the table if you don't mind." He said as he put the finishing touches on the dish. It was a simple pasta dish with an egg, cheese, white wine and cream sauce. Manzo's dish had pork jowl in it, and Lee's had her special protein in it for her own health and nutritious needs. Which was important for every kitsune.

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Lee Nakamura
"Okay" she whispered. She pursed her lips together, remaining silent to stay out of his way. When he asked her to set the table. Obediently, she nodded. LeeAnn did not say a word. She got up from her seat to go set the table. This was perhaps the first time anyone could fully make her scared. Salem may of been rude, but hot damn, she was a bit intimidated. The kitsune deemed to be clearly scared of him. She took deep breaths to calm herself down. She took two clean plates, two sets of utensils, two napkins, and two cups for their drinks. She set them across from each other in a nice, orderly fashion. "Is there anything you want to drink? Name it and I'll get it" she spoke.

It was clear, she took his words seriously. She knew what he was capable of and respected it. He was one person she did not want to cross and planned on keeping it that way. LeeAnn got herself her favorite alcohol and whatever Manzo requested. Pour both of them their drinks and sat in her seat. The smell made her mouth water. "Thanks you, Manzo. You're cooking is to die for" she smiled. LeeAnn waited till he started eating before she took the first bite. She did not know why, but it was instinctual. LeeAnn would eat properly and with manners unlike last time. "Each meal I have of yours is better than the last. I feel a little guilty for having you cook for me" she smiled. She took another bite of her meal, eventually finished it all with the plate licked clean.

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"To die for huh? Now that I'm not sure about. Then again I am my own worst critic." He said with a chuckle before seating himself across from her and eating the meal himself. While it was good he felt that it was missing something. "Shit, it was the bay leaf." He said quietly to himself, in his rush he did make an error, not one most people would have noticed but he was different. He had eaten in the most fabulous restaraunts this country had to offer. Though he would not make a huge fuss about it, there was no real point.

He gazed across from the table to see how much she was enjoying her portion and laughed to himself, so as to not be noticed. Taking care of her seldomly felt like a chore, unlike others he had encountered. Perhaps he would keep her. "Salem, here boy." He said as he made a clicking noise with his tongue. The small black cat made his way back into the kitchen timedly. Unbenounced to Salem he had prepared sashimi for the feline. A small show of kindness and ownership. The cat quickly jumped into his lap, eating small amounts of the fish at a time whilst Manzo would stroke behind his ears gently.

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Lee Nakamura
She seemed to enjoy herself with the meal. "Dude, your cooking is better than any of my family's and my aunt was a pretty good cook" she spoke. The key word 'was' stung her a little. Her recent death was not easy for her to deal with but getting easier. Especially with Manzo and now, Salem, around to keep her mind busy. She jumped a little when he mentioned bay leaf. "Don't beat yourself up about it. It's still the best I ever had" she smiled. She knew her words probably didn't help much, but she told the truth and nothing but truth. She smiled at him a little, growing less scared and quiet.

What caught her by surprise was the nice gesture he had done for Salem. The cat was not easy to please. How quickly he warmed up to Manzo after only moments earlier he scared the feline in his furry boots. She was a little stunned. "You really are boss! He likes you better than me" she commented. Salem was too busy enjoying the attention. Her eyes softened at the feline. Seeing her two boys getting along made her happy. "I guess you do have a soft spot of bossy cats" she smiled.

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"That's not entirely true. Felines are too smart for their own good, which breeds superiority." He said as he stroked Salem's back as he stuffed his face full of salmon. "The simple truth of the matter is, you have to display your dominance to the feline genus. If you don't they will think you are their posession and not the other way around." He said as he picked up a piece of salmon and threw it into the other room causing Salem to spring up and give chase to it.

Manzo would then rise up from his chair and begin to pick up the plates and clear the table. As he walked over to the sink he would roll up his sleeves and begin to run dishwater. Salem would soon return to the kitchen, brushing up against Manzo's leg as he did the dishes, so as to not bother the servants. "As you can see, he now knows who is in charge. Who is the ruler of the pride." He spoke in reference to Salem changing his tune. Which he knew he would as soon as he was given reason to.

"Every feline requires a strong master, without it they will cause every kind of mischief under the sun." He said as he continued to wash the dishes he had dirtied.

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