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Training those in need [Mini-Event] [Quest] [Solo]

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Training those in need [Mini-Event] [Quest] [Solo]  Empty on Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:38 pm


Training those in need || Mini-Event

Who would have thought that going up and down the mountain in the middle of Era would be such a cardio training? While Hiketsu's documents for enrollment were being processed and his request processed by the Rune Knights, he noticed a wooden board having different jobs pinned onto it. Amid those, one seemed doable to him: training & helping those in need. According to the job description, the less fortunate citizens have been overlooked due to the on-going war between fantastic creatures, a real dichotomy of good and evil. The job requested adventurers to lend a hand to these citizens and either provide training that would eventually allow them to self defend or simply attend to their needs regarding protection or healing. Now, Hiketsu knew he was no healer, nor a guardian, which meant that the most he could do was provide some lessons on subjects such as self defense and basic weapon etiquette.

As he was leaving the top of the mountain, heading back into town, Hiketsu's mind started drifting towards the meaning of this war Barras mentioned to him. It was clear now that it is indeed a real war, with real victims and real consequences. Supposedly, it all started with a series of demonic rifts that opened above Fiore, which allowed monstrous beings to flow in from another plane of existence. Eventually, these rifts were sealed by mages and adventurers who took initiative, but the miracle didn't last for too long. Nowadays, demons are marching into Earthland without hesitation, motivated more than ever. The whole world was feeling threatened and in the wake of despair, the great seraphims - beings of higher power - descended among mortals to fight off the demons. it is said that their battle will ravage the land and threaten not just mages, but all life on Fiore, with the aftermath lasting entire centuries.

Nonetheless, hope continued to radiate within the hearts of the optimistic. Hearing all the rumours, Hiketsu found himself working on a puzzle and the outcome was quite central to this whole story. Supposedly, a zealous man, going by the name of Nerva, believes that he can vanquish the evil that plagues the land and based on that belief he has started gathering an army, a rebellion against the monstrous invaders, an inquisition meant to bring cleansing to the world. Hiketsu himself wasn't necessarily interested in joining this fight, nor was he strong enough to provide any help on the battlefield, but the least he could do was provide support to those in needs who remained behind the war lines. In order to do so, he accepted the job announcement he ran into at the Headquarters and he was now heading towards the outskirts of Era, where the most unfortunate were. He noticed that citizens of Era received more help and resources the closer they were to the mountain, while the slums were overlooked and its inhabitants marginalized. The average working class was not in need of training as much as the lower classes and the poor were.

Wordcount: 506/1000


Training those in need [Mini-Event] [Quest] [Solo]  Empty on Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:20 am


Progressing towards the outer neighbourhoods of Era allowed Hiketsu to see how life quality changed the further you were from the mountain. Streets became much darker, buildings became older and pedestrians became poorer the more he walked towards the slums. The only one who didn't turn his back on those unfortunate souls was the sun, who not even once ceased from burning the rubbish left out on the streets, the bare feet of children running on the hot pavement or the dirty bodies of those who were lucky enough to get some work in construction. All these elements came together to create a dystopian picture, right there in Era, supposedly the safest town around.

For a moment, Hiketsu thought that choosing to help the slum inhabitants proved to be a wonderful idea, but in the next second he remembered how the crown marginalized them and acted like they do not exist. Is this what living in Fiore means? Perhaps life in Joya wasn't much different, after all Hiketsu did not come from a rich family or anything similar. He started from the bottom and only recently managed to get on his feet properly and make an income. Apparently completing job offers around Fiore was somewhat better than enrolling into the Joyan army and ending up dead on the battlefield.

As he reached the slums, the adventurer gathered everyone who was interested in learning the art of self defense - or better said the basics of self defense. Hiketsu was clearly no instructor, but he did learn stances at the court of his Daimyo and was accustomed to taking punches and throwing punches. The following hours were spent teaching them some no brainer lessons. He explained how it was good to know how to defend yourself, but the best way to actually use self-defense techniques was to not use them at all. Anyone could avoid a direct confrontation if they didn't look like a suitable victim in the eyes of an attacker, even the slum inhabitans. Most hostiles look for easy targets that can’t or won’t fight back so Hiketsu put emphasis on making sure you that his trainees were aware of the surroundings and took all the security precautions necessary.

After an hour or so, Hiketsu considered it important to teach them more than simply how to avoid a fight. It was, after all, a training on how to fight. He requested a volunteer from the public and proceeded to show them some vital points or areas of interest on said volunteer's body. An attack to the eyes will produce a lot of pain and it will let the attacker disoriented allowing them to escape. The nose could be a point of interest too, assuming they would be able to reach it and aim for the nasal bones. The heel of their palms or elbows would be more than enough to leave demons with bloody noses. Now, the neck and throat were clearly the vital points anyone should aim for. Hiketsu explained how the side of the neck is where the main veins are exposed. Those were the main ways blood flows through the brain and the trainees could just use an exposed side neck to stunt their attackers. All in all, by the time the end of the day came upon them, Hiketsu managed to go through enough lessons to make a change. He promised he would return eventually to train them on the use of actual weapons and was overall happy with the outcome of his training.

Wordcount: 1095 / 1000 - FINISHED

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