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The Eastern Wind [Solo]

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The Eastern Wind [Solo] Empty on Sat Aug 10, 2019 3:20 pm


The Eastern Wind || SOLO

In spite of not receiving much education when he was a youngling, Hiketsu had the opportunity to learn about the countries neighbouring Joya at an early age, on account of the local lord he was attending to. Among the names he had studied, a particular one remained printed on his mind: the country of Seven. According to the scholars of Joya, Seven was a territory where deities walked the earth freely and governed those of lesser species, where heroes found themselves constantly at war with hideous monsters and the sea was enraged even by the serenest breeze. Undoubtedly a mysterious place with a multitude of captivating tales, much appealing to the juvenile in search of adrenaline. Amid such tales, one worth mentioning describes a deity of the Eastern Wind, going by the name of ""Apheliotes" and presumed to cause refreshing rains which were particularly beneficial to farmers. It was perhaps this specific deity who pushed Hiketsu to journeying from the eastern lands of Joya to the modern towns and cities of Fiore. Especially seeing how on the day of his arrival, Magnolia was coated by a gentle rain.

It was the same rain that poured over Hiketsu as he wandered deep into the crowded alleyways of the town, mesmerized by the large roads and the buildings reminiscent of Medieval architectural styles. Unlike Joyan towns, Magnolia had an easily distinctive festive atmosphere which was in contrast with the feudal world of Joya. When Hiketsu crossed over from Bosco, roughly a few days ago, Magnolia turned out to be the first large settlement he ran into, still uncertain as to why he traveled all the way to the west, rather than any other direction. Being such a welcoming town, Magnolia offered him an Inn where he could sleep, opportunities for some income and a selection of cuisines he could eat from, thus leading to the decision of spending a week in there, enough to properly adapt to the country of Fiore. That's how his new adventure had begun.

Word Count: 336/250 (reduced amount due to event)

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