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Clue Digging [Quest: Ylva/Kairos]

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#1Juni Anastos 

Clue Digging [Quest: Ylva/Kairos] Empty on Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:02 pm

Juni Anastos
Clue Digging:


Quest: Clue Digging

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Margret: Margret is a Knight who resides in Era. She has a huge ego and believes she only deserves the best. She hates wasting her time on small duties and things that aren't important. Therefore, she tends to find people to do those things.

Summary: A man's wife went missing and he called for help. Margret got stuck with the job, but feels that the woman ran off on her own. To make the man feel secure, she needs someone else to search for clues at their house.

Enemies: None

Objective: Search the house and find clues that the detective might find useful.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Era.
  • Margaret will be outside the man's house, looking for someone capable to shirk her duty off to.
  • She will beckon you when you are in the vicinity and begin explaining the situation with much doubt in her voice.
  • After getting you up to speed, she will request you to look for clues inside the house and leave you with a rookie detective.
  • Look for clues and give anything you find to the detective. He will reward you before he runs off in a hurry.

With one quest done Ylva had energy to burn and an excitement to take on another quest. Brandon wouldn't deny her but he wouldn't let them take on another quest without some food. The last time the two ate was yesterday at breakfast. Ylva hadn't noticed but she was in fact starving. When presented with the idea of food her stomach spoke for her. No matter how ready and rearing to go she was, her body wouldn't let her spend one more moment without energy. She had a quick meal and was very quickly off to get another quest, all without Brandon this time. Before she could get to the quest board though a woman made a gesture towards her. Ylva didn't know the woman but she assumed that she needed help with something, or at least wanted something from her. Little did Ylva know, that woman would be her next quest for the day.... And she wouldn't be alone doing it.

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#2Kairos Narcissa 

Clue Digging [Quest: Ylva/Kairos] Empty on Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:15 pm

Kairos Narcissa
take me to valhalla where my brothers wait for me
Walking through Era, Kairos had mostly been taking in the sights and engaging in a fair bit of people watching. It had been a slow day and not much had happened or caught his attention which was honestly fine. Everyone needed some time off every now and then, right? He didn’t have a show to do so just walking around and getting a better feel for the place was – mostly – fine. But it seemed like a peaceful day – or at least a ‘workless’ day – wouldn’t be in the cards for him. His stroll came to an abrupt end when he caught the attention of a woman who seemed to be wearing the armor of a Rune Knight. That wasn’t someone he wanted to ignore.

But it seemed like he wasn’t the only one who had caught her attention – a blue-haired, considerably shorter girl had also been motioned over. She arrived at the woman first with Kairos close behind, his arms folded across his chest as he gave the woman a somewhat lethargic look – not showing much interest, but he was there and listening at the very least.

“Can I help you?” He inquired, his voice low and bordering on tired.
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#3Juni Anastos 

Clue Digging [Quest: Ylva/Kairos] Empty on Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:22 pm

Juni Anastos
Once Ylva reached the woman a voice behind her caused her heart to jump a little. She didn't expect anyone else to be behind her but she guessed he thought the rune knight was talking to him as well. At this point she was confused but wasn't able to get a word out before being given a sort of run down of the situation the rune knight found herself in. To Ylva it sounded like her help was needed, or anyone's help really. It just so happened that her and the man next to her was around to answer the call. Now her day was about to be spent looking for clues about a woman who's vanished with a man she didn't even know.


#4Kairos Narcissa 

Clue Digging [Quest: Ylva/Kairos] Empty on Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:29 pm

Kairos Narcissa
take me to valhalla where my brothers wait for me

Kairos had remained silent as the Rune Knight – Lady Margaret – spoke, not saying anything or interruping her at any point. He just nodded along to everything she said and her instructions, though he was providing his own mental commentary. He was a bit bemused at the way the Rune Knight very clearly didn’t care about the task that had been assigned to her, and she probably didn’t even care if the woman was safe or not. If she did – if there was even the slightest bit of care – then Kairos knew she wouldn’t have been saddling others with her duty.

But he remained silent nevertheless. If she didn’t want to help the man, then he would. And apparently the girl who had also been roped into this alongside him. His lips were a thin line as he glanced down at her – the contrast in their height almost making him feel like a giant in comparison to her. He gave her a slight nod before looking back over to the Rune Knight. If there was already a detective present, then why were they needed? There were so many questions he had that he just wasn’t going to ask.

He’d just do what was asked of him.

“Consider it done. Any clues we find will be given to the detective.” He merely acknowledged and confirmed her orders before stepping past her, making his way to the actual house.

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#5Juni Anastos 

Clue Digging [Quest: Ylva/Kairos] Empty on Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:39 pm

Juni Anastos
It seemed the man was on board with what was going on and Ylva wasn't much in a position to turn down the request. Turning her head to get a good look at the dark skinned male, she found herself having to move her head upwards to even get a look at his face. This man was absolutely massive. She could feel her face flush just taking him all in. H-hello. My name is Ylva. Let's hopefully find these clues quickly and without problem. I'll take the upstairs part of house, and you can tale the downstairs...If that's ok with you? She managed to get the words out, though they were thick with her Icbergian accent and some of the sentence structure was a little butchered. Ylva could only hope that this man was the agreeable sort.


#6Kairos Narcissa 

Clue Digging [Quest: Ylva/Kairos] Empty on Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:48 pm

Kairos Narcissa
take me to valhalla where my brothers wait for me
That accent.

So, she wasn’t a native to Fiore either? That was interesting. Just a little something for him to note and push into the back of his mind for later. It could be a good topic of conversation if he wound up having to actually hold a genuine conversation with her later. She seemed like the pleasant sort so he wasn’t against it necessarily, but he was never the type to go out of his way to really talk to anyone. It was just how things were.

Looking down at her, he gave her a casual nod. “That’s fine with me. You may call me Kairos.” He intentionally let a small portion of his Sevese accent slip through – his own way of letting her know that he wasn’t a native of Fiore either. His time in the country had allowed him to learn how to mask his accent and speak like a native, but it was a bit nice to let his accent out from time to time. Just so he never forgot where he came from.

Arriving at the house, Kairos opened the door for Ylva, letting her enter first before following in behind her. His eyes immediately began to dart around the place, already searching for anything that may have been out of the ordinary.

“Time to get to work.” He spoke casually, already walking towards the lounge area.

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#7Juni Anastos 

Clue Digging [Quest: Ylva/Kairos] Empty on Sat Aug 10, 2019 4:24 pm

Juni Anastos
She perked up as she heard his voice switch in sound. He sounded just like her father and something in her nearly broke. She tried to put it out of he mind that he was no longer on this earth, but that accent pulled her back to reality and she pulled herself together quickly. Yes.. Once the two parted Ylva made her way  to the front of the home where the living room area resided. The house was clean, with images of the man and his wife plastered on the walls and on tables. Candles were lit here and there and light music played. The living room was cozy, lined with a book shelf a few couches and chairs, some plants, but hardly anything really worth noting. Ylva took her time looking around, pulling books off shelves and looking under the couches. She wasn't sure what she was really suppose to be looking for. Clues for a missing woman? Were they looking for where she went? maybe she was dead? As thoughts ran through her mind about what would be a good clue her eyes spotted something. In between the bookcase was a garment that looked to be stained red....


#8Kairos Narcissa 

Clue Digging [Quest: Ylva/Kairos] Empty on Sat Aug 10, 2019 10:46 pm

Kairos Narcissa
take me to valhalla where my brothers wait for me
For a moment it had seemed like there had been a flash of something on Ylva’s face – a flash of emotion he couldn’t properly discern. He didn’t frequently socilize with others, but maybe if he had he would have noticed the look of pained familiarity that Ylva had shown. But he didn’t. To him, it was just a reaction. A vague reaction, but a reaction. He didn’t know if it was good or bad in all honesty, but he wasn’t going to really dwell on it. If there was an issue, he was certain she would have spoken about it.

So while she went her way, he went his. He treaded carefully through the house, looking and searching for anything out of the ordinary. Kairos allowed his fingers to glide across the wall as he walked through the house, his gaze shifting from one thing to another. The house was tidy. Quite tidy. Did they have a maid? Even if they did, wouldn’t there have been some sign of ‘life’? What sort of relationship did the couple have? Was it a happy marriage? Or was it just another loveless affair?

Kairos arrived in the kitchen, walking carefully as he began to open cabinets and drawers. Nothing out of the ordinary. Still walking, Kairos paused when he took a step and noticed something curious. Stepping back, he knelt down and put a hand on the floor. Knocking against it, he noticed it was... Hollow.

Trap door? Trap door.

Tapping against more, he searched for the edge until he found it. Running his nails along the side, he lifted open the door. Staring down the candle lit stairs that possibly led to a cellar, hummed. “I found something.” He called out, but even then he had already began to descend down below.

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#9Juni Anastos 

Clue Digging [Quest: Ylva/Kairos] Empty on Sat Aug 10, 2019 11:39 pm

Juni Anastos
Sapphire orbs squinted at the garment, it looked to be silk or satin she couldn't tell from where she was standing. The red on it was dark, alot like.. Blood. Reaching behind the bookcase she tried to get it out but it was too far for her arms to reach. As she continued to make an attempt she heard Kairos voice call out stating that he found something, beating her to the punch. Giving up on her own clue gathering she followed his voice which led to a trap door in the kitchen. Peering inside she could see Kairos and quickly hurried behind him. " I found something in the living room area..I can't reach it.. But this, this is probably a much better clue.. "

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#10Kairos Narcissa 

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Kairos Narcissa
take me to valhalla where my brothers wait for me
“I’m sure it’s still worth looking into. We’ll see what we find down here and then double back to what you found.” Assuming a role of leadership wasn’t something Kairos liked; he didn’t have the social skills or the real confidence for it. So despite everything he said, he didn’t feel like he was in charge and he hoped he didn’t come across like that. They were working together as teammates after all – anything she said or suggested was equally as valid and valuable to him, of course. Still, he didn’t say much after that – he just continued down into the mystery cellar where it opened up and magic lanterns reacted to the presence of people, coming alive and illuminating the area.

There was a round marble table in the center of the room, the surface reflecting the light as several phials and other jars sat, some having mysterious liquid in them. “Maybe she was an independent apothecary of sorts?” Kairos mused, noticing that there were a multitude of bookshelves and dressers littering the messy area, several books and tomes scattered about.

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#11Juni Anastos 

Clue Digging [Quest: Ylva/Kairos] Empty on Sun Aug 11, 2019 12:19 am

Juni Anastos
Ylva nodded as Kairos spoke, her eyes darting around the room and taking in everything that she could. "apothecary? " She looked over at Kairos, clear confusion on her face as he spoke the word.  Her lack of understanding when it came to some words frustrated her. There was so much of the Fioran language that she had to get a grip on that sometimes she felt overwhelmed with it all. She didn't want to take the lead, she would follow Kairos and his movements. Ylva was never the strong sort and always relied on others, this would be no different as she picked up a piece of paper that was on the floor, it's contents a completely different language from what she could understand. " Do you think the husband knows about this room? "


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#12Kairos Narcissa 

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Kairos Narcissa
take me to valhalla where my brothers wait for me
“Unlikely. With how it was hidden, and in such an innocuous location, it would be possible for him to never know. And the floor,” Kairos pointed towards it, over towards where neither of them had walked. “There’s only one set of footprints beside our own. This place hasn’t been well-maintained, obviously. All the dust on the ground makes it easy to pick up the footprints.” He pointed out as he approached a table and began to flip through the pages of a tome, his eyes scanning the words written. Some were Sevesian, others Fiorian, some a language he couldn’t even figure out. His eyebrows furrowed as he looked away, rubbing his forehead as he looked at Ylva.

“Apothecaries are a type of medicine maker. They typically use more archaic means, foregoing healing magic entirely. They usually specialize in things like medical potions to sell to people.” Kairos explained, looking around at the tomes and everything around them. “But I’m beginning to have doubts that that’s the case. I can’t understand everything I’m reading, but one of these was in my native tongue and made mention of summoning... Something.” Kairos picked up one of the books and showed it to Ylva, note written on the page only coincidentally being in Icebergian.

“Can you make out any of this? There’s so many different languages written I can barely get a grasp on it.” He explained, deciding it’d just be best to see if maybe Ylva would have any better luck than him.

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#13Juni Anastos 

Clue Digging [Quest: Ylva/Kairos] Empty on Sun Aug 11, 2019 6:09 am

Juni Anastos
" I see. " The vibe she was getting from this place put her in an uncomfortable mood. Nothing about it was right and everything screamed " Danger " to her. Ylva watched as Kiaros moved about the room, looking through the books and scrolls scattered about. Some of the things he looked at he could read and decipher, and from what he had been reading but the books referred to a summoning of some sort. When asked to read something she was surprised to find it in her mother tongue. She hadn't been using it very often and she had been reading even less of it, so to find it here with all this questionable material she was a bit surprised. Taking the book from Kairos she poured over the words, flipping through the pages, and constantly going back to to others.

" In my time here in Fiore.. I've heard about demons coming from portals. The portals have been opening up everywhere without warning. No one knows how or why but I've heard mages and the rune knights have always stopped the demons coming out of them before they did any harm. " As she continued to read the book she understood what was going on down here. She of course was horrified when the realization hit her like a sack of bricks, but she knew that this information would be useful, though it needed to be told to the proper authorities immediately. " This book..Explains what is needed to summon demons...It talks about blood sacrifice, mass killings of innocents.. We have found enough... We must report this now. " Closing the book she quickly ran upstairs only to run into the detective that worked with them. Handing over the book and the location of the garment she found, Ylva quickly explained the trap door and secret room, what she saw in that book, and explained that Kairos also had something to share. The detective looked horrified and without delay gave up her share of the pay. Ylva being quite distraught made her way out of the house. She couldn't stand being in there for another moment as her mind ran wild with crazy assumptions on what could have happened in that place.

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#14Kairos Narcissa 

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Kairos Narcissa
take me to valhalla where my brothers wait for me
So, demonic summoning. It seemed that was the name of the game for the day; he shouldn’t have been surprised, honestly. Having been pulled aside by a Rune Knight to investigate some mysterious disappearance was quite odd, in all honesty. So having the conclusion to it result in the discovery of occult activity was almost fitting as far as Kairos was concerned. Ylva read and he listened, his eyebrows furrowing as he took it all in. This was quite concerning – the very thought that some random housewife in Era could be involved in such things really made him think. How widespread was this? So many questions, but no clear answers. But it wasn’t their job to find answers, now was it?

Kairos followed closely behind Ylva, joining her in explaining to the detective what they had found. He did feel a bit awkward about accepting the payment for a job that wasn’t truly his but he wasn’t going to complain or argue about it. While Ylva was more distraught, Kairos maintained his composure and followed her outside. In all honesty, he was just thinking – about what it all really meant and how the Rune Knights were going to handle it.


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