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Dawn of a new Reality.(Open)

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Dawn of a new Reality.(Open) Empty on Fri Aug 09, 2019 4:44 pm

Judina's time seemed to be quiet and settling down, it was oddly peaceful for the knight being able to quietly think over everything. Judina gazing upon the many wonders of the sky seemed to be in thought for many things crossed her mind the demon situation seemed to be settling down, with the thought of it being closed she wanted to think and consider what else has been going on in the other areas because surely other things have been going badly while she just upped and left. "Hmm..I am sure if i can return to the rune knights...I was reckless with venturing off and doing this now."

Judina mention with the cliff side views she was taking in while thinking, Mediation was done today she had seemed to relax enough."I can't let myself feel upset or guilty over my choices, I have to live with them."Judina mention but could still realize and feel slightly not pleased with herself weighting out her options."Do i go back to a wanderer? Or find a different home if they will not ask me to return, They could also arrest me." She seemed to easily be lost in her varying thoughts but they seemed to be many with so many unknowns as well, It was many and vast that the cliff view actually helped her

Many realities hit her mind."That or i am going to be super behind on work, So I will hold back on any relaxing plans i had wished to do."Anyone could just walk up and attempt shock her by surprising her but maybe it was a good time to have something change her mind to something else."This seems a bit more of an interesting point then i ever assumed for the moment."

#2Kazimir Seiryu 

Dawn of a new Reality.(Open) Empty on Fri Aug 09, 2019 6:32 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir wandered through the cliffs. The last time he was here, he was lost. It brought back not only memories of bloodshed but heartache. Now he gazed off towards the town. He had missed the demonic incursion. Not there to protect people in need as he chased after his own pursuits. He wondered if he would find Nerva again or any from the inquisition.

Things were silent as he walked along. His griffon flying overhead and rushing off towards whatever prey would bring him his midday sustenance. Even with all that had happened and his mind still adjusting to it all. He was beginning to feel more calm and settled. Talking to others and getting into his old habits had helped some and but other habits and interests from his past still held a distant and vague resonance with him.

The cliffs were miraculous and few people were around. A pleasing sight now that he actually stopped to enjoy it. All this time he still wandered and did his own thing. Stopping to help some on the way and halt crime. He was doing the same things now as he had done in the rune knights. "Was it all worth it. Any of it. I wasn't even here to face the demons. and even so I did that before as a knight. What is it that you promised Nerva?"

He joined him for power but now things seemed to be the same as before. The only difference is he wandered this path alone now. But then again alone is how he entered fiore and it is what was most natural to him. It was the solace in solitude that he also enjoyed.

As he was marching along he caught sight of a familiar maiden. A former Rune Knight turned Inquisition. The closer he got the more he realized it was Judina. How odd he thought it to see mother and daughter in the same place.

He calmly approached from the side, "It has been some time Judina,"he called out calm and with a half smile.


Dawn of a new Reality.(Open) Empty on Sat Aug 10, 2019 8:43 am

Maybe just this part Judina would point something else out."Almost long enough that you seem like like a faded memory rather then a person who I know, I am kidding Kazimir."Kazimir could pick up Judina was trying to be funny."Or am I just like that myself too."Judina then would turn it rather back to serious rather then point out she had only heard of Kazimir once and it was far beyond that otherwise.

"I made very little as promise to him, My was more towards and willed for the safety of the people of this nation."Judina showed she did not think long into it when she committed to it. Would also eventually show she did not regret it either."Such as the balance of fate, everything has it's shining hopes and it most darkest of realities."Given how this works for Kazimir how Judina spoke was nothing shocking or really different. Just a taller and blue haired different personality then her mother.

"We bind ourselves to such work, Yet I am left to wonder since it seems at end, Are we to be back to your last life?"Judina mentioned but she then just let out a sigh."I will forget it for now, How has fate been treating you Kazimir?"Judina would ask since she felt like she lingered too much."Hopefully in the many progressing ways, It would fair better to hear more positive things or maybe different."Judina could seem to be the type maybe now be having something different to talk about now. "I am sure you have vastly more interesting tales than I do." Or she was just being hopeful and would get nothing of her wish in return only time would tell for them both, Nonetheless she waited.

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Dawn of a new Reality.(Open) Empty on Sat Aug 10, 2019 10:12 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir gave a small grin at her joking around, with his hand placed on the back of his head. He didn't expect it from her but then again they barely knew one another. "A faded memory? No I still remember you from way back at the bonfire. Although I suppose that in itself is a bit of a faded memory," He said partially looking up at the sky in thought of it before back to her.

"Same for me. For the people. But there was also the promise of power with it. I wanted to see what road that would take for some personal matters. How did things turn out here with the demons?" he asked having missed all of it and it didn't seem like Nerva made an major devastation here either.

"That's true, even in the knights there was a darkness at times," he thought about all the conflict going on when he left and the histories he had heard form other knights. Even the bonfire had its tense moments. They way she talked about balance and fate and the melody of her words were so similar to hers. They may not look alike but there were similarities. "You speak a lot like your mother," he just threw it out there not thinking of the other ways he could have brought it up.

Her question was one he often thought of too. "I hope I can return to my life before this. I want to become a knight again. I came here for something bigger but in doing so I feel I have let down some of the innocents I wanted to protect."

"But I guess work and more work is just who we are,"he made a jest about it and gave a quick and soft laugh.

The questions turned towards him. He stood a bit straighter with a wide-eye, "Oh, myself," he replied. He was not all of what he had to say would be positive. "Well You have been facing off with demons so I doubt much more interesting than that," he looked away for a moment hiding he breath frown on his face thinking about what he had down and turned to face her again with a sigh, "I tamed my magic. Finally got control over it. Hunting down a group of criminals currently," he down played the fact that the group was the wind clan and he had murdered some of them already. But if Judina had a keen eye and dealt with people that had taken the lives of others in the past she could probably catch that same look in his eye.

He stepped forward to her side and looked past her off the cliffs, "Stopped a vigilante and dealt with a crime boss," he shrugged feeling like all of that paled in comparison to having come here and faced off against demons.

"And yourself?" he looked over his shoulder at her.


Dawn of a new Reality.(Open) Empty on Sun Aug 11, 2019 4:25 pm

With that thought Judina then asked."And how would you know that I speak like her exactly?"Judina questioned so far she found it quite funny but did not think Kazimir met his mother.As far as I know my mother was in Marigold." It showed how far behind Judina was at tracking her family.

But moving on from that unless something else came up."Unless I am that far behind in terms of my family."That would be more of a under statement then she first assumed, how far of a change since she last looked.

Leaving Judina to pose a question"But has anyone tried to find out if we are able to return after doing this ourselves? It seemed like a good idea in her view to ponder but something else did follow up."Would it even be a good idea to ask some one, something is worrying me, like it would risk going to jail."Judina seemed to be assuming a bold thing but since she worked like she did, being super careful about it too."If only I did not lose any contacts with the rune knights....Might not be in this situation"Or Judina did need to settle down and she was worrying too much.

Judina realize this conversation was more about personal and reality now then work."I can't say i have been doing anything else. Maybe just trying to make friends and learn what life outside of work is like."Judina mentioned.

Judina then slightly focused on this."How long was this? how do you know if they won't strike anything again? Judina asked curiously. Turning her eyes towards Kazimir, Judina meant well but this was dancing with danger."Who were they anyway? Where are they now?"Judina was asking question but it should be expected of a  former rune knight to ask.

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Dawn of a new Reality.(Open) Empty on Mon Aug 12, 2019 4:18 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
It was a question he should have seen coming. "In Marigold? No, I met your mother here by the sea not too long ago. She was sending word to her husband to come and get her. She had a broken leg but was handling it fine," he said not knowing if Judith wanted that information out but at least it would give Judina an idea of what was going on.

He didn't know what all Judina knew of her family. She seemed the type to work so hard it would be easy to loose track of what was happening. Even her mother didn't know truly what was going on with her. He was going to ask why she had stopped writing letters but that was too intimate a matter between family.

"I...don't know if its possible," that was the question of the hour. Could they even return. "I left so abruptly I didn't even tell the Knights I was leaving with the inquisition. If it weren't for anyone reporting my whereabouts they probably think I just went missing while on assignment." He nodded his head with a deep sigh, "Going to jail. I never thought of that. The knights are were I want to be so I have to try."

He could see the worry mounting on her face, "I'm sure things will work out. In the end we are still protecting the people."He tried to reassure her that things would be alright.

"Have you had any luck with those things?New friends or find something fascinating outside of work?I'm a bit of a workaholic myself."

He shook his head at her sudden flurry of questions. Of all the things to linger on it was the vigilante that he said he had stopped. Kaz put his hands on his hips and looked up at the sky thinking, "I don't know where the are right now. I'm sure they will strike again," he shrugged a bit, "But they were only harming robbers and bandits. As long as her violence doesn't turn on the innocent. Priscilla was her name."


Dawn of a new Reality.(Open) Empty on Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:04 pm

Judina's causal face turned to almost panicked worry."Broken leg? is she okay, did you leave her alone after you left. Is she still in the area?" Judina was almost speaking to quickly to be understood, This would be the only thing Judina would lose her composure in front of anyone while in her almost work like behavior, It would take a moment but Judina would actually settle into being her normal self not too longer after. Even letting out a cough to coverup her behavior."Mm....right don't mind that."Going back to normal so quickly.

"Well, Guess this is a new dawn rising up then."Judina said unsure about what else she could do about the situation."With the only thing for sure is the day and night." Judina ended with that."Even if we are just protecting people, That is something I always can not help but wonder."Judina's mind was all over the place. Much like her mother's was as well.

"I have only managed to remember to do this enough to make one friend."
Judina mentioned but that is all she could re call."But that is as far as it went, Making friends easily and my family do not mix well."that or Judina was just that horrible at making friends and so far from what Kazimir had seen was a contrast compared to her mother."I bury myself in work far too much myself."

So she had to asked."At this point you have me curious."Kazimir could tell this might be a turning point some one else knew of Priscilla now and Judina was going to ask questions now."If she is a risk of striking again, Why did you not arrest her?"That logically would have been a good thing for Kazimir to do."Even if she is going and doing something against criminals themselves, Is that her limit?"That dead stare of Judina judging Kazimr's answer would be turning point of this situation, Such a stare Judina's voice almost when monotone."Why, did you let her walk away, How do you know she won't kill some one you claim is innocent."It was most like a series of drilling questions but Judina did seem to have good intentions for them all, Then again Kazimir and Judina where two different people, Helpful but this could also be a point where they butt heads.

#8Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
He had not known her long but he had never seen Judina so worked up. More emotion on her face than when she faced off against the forces of darkness. kaz put both his hands up in a way to calm her, "it's okay. A Lich broke her leg but she was fine. She didn't even seem like it bothered her. She was writing a letter to your father to come and get her. She may still be around here though. I can take you to where I saw her last." She settled down as quickly as her emotions had over taken her. "Don't worry. It's normal to get worked up when someone you care about may be in trouble."

Kaz smiled a bit, "Yeah I suppose this is a new dawn, isn't it? The day and night and that we will be there to protect people. Yeah...it is a mystery how this will all turn out. What will happen to Nerva, the angels and demons, and here we are worried about getting back into the knights." He thought is amusing that with the advent of angels and demons coming to war on earthland, they were asking if they could rejoin the knights.  

"Your mother seems to make friends easily and you're not so bad yourself. Only one friend so far...well then perhaps we should take a walk," he paused for a moment. "At times like this I suppose I could use one too," he said contemplating about friendship to himself and of the one similarity the two of them had so far.

"I usually get caught up in work to. I forget to enjoy other things sometimes, or the things I do enjoy I often do without company. But why do you say they don't mix well?" he asked wondering what about her family she meant by that.

Kaz began walking if she agree to walk with him. They would have only just begun when she rained down questions upon him. All things he had at least partially considered at the time. She gave him a dead stare that caused his eye brow to raise. He closed his eyes and nodded and then looked away down the road as he answered and walked.

"Then I shall indulge your curiosity. My answer is pretty simple. More than the knights and the law, I care about protecting the innocent. I ran into her once and she saved a woman's life. The second time she stopped a group of robbers that had broken into someone's home. Her methods were brutal but she never killed anyone in front of me. Maimed perhaps. So far she has only hurt people that meant harm or were acting to harm others,"

He put his hands on the back of his head, "I don't know if her wind will blow against all those around her. If her breeze will turn to an untamed storm. But I can't begin taking people down for things they could commit only for things they are. I think I've seen some good in her and she has a demon inside to struggle against much like I do. I think she can be saved and as long as she only takes down bad guys, I have no need to bring her in when I could be spending my time on taking down evil myself."

he didn't know how she would take that or what her morals were telling her. He only hoped it would be a satisfying enough answer and at the very least he hoped he was able to express his reasoning in a way she could understand even if she didn't agree.


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"A lich broke her leg and she shrugged it off?!"Judina sounded like she considered her own mother almost insane now, she just seemed to let out a sigh not too much, longer after the thought of that and taking that in."I guess my father will have to deal with that then if i don't find her first."Judina mentioned like she was no longer shocked. It seemed to be on a quick cycle for Judina to go through considering her mother and her actions.

It showed the shell Judina unknowingly had was coming down."What would trouble you so much? Being quiet and calm as the wind I would assume your life it was calm as it."Judina asked him well not as caring or sweet sounding as her mother would but Judina showed she cared in her own way, even if it was blunter and a bit more plainer compared to her mother as well.

"Keep in mind too personal, You don't need too....But it seems like the time to whisper woes away into void."Yes speak like the woman who raised you and trail them differently. It only seemed right since they were talking to about each others worries Judina would just mention it was a bit more safe to mention what was on his mind.

"My mother is also a rather strange woman that most people are unsure how to taken in upon first meeting."Judina said it like a counter point but a bit more of a point out as well at the same time."She has this strange almost comforting aura about her even if your a stranger...I do not know how she does it." None the less they would continue on because she did not know what else to add about her mother.

"Eventually you work so much....you forget the things that have stronger meanings to you because of it."
Judina sounded like that part just troubled her so much more because of how it was something she had experience before.

They walked and Judina just seemed to be fine with it."Since this Priscilla woman is not in front of me, I would much rather meet this woman myself and judge her personally."Judina did not sound super harsh about it but she was thinking about it.

But Judina still seemed uneasy about it."Putting your faith in her still sound far too vast and beyond any risk a normal person should logically take."Judina mentioned she seem uncomfortable about the thought of it still. But this would come with a warning."If I pick up anything of her doing that beyond just saving a person, I will be arresting her myself."It should have been a super easy guess for Kazimir to guess that Judina would say that about it.

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Kazimir Seiryu
"Yeah, didn't seem like it bother her. Then she hugged me, told me I could hide at her home if I needed and then left," he said plainly as he kept looking down the path for something. The armored maiden shrugged off the worry of the news as well. No doubt she was sure her mother was the capable sort.

"Oh," he replied to the abrupt way she asked. But it was always refreshing to speak with someone who was so clear in their thoughts and intent. Although he didn't really know where to begin. "well...I.." he smiled and let out a small breath through his nose, "It used to be and is getting there again. I've lost someone, and..." he stopped realizing how forward she had been with him. She was a person that probably liked it better that way to. "To put it simply. My family has returned to hunt and kill me and I intend to stop them first and put an end to their wicked ways." He left the sentence about losing someone off and didn't immediately return to it. It was what hurt him most but he was trying to get beyond it and his family was the more pressing concern now. He spoke of facing off with them more cold than you'd expect a person to speak of his family.

It was nice of her to ask and he would return the favor. "I've come to terms with a lot recently. But I know I need to get stronger. My wind has been more of a torrent than a breeze," he turned his gaze back at her. "But what about you? If we are whispering worries. What is on your mind?"he asked after he finished answering any questions she may have had of him about his situation. While Judina may not have had the same calming Aura as her mom she was still easy to talk to.

"Yes, your mother does have a way to make people feel at ease. I'm sure she was a good mother to grow up with."He added but didn't ask her about any of her siblings. Not knowing if it was a touchy subject or not. Especially the brother. He felt a bit odd, knowing so much about her life without having talked to her much about it.

"To be honest Judina. I've always admired how calm you remain in situations. Like emotions never cloud your judgement."

"yeah...I suppose it is easy to lose sight of what has meaning to a person when all they think of is work..." he glanced at her, "What about you? Are there things you would do if work was not an issue?"

He gentle smile took his face, "I guess I'm not that normal then. It was a risk...but I just think there is something there that can be a force for positive even if its with abrupt means."

The wind blew across them as he picked up the warning in her voice but he didn't seem bothered by any of it. "I wouldn't expect you to do otherwise. You should always act according to your belief Judina."

He didn't know why she wandered the cliffs that day but their walk had taking them to an edge that looked out over Astera and the sea.


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It seemed that point would finally just be the end of it and Judina would just mention."As lovely as she is, My mother confuses me far too much."Judina did mention for a final point with her mother."But the fruits of what she has bared showed it's self in reality new days."At least Judina could admit she felt something was some what normal for her.

Blunt and forwardness was just always something that brought interesting things to light. Judina live that way because she had nothing to hide. In reality with them starting to speak this way Judina felt far more normal then her normal stuck in an always cycling bout of work."I see your trouble's carry a lot more to heart then mine any ever do."The bluntness continued between them both."But even if not in power, keep in mind it is remarkable of mental improvement as well."It was horrible way to give a compliment, But Judina had a way of kind of making it seem like one."Do give yourself bit more credit, sometimes it does help."Even seemed like an honest and truthful thing, Judina was just trying to help him forward kinds of.

"You could say the honest nature of a mother, as well the blunt guidance of a father. I guess it is a blessing to make me the person I am now."She laughed about it."My convictions are not with out flaws either. My path in life was far different from the start then what people could see me now."Story time was interesting."I use to have horrible anger issues, So much so my mother use to worry that I would be unable to control my tempter and say the wrong things in life or most likely other rash actions,It took a long time to be where i am now."At least the self reflection help in this situation, But they where having an honest walk and conversation about life.

Her worries were much smaller then fighting demons but since it was the time too."Small fears, ones i can not control."Which was the starting of it most likely a long series of things to talk about it."As much as I don't tend to worry about my mother and father, My younger brother and younger sister."Judina seemed suck one that still one thing."Regis still being gone and what his life accounted for is depressing me, Being the one to walk into the scene of him killing his wife and daughter...I only talk to one other person and hid ever mentioning that to anyone else."Maybe it showed how much she could hold with in her."That was almost  to 5 years a go now."None the less Judina would continue this trail of conversation.

"I worry that I have no idea what parts of life i personally in life now."
that sigh of depression, Judina did know she had to admit something."For Loneliness is something that has lingered my mind for a while now."No conviction  had prepared Judina for her own failing in that matter."Even if I think they tried, Nothing seemed to prepare me to try and make friends and socialize....My own wishes are far behind now."But she just turned back to normal."I expected at least to have a partner long a go."She seemed to come to turns with it quickly but still unhappy about it."But that is more me then anyone else to blame."So she just seemed to settle.

"I will always follow how I wish things to be, I will not change way ways easily...I am stubborn enough that I am fine with people either following me or leaving me be."Yes stubborn and bull headed most likely not from the other family member of hers Kazimir had met. Judina wanted to be maybe feel like she was new more then just that knight working herself to death, other meaningful things, just more minor improvements.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He had an idea that Judina was the forward type even before now. What he didn't expect was how open she was about herself. It was something he felt relaxing and true. A refreshing reminder of how east it was to speak to someone with clarity.

"I'm sure you carry a lot on your shoulders too. You seem the type to take up heavy burdens and even do so alone," she was tough and he wondered if she let many people help her or if she did things by herself.

He couldn't help but smile at how forward it was. "Thank you. I've grown stronger. Just finished training actually. And my mind is becoming more clear. I recently lost control of myself and my soul but I have that back now. Once my family is dealt with, my mind will be even more at ease." he didn't tell her about just how far he had gone. He wasn't sure how she would take or react to the acts that he committed.

"It's been tricky...I...recently became a nephilim and this divine presence within me has been...challenging to work through,"
they were being honest so he decided it best to just blurt it out and put his cards on the table.

It was a rare moment to hear her laugh. She opened up about her past and Kaz just listened intently. Not losing focus as it was a story to tell. "You...had anger issues? It's hard to believe. You are so calm now. How was it you were able to tame that anger?" He had asked, thinking about what kind of training or process she had to endure. And what intensity was her anger to need that kind of attention. "Either way it takes a tremendous amount of will power to have gone from that into the person you are now."

He slowed his pace ever so slightly as she began to speak about her siblings. He had an idea about the pain one of them had caused from Judith's story.

"That must have been very hard on you. That is a pain that will never leave a person. Was that the last time you saw your brother and with no explanation?"
He caught himself asking questions about it. No doubt a habit from being a knight. He rose one hand and waved the question away, "If you don't want to talk about it, I won't pry."

"Five years is along time to hold on to something like that. But there is not often a time for something like that to come up in conversation."She had kept it for so long, he wondered why she talked about it now but he didn't mind. There was a comfort to be found in sharing ones pain with another. If she spoke about hers then perhaps he would continue speaking of his own. But for now he listened to all she had to say.

"Being lost is a part of life I suppose. My only path now seems to be one filled with work and fighting too.How do you want to live your life?"

"Loneliness. You do wander alone...as do I. I ventured into fiore alone and find myself with increasing loneliness as the days pass. It can be hard to prepare someone to socialize and make friends I guess. Have you not been able to make friends and fill that void or is it that you battle loneliness with work? But you're not so bad at it. I'm here."
He replied with a light shrug of his shoulders.

"It is almost never to late. What are the things you wish for Judina?" He asked, probably one of the more difficult questions yet. "A partner...as in an intimate one I take it?" It was surprising to think she had a hard time with it, being an accomplished knight but then that very well could be the issue.

"Too much work getting in the way? But you are trying to branch out."

He laughed a bit, "nothing wrong with being a bit stubborn. I feel the same. Follow me or not, I have work to do and i'll do it my way."he felt that slowly he was seeing more sides of Judina. Behind the armor and the women he knew as only a knight. Their flaws and fears are what made them real


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It seemed it was a bit of a truthful statement that was a bit always easily read. Guess each things a person carried on their own."It is almost silly to say I know and yet just do it anyway."She did not sound proud of it either a person just working their own manner and stuck in there habits Judina just seemed to be that way and no one had ever told her to try and do something different for a while now.

Depressing reality Judina would mention."One teaches themselves to steel themselves in stone, But never prepare for when it could broken."Judina mentioned like she was use to it but rather unhappy about it."Just attempt to repair alone and continue on."This gleaming and shiny symbol of the Rune Knights and the if anything easily inspiring woman before secretly was  putting up an almost failing front currently. Kazimir would be at least one of three people who would finally see this break away in front of them.

"Human or not, We all are not beyond the nature of what binds us from emotions."Judina casually mentioned. about not being human did not seem to bothered by it at all."I was a bit of an attention seeker super young. I did not know how to express the release of anger or frustration I use to feel, I had to learn ways of breaking habits myself." It would leave people to wonder what happens if she lose control of her temper.

It seemed this next statement  seemed to show a major disconnect to what she was normally."No amount of work could prepare a person seeing their other brother tear his wife and daughter to pieces with his bare hands..."That depressing disconnect from reality what Judina felt showed she buried it far too much, She knew her problems."Five years may have passed...but the after effect never does."It was almost not a wonder that she felt alone wanted come one to relay on to open up.

"It is hard to believe to try and find some one to open up and telling some one you wanted a more intimate partner and more friends...challenging because I chose work over it."These did not actually seem like her mothers wishes but for once Judina was mentioned she knew she did not understand this at all."I avoided this so much that no matter how much guiding, I never took the advise from who tried."She only could let out a sigh, She wanted to let it go but her heart wanted not too."All these years of being mentioned and pushed for it, Almost seems like at least my mother knew what could happen."This walk was helpful but something after different. Judina was strong, But even the strong fall hers was for a vastly different reason.

#14Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"I've been much the same way. Since leaving my clan I've tried to face everything alone...but maybe that isn't the case," He looked back at Judina. "Maybe we both need to work on that."It only made sense.They both had been knights and yet seemed to work alone more than with someone. And he could not recall times where he saw her much. She was a lone wolf to a degree.

Powerful words from her. There was more vulnerability in her words than he expected. But a single mountain can only stand for so long. "Its normal to be broken and bent. I don't think a person can ever be ready for it. But repairing it is what matters. and it doesn't need to be alone," he said touching the area where the scar was beneath his armor. "I've been broken and I'm still putting things back together. And I don't think it will ever be what it was before." He still tried to find joy in the things he once did.

"And thank you,"
he replied about how easily she accepted him being a nephilim. "You...an attention seeker. That has certainly changed. Did you just bottle up all of your anger?he was curious if she meant she held it all in or lashed out in uncontrolled ways.

She let out a bit about her brother and Kaz put a hand on her shoulder. "No one should have to see something like that. Nor should they need to bottle keep that buried within them. If there is one thing I have learned is that balance is important. You can let it out...that pain and anger...its alright to feel."She kept everything inside. Walked a lonely path and e knew what that was like. His own path erupted in his face not long ago. He didn't know what she needed to to. Scream, cry, break something or wipe it away. But he'd support it.

"You don't always need to choose work over it. It doesn't sound like you are anymore. And I am sure that you can find a balance between the two. I think, I'll try to do the same. But as you know...old habits are hard to break."

Kaz looked away, "As for a partner...finding love is hard...dangerous and difficult to navigate. I've lost it twice. But if there is someone you feel that way for...you should tell them. Don't let that get away. I never have and even through the pain...it was worth it. Worth it for the moments I will cherish but move on from."

He stopped walking abruptly and reached into his bag to pull out two small cups and a thermos. "I hope you like tea. I find that it is best to talk with some." He poured some in a cup for her and one for himself as the walked. If she peeked into his bag she would see that was about all he carried with him.


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At least that both accepted it."It will be a slow process."A obvious statement really between the both of them."But it is something that needs to be done for both of at this point."Judina also mentioned agreeing with him. Hard point of reality for both of them.

"I am sure each person we meet might be in some manner, It is the new step of opening up is harder."maybe it was just Judina and her family that might have that problem even if meeting Judith and see how she was. Judina might have gotten that out of feeling like she shouldn't trouble anyone or from her father.

Not her brightest times."I did not realize that it was hard to express emotions and feelings when you are not sure what your feeling."it was her logical was of explaining it anyway could picture a tiny Judina just being unsure and confused easily by mentioning it."I bottled up many emotions between, being jealous, unsure and scared with out quite being able to just say i was right away."She seemed to laugh about it slightly like reflecting upon it now it seemed so silly and stupid that it all happen.

Judina seemed despite opening up seemed to try not to let much else out."You can only linger on it for so long until the picture of your brother snapping his daughter's neck." Grim yes but she was talking about it and letting it out."Fades away like a fading flame from a candle."Judina was still withdrawing still but Judina was slowly opening up, Considering what she was picturing it might be a good reason for it.

"Twice alright? maybe third time might be the charm, as my father would mention."Judina mention. the offer of tea seemed to be easily and quickly agreed upon even if she did not say anything about it but she would ask."What kind are you carrying around with you?"she asked to set a less serious pace of conversation between this, people always had an odd way of working but give the bleakness a refreshing break from talking about your own suffer for the moment might help.

#16Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
He gave a simple nod of understanding, "Yeah, a slow process indeed. But one that'll be worth it." She was right of course. Changing direction was difficult. And given the lives they led it was a big step for them to have considered this change at all. So easy it is to be swept away in madness.

"Opening up...one of the most difficult things. Its so much easier to keep people out. But forging those bonds and taking that chance...I risked it before and I suppose I'm the type to risk it again."He was closed off for a long time and yet people still managed to open him up. Something that also got him in trouble from time to time. He looked at Judina and thought about all the pain she had gone through and her family. Judith also had to reforge herself from terrible days. After what her son did.

"Emotions are always hard and confusing,"
he shook his head, reminiscing  about at all the trouble emotions caused but the joy too. He nearly caught a laugh from her as she spoke and he smiled back, "Keeping those things inside. Don't we all sometimes. I think that was the purpose of the test I just went through. To stop pushing away all the things I feel. Positive or negative and let them out. be who I truly am."  He spoke with a bit more conviction than before. A less dull light in his eyes now.

"but  you were jealous...I have to say you don't present yourself as one who would be. But then we all hide something about ourselves at times."
He didn't ask but she had brought up that she chose work over a partner and now jealousy. He couldn't help but wonder if she had almost given love a try once.

He looked down at the ground and brushed a rock away with his foot. "After five years and given the emotional training you went through. I can understand how that feeling and memory would fade away. Time...can dull a lot of things."That same dullness returned to his eye, something sad but stern and only for a fleeting second.

He laughed heartily through his words, "threes a charm huh. Maybe you're right." it was the first time he laughed that hard in a long time. "Live it to you, to make it so simple," he shook his head, still yet to come back to elaborating on it.

"I have green, black, and an herbal one. Do you have a preference,"
he extended the cup he poured to her, "This is green but I can easily get you another kind," he blinked and there was a warm sadness there in his half smile. "Yes. Twice. I had a fiance once. She was killed on our wedding day by my clan. That is the reason we fight ourselves now. That is the reason I will kill the man responsible if I must." He said it as casually as he offered the tea.

"Why did you join the Knights?"
he asked, keeping at least some part of their dismal topics, upbeat.


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Judina would let out a sigh while she looked upon the kinds of tea."Emotions sway as the sea tide, As light and harsh as emotions can be to man."Judina seemed so normal about it because that is all she could think about it. Yes it would lead into more figures about man and the sea."We risk ours selves each time we try to head out into the sea for our own wonders."Judina seemed to end it at that point.

"I am not the type to be jealous, I just was for no reason I wanted more attention from my mother and father around the time Waylon was born, foresight now i was just being greedy.
She did not sound proud of it but at least she could be honest about it. But moving on from it was the simple thing she did."I also use to be that little girl that wore dresses and had flowers in her hair, But that was most likely my mother's doing just as much as my willingness."

But as well Judina would mention. It was why she acted these ways now days."But what parts of my life must suffer so other can live in peace?"She would also mention because this was also no longer about her either."How hard and often much each knight suffer for other to live so peacefully yet none consider our own lives either as easily."She thought like Judith did that is for sure, Could be left to wonder what her brothers were like, she might have rather thoughtful conversations.

The new point would be raised."Good thing i enjoy green tea the most."While she joined him with that offer of tea at least with green tea it was always good to her."I could be envious about the fact you have tried have you have in terms of dating twice."It was the closes thing to a joke Judina would make about it.

But she did have other intentions currently, taking Kazimir head and resting it on her shoulder the cloth upon her armor felt like normal clothing to it."I am sorry to hear that happen with your first partner."Kazimir could feel Judina's slightly blunt attempt at comfort, She wasn't her mother about it like Kazimir could recount but Judina was a different being. That arm that would be embracing  around the area of his shoulder Kazimir would feel Judina's head upon his."I can understand that pain in your life just in a different manner."Empathy was both horrible and wonderful sometimes two sides of a coin.

Judina would be quicker to let go unlike Judith."I joined the Rune Knight's to cure Regis' madness...I failed at that task some one else solved that problem, So I stayed for I had no idea what else to with my life and no clue to continue on." Judina did not seem overly sad about that or shameful but other problems had gone in so she managed. There was an odd calm with Judina since she started to open up, These things were buried away and no ever asked her upon this moment.

#18Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"Going out to sea...a great risk but one we have to take sometimes. With that way of speaking, I can see more of your mom in you."

He shrugged his shoulders, "I suppose in our youth those are normal emotions to feel. Still learning about life."

He smiled softly at the idea of a little Judina in a dress with flowers. "There are certainly many more sides to you than one would expect. What about now, is there still a part of you that wears dresses and enjoys flowers?" He asked wondering if she always was so battle ready.

Kaz sighed thinking about their place in the knights and what they meant. "Yeah...we fight for their safety and lay down our lives. We do sacrifice a lot and can only find solace in the happiness we bring to them." He looked away for a moment, "But you're right. How often do people think about the knights that died for them or carry wounds for them."

Looking back at her, "But it is the path I chose. So I will continue with it I think. Helping people is all I've known. I was raised to do it," he chuckled to himself. "Then again I suppose I don't really know how to do anything else."Even now though, something in him did question that path.

He cocked a brow at her statement, While refilling her tea, "I suppose. But then again I could be envious of those who have not." He joked back.

"Have you ever tried?"They were speaking honestly so he let his question loose. But had she ever fallen in love or gone on a date?

"Looks like I made the right guess then," he smiled about the tea.

"Uh," was the only sound that escaped his mouth as she suddenly pulled him in to a hug and his body tensed up. His head on her shoulder. The cloth was softer than he thought it would be. Her gesture was just as forward and abrupt as anything else.

Hearing her words his tense body relaxed feeling her head against his. He slowly rose his arm to hug her back. "Thank you Judina,"

"And I'm sorry about Regis and the pain that's caused you. I also know what its like...to struggle with family." He hoped to be able to give her a bit of support as she had just given him.

She let go of the hug much faster than her mother and there was almost an audible breathy laugh from Kaz, "I appreciate the other side of who you are. Not just a knight in armor."Reassuring her that a knight was not her sole identity.

"Someone else cured him...Are you still going to search for him," he didn't mean it in a rude way, just that it was good regis was cured.

Although she seemed neither sad nor happy about it, "That's the hardest question any of us can ask. What am I doing and where am I going? I suppose protecting the innocent isn't enough...I don't think its enough for me anymore either. To just exist like a cog in a machine,"

"Truth be told, after I defeat the wind clan I don't know what I'll do either. keep facing dangerous threats I suppose. I have some other thoughts with the knights, as well.Some changes."

He rest a hand on Judina's shoulder, "I guess, what do you care about in life? If I could be so blunt...it seems you have been serving others your whole life. But haven't had a chance to explore your own happiness or who you want to be. What is it you really want and care about in life?"

"You said you were looking for friends. We both seem to be. And seem to be finding ourselves again."

They came upon a tree that had been uprooted and knocked down by some storm in the past. Kaz turned to sit on it, "Well maybe we could start both start here."He rose his tea cup up as the best thing he had to cheers to.


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Judina really did not seemed to connect that really much."Most of the time I do not notice."But then again it showed that Judina learned and just dealt with things as she could in front of her. Give how Judina was around people was not pretty easily seen she took after what of her parents he had met so far.

It at least seemed to have her in thought for a few moments."I do not know, It has been so long and i have been in either robes or armor. I forget the feeling of dress...I would try said clothing again."The gardening part she would answer a bit more bit more clear and sure."I do enjoy it in thought, But in reality in my off time when I tried I fail horribly."She did not feel shame for it but at least she could admit that part of herself still.

She wanted to avoid the question but Judina since she had no shame about anything now days so she would admit it."I have never dated nor have I considered dating up until recently."Was it sad to think about it, That Judina just was either alone or work it was no longer a wonder that Judina seem to feel quite alone so often. At least she was not taking these moment lightly it was rare for her.

Sure the moment was not as long as Judith way's of comforting some one but Judith was a mother and knew how to do they were also different people."We can just realize we all suffer, Less alone in thought that our minds tend to assume."empathy was always a stronger thing that people did not know and reality helped more then anything else.

With that answer, Judina still would mention one thing."He has not picked up his life since being cured, He also has been hiding form the family since then....he has made no attempts to talk or show up since."So there was some kind of worry but less of them of late for her.

"Sometimes, people forget they are people. Even the ones who are knights themselves."sad reality for either the both of them and Judina as well normally. So Judina seemed to have it been so normal for her she was trying to learn how to be something herself that was shelled away.

Her caring about was a bit different."I don't have much, So never had to worry about caring much."It seemed to leave her in rather super serious thought."If i consider it I would only really worry about being a good family member soon, Eventually maybe a partner to some one, That is about it. The other minor things I could easily achieve."

Judina would quietly sit on the log."It would be easy for us to start a friendship, Then again we seem to be pretty good so far in getting along."Judina quietly noted it would be easy. But she did raise with in how they where toasting but Judina had a joke she wanted to make."But the start of what exactly?"she laughed about it lightly.

#20Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"Its been so long you have forgotten huh," he said with a curious tone. "either armor or robes," he gave a quick nod and looked down at the city below.

"Well I suppose things are a bit more calm now. You could probably by a dress and take some time for yourself." He looked down at his own attire, "Then again I suppose my wardrobe is not very diverse either."

"So you do have hobbies other than work," he made a small joke about it with a smile. "gardening is calming work. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it."

As she spoke Kaz just calmly listened, "It had been a long time to. Even for me, I think the last real time I dated someone was my fiance and that was a long time ago now. I've tried but things got complicated. He took a sip of his tea with a small sigh.

"But you. What made you decide to date so recently. You met someone you're interested in or just feel it is time to make that change?" Either a reasonable possibility. But what was it that triggered the sudden change. With so much work on her mind he could understand it. He had been focused on work a lot himself, especially when he first arrived and even thereafter.

"So he is still missing. You aim to bring him back into the family?" he didn't know if she wanted to discuss it further but seeing as how family was a priority for her, he would ask.

He leaned back and touched the knight pendent in his pocket, "Yeah, but us knights have to remember and hold onto that we are more than a badge. If nothing else to one another even if the world seems to think otherwise"

"I don't have much either. I actually don't even have a place, I just stay at headquarters," he laughed a second, "Oddly enough though your mother offered me to come stay with them if I was ever in danger."

"Those are some important things to care about," he looked her in her eyes, "Perhaps start there. being a good family member. Seems things are a bit scattered right now. Why not bring them together."

"And as far as finding a partner. You are a kind and strong woman Judina. You'll have no problem finding a partner when you're ready for one."

A small laugh escaped him, "Even one that won't mind armor over dresses. Although I imagine going on a date in armor may not be the most comfortable for you." His joke hoping it would ease the seriousness of her thoughts.

"I thought we already had started one," he said with a soft voice and a small smile. "We do get along well it seems."

Hearing her laugh further showed she was not just a warrior in armor. She was full of emotion and blunt about it. He gave a small laugh joining hers, "The start of more laughter and adventure. Of Finding ourselves. Even if its as simple as a dress."

He sipped his tea, "I've not had a calm moment like this in sometime. Just to feel the breeze." He began to think of what what it would be like to both rejoin the knights and bring the organization back and make it better. Judina was still a great example of what a knight needed to be like.


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At least the causal conversation seemed to be a rather still thoughtful and insightful one. Judina really did not have anyone really that caught her eye after all her mind never just caught that idea."No one had been in thought, It is just a recent revelation of it is something I had wished to do that has yet to happen."Judina was not the best of figuring things out really quickly with such things."Since I never desired it up until recent, even who I would ever consider asking is still unknown to me."Maybe she would figure out eventually for the moment did not seem like a worry for Judina ever, that change was most likely over due, At least Judina felt it was long over due.

At least if Regis would be accepted."That is what I hope for, It is not only up to my mother, But my father as well."Kazimir had a good understanding of one of her parents, But her father was something different Anders seemed to be almost just as a oddity as most of her family seemed to be. Anders would be a whole different situation then Judina after all it might be easier for Judith to deal with that situation in thought then Anders.

Almost in as a humorous moment."I don't either I had been in the same situation as you, We should figure out some how if whatever things we kept there are okay, Or I really should consider buying a house."She knew very well that was a large risk too but it was a fair point to mention."That does sound like her, She claims to only be a mother of four, But tries to take care of some many other people, Makes me wonder why she does such things."She did not sound like she disagreed with it nor did she discourage it just why in general she was trying to piece together.

"I wear this enough it just feels like normal clothing, I am sure most people don't know what I look like with my armor." Which she was immune to point out how bad it might be. It was all of these things they both just realized had kind of just left to themselves to deal with and just left themselves stay stuck with in it."Hard to keep track if we had when we barely saw one another or even spoke but then again, This moment shows something different."Between chaos, blood shed and horrors this would be a moment of beauty with both of them over had it happen for both of them.

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Kazimir Seiryu
"I suppose even without someone that's caught your eye, there comes a time in life when a person just realizes they want someone there." He didn't think about the fact that Judina hadn't dated before. Or really would know what kind of partner she wanted.

"I think sometimes it is less about knowing what you are looking for and more about having a feeling. But for you, definitely someone that likes straightforward speaking women," he gave a small joke about it but his words were still true to what he thought. It was a curious Idea,  what kind of person Judina would choose. Something it seemed she would calculate out before hand.

"You think your father will not be so accepting of him," he asked with the conversation taking a more serious turn but his voice was still relaxed about it. A tough topic but he thought maybe Judina could be the one to convince her father if nothing else.  

"OH," Kaz's eyes got a bit wider. He had completely forgotten about the stuff he left. "That slipped my mind. Yes. We do need to figure out what happened to our stuff. That would mean heading back to Era for me." He had not even thought of buying a house either but that may be a wise idea. He put his hand to his chin. "Buying a house...that is a good idea. I suppose I can stop sleeping at HQ and in the wild. At least have a place to call home. Where would you buy yours? That's a big commitment to a town. As he asked he was thinking if he too bought one, where would it be. It would be nice to have some more detachment from the knights just in case. And in Judina's situation it would make it easier for her to build a life with a partner or even friends to stay with.

"Well then Judina. Maybe our first adventure should be to change our wardrobe up. Get out of uniforms for a bit."He stood up and offered her a hand to help her up. It was something he had to face too. He only wore this uniform to hunt down his clan. But he was not that man so much anymore. Nor was his uniform very clean. There were small tears and old bloodstains on it.

"I only meant that, we started becoming friends since the beginning of our walk today. And it has been pleasant," he said with a more genuine smile than he had worn for awhile. More of a hint of his old self coming through.


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It seemed Judina was not worried about acceptance. the coming part of this conversation something else much different."My father is were this strong sense and moral code comes from."Judina mentioned and would continue explaining."Much different then my mother, My father learned of Regis' fate not only was he disappointed and depressed."Which no doubt anyone else would be."But there was a small sense of anger in his mind like hewishes something more harmful with in it." Judina seemed to mention it so calmly."My mother had talked him out of trying to kill his oldest son."To most likely no ones shock with in the conversation between them, But it was worrying to at least Judina.

She seemed to have at least a good point with that being a reality for both of them. She had a few options."But, I would have to learn of a place fitting first, I will learn eventually, Housing is simple for a lady like me."It almost seemed like a minor worry for the moment for her, Judina did seem to have a few other things for the moment, Then again they both did.

it did seem interesting to have that moment mentioned."I do wear light clothing under my armor."Judina mentioned as a small bit of humor about it."Enough for public wear too, did you assume I wore nothing under this armor?"Judina almost sounded like she was going to laugh about it but with good reason at least.

"I am not that hard to be friends with, Just everyone finds me a bit hard to talk too far more then they assume."
Which was the one thing that was most likely what she always kind of needed to point out about it, She knew it a bit all too well."But this does seem rather simple for both of at least, Maybe it is just how we both generally work."

#24Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"your father taught you your morals? I think your mother mentioned he was some kind of knight. Do you think even now he harbors the desire to kill his son?"He saw her situation as much more difficult now. It wasn't a simple matter of finding Regis but making sure that father and son didn't do battle.

"Or actually...would you arrest Regis?" He knew she stood on a very clear line of justice and her duty as  knight. But where did that put her with her brother?

He chuckled a little at her hoe needs being so simple. "Yeah I suppose after having lived at HQ for so long there aren't many luxuries aside from privacy that are needed. Same with me. I have no idea where yet. Definitely near a forest though. I love to run through the wild and be a part of nature."He hadn't put much thought into until this conversation. Eventually he would need to. "I'm also not from here. So there are many places in Fiore that I haven't seen yet. I've just followed work."

A smile found its way to his face at her humor, "Wearing something under your armor is different than wearing something for a casual time. Of course you have on clothes under there," he said with easy smile and putting a hand on the back of his head, "but even so. Its clothes that don't change the mentality of it. Its all still being battle ready. But that's just who you are."It's how Kaz defined himself too, at least it was these days.

With a cocked brow, "And even though you do have casual clothes. Something tells me you still wear that armor all the time. Physically and emotionally."

He laughed again, "And I doubt you've managed to tuck a dress under that metal exterior."

"I think you are pretty easy to make conversation with Judina." It was a sincere statement. There was an easiness to it all. "I should warn  you though. Spending to much time around me can be dangerous. I am being hunted after all." He through the last part in as if he were just talking about any regular topic.

"Looking for a partner, Looking for a house...It sounds like you're looking to settle down and start a family. A hard thing to do with putting your life on the line."


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It did not seem so surprising that Judina took her time answering both questions but she would in a rather short time."My father use to work on weapons, armor and trains various knights in his life time of working for them, Rune Knight or not I have never found out, Nor has any family told me."Anders and Judith seemed to have a lot of hidden things from their children."I could assume my father would because he held strict that you never harm your family."She did sound worry about it slightly but it would not ruin their moment currently."I don't doubt my father's abilities I got my magic from him he has power too, Much like I know even in heart as much as I think he should be free to peace his life together, I should most likely arrest him eventually."Judina at least knew what her heart wanted but logically what she needed to do.  

Judina moving on quickly from that part she would mention."You seem to take images of my idea places for yourself it seems."Judina mentioned only because in some manner she found it ideal"Then again I would personally only wish for forest for peaceful places for meditation."So maybe she would wish for a few other things"So forest, maybe a pond or lake near by as well." Judina at least was pretty straightforward still.

It was interesting to see how common minded these too seemed to be in terms of views of wishes in some manner but different enough as people it was not bland or boring to one another. But Judina did have a sense of teasing about it."Even if you are correct about the battle part I have to ask."It was if anything light still about it the teasing part."Are you pushing me to wear other clothing because your wish and curiosity to see me in clothing of what you find fitting?" Laughing about it slightly, But would add more to it."What else are you hoping to see me in Kazimir? More or less clothing?"It was the blunt but fun teasing Judina had for a long time it was partly unexpected most likely.

Judina did not seem worried about Kazimir mention,  Even since it was mention taking a sip of her tea putting her cup down putting her fight hand on her armor as she pulled it away the armor came with it acting like a some one controlling water but this was metal and the red pieces of cloth went with it as well the sleeveless dark blue undershirt Judina had, it the same shad of her hair, As well as the pants she normally wore it was loose enough to not be effecting what armor she wore but not super tight to constrict her, Only piece of armor that remained were her boot for she had no other set of shoes."You claim a risk, I see nothing wrong with it. I've stare at enough risk that haven't been able to scare me away."Judina was doing her best to assure him if anything It was not shocking for Judina to say that. But she wouldn't lie."Even if I could wish for almost that entirely, I am still unsure if I personally would ever be fitting of mother hood."Judina mentioned as a kind of doubt upon herself.

Moving the armor she just shifted off of herself formed back to normal, Judina would have it stay right right to her, Even having it make a stand for it to stay on, Taking off her tiara she would place it on there and then would sit back down and go back to drinking tea.

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