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Kairos Narcissa

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Kairos Narcissa


Name: Kairos Aerion Narcissa

Age: 25 - July 20th, X762

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Dragon

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevese

Class: Berserker

Profession: Showfighter - Kairos has made a reputable name for himself as a showfighter. This typically takes the form of more common boxing matches meant to wow and entertain the common man. As part of his showmanship, a large draw is his generally 'flawless' appearance that typically draws many competitors who seek to, more than anything, leave a scar, blemish or even disfigure him. As he's done this for several years, he's grown and improved physically from it due to the constant training it requires to maintain competitive. (Strength|Constitution)

Race: Dragonborn

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Gold Guild Mark on his Left Pectoral

Face: Ozymandias - Fate Grand Order


Height: 6'4"

Weight: 220 Lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Gold

Overall: Most people typically remark on Kairos's height. But more than that, Kairos' typically strikes a remarkable visage. Many have said that his physique borders on 'perfect' or 'adonis-like' but he doesn't consider himself to be anything special. But with his above average height, and jet black hair he keeps cut to keep it easily maintained and striking gold eyes, as well as his naturally tan skin, it's impossible to deny he's attractive.

What's more, he has features that are so peculiar they're almost impossible to ignore. The slightly pointed ears, the light scales along his forearms, calves and back and his sharpened teeth, unnatural eye color and even the ability to manifest leathery, scaled wings. There is very little he can do to hide it, but he does what he can. He doesn't seek to stand out -- quite the opposite. He'd be more than happy to appear... Invisible. To just be a face in the crowd but he knows that's neigh-impossible.

His body has been sculpted by a lifetime of fighting and training. Calloused hands and a rugged body are more than enough to convey his life story from a glance. All muscle, no fat. He's a warrior and his body reflects that -- his choice of clothing even reflecting it.

Well made leather sandals and light, baggy black pants that don't restrict his movement are his main choice. He can't remember the last time he's worn a legitimate shirt. He's commonly found wearing a type of half-shirt that covers his arms and neck, leaving his actual body exposed. Along with this, he wears a white, bejeweled cloak and ornamental vambraces - a gift from his late mother, once worn by his deceased father - to also cover his upper body.

Extra: Has various scars on his body from years of fighting. Most are just minor scratches and scrapes from over the years, but he does have a significant scar that goes from his left hip and curves around his back to his right shoulder.


Personality: On the surface, Kairos comes across as dismissive, cold, and indifferent. He nearly always wears a dour expression and tends to keep others at an arm's length. He tries to, at least. He's used to making a conscious effort at being unapproachable.

Kairos isn't well-versed in the art of conversation. At least not when it comes to small talk. His responses are typically short and to the point. Kairos speaks his mind without thinking it over and he occasionally finds himself upsetting people by expressing opinions that can be misconstrued as callous and hardhearted.

While he naturally makes himself out to be closed off to different ways of thinking, Kairos is reasonable and able to accept when someone has a point he didn't consider before. He's inquisitive in that regard, and despite his usual social weakness, is sometimes capable of having thought-provoking conversations.

While he suffers in social settings, Kairos has a mind for combat. He adapts to perilous situations and takes note of any notable enemy movements/perceived weaknesses with relative ease. He has absolutely no problem exploiting any and all mistakes. There's no such thing as fair in a fight. He isn't prone to panicking even in the most harrowing of ordeals. In all honesty, he loves fighting because it’s the time when he feels most alive.

Kairos is quick to settle things in a quick manner. He'll take the quickest route to removing threats from the equation, which has led to much collateral in the past. Regardless, he'll always do what needs to be done.

Kairos is quite amiable despite how he acts. While he's not quick to converse or get involved with others, he'll still -- at the very least -- do his best to be pleasant. He can be kind and considerate, and he doesn't mind helping others... He just likes to keep them at a... Fair distance. And letting people get to truly know him? Not a priority.


  • Silence: Kairos prefers silence over anything else. He's not a talkative individual, so he tends to like when things are silent. This means he typically adverse to even the sounds of music.
  • Solitude: Kairos isn't a people person, so unsurprisingly, he prefers to just keep to himself a majority of the time.
  • Fighting: Arguably the one thing Kairos genuinely enjoys and loves is fighting. It's one of the few times he ever feels at peace. From his show-fights to whatever conflict he comes across during one of his quests -- the nature of it doesn't necessarily matter. All he really cares about is the fight. When the adrenaline is flowing and he's in that moment, nothing else matters or registers to him.
  • Traveling: Kairos has frequent bouts of wanderlust which typically results in him traveling frequently. He even prefers to take jobs that take him to far away places, as it lets him experience and witness different and new things.


  • Crowds: Kairos isn't a people person, so naturally what he hates most is being in crowds. While he's not adverse to their presence, as he's used to many people watching, being in their midst is beyond uncomfortable for him.
  • Cowards: It's not people who are against or adverse to fighting that bother him, but rather those who seek out a fight and then back down. Those people are the one's he can't stand.
  • Self-Defeatists: The people who don't try? The ones who give up? Kairos isn't one to hate, but to say he has a distaste for them would be an understatement.
  • Undeserved Narcissism: Finally, the ones Kairos have always hated. It's not the narcissism that bothers him -- it's when it's unearned. The people who think themselves great without having ever done anything to really prove it. The ones who ride the coattails of their predecessors and use their accomplishments as some sort of vindication or proof of their own 'glory'. Those people? He despises them.


  • The Warrior's Dream: Kairos is motivated by something simple -- all he desires is an end befitting someone like him. Someone's who's fought all his life. Dying against a worthy opponent is all he truly desires. Or, to a less extreme degree, just having amazing, fantastic and exhilarating battles against others is all he can really ask for.
  • Dragonborn: Kairos desires to learn more about himself, his father and, quite frankly, why he exists. He doesn't know if there's a reason for his being, but he likes to believe there is. He can't say he's fully committed to the concept of destiny and fate, but he likes to believe there's a reason for him to exist.


  • Weakness: As ridiculous as it seems, growing weak or becoming weaker due to his own faults is one of Kairos's greatest fears. To a degree, you could say it is also a mild motivation. Nothing terrifies Kairos more -- nothing has given him more nightmares -- than the thought of being weak and powerless. Having his strength stolen from him isn't what plagues his mind, but the fear of one day growing complacent and not pushing himself to newer and greater limits -- allowing himself to become weak -- is an almost gutwrenching thought to him.
  • Flying: Kairos isn't afraid of heights, but he is quite averse to flying. Just the thought of potentially falling to his death or being left in a crippled state concerns him. After all, if he falls off a boat he can still swim. But flying in the air and having something go awry, only to hit the ground and be left in a less than ideal state? Shivers down his spine.


Magic Name: Hardest Apostolica

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: Kairos can utilize his magic to apply a moderate, combative buff to himself. There is a clear tell when this activates, as his magic releases an immediate golden burst from his body while his golden eyes glow vibrantly. While this actively increases his base stats, due to having to spread his magic out so much, it’s not as strong as it could be. As such, he’s learned how to redirect the buff of this magic into one core ‘value’ - strength, durability or speed - allowing him to focus on one aspect for greater efficiency at the cost of not buffing any other aspect.


History:  Who was he? What was he? It was a hard question to ask and not one he could ever truly understand or figure out while growing up. He was never quite like the other children. He always looked different, acted different. He could never quite fit in. Any attempts to play with the other children in the small village he grew up in, right on the coast of Seven, typically ended with the others being harmed. So others began to avoid him, and him them. After all, his mother had taught him to be kind and considerate. And what better way to be kind and considerate than to stay away – to seclude himself away to the home he lived in with his mother.

He learned from her, absorbing every bit of knowledge he could from the woman. Despite only being in the ‘prime’ of her life – barely in her mid-twenties – her health was failing her at an astounding rate. Because of him, not that he knew. No, at the time, Kairos merely thought his mother to be naturally frail and suffering from poor health. Not because her body was never meant to bear something like him. Not because no matter how much she loved his father and, in turn, him, her body merely wasn’t strong enough to carry something like him to term.

But even as her health rapidly failed her, even as she quickly approached the end of her life, Kairos stared with her. He remained by her side until he was in his early teens, having learned much from his mother and the retired warrior who had setled in their village. His mother trained and honed him mentally, while the warrior trained him physically. When his mother passed, she left him with a book – journal that detailed the time before he was born. The journal that explained everything - who his father was, how his mother met him and how he inevitably died.

And as he rode a boat across the sea to Fiore, at the age of 15, he was lost. All he knew was that his mother and mentor had passed away and he had no intention of living out the last of his days in that village. Without any real direction, when he landed, he just found himself wandering. He was enamored by the sights and sounds – everything a far cry from the quaint and quiet life he had grown accustomed to in the village. It was all so... Diffferent. And in a way, it was scary.

He was bad at socializing, not really learning how to do it properly. Speaking and conversing with his mentor and his mother was different. Than talking to strangers. And all of the noises were hard to wrap his mind around. It was too much at once, but now he didn’t have anywhere to hide or retreat to. It was only by chance that he wound up getting roped into a ‘paid’ fight. To this day, he couldn’t properly explain how it happened even if he tried. But all that really matters is that it happened. And for the next 3 years, he made a comfortable living just fighting.

It was something he was good at and something he enjoyed. It was simple and easy; what more could he really ask for? But, more than that, it began to open up more and more opportunities. Small jobs that he was able to pick up, not knowing he was being shortchanged by people who didn’t want to place the requests with established guilds and pay a higher fee. After all, if it was a mundane task that could be completed by a random traveler or passerby for a lower price, then why not take advantage of the fortune that fell in your lap?

And he lived like that for quite some time – just drifting from place to place, never settling down. He was creating a moderately recognizable name for himself across Fiore as an established prize fighter. ‘The Golden Dragon’ had become his ring name – his clear dragonic features and his piercing gold eyes being all that was necessary to create such a name. He didn’t much mind it, in all honesty. He had quickly learned that the people of Fiore had a flare for the dramatic and he wouldn’t begrudge them their customs, even if he did think it was a bit... ‘Tacky’.

And up until only two months prior, Kairos had continued to travel on his own – a wayward soul who just wandered and wandered. Until, while completing a task he’d picked up in a local village, he came across a mage of Blue Pegasus. It wasn’t the first guild mage he’d come across, but their persistence in getting him to come along was hard to resist. After all, just hearing them out wouldn’t hurt, right? The day ended with him getting a guild tattoo on the left side of his chest.

That was two months ago.

Now, he’s a member of the guild but he still travels a lot. He doesn’t interact with many of them; he’s... Courteous, but he doesn’t really know anyone. And he doesn’t necessarily care if it stays that way. If the guild needs something of him, he’ll do it. And being a member lets him get better work alongside his showfights, so it’s mutually beneficial for everyone. And that was good enough.

Reference: Just found it while going through various advertisements on different sites.


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