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Underside City (Azmot)

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Underside City (Azmot) Empty on Wed Aug 07, 2019 12:51 pm


Erebus had only arrived a day or so prior, and yet now he was getting the feel for the town once again. The place he'd grown up, the slums and the drugs everywhere. Being a natural for this kind of lifestyle came with it's disadvantages, it often made you the type to get addicted to materialistic fantasy. Right before the feds would pull up, ruin your life, and throw you through the slammer. The thought of being incarcerated by this world was kind of amusing, the hellish places he'd already seen; jailtime held no candle. I guess for that kid who couldn't perform magic, all he could do was watch others with it, little Erebus had to carve talents elsewhere. But now look, fresh out of the Abyss, out of Grimoire Hearts purge, he was literally of a different breed. Era was going to be his again, maybe not today, maybe not this year. But he'd make this place his again.

There wasn't a lot for him to do at the moment, he had to catch up with the local guys, people who... For the lack of better words? Probably thought he'd died years ago. The irony was that he had. But that wasn't important, what was important was finding his way through the common streets. Certain locations were better than others. As you could expect, Erebus had a blurry memory. Finding the right connects was imperative to his sideline story. He was a Spellhowler, while this may be true, he needed a clear way to harvest his infamy. Re-establish the respect he'd lost. That's where maneuvering through the ranks of hood rats mattered. The first of many people? Someone he knew to be in the criminal ring. He had been, but they'd never been close a 'true' ring. Time to address that certain individual here today, by meeting up, he could at least put out that he was back in business.

Montelli Gang member: Felipe

Located where the lights don't shine, or otherwise called the Underworld Syndicate. A small branch that, if you knew what you were looking for, would get you close to a ring in Red Hades. That was his target, he walked along the sidewalk. Looking for the avenue...


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Draped like a shadow against canvas, Azmot loomed harmlessly in the alleyway. Smoke billowed and swirled into esoteric shapes, which coupled with the night created a screen of anonymity. Faces appeared like ghosts in this ethereal haze, voices being the empty chattering of the void.

The young mage observed the approach of Erebus. A raised eyebrow folded his pale skin in a judgmental fashion. Azmot had just finished his dealings with Felipe, his first contact with the Red Hades. A specialized haul - eyeballs of all different sizes and colors. Kind of wasteful, but it paid decently enough. And here was a newcomer, approaching the abode of the underbelly. Azmot's face appeared from the haze as he stepped closer, casting a cautionary glare at Erebus.

"Lost? It's dangerous around here, fella." He said plainly. The truth. Though it was sort of obvious that Azmot was more out of place than the newcomer, he ignored this thought. It was more interesting this way. Plus, he was nosy, and this guy had a sort of assuming aura that just rubbed him the wrong way.

The chattering fell into a hush as the cockroaches froze. Eyes peeled away from their dealings to watch the two, if only for a moment.


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Smoke clouds, empty alleyway, seems like Erebus was stumbling into the deeper sides of the city, and that meant he was probably heading in the right direction. The wet puddles and dirty walls gave you that vibe like you were definitely about to bridge off from the brighter sides of the unassuming capitol.

Erebus smiled when spoken too, ah, this guy was a neat character. He was polite, a tad creepy too. Just like him, guess that meant they were up to similar things, not all of them good. "Thanks for the warning there pal," Erebus baited in his own way, after being called fella, his smile now surely just a mock grin. "Have you seen anyone around here? I'm looking to do business with the Montelli Gang. They should my remember name, it's not been that long or whatever." In truth, it really had. Erebus disappeared from Era when he was eighteen. He was twenty-two now, but even so. The same faces were working the town. It gave him a good chance of planting his foot right down the center, and taking what was theirs.

"Hey, who're you anyways?" The truth was, Azmot was interesting. Erebus was curious. All men are. Not like him though, he was just different in that way, something about this dude was similar. It itched a spot Erebus couldn't reach, probably because he was use to being on the other end of the stick. Mysterious, intricate. To run into someone else who offered that same feeling just hit differently. This was... Suspicious. Definitely.


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The streets began to murmur at the mention of the mafioso's name. Thoughts of inquisition and exploitation rose like stinky fog, and settled in the air unpleasantly. Now, the atmosphere had changed - the cockroaches were cautious, faces hidden beneath the fog, but they were alert. It might come time to bolt any minute.

"Hey, hey!" Azmot said, waving his hand in front of his face. "Be a bit more discrete. We can talk over here." He sighed, closing his eyes and turning. He wasn't worried about it, but there was a sense of impending doom. Gangsters were all weird about nomenclature - saying someone's name in the wrong manner or situation could prove fatally disrespectful.

But he wasn't worried about it.

Over his shoulder, the berserker continued. "Azmot. Just a guy." Worry still refused him, but if he had the capacity, he might have thought twice about how loud he said his name. But he didn't, so he didn't.

Finally, they approached a vacant alleyway, and at the end of it stood an unassuming metal door. Azmot looked at Erebus.

"Well, go ahead. Knock."


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"Now we're talking," the Abyssian stepped over a small puddle splashing the water forth just a bit, he strode in, body-sway business casual. Erebus cared little for the names of petty thugs, mafioso or not. This guy, Azmot, made the situation a bit tense though, if you wanted to know the truth, but nothing could change the mind of a madman. Hungry for the infamous reign that his former self carried like a skinned cloaked around the shoulders. Reaching a few feet from Azmot; Erebus squinted; eyeing the stranger down. To a size another man up could be seen as disrespectful, but it was always the safest course of action in this life they lived. He imagined Azmot would do the same to him anyways whenever that chance presented itself. "Pleasure's mine Azmot, I'm Erebus." Upon confirmation from the new associate, Erebus knocked three times.

A metal box slid open, just enough for a pair of eyes to be seen. "What's the password?" demanded a hoarse accent from beyond the metal, cigar smoke leaked from the box, Erebus was positive there was a gripped knife, pistol or worse waiting for him if he answered incorrectly. "Serpent in the Eye, Pupils on Pin Needles." The speaker slammed the metal hard and tight. Erebus turned his attention to Azmot. "Want to join me?" The door creaked itself open, and the locked chain that secured the men inside unbolted.

Whether the new guy followed suit or went his separate ways, Erebus was keen on getting his way in today. So he pushed against the door and walked in. Taking a wild grin at the three members playing poker by the table, and passing by two men with large assault weapons fastened around their shoulders, "Felipe... Long time no see. Friend."


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Erebus cared not for the word games gangsters played, but whatever. He followed the man to the door, and then heard him start playing a word game. Kind of ironic. After the very witty and secretive exchange, Azmot was finally met with reprieve when they completed the dance. Then Erebus checked him out - weird, but understandable. After all, the berserker was a total smokeshow.

The entered a rather dull room, laden with the same smokey pleasure, except now it was more obnoxious, odious, and obfuscating. The ashy wind mingled impolitely with Azmot's sense of smell, leaving him somewhat disoriented and nauseous. The unnatural burn made his stomach churn, the heat of heavy breathing in such a closed off space only adding to the discomfort.

Five bodies subtracting Erebus and Azmot respectively. Too much for the room. Felipe was still in his game, the specialized haul rotting behind him. What was Red Hades' thing with hating refrigerated products? Whatever - they were salted somewhat to preserve them, but not enough to completely shrivel the eyes. There was some sort of transcribing device relaying the information of the game to an outside party.

There were outside bets going on, interesting. Felipe was down on his chips, and the two other gentleman seemed to be more focused on picking him off than battling eachother out. A consorted effort? Azmot sensed a scheme much larger than himself at play.

Felipe's face was scrunched in distaste. He turned to the pair, eyeing Azmot and muttering a bit.

"You again?" The gangster grunted, slamming his cards down in a "fold". The other men chuckled and lazily fought over the pot. The cards flipped.

Felipe's pig, man A with a pair, and man B with a straight. Absolutely terrible luck. If it was that.

Fine! Azmot decided he couldn't help but bite.

He squatted at the table, for a lack of a nearby chair.

"Felipe! Don't have guests over and decline us a spot at your table. How rude." A line that could probably get him killed normally, but Azmot wagered that he was more than inclined to have them enter the fray, for his own benefit.

Hades was watching the game. There was probably some terrible price to whoever lost - he wondered if the chips even represented money. With them, it could be anything - limbs, pints of blood, years of service, etc.

Azmot awaited his response, wondering how Erebus would take his sudden tone shift.


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Erebus just smiled, it seemed the new face definitely did cause him to be forgotten. That could change soon, no...? It definitely would. Erebus peckishly looked around the room, the smell bothered him little, he'd smelled grosser things. Charred bodies, rotten corpses... You name it. Interestingly enough Azmot was intriqued enough by the game, and it's odd betting system; that he volunteered them spots at the table. Wasting little time Erebus walked over a few steps behind his fellow thug, impressed with the Screamer's taste for a good gamble.

"Fair enough, I'll raise." The Coil offered, though without clear evidence as to what he was betting on or for, he went to his pocket to put jewels to the table. When the room grew uneasy at his movements, and the riff-raff by the door gripped their M16's, it fared that he might have been jumping the gun ever so slightly, even though bullets were the least of concerns for a man with ambition. "Easy. That's fine just deal me enough chips to cover ten-thousand Jewels." Felipe lingered straight faced, staring at the pair, the other men chuckled slightly. Apparently, his age-- Azmot's age too. Gave the interpretation of arrogance, when the reality of it all was that Erebus and possibly Azmot even; were the most intelligent men in there. "But I did come for business. So I'd like to talk about that too." A man of few words, held his eyes. Haunted by the families he'd shot to death for drugs or worse. "You got some nerve for a no-face," His lip curled slightly, his lockjaw so very evident with the sight of grit in his being. "You told me the same thing years ago." The Abyssian said, edging his impatience. "Just play the fucking game-- then, we talk." Erebus smiled, the agitation furrowing behind his colorful pupils. But he obeyed, since this was all part of the real game, after all.


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Underside City (Azmot) Fairyt10

The hands were dealt shortly after Erebus announced his interest in the game. How wonderfully bold, Azmot thought, calmly separating the stack of jewels into two equal piles before they were transferred into chips. After all, they both needed to bet, right?

Azmot also ignored the obvious mistake of Erebus raising before the pot was even established. A rookie? Or a showboat. Maybe even....


The anime background music began to intensify as tension became palpable. Suddenly, it seemed the two other men seemed to identify Erebus as the table's cardshark just as soon as Azmot did. Now he was going to be forced to bet and call defensively with those two in mind, unless...

Alright, one game! Winner take all, huh?" Looks of confusion were passed around as the cards were dealt. Azmot looked at his hand - a three and an ace with zero shared qualities: garbage, but with a high. He shoved all of his chips zealously into the pile.

The cards went into Flop.

Underside City (Azmot) The_fl10

"Alright, NOW you can bet..." Felipe grunted through his stinky cigar, his voice heavy with mucus and worry. He shuffled about his cards for a moment, smiled, and then shoved his chips in the middle.

"You two... whats the game your playing, exactly?" He twirled around curiously. "Business, you say? What business could you be referring to?"

Man A and B both looked at eachother with some sort of communicative glance, and decided that they could go in. Chances were, one of them would still win over any other single person. That was the advantage of a partner.


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Erebus looked at the table, the flop had been dealt. And if he understood the game, he had been the big blind. In reality, Erebus wasn't an astounding Poker player; he could be outwitted if someone 'knew' the game; but he was also very smart and realized that poker; like most games could be cheated... Or bluffed. Since he knew not how to cheat in this instance, and that he assumed two men at the table before Felipe 'did' his object would be the bluff game. The bright side however, was that his hand wasn't half bad. He seemed to be following a suit in his own hand, which could change the tides later on. Regardless Erebus held to his guts, knocking on the table. "Looks like we're putting it on the line." he smiled... "You boys know how to keep the intensity up, huh?" he spat smugly, his eyes sliding across the table to peer into the mental state of his rival competitors. Felipe seemed to be sweating? Hmm... The other two men sent each sharp glances, "This a cake-walk aha.." One muttered under his breath.

Then there was Azmot. Who appeared to be enjoying the risk, the worry. He was in his A-Game... Erebus was curious to see what he did next.

"To I, The Drug Outpost; I want the suppliers. Names and points of residence. Nothing more, nothing less." Erebus kind of just yawned in on the point. "It's just good business."

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