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Liquor at Noon [Erebus]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Liquor at Noon [Erebus] Empty on Wed Aug 07, 2019 12:22 pm

Lee Nakamura
She was finally home. Era was still the same as she had last seen it. She knew this city like the back of her hand. The same stylized buildings that resided next to each other. The kitsune had to remind herself it had been three years since she was last here. A lot had changed and all of it still felt the same. The Nakamura Manor resided still in the same place under lock and key. Her gryphon was in the stables at home. She wanted to walk alone away from her fond memories at home. It still pained her the Rune Knights kicked out the whole family with out a solid reason why. A lot ran through her mind.

LeeAnn shook it off. There were other thing that she could think about such as which alcohol she could drink or what art piece to work on. Outside was hot and sunny, like any usual summer. People stood in the shade to cool off. The heat never bothered her since she was a fire mage. Her red robes fluttered as she walked with a slight drift from her orange hair. The robes covered her six tails, but not her kitsune ears. She stopped and looked at herself in the window reflection. Something she hated doing was looking at herself in the mirror. "This is not as bad as I thought" she thought to herself. She reached a small shop that sold liquor and the best kind. She entered the store as the bell rang giving off her presence. "How can I help ya miss" called a scruffy, friendly voice.

LeeAnn cleared her throat. "Two bottles of the Ministrelian's Red Sun and one bottle of Blue Sapphire Vodka" she asked. The clerk smiled and nodded. He went to the back and came back with the bottles a while later. "Some strong stuff. Your total is Two Hundred jewel" he smiled. LeeAnn handed him the money and left the store silently with her bottles of liquor. Being immune to alcohol was one thing she didn't mind at times like now. She walked down the streets silently thinking to herself about what to do next.

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Erebus like so many other thugs, was back into the world he knew best. Narcotics. Not just that, but this was some heavy stuff, the same pills that use to rule the streets was gone, in a world of magic, you'd think hallucinogens couldn't get any stronger. But you'd be wrong, something about the feeling of being different, of shedding the disgusting shell of your former self was bittersweet, succulent, exquisite. Not that Erebus partook in drug-sampling anymore. But he had caught up with usual cronies, terrified to see the killer alive, he was back to bring this place to life. For the moment? He stood at the edge of a corner, a kid slipped by him, as their bodies made minimal contact, emeralds and rubies was transitioned to his palm, just as a bag of glowing pink capsules was slipped from his hold. The deed had been done, and so... Erebus moved off the wall, and took a sharp right turn. Making her merry way down the sidewalk? LeeAnn Nakamura, you could say the town was on fire... Erebus would joke that you were confused, merely Lee's hair on fire. But her excited nature to get wasted on that alcohol? It was commendable. Slipping his money to his pocket, Erebus made small talk. "Well, well, well. Kind of early to be drinking isn't it?" He gave her a wide smile, letting his eyes dance from her to the people down the street. Erebus wouldn't give her too much trouble, after all. He wasn't trying to murder today, he had to establish himself back in Era. Attracting unwanted Rune Knight attention this early would spell trouble. Money was hard to come by and Erebus Cassiel was sharper than most on the block, the souls he'd watched scream in agony at no ends? They tend to make you think hard about what you're going to do with yourself.

#3Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Drugs were not LeeAnn's thing. She wasn't one to waste her life on drugs or alcohol back in the day. Though, due to her illness she had to. Alcohol was the only thing she could stomach. Manzo was good about making meals that were tasty with the right ingrediants. She was going to try to mimic his style of cooking. Her thoughts were broken by the voice. Her ears perked as her mind switched to more alert. Instinctly, she was trained to become that way when she was first becoming a Rune Knight and more so from her mother, a Sokolov. She never knew why her mother never spoke of her side of the family. It probably was for a good reason. The kitsune looked at the man in front of her growing more defensive and preparing to defend herself in case.

She scowled a little. "That's none of your business. I do as I please. You want something dont you? State your reason why you bother me" she hissed. She want to cut to the chase. The kitsune was alert and aware of anything to come as part of her training in the past.

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Erebus spat at the ground, holding his smile. "Whoa, easy. You seem so aggro, perhaps you should work on your manners, I was just worried for your health, it's only noon after all. Besides, drinking alone is sad, I'd be happy to join you?" Erebus was actually pissed. He had a hard time in general holding his tongue, but she was an interesting character and for a dead man, she was very much the opposite. She was alive. It occurred to the Coil fast, perhaps this woman was more worldly than he. After all, Erebus had been to places that eyes don't gander. It wouldn't be fair to judge her based on her first impression, but then again. Who was he to care? Aside from her hiss, all she had done was evoke a powerful presence and Erebus could respect standing your ground.

#5Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn eased up, sensing he was a bit pissed. She softened her gaze just a bit. IT was hard for her to trust anyone now. She couldn't even trust her own family at times. The redhead stared at him with a sigh of stress. "I apologize. I am
not a people person and used to being attacked.
I am just cautious"
she spoke. She told .truth behind her words and meant them whole heartedly. LeeAnn was used to people coming up to her for something and after what happened to her Aunt, she was even more prepared for something to look for her. It was easy to get into a pickle. LeeAnn always wanted to be cautious.

It had been a long time since she could feel like she could relax for once. There was always something to worry about, flashbacks of those times she never wanted to remember, and fear gripping her every thought. It was hard to live like this. LeeAnn sighed. "Very well...come with me" she spoke. She could tell something was off. The kitsune wanted to know why he was wanting to talk to her. She had nothing to say to him, but forced herself to. Maybe he was just trying to be friendly or something? LeeAnn still remained focussed and alert. Her fox ears were perked up straight like a wolf's. "I like to go to the park's garden. It's where my mother used to take me as a kid" she spoke.

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Erebus heard her out, her apology seemed grief'd, like she didn't even know if she should be. To be honest, she owed me nothing. The world is hard, on everybody. Erebus understood better than most, he vented his frustrations on innocent bystanders all the time, to a much bloodier, crueler degree. So he definitely got what she was saying. He offered her a frown. "No definitely keep that energy with you at all times. It keeps the real demons in our world at bay, I can promise you that. Resilient, willpower, they can't hurt you if you show your strength." Erebus didn't know from where these words came, but he knew they were true. He shuddered at the memory of only a few images he could muster from that world. Where there was no sun, only smokey floors, and devices that would terrify you to no ends... "I appreciate haste in all people, it means you have direction... But where are we going?" He said, letting her answer him; shyly but discreetly. Erebus guessed it was suspicious to her, she was a female, he was a stranger in the street. Men were pigs. She wasn't bad looking, but regardless he hoped that not to be the case. Erebus didn't think nor actively search for the things mortal men did. He was merely a spirit of what he once was, incapable of love and compassion. "I guess she's dead then?" Erebus put it bluntly, but he was a stand-up guy. It was both an admirable thing, and a not-so admirable thing.

#7Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn stopped and look at him for a few moments. Processing what he had said. It was not everyday people say those kinds of things to the redhead. She was so used to people judging her for what she was and instead of knowing what she had been through. Humans were disgusting yet amazing creatures. Capable of so many things yet also capable of a lot of not so amazing things. She wished sometimes others thought about what their actions do to others. The loss of her Aunt Paisley was a hit to the stomach for all of the Nakamura family. Everyone was greiving especially her. She couldn't imagine what her cousins and Uncle felt right about now. "I would agree. You have to be in this world or else you are dead. I have learned the hard way" she spoke.

The thoughts of what happened all those years ago and just a few months ago. The church held her as captive for some reason. Her PTSD caused her to freeze and rub her head for a moment. He mentioned direction. Where she was going. She thought for a moment. That was a question she could not answer. "Honestly, I dont know. I'm just a free floater right now, trying to figure things out" she spoke. They reached the park. One the way there, they both decided to make small talk. Though instead of subjects like the weather, death and family seemed to be the chosen subject. "Fortunately, I still have both of my parents unlike most people. Well, their my adopted parents, but none theless. I am glad for them. They...are my whole world right now. My mother especially" she spoke, being a little bit more open. LeeAnn could of cared less about him being male or female. Regardless of gender, she trusted no one. It was the only way for her to remain safe in her mindset. Survival of the fittest.

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Erebus let her talk, he was a sociopathic entity, and so he really could care less who was alive or dead; so long as the later didn't involve his own well-being. Something about dying all over again was pretty traumatizing to his mind. That natural DMT trip right before you get to the next world you are meant for, horrifying. But then again, there isn't a good next world, only bad ones. Least it's that way for him. "Ah, yeah. I didn't have much of a father growing up, even though I guess the guy could have cared if he wanted. Mom was a whore," he put it down bluntly. "I grew up on these streets, you'd never imagine where they let me end up." Erebus said, again plagued by nauseating memories. "Had sisters', but I don't know what happened to them. Got threw out when I was a kid, never looked back"

#9Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Family for lee was precious and anyone could tell that. It was her biggest weakness. She would listen to Erebus telling her about his past. It wasn't a pretty one but did paint a colorful picture. The Nakamura could only imagine where he could of ended up. It was unpredictable much like hwat he would say. "That's...some past. Tragic one. I could only imagine" she spoke. She thought of Kon, her cousin. He resembled him a little but maybe i was just a thought. LeeAnn looked at the sky thinking of her cousin. The only form of active family she had right now.

"You look like someone I know...do you know anyone with the name Konstantin Sokolov?" she asked.

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Sokolov? Sokolov... That name again. It couldn't be, they really were famous. Erebus couldn't help the look of surprise, but he quickly dodged it and sat down under a tree along the walk way. "Never heard of 'em." He lied. Well, it wasn't a lie, Erebus didn't know him. Just the name, strikingly familiar to his father's, except for the simple fact his seed was debatable. "Sounds like a weird name, Sockalock." Erebus mused, disdained... But amused. In reality, he supposed it didn't really matter one way or another, he wasn't one of them. He was the Cassiel in the tale, the destruction sword of Era. or would be, in due time. "What made you ask that?" He said, allowing his attention to drift back to the ginger-haired kitsune.

#11Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn could of sworn that he look like her cousin. No matter the fact it could just be her. She shrugged it off and went back to her how thoughts. Her mother was not one to dabble into her own family affairs. LeeAnn's Uncle was one to not contact that at all, neither was her own mother. Erebus never heard them and tried to pronouce the weird last name. LeeAnn found it amusing with how he pronounced it. It made her laugh. "It is a weird last name. Reason why I ask you look like my cousin. I don't know why but I think you do. Though, it could just be me" she said casually.

There was no doubt that she could be wrong. The Nakamura thought only about her eldest brother, Ryu. She wondered what he was doing nowadays. He never spoken to the family at all and wanted to remain unknown to the family. LeeAnn could only wish he was much like Hikaru. "I just was wondering. Don't pay any mind to it" she spoke.

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Erebus felt the grossest chill run up his back, so it would seem that his oldest past was surfacing in his hometown. This was so so weird. Erebus refused to believe that LeeAnn might be his cousin, it was hard enough to believe he might have daddy issues, now they were chasing him?! He stood up sharply. "I'm afraid you have it wrong. I don't know the Sockalocks. If you see your cousin though, tell him he's cute or whatever; if he looks like me he has to be." Erebus managed a scowl-- however, it almost looked like an amused grin too. "Nah, you're good. I won't pay it mind, you kinda look like my cousin too. Hahaha." Erebus joked awkwardly, the irony was that it was probably... True? Sheesh. "So what's up are we chugging these bottles together." It was best to stay off the subject of family for awhile, the abyssian figured that might be a bad idea.

#13Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
The kitsune smiled a little. She taken note something had triggered a response out of him. LeeAnn was not a people person but knew how to read signs. Perhaps there was some sort of connection between her and him. Even if LeeAnn was adopted, she was still family. Blood didn't matter to her anyways. "Nah, its okay. I am adopted anyways. My father found me in the fores left to die as an infant. I will be sure to tell him that" she laughed. She noticed the attempted scowl but looked more amused.

The subject of family was taken off the table for the most part. LeeAnn was okay with that since it was a sore subject for her in the time being. A small piece of her remembered the garden and how much her mother loved the flowers. When her mother was absent, her aunt took her there. Her Aunt's favorite flower was the lotus. They always were the prettiest especially the red ones much like her hair. "Here we are. The garden, holds the most beautiful flowers in all of Fiore. A nice place to get drunk" she spoke. If she could ever get drunk, sometimes she would wished. If her body let her, he would be considered an alcoholic. She sat down showing the 3 expensive bottles. They were strong and very expensive. "Pick your poison" she spoke.

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He tuned in quietly. "Adopted huh? Damn." Nothing more he could say, it was a struggle he never met, maybe would've preferred. But Lee had that life over him, he wasn't an orphan. Just a punk kid with social abandonment... Whatever. It was no longer relevant, he'd come long ways since then himself.

As far as liquor went...

LeeAnn evidently had the hookup, and knew her drinks well. Erebus decided on the Sapphire stuff, pointing his hand out towards it and eyeing it up with his yellow, right iris. "I'm excited, drinking like no tomorrow use to be something I sullied in frequently, it feels like centuries." He wasn't making that up either, time was so much different in a rival reality. It was insane, he couldn't tell you how long a second felt there, only that a sun would go down here; so many times in that instance there, it was on a cosmic difference. "I'm lightweight I can imagine, it's been some time."

#15Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn handed him the bottle he had chosen. She had the Ministrel stuff. It was the strongest according to what others had said. LeeAnn raised an eyebrow. She wondered how much it would take for him to get drunk. LeeAnn love the luxury of never to experience that ever, but it was also a curse at the same time. Time and time again she would find herself unable to forget those memories. The screams and pain, the chains and cold floors. The weird peopel in clothing. It made her shiver. LeeAnn couldn't bury herself in any drug or drink since it would come right back out.

Sometimes she wished she would disappear...

Though, she knew she couldn't do that for one reason...Hikaru. Hikaru was the only thing preventing her from ending it all. Her older brother that always protected her and believed in her. Not many people got to experience that. She opened up the bottle and started to drink. "I can hold my liquor better than anyone else. Takes a lot for me to even feel the effects. My liver must be bad by now" she laughed. She never throught about her liver,but given the circumstances, she wouldn't be surprised if it was. "Just take it slow, the effects wont kick in as bad" she told him.

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Erebus took no restraint, in uncorking the battle and putting it to his lips, though he did give hesitation to turning bottom's up and swallowing two massive swigs. The burn of the alcohol made him tense, but for the most part he held his own chugging four large gulps of raw liquor. He was pretty much ignoring the entirety of LeeAnn's advice, but the way Erebus lived. He had demons he didn't need to sip on, he was trying to feel good for once. That meant ruining himself, something he hadn't put luxury toward in a very long time. Pulling the bottle down, he coughed twice. "You're a petite woman though, I'd imagine you get drunk faster than dwarves?" Erebus joked. He doubted her claims, after all. All women thought they were drinkers, it really wasn't as simple as just believing you were tolerant though. There was a lot to the art form of it. The ability to hold yourself together, all of that. Suppose she'd have to prove it to make Erebus a believer, "Tell me, then. What do you know about.. The Abyss?" Erebus had a glint in his eyes. Something that definitely wasn't there at first.

#17Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn smelled the alcohol. It smelled good and made her mouth water. Little did everyone know, she was immune to the effects of what alcohol does. The kind she picked out didn't have the cheap burning effect as most do. She bought the expensive stuff cause it was better quality and tasting. She was well off enough to spend that kind of money. The overall stature of her body didn't look like much but she was able to out drink most of the Rune Knights in her days there and her older brothers.

"You'd be wrong" she smiled. LeeAnn knew he didn't believe her which was a good thing. She drank her drink moderately taking it slow. She wanted to save it for later. She was glad she bought two bottles of the Ministrel stuff. She watched him careffully. Easy she could pick up something off about him when he asked about the Abyss. LeeAnn's brow furrowed."I have...only the name. What are you getting at" she asked, growing suspicious.

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Erebus chuckled, her suspicions were painted loud across her face. She was a good person, but unable to conceal her thoughts well. Erebus was similar in that regard... Not often. Just today. "I once heard tale of a man, who climbed his way out. They say the feat itself is impossible, what do you think?" Erebus had wondered what regular people would make of that. Surviving damnation and such. He just wanted to hear someone say it wasn't unique. That he wasn't different, granted he knew this wasn't the case. Erebus slaughtered people in fits of paranoia. He was a million times different than others, yet still. Kec's words about... An ancient witch. He wandered if that was his reason for escape, it made sense. Nothing inside that pit could get out. But then he couldn't really remember how he got out either. It just kind of... Happened. "Urban legends I suppose,"

#19Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
She took another drink from the half empty bottle. LeeAnn wasn't concerned about her facial expressions this time around considering that she could always defend herself. She was still concerned what he was trying to aim at. The Abyss was something she only heard rumors of and nothing more than that. There was more to this world than she really could ever imagine. She wouldn't doubt it was real. She listened to the other mage in front of her. He went on about an urban legend she had never heard of. It did peak her interest though. Her black and red, left eye stared at him as she drink again.

The taste of the alcohol was good upon her taste buds. Something she rarely could ever enjoy. Trying to find something that would agree with her body and like was rare. Manzo was a good cook and introduced her to a few different brands of brandy and alcoholic drinks. She was glad for him to do such a thing. "I have never heard of such a thing. Urban legends are urban legends, in this world. Sounds possible" she said. She finished her bottle and smacked her lips. Placing it back into the back to use for target practice later. "I was never to question legends cause they could be possible in this world with magic and powerful beings" she added. LeeAnn had showen no effects of being drunk whatsoever. She pop open the second bottle and started to drink.

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Erebus allowed the silence to sit between them, as he had difficulty on his bottle; LeeAnn was on her second, Erebus was somewhat intimidated, he was beyond feeling tipsy around the center of the Blue Sapphire. Guess she really could outdrink him, his cheeks began to flush, he laughed. Seeming to enjoy himself, the slur, the drag was nice... "Aghh, I'm getting there for sure. Anyways, you're probably right. Urban Legend or not, there's definitely a guy out there who came back from the Abyss. If anyone would believe it, it would be me." He said, rather interestingly. As the Ayssian placed a hand on his neck, multi-colored irises scanned up at the weighted professional drinker. "I think I'm getting *hiccup* uh, shomewhere. Drunk?" Perhaps he would slow up on the alcohol, he'd went down the bottle faster than most.

#21Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
She stayed silent as drinking in peace was one of her liking. There was many times that she was alone to think. It was her deepest desire to just think all alone. Although, thinking was a dangerous weapon for LeeAnn in general. She could think up things that would destroy her from the inside out or others in general. The need to feed on revenge for her Aunt's death was growing ever so slowly, but she needed to channel it somewhere. Guess drinking was on of those outlets. It made her laugh a bit to see Erebus barely finishing his bottle and he was already smashed drunk. He muttered on about the Abyss which perked more of her interest. She didn't know anything about it. Perhaps that was a question saved for Manzo.

"I told you to slow down, didn't I? It's your own fault for not listening to what I say" she spoke, taking another sip of her drink. The kitsune eventually spoke up again. "This Abyss thing...why are you so obessed with it? Is there something about it that interest you?" she asked.

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Though drunken stupor was in control, Erebus still felt so confident that he was the one speaking. Feeding her the info to his personal life could prove to be... Trouble later down the line; and yet, this red-head had the Abyssian spinning a bit. He laughed, almost so purely. Like a kid again, "Because I a-- Hey wait, did you even tell me your name? Jumping the gun now are we not? Am I nothing then; but a stranger?" Erebus grimaced, standing wobbly up to his feet. He suddenly realized just how human he'd been acting. Anger, hatred, pain. They washed over his being; the sights, the sounds. It all rushed back. He scowled angrily at the girl. "Don't think you can get in my head. How dare you." The bottle fell from his hand, bouncing softly against the green grass. It didn't bust, but it symbolized that the atmosphere between the two... Had grown suddenly dark. "I need to get going." He said dryly... He turned on his foot, almost into the tree. But he wouldn't accept help. He needed to regather himself; people with ambition? They don't have fun.


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#23Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
It was apparent that he was extremely lightwieght. This made the kitsune feel in power a little, but would not do anything to harm him in any way. She liked being immune to alcohol because she always won those fun drinking competitions. He slurred his words. it hit her that she had not spoken her name. LeeAnn usually never spoke her name now for protection purposes. "Sophie...Sophie Sutherland" she spoke. LeeAnn lied about her real full on name, well partly.

She listened to Erebus. He was assuming she was trying to get into his head. She raised an eyebrow, kinda confused. "Honestly, I have nothing to gain from this. If I wanted to be in your head, I would do SO much worse. Besides, its not worth my time. You're just shit faced drunk" she said. LeeAnn really didn't need to help him since she could tell that he was probably going home. Quietly, she watched him leave as seh finished her last bottle til it was bone dry.


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