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All The Stars [Erebus]

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Erebus nodded. "Sometimes life gets fucked up." He then pressed. "That's why we get fucked up." A hand struck the pocket of his button up denim jacket slowly, from it he pulled a tiny zip lock bag about the size of a quarter with a circular pill inside. However, his eyes watched the waiter to make sure he was far enough not to notice.

After hearing Ylva talk and seeing her tears, naturally the Abyssian assumed her father was carrying secrets or was very important in some manner. It caused him to share empathy, something he did very little in his life. What he was going to do next, he probably wouldn't forgive himself for. But like him, maybe she needed therapy for her problems. Even now; where was Ylva's family. He squeezed the bag, sitting his hand on the table so she couldn't examine it too well. There were bags under the multiple colored eyes of the corpse-boy. The man who rose after he was dragged to hell by wretched fiends. "What happened to your family. Where are they, and why do you cry?" depending upon her next answers, Erebus would commence on liberating the pain she had, granted... If her answer was worthy enough to embrace the dark sides of reality.

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Juni Anastos
She didn't want to press on, but she didn't have the will to fight any of his questions, she didn't want to fight them. Ylva was tired of holding this inside, and she could hardly remember what her mother told her after sending her away. Moving her gaze towards Erebus but not looking at him, rather looking passed him in a lost gaze, her eyes piercing through the windows that showed her a well lit Era.

" My father was kill by a cult, he called it Midnight Cult.. He was a member until he met my mother. She was the reason he left them, and that was the reason they hunted him and killed him. My mother, she feared for the rest of us, me and my four sisters. She sent us all away, I didn't know she could do magic. I don't know where she sent my sisters but I ended up here in Fiore. I don't know if my mother is alive, I don't know if my sisters are still alive...I had to make a new life, to hide from them..They are coming for me because I'm what's left of my father.. I'm forced to make a new life.. I'm forced to live in fear..It's tiring looking over my shoulder.. I'm tired of living in fear.."

Her gaze fell directly on Erebus's. The brightness in her eyes faded and what was polished sapphire now looked dull and empty. The wine was really opening her up, letting her release all the things she was forced to bottle up. It felt good to get it off her chest, it felt good to have someone hear her. Pouring more of the wine in her cup she took another sip of it, whoever created this stuff might as well had been her new god.


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Erebus had never felt bad for anyone, not even himself really. He just accepted life for what it was, never fair. Now he was beginning to understand, even the best humans. Like Ylva, were no different. His perspective was warping slowly, but yet... He was plagued, and he made the decision himself. His hand slid under the table and fumbled with the baggy 'til the pill was between his thumb and middle finger. He rose it up to the table, sliding it to the right of her cup.

Something bit at him about that cult though, like a luring mist. The name shook his bones, and a feeling of dread encompassed his fiber to that point. Was that Cult new? Had they always existed? Were they linked to the woman the witches kept mentioning around him? HER; whatever that was. It was too early to tell, and frankly Erebus wouldn't overthink it. He waved the thought away. "You have a choice to make right now. You can take this pill, and let everything heal for now, but it'll come back after you wake up tomorrow. Or you can decline, and simply go about the rest of your life." Erebus didn't go into detail about the crash, because some people... Like himself for example, didn't get affected much. Everyone was different. However, the truth was that MDMA was not psychically addictive not at all, but it was a chemical that released surges of serotonin and dopamine, so it could become highly psychologically addictive. He was not trying to hook her to drugs unwitting, but if she did become the same as him, would that be so bad? Erebus had been making true progress! He wasn't so bad? Right...?

Who was he fooling? Erebus could not match her gaze for much longer, without meaning too he was looking away from the table. The kill ratio spoke for itself, Erebus had murdered well over sixty people in his life, hooked hundreds to drugs, he was the epitome of the darkness. He was a prince of the underworld. The best metaphor for evil. Everyone loves a villain that is dark by circumstance, not choice. He personified that. This was where Ylva made the choice if she was going to follow into those footsteps. She was religious, this was not a sin, but whatever she did on it. Very well could be. The choice was right, if it was right to her.

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Juni Anastos
Leaning back in her chair she wanted to go home. She wanted to crawl up in a ball, cry hard, scream, and keep drinking until she couldn't feel anymore and fell into a deep sleep. It hurt too much to think and as if he were reading her mind Erebus presented a cure. She watched him move a pill towards her cup, she didn't know what it was but he said it would heal her. She needed it, she didn't care about tomorrow, she needed to stop hurting at this moment. Looking at the pill she sat wondering how something so small could cure a pain so deep. Her delicate fingers slipped over it, taking it into her hand and popping it into her mouth along with a swing from her cup. " Mmm I'm feeling a bit.. " She spoke as she stood up, almost falling over herself. She could hardly walk now, but she didn't want to be here anymore, she needed to be somewhere where she could relax. She didn't want these shoes on her feet, or this tight dress, hell she didn't want any clothes on. Her mind drifted in and out and for whatever reason she really wanted to go to a nice hot spring. The wine was certainly doing it's job, but she wouldn't know that since this was her first time ever having alcohol.


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Erebus watched her take it, without a second thought. The mood was about to change for the better. Fucked up as it sounds, Erebus Cassiel smiled in that moment.

Now he wasn't alone to his demons, they were someone's else's too, and it was going to be an entirely different life for her, after tonight. "I think..." Erebus said, standing up with her, one hand grabbed hers as she stumbled, the other held the table. "You're going to be happy Ylva. You're going to see the real colors of the world." Tears fell down his face, and he moved to pull her with him, completely skipping the bill, since neither had really eaten or cared too after their stories, or at least the tiniest part of them, surfaced.

"Right now you're tipsy, but you won't sleep for hours." Erebus made sure not to tug her hard enough for her to fall down the stairs, but just enough as so to bring her knowledge of his spirit. He was happy that she was now apart of the opposite coin. She had ventured outside of the storybook, and into the novella. She was in the dark, but at the same time. There were colors, lights, everything that would open up in about fifteen to twenty minutes from the moment. He wanted her to come see it, so-- he wouldn't let the night end so suddenly now. They were going to forget, and forget good. Erebus reached into the same pocket.

He swallowed the pill too.

Down the rabbit hole, they would plunge. "We're free!" His anger always fell before the rush of excitement, Erebus had a charm that way. Such a cold exterior, for a childish interior. Suppose that was the beauty in a madman. They were never quite what you might think, at their deepest cores. Actually, if you ignored they were bad guys, the bad guys were pretty cool...

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Juni Anastos
Time slowed for her, she didn't know how long she had been out of the restaurant but she was, and she was with Erebus. The cool night air made her feel less woozy and the dull colors of the city had their saturation turned about by one hundred. Everything seemed so nice and bright, so beautiful but the only thing that stood out to her was Erebus. The stars only illuminated his presences more in her eyes and she took his other hand spinning around with him like a child playing a game. She felt as free as a bird and she didn't even realize it when she bumped into the fountain they met at and fell right into it, letting go of Erebus's hands so that he wouldn't fall with her.

The water felt good, and all she could do was laugh and kick off her shoes before getting up, her gaze settling onto Erebus as she held her hand out to him. " Come with me " She wanted to share this joyous moment with him, like a moth dancing around a flame she wanted to be near him as much as possible tonight and perhaps every other night with the way her brain was rapidly painting the word in a variety of colors.


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The ground felt cool and smooth, and somewhere along the night Erebus just pushed the shoes from his feet and started walking, colors were so bright even though the sky was in it's dark recess. Ylva's hair was popping, and everything was popping! He could feel the wind tickle the hairs on his skin, goosebumps. Then he realized that was just euphoria, the feeling of happiness when you're stepping into a flash of pure serotonin. The two of them just seemed to feed on the other's energy because,that's just how it seemed to be going.

While he couldn't recall when they began to spin, he felt their bodies pressing as they created a circle, intensifying in speed until Ylva was pushed against the the edge and stumbled into the water of the fountain behind them. He reached out to her, just as she pulled off to save him. It didn't matter though as the splash got him just as wet and he leand over the side to check for whatever portal she'd taken. But in reality, Ylva was under the water, and something about it was poetic to her, like that was her element or something.

When she came up from it. She didn't need to call him to her, he was mesmerized by the woman she was, and it was weird; originally he saw her as only a girl, and now. He was pink at the cheeks every-time she spoke, and his eyes were probably huge, listening to her-- the pure playful nature that she had, the drug only heightened it. Erebus pulled his body over the side, his hand moved for her own but past it until he was sitting on the floor of the water with her, his hand at her cheek. The coolness of the fountain felt all too real, she really brought out another side of him that words couldn't adequately express. "If I had a wish it would be for people to feel this forever, permanently. Just pure soundness, happiness. Instead of worrying about their afterlife; they could just be happy in this one. Then there wouldn't be corruption with the good guys, and destruction with the bad guys, there would be a common middle, too bad that kind of thing doesn't exist. Reality just isn't that simple."

He rambled, lost in his own fucked up desires to be at peace of mind. Though, he grinned all the while, but it almost seemed like he frowned there at the end too. Perhaps he was conflicted. When Erebus's attention came back to the moment, he met Ylva in the common middle, and a wave of warmth took over his body.

"You're so genuine, I'm really sorry that you of all people were dealt the hand you were. But you don't have to play their game. You can mulligan whenever you want, there is no good side or bad side. There's just a war of beliefs. Don't trust anyone, just your gut. Always make your own mind up first. If you want to get rid of this midnight cult, then I'll help you."

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Juni Anastos
She could only remember a few other times where she was almost this happy. Those past days that started to flicker in her mind still couldn't hold a candle to what she was feeling now. She could only smile as she listened to Erebus, mentally she agreed with him and nodded to show as much. Shifting herself around in the water a bit before standing up she could only wonder. " Why can't we be like this forever then? Why can't we feel this happiness.. Permanently? " The expression on her face was one of pure curiosity. If a pill was able to do this why couldn't they just take more and keep living in bliss.

Making her way out of the water and fishing her shoes out of it as she did so, Ylva was now more exhausted than she ever but she didn't want to go to sleep. " I'm not sure if two people can get rid of a whole cult.. I'm sure if we struck one down two more would form in their place. " A light giggle sprung forth as the ridiculous notion of two being popping out of one dead body was just too much for her. She didn't want to drag him into this mess but she figured since he knows about it now there was no use in trying to discourage him. " Of course I want to get rid of them, but for now let's just go to my room. I'm hungry, wet, starting to feel sort of hot..." Wringing out her dress of the excess water she tried to walk forward almost to nearly trip, the word was spinning now and boy did she need to have a seat. " I dont think I even remember where that stupid inn is "


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Erebus felt cold, and then dehydrated himself, that was common in with kind of thing. But her request was pretty interesting to him, back to her place? He complied, moving over the side of the fountain himself. The level of fun he was having was so unrivaled that Erebus wasn't even able to be cold anymore, least not to Ylva. He decided that he would take her on home. "Of course. Let's go." With the water being left behind the two, they walked on. Erebus obviously helping Ylva to find her barings, she was shorter than him, it almost reminded him a simpler time. Before he was the person he had become today, then again. Why fix what isn't broken? Erebus was sad sometimes, but even he knew that this level he'd come too would pay in time. Keeping it short for her, so as to enjoy the walk Erebus simply smiled and whispered. "If you ever want another night like this, I'm not that hard to find apparently." Joking on the point of him being so easily searched up, Ylva was many times more investigative than any Rune Knight it seemed. Oh well, a night they'd never forget had come to it's completion.

End. & Exit.

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Juni Anastos
She was happy, content, at peace for once. She had forgotten all the bad things that happened to her and it was replaced with something better, which was only made better with Erebus. Starting over in a new place was scary, especially under the circumstances that she did arrive in. For awhile she could only hide in fear, or be constantly saved by another, never knowing if today was the the day she would die. Stressful as it was, she made the best of it and out of that came something greater. Forming a few connections here and there she managed to find something with a very unlikely someone.

A seed planted, Ylva found comfort in the presence of Erebus, her now new friend. She could almost laugh to herself at how the pair came together. Looking for one thing and gaining another. She was content and let herself be helped by erebus as the two made it to the room she rented. The night ended in a way she never thought it would and that was fine, but it wasn't over.. Not by a long shot. It was going to be a night of first and in her hazy brain she was excited for it.

- exit -

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