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Name: Azmot

Age: 20 - March 4th, X768

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Berserker

Profession: Hunter: Azmot kills wild animals and sells them for their meat and skins. This allows him to work remotely and severely limit his interactions with people in order to keep his alliances a secret.  (+1 Strength, +1 Speed)

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Red Hades

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Between his shoulder blades.

Face: Kallin Kessler - Yugioh.


Height: 1.9 Meters

Weight: 160 LB

Hair: White

Eyes: Black/yellow

Overall: Azmot stands at a modest height - not a towering hulk or tentative pipsqueak. Thick whitish-blue locks stick to his face in the cold weather, though they're normally maintained by a black hoodie-croptop contraption that he thinks is "stylish". His face is riddled with a long gash-like tattoo from his forehead to his jawline; Azmot's eye's are a terrible combination of black and yellow as a result of his Scream Engine magic sending blackened mana through his bloodstream.

A slender frame holds this Berserker in calm - long yellow nails give light to his wild-ish existence and go right along with his earthy musk. To compliment his hoodie, he wears a simple pair of black pants and shoes.

When in the city / not on Guild business, he can be seen in a variety of outfits, but usually just a T-Shirt and jeans. He's never been one for appearances, but his flashy outfit lets him breathe and move unimpeded.

Extra: A mechanical-looking scar on his right eye.



Bold: Azmot is an adventurer by nature and a stranger to fear itself. He lacks a certain sense of self preservation that is common among berserkers, and will martyr himself for his own ideals. He acts beyond the reach of taunting and caution - he does what he wants, regardless of the consequences.

Chaotic: The young mage isn't as tied to a concrete moral finding as the next: he is just as inclined to do good rather than evil depending on his own interests at the time. Azmot doesn't believe in being a single "thing" - sometimes, he'll opt to save the damsel in distress if he has the rare longing for companionship. Otherwise, he might kidnap her for a ransom. Who knows!

Reserved: Azmot isn't outgoing, gregarious, or social. He would rather be alone than in a crowd, and doesn't play nicely with others. He rejects the world to save himself from the world's rejection. The youth is no stranger to judgement and resentment, and isn't too fond of their emotional implications. In this same manner, he doesn't like to be in anyone's debt or otherwise committed to personal relationships.

Sensitive: The tyrant with a soft spot. To be so standoffish indicates his own fragility. Azmot is prone to taking others words to heart, be it criticism or praise. As a rule of thumb, he doesn't like either, because they provide context to his otherwise roiling internal conflicts. He appreciates the distance that Hades provides him, and craves loneliness. It's better than being hurt.


  • Solitude: The recluse simply likes to be alone. The burden of being looked at is sometimes just too much for him to bear. Azmot's favorite kind of solitude is behind closed doors on a rainy day.
  • Cooking: The best part about being a hunter is that everything you cook is as fresh as possible. Azmot thinks that cooking is probably the one good thing that came out of society - its art, its functional, its pleasing. The perfect advent.


  • Groups: If at all possible, Azmot will avoid being in any group setting or situation. He's not totally introverted - for example, if he's required to go to town for materials or a job, he can do that with only some disdain. Talking to someone one-on-one doesn't bother him really, just large gatherings and parties.
  • Attention: Azmot doesn't like compliments, insults, gratitude, or praise. He hates everything that draws attention to himself, because he is afraid of judgement, inherently. He doesn't like the shape of himself that he sees in others.


  • Power: The thing that will quell his fears and insecurities. Power will keep him safe. Magical might will destroy his enemies and influence will fatten his constituents. Indeed, the pursuit of power is the same as the pursuit of happiness, calm, and purpose to Azmot.


  • Judgement: He isolates himself because the berserker fears what others will think of him. He doesn't want to be seen as goofy, a loser, or rash. He doesn't want people to see his worst qualities and reject him as a person. So, he relies of fake strength.
  • Connection: Azmot is afraid of anything that will tether him to this existence, because then he might have to change and become something better than he is. He is afraid of becoming something different, because he really doesn't want to lose his identity. It's all he has.


Magic Name: Scream Engine

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: The user is able to internalize their mana by inhaling, then activate it by screaming loudly, granting them new limits! This manifests as a purple energy that radiates in different degrees depending on how much mana is being spent at a particular time, from a thin line of aura to a large translucent egg of energy. Sometimes, ethereal eyes can be seen in this aura (aesthetic). This ability is only used to create self-buffs, as per the berserker class.


History: The lonely magician was raised by his father, Sal, in the wilderness mainly. Azmot was told that his mother died during labor. The lived a nomadic life and moved with the summer, as that was good for business. Sal taught Azmot the art of killing, from picking your prey to skinning them for resources. His father taught him little of how to play nice with others, and they themselves didn't get along too well. The one thing they really bonded over was preparing the day's food - it was the one time that the absence of talking was natural and welcomed. The other times it kind of made Azmot just feel empty and isolated.

His father passed when Azmot was only 15. The mage had to bury his own father because they were miles from the nearest settlement. Azmot never would have thought disease could take his father away, but it did.

All Azmot knew was to survive. He didn't know how to have fun, or socialize, or anything. That was, until he entered the ring with Red Hades.

It all started with a harmless contact. Someone was actually buying the leftovers from processing animals - blood, inedible organs, excess fats, horns, etc. At first, he didn't question it. He probably should have kept it that way. Upon inspection, he was invited to a small gathering as a special guest, the "provider of festivities".

He arrived to a cultish meeting in which people imbibed these ill articles of discarded life. He was absolutely repulsed at their complete and total enjoyment of it. In fact, Azmot was just a little bit jealous that something so cruel and grotesque could make them happy. He never thought of animals as anything more than meat, but still - it unnerved him. After it was almost too much to stomach, they began to plead to him. "Can you cook the bladder? Fry this eyeball! Please!"

They were ravenous. For whatever reason, he complied. In a weird way, he was kind of welcomed for who he was. He didn't have an attachment to these things, and neither did they. It was all about their simple pleasures, be it cooking or revelry.

After that, the rest was just kind of history. He found a small group of people that seemed to actually enjoy his presence, and he ran with it. Azmot was inducted into the Red Hades years later, after becoming a trusted contact. He never bothered to learn every facet of their organization (such as assassinations and entertainment) or even their history. It was more about his enjoyment, and they generally accepted him for that. He just wanted to make even crazier meals, with more exotic animals. Or he just wanted to be accepted for the weirdo that he was. Who knows.

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#2Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †
Yo Amzot, I'll be reviewing your character app today.

Mostly everything's good, just a few minor changes;

  • Currently your birthday makes you 20, not 21.
  • For your magic, I know you didn't outright say the screams can be used offensively but I just wanted to put it out there that as a berserker you can only use buffing spells, so no screaming and creating blasts etc.. (Just a heads up)

Bump when done.

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bump bump bump

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Vali Onfroy †
This character application has been approved.

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