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#1Vali Onfroy 

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Vali Onfroy

Vali Onfroy



Important NPCs:

Tristan Onfroy:  Tristan Onfroy is Vali's father. He's the Jarl of one Icebergs most famous villages, Skaal. Due to demons overrunning his village back in Iceberg, he was forced to come to Fiore. Tristan is a very proud, brave, bold and kind-hearted man who is adored by his people and loves nothing more than his family. However, since his wife's execution he has become more soft spoke.

Bunda: Bunda is right hand to Jarl Tristan Onfroy. The two of them fought together many many times. Bunda is Tristan's most trusted friend and as such was sent to voyage with Vali to assist him. Bunda is reliable, strong, and loyal. He loves to drink but most of all he loves to fight. Vali has named him Commander of Skaals army.

Borga: Borga was once a warrior back when she was young. An outbreak of smallpox occurred back in Skaal years ago so when she realized how important medicine was, she studied and became a well renowned healer throughout the village. She has saved countless lives and is pretty good at what she does. She's a strong kindred spirit with impatience for disrespect. She is very caring and emphasizes on loyalty and love more than anything. Vali's older brother was once involve with her.  

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Vali Onfroy
Skaal is a village in Baska that sits at the border of Oak. It was founded by Viking King Vali and Raquin Storvarg to create a safe haven for his people. However, Vali bestowed the title Jarl of Skaal to Raquin Storvarg. The village is private, far from the city square and beyond the farmlands. The people of Skaal are mostly Icebergan farmers, merchants, traders, and warriors who love to drink and party. They are honest and tough and will defend their village proudly. People here can often be seen worshipping the Satri gods and are devoted to their culture. Contrary to belief, these Icebergans are not savage and have put their past way of life behind them.

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