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Caravan Guard [Quest:Ylva]

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#1Juni Anastos 

Caravan Guard [Quest:Ylva] Empty on Tue Aug 06, 2019 6:55 pm

Juni Anastos
Caravan Guard:


Quest: Caravan Guard

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Augustus Tavalar: Augustus is a merchant who travels around constantly. He is quite good at what he does and therefore has a company of mercenaries that travel around with him to protect the goods. These mercenaries battle till death since their families get compensated if they lose their lives while protecting the goods.

Summary: Augustus is ready to send out another caravan tomorrow but he has heard rumors about someone trying to steal his wares before he deploys it. He has already sent out most his mercenaries to protect a caravan that is being sent to Hargeon, and he needs his remainder of mercenaries to protect himself. He is in need of a mage to guard his caravan for the night.

Enemies: None

Objective: Guard the caravan for the night.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Era Town.
  • It's night and you will be standing in pretty shade caravan parking spot in Era which is quite accessible via many streets and alleys.
  • To ensure that nobody gets in you need to keep walking around the caravan the entire night while trying to remain awake.
  • At some point you will hear strange noises in the caravan parked next to yours, be ready to investigate.
  • Upon checking it you will find out that there is simply a couple inside giggling and flirting with each other, return out to your caravan quickly and don't ruin their night.
  • It seems like the rumors were not true since it's almost day and nothing has happened. One of Augustus his mercenaries will show up and give you your reward for protecting the caravan and take over your spot.

Ylva shifted around under the heavy covers of the bed she was sleeping in. It had been a while since she slept this good and she was really enjoying it more than she should. She didn't have any dreams nor any nightmares, it was blissful rest that allowed her mind and body to have a well relaxed and well deserved break. This of course this wasn't something she could afford all on her own, she was getting all this from the gracious charity of another. Brandon was the kind boy who put her up in this room. He was one of the travel companions that got Ylva to Era safely. Brandon decided to stay behind after hearing Ylva's plight.

She was still ignorant to alot of things and he took it upon himself to help her out if she would listen to his teaching of Illium. Now Ylva had no problem with this and happily agreed. They had only been in Era for a day but she was told that she would be learning about the quests that mostly every town had so that she could learn to make money and raise her rank in Fiore. Ylva was of course very happy that another kind soul found it's way into her life. She would still be asleep even as the sun came up but she wouldn't stay asleep as a knock on her door stirred her awake. Peeking her head from the covers she waited for another knock before answering it from her bed.

wc: 254

#2Juni Anastos 

Caravan Guard [Quest:Ylva] Empty on Tue Aug 06, 2019 7:19 pm

Juni Anastos
The person trying to get her awake was none other than Brandon himself. It was time for a day of questing and he wanted her up nice and early. Ylva wanted to stay in bed, but she quickly found the strength to get up and head off to the showers. She took a shower and got dressed in a simple shirt and pants combo that was easy to move in yet darker in color than she was used too. She was gifted these clothes by the women who she had been traveling with, it was said she would need them if she wanted something comfortable and easy to wear.

Once she was all done another knock came at her door and she made her way out. " Good morning. " Ylva smiled a bit and listened as Brandon explained how their day would go. He already picked up a quest for them but first they would enjoy breakfast. Ylva was excited to start her first quest. She hoped she could be of use but didn't think too much into it as she enjoyed a simple breakfast of waffles, bacon, and eggs before heading out to meet with the man they would be working for. Once they were done eating they left to their destination. As they walked Brandon explained exactly what they would be doing. It sounded dangerous to Ylva but brandon assured her it would be safe and if anything got out of hand he would take care of it, all she needed to do was heal him up if he got hurt.

wc: 262

#3Juni Anastos 

Caravan Guard [Quest:Ylva] Empty on Tue Aug 06, 2019 7:40 pm

Juni Anastos
The quest was to be done during the night, something which Brandon admitted he forgot. With the day to themselves the two walked around Era and enjoyed the day. Ylva got a nap in before it was time to get going for their quest which was something she would appreciate once they got started. The two got to the meeting spot early and a quick run down of what was needed was once again explained to them. It was a very simple job with a possibility of danger but with Brandon by her side Ylva didn't mind. As the caravan set out the two did their job and circled around the caravan they were protecting. Since she had gotten her nap it was nothing to stay awake. For most of the night Brandon went over the teachings of Illium all while giving her a language lesson. It didn't seem like work as the two continued on through the night.

All seemed well but Brandon stopped his lessons. There were sounds coming from the caravan right next to theirs. Brandon didn't like that as it could spell trouble for them. Ylva would only follow Brandon and the two investigated the noise. Ylva could feel her heart nearly pounding out of her chest. She was afraid, she had convinced herself nothing would happen tonight. As the two got closer Brandon took a peek inside and Ylva manage to catch a glimpse herself. Once she saw what was inside her face turned hot and she quickly backed away.


#4Juni Anastos 

Caravan Guard [Quest:Ylva] Empty on Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:07 pm

Juni Anastos
What she glimpsed and what Brandon full on saw, was two girls kissing, touching, and just enjoying each other in the most flirty way possible. Ylva had never seen two girls do what they were doing but Brandon only shook his head smiling before pulling away. " Lets' leave these two be. " Ylva could only agree and they both quickly made their way to the Caravan. For the rest of the night the two continued on talking about various things. Ylva learned more than she thought she could ever over one night, she even got a better grasp of Fiorian. Her sentence structure improved greatly, though her accent was still very thick one could tell she was from a diffrent country if she spoke to them. Ylva was excited that she had gotten this far, she wanted to show off what she had been learning over the few weeks that she hadn't seen her mentor, Erebus.

The night didn't stretch on forever as the two kept themselves busy.  As the night went on Ylva relaxed and she hadn't even noticed how quickly the night was going. The two were deep in conversation about what it took to convert to Illium, Ylva feeling a little afraid to fully commit because she didn't know how she would be received. Brandon assured her it was easy and that she would be accepted with open arms. Once the sun rose ushering in the day two men came up and thanked the two for a job well done. They were paid and sent on their way.

wc: 260


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