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Era to Worthwood Sea.(Foot Travel)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

Era to Worthwood Sea.(Foot Travel) Empty on Tue Aug 06, 2019 2:45 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Taking her time to rest a bit after what she did, Priscilla slowly took the shards of glass out of her with the varying different area's of her body and rested a while, to ensure she was able to walk from the rope burn from running her legs and one of her hands across the walls. However she did bandage them up as well just in case of anything during travel.

Even giving herself an entire day of rest laying in bed, not touching anything, nor organizing anything as she wanted too. She hopefully had enough of what she needed too in terms of paper work and files she manage to take from the Rune Knights she was still tired and in pain, resting their for the rest of that day for her. When she did not feel as much pain from rug burn, wounds from broken glass, Broken wrist she would just finally be able to move the small amount of pain still but she could move, Getting up from the bed she was staying in letting herself wince in pain slightly but she could move now with out a lot of pain, enough that she would willingly leave to go head in her work.

She would move to a chair to get her normal outfit on and head outside, Quietly looking around she found a messenger of Vali. He was waiting in the Worthwood Sea. in which was good she knew where she was heading now and Priscilla would depart right away, Slowly but she would head off that way she would just not have to draw attention to herself while in Era, In which would be a bit more of a challenge now days, but she would figure out how too, Priscilla was a woman who had her ways

She would not take too long leaving Era and being on the path way to Worth wood. She was not fully sure about that area since she recall to never have been there before, None the less she was ready and prepared most likely Priscilla was more then willing to deal with what was to come, Such a promise was far to good to pass, She hung on to this because it was it, She could be free so far she thought she could be free, She could get away from her problems this way, Eventually with that in mind she would arrive at Worthwood sea.



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