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Alyssia Von Voltaire

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Name: Alyssia Von Voltaire

Age: 18 - May 14th, X769

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Boscosi

Class: Sorceress

Profession: Opera Singer - CON, INT

Race: Half-Elf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Lower left back, cerulean blue

Face: Marie Antoinette - Fate Series


Height: 160cm

Weight: 48kg

Hair: Silvery White

Eyes: Aqua Blue

Overall: Alyssia is a fair-skinned young maiden with long waist-length silvery-white hair which is styled in two twintails or one large braid while occasionally being left down. Alyssia isn't particularly short or tall, average in height with dainty features such as a small face with large eyes, soft lips, and rosy cheeks. Her eyes are light bright cerulean blue jewels that sparkle in the sunlight. Alyssia's figure is slender and elegant with a slightly bigger than average bust. She typically wears shades of white, blue, and red with black. This can include; sundresses, blouses with shorts, Dirndl dresses, and cocktail party dresses.  

Extra: birthmark in the middle of her back that looks like a pair of wings with a heart in between.


Personality: Alyssia is a charming and vivacious young woman with many talents and skills as well as great intelligence. She thinks the world of herself and believes there aren't many others out there who could be more perfect or beautiful than her. If she were to meet someone more beautiful than herself, she'd immediately view them as an enemy and do everything she could to make their life a living hell. Even if that ended up driving them to suicide, she wouldn't feel the least bit guilty. By nature, Alyssia is cruel, cunning and manipulative. She has no qualms about using others to achieve her goals she relishes in it. Having people dancing in the palms of her hand or the feeling of holding onto their puppet strings brings her a sense of pure ecstasy.

Alyssia has no trouble attracting a man as they usually end up flocking to her without even trying. However, she is not outright flirtatious, no, she would much rather play hard to get and make herself even more desirable by every so often luring them in by making them think she will return their affections. This way, she can enthrall them further and make use of them. Even if a man had a girlfriend or wife, it wouldn't matter. So long as they are taken by her charms and beauty, they only have themselves to blame if their relationship or marriage is destroyed.

Alyssia being the famous star she is lives a mostly carefree lifestyle full of opulence and luxury. Alyssia's self-opinion is rather high just like her pride. A social butterfly who can adapt to just about any situation with sharp wits and glib tongue, she fancies herself a queen and demands the respect one should pay to any dignified ruler. Anyone who shows less than that should just go die. Of course, it wouldn't do her any good to show this side of herself to others so she wears the mask of a "perfect lady" while under the watchful eye of the public.

Alyssia is always meticulous and careful. She isn't clumsy or the type to forget herself. Even so, she has quite the temper. Being disrespected, having to put up with idiots, getting humiliated, being rejected, just about anything like that or even smaller more insignificant things could easily set her off. When enraged, Alyssia tends to go blind with anger, throwing away her usual calm facade to become violent, both verbally and physically. This can include things like; throwing objects, punching people, spitting out vulgar insults, etc.

Despite her cruel and manipulative nature, Alyssia is a romantic at heart. She dreams of meeting her "Prince Charming" someday and getting to live happily ever after. It's rather unrealistic but, when it comes to love, Alyssia can't muster any rational logic to snap her out of these fantasies. Even though she would have no issue or feel any guilt over killing someone, whether it be directly or indirectly it doesn't matter. However, she finds the idea of soiling her own hands with the blood of others to be messy and not worth her time, she would much rather have someone else do the dirty work for her. Why do it yourself if you have others willing to do it for you?


  • Fine Arts
    Alyssia has always had a love for the fine arts. As an opera singer, she especially loves music.
  • Men
    She enjoys the company of men, especially those who would gladly throw themselves at her feet even just for the chance to be a foot rest for Alyssia.


  • Idiots
    Alyssia really can't stand those who have low IQ. They often aggravate her to no end.
  • Disrespectful People
    She will not stand for those who show her any kind of disrespect.


  • Fame
    What could motivate a performer better than fame? Alyssia wishes to become famous throughout the world.


  • Death
    She fears she may meet an early end and die with regrets before she can achieve her goals
  • Bugs
    They're creepy, crawly and even sometimes slimy, need I say more?


Magic Name: Crystal-Make Magic

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: The caster, in this case, Alyssia can generate crystals to create various constructs like; swords, blades on her elbows, shields, cages, etc. She can also use it supplementary purposes like creating steps over water so she can walk on water, make copies of keys to open doors with, and at the higher levels, can even create buildings out of crystal.


History: Alyssia was born in the capital of Bosco to the firstborn daughter of the prominent Von Voltaire family. Alyssia’s mother met a man by the name of Ulysses who claimed to be a noble from the nation of Fiore. The two seemingly fell in love and when Adahlia was 21 years old, she gave birth to Alyssia. It was after the birth of their daughter than Ulysses confessed to Adahlia he was, in fact, a wood elf. Even though the news did surprise her, she was not scared of him, after all, the Von Voltaire family was a long-established line of promising mages and they were well-known for their policy on non-prejudice of other races.

Alyssia was born with a birthmark in the middle of her back, a small pair of wings with a heart in the middle. From a young age, Alyssia was incredibly beautiful with silky platinum blond hair, fair skin, and an aura of elegance. However, because of this, she developed a sense of superiority which most of her maternal family encouraged. Her grandparents taught Alyssia to always remember that she is the young mistress and heir of the Von Voltaire family and that made her better than others. Her mother taught her to never let others who are less beautiful or talented to stand above her. If they try, she should bring them back down to their level.

The things her mother and grandparents taught the young Alyssia, stuck with her throughout her life. When Alyssia turned 14, she had surpassed not only her mother but also her grandmother in beauty from the time they were her age. She had to leave her school to be taught in the mansion because of how much chaos her beauty had caused there. So many boys had their hearts broken and many female students had committed suicide for reasons unknown to authorities but, it was enough to see a reason to expel her. Thankfully, her family’s wealth was able to take care of the issue and allow them to simply withdraw her from the school rather than have her expelled.

Once it was official, Adahlia had hired many scholars and geniuses of the fine arts world to come to teach Alyssia everything from math and science to singing and dancing. Alyssia became known for her angelic singing voice and even became an opera singer who won over the public in Bosco by the tender age of 16. They wanted Alyssia to travel to the nation of Fiore to perform on the stages there. Eventually, she would be able to travel the world, singing on international stages. With such an irresistible offer in front of her, how could she possibly refuse? With her mother to accompany her and her family’s blessing, Alyssia set out for the nation of Fiore. The next few years she would come to learn the local language, gain prestige and fame along with many fans.

Reference: Alt of Rin Moriyama

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Hi there Alyssia, I'm Erebus, creature of nightmares and I will be grading your app today.

  • Firstly, your magic, you can't create living 'animate' creatures with your magic, that would be summoning. Sorcerer's can use the following spell types: Offensive, Supplementary, Debuff, and Defensive.

  • You misspelled Sorceress, under class.

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edits are made so ~bump~


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This character application has been approved.

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