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Body Gatherer [Q]

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Body Gatherer [Q] Empty on Tue Aug 06, 2019 12:32 am


Kaiser had never taken a request on her own, and she wanted to try it now. She was able to use her magic, even if it was just one trick that she learned during her training, so she felt ready to take on some requests without anyone else. Since it was going to be her first solo job ever, she decided that starting from the lowest of ranks would be a smart idea. That way she could get better at differentiating the difficulty of each rank of request and decide whether or not she was ready for the big ones. As for now, she chose a D-rank mission that was requested by a mad scientist called Auron. She did not like the idea of working for anyone who was said to be ‘mad’, but it was just for the experience so she accepted it. She did not have to meet the mad scientist in any part of the job, so it was fine.

In the evening of that day, Kaiser wore her darkest outfit and tied her dark brown curls into a ponytail and shoved it into the back of her shirt. It was just before sunset when she headed out to buy herself a nice sharp knife to use for the mission. The sun began to set, cloaking the entirety of Era in darkness. The streetlamps along the roads came to life, and Kaiser blended into the shadows of the night. The time came for her mission to begin.

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Though Kaiser would not have had any trouble doing the mission during the daylight hours, the client instructed her to only do it at night. She assumed that was because of their location. Era was not the best place to do things like this, given how it was swarming with rune knights. The client even mentioned in the request sheet to be wary of any rune knights who might disrupt the request. Kaiser made note of that and if any rune knights did show up to interrupt her mission, she would just deal with them like an obstacle, which they would be in this case.

It was not easy to find a man or a woman separately alone, but Kaiser had an idea. If she looked for a man and a woman separately, she was going to waste so much more time than if she looked for both together, and killed them where she found them. Nowadays it was not hard to find couples getting nasty in deserted areas or really dark alleyways. That was what Kaiser had in mind. It was killing two birds with one stone. She had to try that first. Though it was unlikely that she would fail, she still did try to be quick so that she would not be too late to deliver the bodies to the mad scientist. He did not provide many details, but she could tell he would not like it if she unnecessarily took too long to finish the job.

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So following her little plan, Kaiser sneaked around Era to find any couples getting nasty in the shadows. It took a while, and she almost gave up actually, but in the end she found a man straddling a female whose cries were muffled. This was not a couple, this was a rape scene and the moment Kaiser realized this, she jumped onto the buff male and stabbed him violently in the neck multiple times. She could not stand the sight of men taking advantage of women. You could say she was some kind of feminist. She just was not an activist or something like that. The moment the man was off of her, the girl who was previously beneath him got up and quickly pulled up her clothes.

“I’m sorry about that. Are you alright?” asked the sorceress as she wiped the blood of the man on her pants. The girl whimpered like a scared puppy but nodded in response. Kaiser just wanted to make sure that she felt alright before taking her life. “Did he hurt you? Has he done...anything yet?” she continued to ask, and the girl shook her head. She was trembling from head to toe, actually. She was a sad thing. But if she was telling the truth, Kaiser arrived just in time and that put a satisfied smile on her face. “Ah, good. That’s good,” she said. Taking a deep breath, she dashed swiftly towards the girl and stabbed her in the neck too.

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After finishing the easier part of the mission, Kaiser stood for a few minutes, wondering how she was going to make it easier for her to carry these two bodies all the way to the client’s location. The girl was not a problem, the man was. He was kind of...big. But she could easily carry the both of them to the location where she was supposed to drop them off at, as long as there were no obstacles along the way. Keeping the dagger, she carried both bodies with both her arms. Luckily for her, the client wanted the bodies to be brought to a place that was not so far from where she just killed the owner of the bodies.

As she began her journey to the client’s location, she started to feel like someone was following her, but instead of that being the case, she was greeted by a man in uniform who seemed a little shook, but nonetheless ready to arrest Kaiser. He was definitely a rune knight. Kaiser immediately dropped the bodies. The rune knight was probably trying to say something when she raised her hands, though her hands were balled into tight fists. The rune knight of course asked her to open her fists and she shook her head at first, but the next time, the knight yelled at her, and without further ado, she opened one of her palms facing towards him and released a nasty beam of light that blasted him away. He could not get up after taking so much damage.

Kaiser picked up the bodies once more, brought them to the client’s location and laid them on his large long table. Auron gave her the reward for the job and Kaiser returned to her hotel.

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[ EXIT ]

Spell Used:
Name: Broken Beam
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Sternenlicht
Type: Offensive
Element: Light
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: Kaiser opens her palm and releases a blinding beam of light that expands in a cone shape from its original size of 1m in diameter to its maximum size of 2m in diameter at half its max range, causing damage to anything in its path and knocking anyone in the blast zone back 20m from their original position. The beam slowly dissipates upon reaching its range limit.

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