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Pitter Patter [T]

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Pitter Patter [T] Empty on Fri Aug 02, 2019 7:02 am


Continuing training for Broken Beam. WC carried over from Unearth.

The whole point of going to the cliffs in Astera was to train herself and improve her use of magic, but it turned out that she was unable to do so, thanks to the disturbance caused by some unknown force. She had a feeling that it was not going to be easy, but who thought that she was going to have to bring over her training session all the way to Era. She did not really enjoy doing anything here, knowing that the place was swarming with Rune Knights, but it gave her a virtual sense of security, because of the same reason. It was raining today, and what better time is there to train than when it was raining? She loved the rain, and she loved doing anything in the rain.

Thanks to the rain, the streets were clear and not a soul could be seen anywhere in the vicinity. Kaiser wore a simple outfit in which she would feel comfortable training, and headed towards a clear area a few miles behind the hotel she was staying in. She found the place while jogging a few days back and thought it was the perfect place for her to shoot out some high intensity light beams. Seriously though. She thought this through before she actually chose said place to train. It was not a good idea to train in the streets because she knew that her training was going to be disrupted by some pedestrians or some rune knights telling her that she was going to cause unnecessary damage. Yeah, she thought this shit through.

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Pitter Patter [T] Empty on Mon Aug 05, 2019 2:52 am


After arriving at the place, she did some warm up exercises a bit more vigorously than usual since it was raining and cold. There was literally no one in the area, which was perfect. Not that she would care if there was anyone anyway. She did not eat much before coming here, because she was training after all. It was not a good idea to eat a lot before doing any kind of training. It was hard to warm up when it was raining like hell, so she just decided to work on her magic. She was successful in creating the beam that she had in mind, she just needed to perfect her aim and control of the beam.

As usual, she began to focus on creating light out of the palm of her left hand. Once she was able to do that, she tried to aim at a tree that was about ten meters in front of her. Because of how big the blast was the previous time, she did not want to be tossed back by the blast and land on her ass in mud. That would be ugly. Not to mention, she did not want some tree parts stuck in her skin if her beam managed to break the tree into pieces. So as she took aim, she used up some more mana to direct the light that she had created towards the tree. She could feel that her aim was much better than it was before.

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The beam was more powerful than it was the previous time, which made her feel very much satisfied. Her aim was barely off too. She did not blast the tree to pieces like she had imagined but she did blow a big portion of the tree away. Now her goal was to blow the whole tree away, so that it was not standing anymore. She repeated the process, put more force into her beam and aimed again. Her aim was improving so fast, and it was much easier for her to control the release of it. She was a fast learner, and just like Kon told her she was someone with so much potential. Of course she did not know what made him say that, or if he was just messing with her, but it was true. She just did not realise it until now.

After the second blast, Kaiser had succeeded in completely obliterating the tree. It was...gone, probably blown to microscopic pieces so now there was no tree standing a few meters in front of her. She looked down at the palm that she released the beam from, wondering if it was burnt or something, but there was no sign of damage.  Clapping away any debris that might have been clinging to her palms, she wiped some strands of wet hair away from her forehead. It was still raining, but she had succeeded in doing what she came here to do. Now it was time to use it in practice.

After the training session that she actually expected to have taken much longer, Kaiser returned to the hotel that she was staying in, all wet and dirty. The bellboy screamed in terror as Kaiser soaked the carpet everywhere she stepped. “Sorry about that,” was her not so sincere apology, but she served it with a smile and the bellboy blushed so hard he reminded her of a tomato. She then headed up to her floor to take a nice relaxing shower.

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