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Ellie Cavallero

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Name: Elyse ‘Ellie’ Cavallero
Age: 18  (December 8th X768)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian
Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan
Class:  Huntress
Profession: Equestrian – Spd, Con
Race: Human
Rank: D-rank
Guild: Fairy Tail
Mode: Normal
Tattoo: Outer Right Thigh, Orchid
Face: Yaoyorozu Momo – My Hero Academia


Height: 5’9” / 175cm
Weight: 142lbs/65Kg
Hair: Liquorice
Eyes: Amethyst

Overall: A tall and shapely young woman, Ellie is blessed with a fair complexion that stands as a slight contrast to the fairness of her locks and bright lavender eyes.  Spending a great deal of time working on her body and that effort really showing by the amazing condition it is in, Miss Cavallero has a firm and well-defined stomach, along with noticeable tone in her shoulders and arms, as well as the rest of her body.

The build of the beauty slender though not lacking for a curve or two, she possesses an ample bust though often this can be overlooked due to the tight way she binds it because of her active lifestyle, along with a mild broadness to her hips and thighs which when combined with her slim waist give the image of an hourglass to her figure. One of the most noticeable aspects of her fine physique being her long and very shapely legs, while she has many attractive features this refined and elegant looking girl has a sublime set of pins and she is aware of that, considering them her best feature.

The face of this fair femme pretty and elegant, her features are slightly pointed in a girly manner that most might overlook when focusing on the more obvious lines of her frame. Large eyed, her bright lilac irises often carry a little mystique because of the way her pink hair frames them, looking like glistering amethysts that have been nestled within a dark den. The facial makeup of Miss Cavallero a little bit ‘foxy’, she has a sharpness and narrowness to her face that looks flattering and graceful, and perhaps makes her look a little but older than her tender age of nineteen.

The dark, raven coloured hair of Miss Cavallero long and silky, though she is perfectly comfortable with her long locks loose, she habitually styles her hair into a somewhat bushy bunch at the back of her head whilst leaving one side of her fringe hanging down, usually over her right eye. Sleek and luxurious, the hair of this dark beauty is long enough to hang over her shoulders and reach her upper back when down, and despite the more functional style that she prefers on a day to day basis the girl is happy to leave her hair hanging loose when relaxing casually. Ellie also isn’t averse to altering her simple style should the situation call for it, enjoying short, bunchy tails, buns or even a simple braid when she wants to look a little fancier or more functional than her simple loose style.

Elyse’s choice in clothing perhaps reflecting her upbringing the most of anything, while it’s clear that the girl likes to style herself in a way that makes her look good, she also retains a sense of courtesy and refinement about what she wears. Generously busted but not often choosing to emphasize this, she tends to wear shirts and blouses that usually hide this a little bit, rarely wearing anything that demonstrates her generous neckline because of her fondness for buttoned up options with cravats and other forms of neckwear, or turtleneck sweaters. Not one for heavy and showy jewellery, she likes simple and classy accessories, usually in the form of studs or pearls to give herself a classy sense of humility.

Frills and ruffles something that she loves, the overall dress style of Miss Cavallero is somewhat stuffy but without lacking for attraction given the fact that despite her modesty she tends to like her items to be tailored to be tight enough to show off her frame. Modest with her bust but not her legs, given the pride she takes in herself and desire to look sexy the fuschia femme tends to wear rather short miniskirts, high hemmed dressed and shorts so as to maximize their mouth-watering emphasis. Not averse to ‘dressing down’ by any measure of the imagination, she will wear simpler clothing when she is working out or living casually, though it seems her usual style is a matter of habit from the ‘rich girl lifestyle’ she possessed while growing up. That being said, given she can be something of a showoff, she is happy to ‘break the rules’ so long as it brings her positive attention, and will slip into anything she finds flattering in the right kind of mood.

Extra: N/A



Upbeat, optimistic and kind, Ellie can come across as quite the friendly sort in the right circumstances, though in the wrong ones can seem bossy, competitive and somewhat haughty. A social character who tends to enjoy the company of others, the girl has a mild preference for those who are older than her than younger than her, but this is not so heavy as to deny her making friends with people who are junior to her. This perhaps a reflection of her own youth and sheltered aspects of her upbringing, she has spent her life tending to interact with people who are older than her and as such shows more ease in doing so than most.

Somewhat precocious in her mannerisms, she is very comfortable interacting with those who are older than her or of higher social station, which can perhaps make her come off as a little bit rude to some but this isn’t wholly her intention. Tending to be rather up front about things and very assertive in her desires for the most part, there are times when Miss Cavallero can also seem rather domineering, though she does show a good potential as a leader. Unintimidated by most people and eager to speak her mind, while she perhaps still needs some polish in some areas, at the very least she is the type who will express her opinion and even stand up for others if they seem reluctant to.

Not wholly lacking for personal charm either, whether it be from lessons of eloquence as any lady should learn or simple habit from talking her parents into getting what she wants Ellie is an able and compelling speaker when she wants to be, though perhaps might come off as a bit prim and proper to some. This capability in speech something that can be turned toward flirtation if she feels so inclined to it, while Miss Cavallero if far from some lusty horn dog she has learned to appreciate and express her bodily needs and is improving in the art of seduction as well when she needs to. Still a little clumsy and awkward at times in this regard given her age but certainly not off putting, and her eagerness to please others and earn praise certainly doesn’t diminish her returns by any measure, even if she can come off as a little too keen.

Open to raw physical intimacy but romance and emotional connection something that she struggles a little with due to a lingering crush, she seems to cling onto a lingering and devoted level of amorous interest in the man who saved her from a wicked fate as a child, the age difference with whom some might scoff at and mock for being unrealistic as well as unrequited. Perhaps finding that her childish attraction has been muddled and complicated by the strong sense of admiration and gratitude that she feels toward Gilbert, Ellie seems to lack a true grasp of what real love is, and this can be a thorn in the side to anyone who might have an inclination to pursue her in a long term fashion. This godly image of someone who is for all intents and purposes more a father figure to her than anything is something that she will need to dispel before she can truly commit herself to someone as a significant other, with this in mind she shows an unusual immaturity in this regard, and she seems more like a blushing schoolgirl who is too nervous to act on her feelings around the man in question than a true partner romantically.

The devotion that she shows to her hero not wholly a bad thing, having proven to be a great positive influence on her life in many ways, her desire to impress Gilbert and others gives her a strong level of dedication and determination, not to mention something of a competitive streak. Enjoying showing off and eating up praise like the most delicious delicacy in the world, while she is confident and assertive Miss Cavallero seems to seek affirmation and acknowledgement as a matter of habit, which is perhaps because of youthful insecurity. Eager to engage with others and prove her value, it hints that she has perhaps a little bit of a problem in seeing that at times, and strives to better herself to prove that worth no matter the cost. This likely down to the attitude of the man that she idolizes, since he tends to treat her like the little girl he rescued most of the time when Ellie longs to be seen as a woman in his eyes, this can drive her to be overly keen to demonstrate her growth and strength.

Excitable and emotional in her countenance, while this can give her a great sense of energy and vivaciousness, it can also make her seem somewhat volatile and a bit impulsive as well. Again that sense of enthusiasm seeming to get the better of her, while some might be impressed by her drive and ambition others might find her a little invasive and overly exuberant, and definitely in need of a little more maturity. Much like her romantic inclination this not totally a negative, the desire to impress people and express herself also gives Miss Cavallero an audacious and brave sense of character as she isn’t daunted by many situations, and especially not by people. This however a double edged sword as always, she can sometimes let her spontaneity and recklessness get the better of her.

Certainly wearing her heart very much upon her sleEllie in everything that she does, whilst this can be a great quality and her idealism tends to be a guiding force behind a sound morality, there are times when she can be a little naïve. Growing up in a sheltered environment of respectful peers, even though she has not missed out on a few severe hardships in life Ellie is somewhat lacking for real life experience and this can leave her a little open to folk who might seek to exploit her innocence and immaturity. However, she isn’t a dumb girl and is actually quite sharp of mind when she wants to be, and will show a far less pleasant side when she realizes she has been outfoxed.

Not the most tempestuous character given her inclination more toward the positive but certainly not a saint, Miss Cavallero can certainly show a wicked temper when provoked and can somewhat brutal with it as well. Tending to give most the benefit of the doubt but having a few ‘triggers’ that will invoke her wrath rather easily, she will be defiant and vengeful, and somewhat single minded in her pursuit to right wrongs, showing the her energy and enthusiasm in less positive moods and circumstances just as she would good ones. This quality perhaps only emphasizing the less mature aspects of her countenance all the more, if one manages to fall into Eve’s bad books they might have a difficult time climbing out of it, as she tends to hold grudges in a somewhat childish fashion when given a reason to.


  • Gilbert: Practically obsessed with the man who rescued her as a child, Ellie has a huge crush on the man and dreams of winning his attention and love despite a sizeable age difference, so they might ‘settle down’ as a badass battle couple or something.
  • Independence: While far from a loner, Ellie values her freedom to a high degree, and often gets restless and irritated if she is denied the chance to exercise her autonomy regularly.
  • Horses: Loving all things equine since she was a little girl, Ellie owned a pony when she was a little girl who she considered her best friend, and even after losing her cruelly has always held a special place in her heart for any kind of horse-like creature, even having a soft spot for the humble donkey.
  • Riding: An enthusiast of all things equestrian but her joy of riding moving beyond that, given her talent for handling the reigns, Ellie enjoys the rush she gets as she races around and crosses challenging terrain and experiences a thrill from riding just about anything.
  • Exercise: The outdoorsy sort, Ellie likes to work out or hike or do other things that help her to work up a nice sweat, enjoying the feeling of adrenaline and endorphin release that one gets when you push yourself hard and achieve something.
  • Combat: Perhaps a surprising trait to find in a girl, while she is no bloodthirsty battle maniac Ellie has been practicing self-defence and martial arts for a long time, and finds sparring and contests a source of excitement and pride.
  • Adventure: Excited by challenges, partly down to her yearning for recognition, Ellie tends to have that mix of confidence and curiosity that one needs to  push you out of your comfort zone and discover new things about the world and yourself.
  • Praise: Confident but in a way vain and egotistical, Ellie loves to receive compliments and commendation to a high degree and will eat them up like delicious candy, while also tending to get a bit grouchy if she’s done something she feels is worthy of recognition that gets neglected.
  • Gentlemen: Certainly smitten with Gilbert but tending to show something of a soft spot for older men in general, perhaps because of this, Ellie tends to warm up to your more refined and types with authority more quickly than most, especially if she feels like she can impress them.
  • Flowers: Fond of blooms of any sort, Ellie’s mother also taught her a lot about flowers and how they relate to the Joyan side of her culture, especially about the poetry in their metaphors and how to arrange them beautifully.


  • Bandits: Having some rather sour memories of having her pony killed by bandits and then being kidnapped and abused by them as a scared little girl, Ellie retains a strong sense of hostility toward anyone she considers to be a brigand and will eagerly stand against them now she is a strong and capable young woman.
  • Overprotectiveness: Loving her parents but finding them somewhat suffocating at times, while Ellie appreciates their attempts to keep her safe and sound, she can feel rather suffocated by them and others who feel as if they supress her.
  • Neglect: Still lacking enough in maturity measure herself very much by the ‘yardstick’ of peer opinion, Ellie hates feeling like she is being ignored or something about her is being overlooked, tending to become pouty and rather grouchy if this occurs.
  • Unfairness: Possessing a strong moral compass despite her more showy tendencies, Ellie dislikes seeing bullying or abuse of power and would stand out against it, speaking up and more against people would oppress others.
  • Oysters: Trying the ‘fine dining experience’ that was this gloopy shellfish and finding that it was like trying to eat slime, Ellie has disliked this ever since and tends to be a little hesitant with other forms of clam-type foodstuff because of this.
  • Bondage: Reminding her far too much of her own plight as a girl, Ellie shows a strong sense of sympathy for those who have been oppressed or forced into captivity and wrath towards those who would push it upon them, even figuratively.
  • Vulgarity: Raised in a prim and proper fashion, Ellie has a high intolerance for cursing and crudeness, tending to maintain a level of class throughout her life where she is not reliant on such things, and tends to make more innocent and inoffensive remarks when frustrated or aghast.
  • Booze: Not averse to alcohol by any means and enjoying a glass of wine or something stronger when she wishes to but always in moderation, Ellie dislikes lower class forms of intoxicating beverage like beer and ale, hating the taste and also loathing that stench people get on their breath and bodies when they overindulge in drink.


  • Attention: Basking in praise and seeming to constantly strive for respect and acknowledgement, Ellie can be known to be somewhat foolhardy but also brave when she senses a chance for recognition, seeking the approval of most she meets and Gilbert in particular.
  • Chivalry: Idealistic and somewhat naïve at times, Ellie hates to see suffering or abuse and will stand up against it, rarely considering her own safety if she sees someone else in peril.
  • Improvement: Enjoying her own growth, be it as a mage, a fighter or a woman, Ellie likes to feel like she is progressing in some way and getting that bit better today than she was yesterday.
  • Loyalty: Perhaps at her best when she is acting on her feelings of closeness toward others, while she has maintained only a few close relationships to others from her own perspective, she is very devoted toward people who manage to find their way into her heart and can be especially giving and protective of them.


  • Captivity: Captured and left chained and caged for weeks when she was a little girl, Ellie harbours a silent dread she might end up this way again and tends to become anxious and even panic when she is confined or bound in any way.
  • Weakness: Finding she has a powerful drive to remain strong and in charge of her own destiny, Ellie hates feeling incapable or feeble and will push herself harder to prove that she isn’t, fighting against notions of limitation with everything she has.


Magic Name: Ikebana

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description: Capable of casting spells which create nature based energy, this can be applied to existing plant life to help them grow or more commonly forged into constructs and effigies of them, which can manipulated and utilized in a variety of ways. Using these techniques, Ellie can create powerful attacks infused with natural energy, protect herself from harm, enhance her own body or deploy it in more abstract and practical fashions to aid her.



Elyse’s young life a very comfortable one, she was born into wealth and lived out in the country, being raised in a privileged if somewhat isolated manner. Daddy quite indulgent of his daughter and a somewhat weak willed man, he would get her anything that she asked for with enough pleading, making her somewhat of a spoiled child, though not in a particularly bratty fashion.

Curious and largely social, though she liked to have her way Elyse was open and friendly, her limited social options led her to befriending the maids and servants at her home initially. Often ‘bothering’ the staff as they went about their day, she would chat with them in place of peers, wandering into the kitchens and stables freely and being afforded plenty of courtesy and patience because of her position. Starved a little of a social circle because of her station, she didn’t even have the chance to indulge her friendliness in school since she was tutored from home, and largely coped with this by becoming rather precocious and unintimidated by adults.

Girlish in many ways but having a tomboyish side, Miss Cavallero was particularly fond of her pony, Mirabelle when she was a girl and would love to ride her around their grounds and outside with her parents and staff. Raising the beautiful chestnut and white mare from a foal, the young lady of the house doted upon her in every way she could, giving treats and combing the lovely long mane the horse possessed and learning to tie it into a lovely series of plaits.

In many ways considering the pretty and gentle spirited creature to be her best and only real friend in her youngest years, the girl would take her pet out of the stables practically every day and would keep her by her side as much as she could, even sometimes getting in trouble for bringing her into the kitchen and house. The relationship between Elyse and Mirabelle much more resembling that which might be shared by a dog than a steed, tending to march around the grounds together even when they weren’t riding and relax on the grass, they had a strong bond of loyalty and trust because of this.

Growing increasingly adventurous and a capable horse master, Elyse learned to jump the wall from the grounds when she was eight years old and would increasingly seek her own experiences. Making friends with locals, even more common folk, she was fairly precocious and enjoyed the attention of being called Milady as she trotted past folk, but this tendency to spread her wings would cost her dearly.

Roving too far from her home and the nearby town as she grew increasingly audacious, when she was nine years old the girl came a cropper as she was spotted by a bunch of bandits. Attempting to outrun them, their arrows wounded Mirabelle and she was thrown off the horse, breaking her arm and leaving her in agony, but worse was to come. First watching as they callously slaughtered her pony after the wounded animal kicked one of them to protect her, she was then dragged off to some den in a cave when they realized she was a rich girl, the brutes aiming to ransom her off.

Left in a dingy hole for weeks and given only scraps to sustain herself, aside from her ever present dread what Elyse remembers most is how cold she felt in the dirty and tattered clothing she had been left in, having had the pretty dress she wore taken away to sell and been left in what was little more than a burlap sack. Terrified and skittish at every sound, the girl was at least hopeful that her doting papa would provide the money needed to set her free again and he did, but it didn’t make much difference. The double-crossing brigands taking the gold they were given and then deciding to ‘double their money’ by selling Elyse as a slave, the girl was horrified to never see her loved ones again and wept until one of the bandits knocked her out.

Waking up to the sound of shouts and screams, to her surprise and eventual relief, Elyse found herself being rescued, albeit somewhat accidentally. A price on the heads of these bandits given their wicked activities, they were cleared out by a rough but handsome looking man from a guild known as Fairy Tail, who happened to find the girl as she was bound, cold and exhausted. Breaking her chains to free her and even tending to the broken wrist she had suffered in a manner that seemed surprisingly gentle given how strong and imposing her seemed, the man told her his name, Gilbert, and then scooped her up and wrapped her in his cloak to keep her warm.

Elyse remembers how warm it felt being held by him, how extraordinary she felt being treated to kindness and gentleness after so long she almost thought she had forgotten it. Despite her circumstances, this rescue is one of her fondest memories, and cemented the continuing crush she has on her saviour to this day. A man like no other she had met, while he was somewhat quiet and unrefined in his manners, but she could tell he was strong at his core and had a kind of tenderness toward her that made her feel special.

He was so different to daddy, but in an odd way, made her feel so much safer than him. Gilbert even coining a pet name, after she had told him that her name was Eve, the man remarked that ‘Ellie’ sounded like a cute name and she has preferred being called that by him ever since.

Returned to her home after guiding her rescuer back to town, initially her father thought that Gilbert was one of the brigands and furiously demanded his arrest, but Ellie spoke out quickly on his behalf. Exhausted in every way by her ordeal and injured, she none the less stood between her saviour and the guards as they tried to detain him, not that she expected they could should he want to escape. However, after managing to calm her father down and get the situation properly explained, peace was restored and at her urging the man was given a guest room in their house for the night.

The one night of rest that Gilbert was given turning into several, given what she had been through Ellie pleaded with her dad to extend it, feeling scared of being left alone without her saviour. Managing to convince both her father and her rescuer that it was worthwhile keeping him around, Ellie began to relax back into her normal life, eating like the hungriest wolf alongside her new friend and even arranging a memorial to Mirabelle in the garden. However, what she spent most of her time doing was harassing the man who had brought her home, following him around from dawn until dusk with questions and a general need for attention from him.

What followed a nice few days of indulgence for the girl, eventually Gilbert needed to move on to his next job despite the fact that Eve’s father had given him the ransom money that had been recovered as a reward for his girl’s safety. This saddening the girl greatly who had hoped that he might stick around to become her bodyguard or even future husband, even going as far as to promise him her hand in marriage if he did, but that seemed to do little to quell the wanderlust that he felt.

Gilbert certainly seeming sensitive to the fear that the femme felt upon his departure and doing at least one thing to try and help her cope with it, he gave her a gift in the form of a small dagger she could use to protect herself and she promised to practice with it daily. Also giving her his address at the guild to write him letters and his word that he would pop by to see how she was getting on, Eve’s hero rode away on his horse, which made Ellie cry despite everything.

Changed by her experience somewhat, even with her arm still in a sling due to the fact that it had to be  re-set by the local doctor since it hadn’t healed properly given the crude care it had been given by the bandits, Ellie kept her promise to practice with her dagger albeit secretly. The confidence of the girl stifled somewhat and it taking her a couple of weeks to even find the courage to leave the house with Gilbert gone, she would cavort around her room swinging the dagger one-armed and caused quite the bit of clumsy damage to the curtains and furniture because of this.

Father growing suspicious of what she was doing in her room because of the cuts in her bed posts and linens, though the girl gradually recovered her nerve to go outside on her own, achieving this for any long period would prove problematic after a time. The man of the house paranoid that she might be abducted again and insisting she was supervised by family or servants in whatever she did, though initially it was a comfort to have company, it became suffocating for her as the confidence of Miss Cavallero steadily regrew and she sought her own direction.

No longer able to tour the town on her own and goof off with local children without a hawk-like attendant watching her every move, Ellie got in trouble with papa a lot for being something of an escape artist, but gradually managed to figure out ways around her problem. Pleading with her father for lessons to help her take better care of herself once her arm was properly healed, while the man did not think a young lady should be jostling around with ruffians in hand to hand combat, he did at least relent enough to get her a magic teacher.

Taking to this eagerly since she knew that people from guilds tended to use magic, Ellie strove to learn spells in order to impress Gilbert when he visited in future, as she wholeheartedly believed that he would. Writing him letters constantly, even while her ‘good arm’ had been injured and she was forced to scrawl in a barely legible fashion with her weaker one, though she received few back from the man the process seemed therapeutic to the young girl, kind of like a diary. Sharing her thoughts and feelings and her many complaints, even if she did not get much in return, she enjoyed the chance to express herself and assumed that her hero was busy but enjoying what she sent.

The hopes of Miss Cavallero proving true when, after more than two years, Gilbert showed up at their house again, after mentioning he was on his way to do a few jobs in the local area and popping in to say hello, the wilful girl managed to talk both him and her father into letting him stay at theirs while she did. Loving this chance to have the man she crushed on so heavily nearby, the smitten kitten spent every moment she could with, showing off the spells she had learned and even asking him to take her with him when he did his work. However, he chuckled away such suggestions.

Gilbert spending a couple of weeks at their place though present only on less than half the days as he rode off to do work, he did at least have time to share some stories and a few tricks with her as well. Giving her some pointers on spells to learn as well as a few lessons in self-defence, Ellie was elated when she actually managed to flip the man over her shoulder with a move he taught her, but the urge to hop on him and share a kiss when she saw him defenceless and laying on the grass in front of her left her rather red cheeked and flustered. However, she found herself filled with even more energy and enthusiasm when he laughed and told her how she was shaping up as a good fighter, making her double her efforts in combat even more.

Moving through her teenage years, Gilbert’s visits continued every once in a blue moon and they were the biggest highlight of her life, but not the only one. Oddly intimidated by the prospect of romance with the man that she had fallen for, even as she blossomed as a woman he continued to treat her in a childish fashion and Ellie realized she would need to earn his respect and admiration if he was going to see her any differently, working hard at both her magic and skills in fighting so as to achieve this.

A precocious youngster even from a young age but this really becoming amped up as she flourished as a teenager, though her heart would eternally belong to Gilbert, this did not stop hormones and impulses from taking hold once in a while and compelling Ellie to be a little naughty. Carelessly giving her first kiss away to a handsome stable boy when she was fourteen, though she felt a little guilty for exploiting her needs and not ‘saving herself’ for marriage, by fifteen she was no longer and virgin and actually found a giddy thrill in asserting her sexuality in little flings and trysts. There something exciting about sneaking off to the stables or a quiet wood or meadow with a boy or girl from town, while she was far from loose with her intimacy she was not a pure-hearted image of innocence and restraint either.

Reaching the age of eighteen years old and finally able to leave her home as an adult in the eyes of the law and herself, Ellie had only one goal in mind in regard to her destiny, and it was certainly not her father’s idea of getting married to some spineless noble boy. Setting out from home with the clear goal in mind of forging a partnership with her beloved future husband, the girl rode across country on horseback seeking out the address that he had given her and the guild known as Fairy Tail. Eager to impress of course and certainly not rushing her journey, as she moved through towns and villages on her way the aspiring mage would take on quests to pay her way and earn a little fame that she could carry with her.

Certainly wanting to forge her own path and feeling she would garner little approval from guild folk for relying on her family money, she would track down and defeat petty criminals and even found herself besting the odd brigand here and there, find that latter aspect of her new life rather satisfying. Still, these deeds rather small potatoes to a girl looking to forge a name for herself that would catch the attention of the great Gilbert, she looks forward to garnering quite the reputation and making her mark on the guild that her beloved seems to call home…

Reference: Zane ~ <3


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