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'God' Slayer?

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#1Sofia Serena 

'God' Slayer? Empty on Tue Jul 30, 2019 7:49 am

Sofia Serena

I wanted to ask, given how the powers line up, but what's going on with God Slayer Magic?
Like, I understand since it seems to make your element go 'black' that it makes sense to add darkness as an element, but given the function of God Slayer and elemental interactions, it seems kinda backwards?

I mean, I would consider that Seraphim and Nephilim are the closest things we have on site to 'Gods' in the forms of angelic beings, but if that's the case their inherent light element/magic gives them an advantage of the God Slayer since in our Rock/Paper/Scissors of elements, Light Beats dark?

So like, is this factor ignored in regard to God Slayer magic and they do indeed have some manner of 'stalemate' in regard to Demon/God magic, or is something else at work?

Like, are we missing a third 'branch' of slayer that would have Nature as their additional element, and thus be 'dominant' over the Light Using Angels?

One notion that occurred to me is the coincidence of absent Dragon Slayer magic, and possibly the idea that once upon a time this had the Nature addition?


'God' Slayer? Empty on Wed Jul 31, 2019 4:14 pm

So there's a lot to break down with your comments and questions. Firstly God Slayer alongside Demon slayer are representative of that shown in the manga and anime. The reflection of them being a "god" slayer is merely that of a title while Demon slayer is equally just a title though it does offer benefits when fighting Daemons (other character), if you were to fight a Demon meanwhile as they are NPCs the magic would provide minimal advantage compared to their peers. As for Nephilim/Seraphim being closest form of angels that is true however they aren't gods in that sense closer to servants of Illumin who is viewed as a god. As for the introduction of a "nature" themed slayer that remains to be sense as even Dragon Slayer remains to be added. So Short answer: God and Demon Slayer is merely co-incidental in regards to their abilities.

'God' Slayer? KHvJeW6

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