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Reika Fujiwara

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Name: Reika Fujiwara
Age: 19 years old(April 14th, X768)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Ethnicity, Father: Joyan
Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan
Class: Huntress
Profession: Fashion Model - SPD, INT
Race: Kitsune
Rank: D-rank
Guild: Blue Pegasus
Mode: Normal
Tattoo: outer right thigh, hot pink
Face: Yuisis - Granblue Fantasy


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 131 lbs
Hair: Golden Blond
Eyes: Dark Fuchsia
Overall: Reika could be described as a divine beauty with soft golden blond hair, jewel-like dark pink eyes, skin as white as snow, a very well endowed chest and voluptuous figure that can easily top any mere human woman. Atop her head are a pair of large fox ears the same color as her hair and a fluffy fox tail above her butt in the same color. As for Reika's attire she typically wears whatever is in fashion at the time but also often wears short kimono dresses with detached or no sleeves that show off the sides of her chest.
Extra: ---


Personality: Reika embodies the nature of Kitsunes to fullest. A naughty trickster that indulges in the joy of tricking others and playing around to her heart’s content. On top of that, she’s a very notorious flirt. Reika loves attention, both good and bad. She doesn’t like it when others take it away from her. Being brought up in the imperial capital of Joya in the feudal lord’s manor, being pampered and worshipped like a goddess day in and day out, made Reika develop a strong sense of superiority as a result. From the time she was young, she started expecting everyone to put her on a pedestal and fulfill her every wish no matter what. It became second nature to her.

Despite her princess complex and occasionally domineering attitude, Reika is quite the social butterfly. She’s friendly and outgoing and rarely makes enemies. Parties and other social events are Reika’s favorite places to show up. While socially adept, unfortunately, Reika is a natural airhead. She can understand most social cues and etiquette, most other common sense and knowledge, she’s as clueless as a small child. She can’t understand or accept it when things don’t go her way or when someone isn’t willing to do what she asks them. This often results in her throwing a tantrum and being verbally abusive to whoever she’s dealing with at that time.

Even though she is an airhead in some aspects that doesn’t mean she is unintelligent. Reika is very clever and smart, on top of that, she’s cunning too. If someone has wronged or humiliated her, she will always make sure they are paid back in full. Reika is very good and getting people to be on her side with a coquettish and cute act. Most men she encounters are like putty in her hands. Reika relishes in this. However, she isn’t all bad, on the contrary, she’s very hard-working. She loves her work as a model and is always trying her best to grow stronger as a mage by taking on client requests for the guild.  


  • Male AttentionReika likes male attention the most. It feels great to be sought after and be pampered by men who wish to win her affections.
  • Luxury
    Reika has lived her whole life in luxury, she couldn’t ever live without it.
  • Spring Time
    She loves spring the most as it reminds her of when she used to enjoy the cherry blossoms from the Feudal lord’s manor while bathing in water scattered with their petals.


  • Dirt/Filth
    Reika hates getting dirty. It makes her feel gross. If she ever gets even a little sweaty, she’ll want to immediately take a nice bath and get cleaned.  
  • Bugs
    Reika hates anything creepy and crawly, especially bugs.
  • People Who Take Attention Away From Her
    She hates those who take the attention and spotlight from her the most. If anyone dares to do so, she’d surely make them regret it.


  • To Find Her Destined Soul Mate
    She’s a romantic girl at heart so dreams of her happily ever after with her soul mate.  
  • To Always Live in Luxury
    Reika is determined to never lose her current lifestyle so she’ll always make sure to work hard and never let anyone defeat her.
  • To Become World Famous
    If she can become world-famous as a fashion model, she feels it would be easier to maintain her wealth and luxury.


  • Dying Alone
    Reika fears that she may die alone with no one to mourn or miss her. To her, that’s the absolute worse way to go.  
  • Never Being LovedThe thought of never finding love or being loved terrifies Reika.
  • Becoming Poor or HomelessIf she ever lost her wealth and luxury, Reika does not how she could go on.



Magic Name: Fox-Fire Magic
Magic Element: Fire
Magic Description: Reika draws on the power of her soul and spiritual energy to produce flames known as kistunebi or fox-fire. Unlike regular fire magic, Fox-Fire Magic's flames are blue and burn at higher temperatures than regular flames. As a huntress, Reika does not excel at any particular type of spell. Her magic is good for offensive and supplementary purposes. Her flames can be conjured on the end of her tail(s) then, Reika can do a 360-degree spin to launch the flames at her targets. She can even use her flames to buff her speed or strength, among many other things. Fox-fire magic is very versatile in this way.


History: Reika was born in the imperial capital of Joya in the mansion of the feudal lord to her mother who was a Kitsune and one of the lord’s most trusted vassals who was a human. While her mother and father were in love, the Kitsune were treated like gods on pedestals and so, they were not supposed to be defiled by humans so Reika’s father’s betrayal of the Lord brought him to an early death. Even so, Reika was treated no less than other Kitsunes in the estate. She lived a carefree and pampered life full of luxury. Reika received education from renowned scholars in Joya, she’d always bathe in rose-scented or cherry blossom-scented water which had flower petals scattered about with perfect temperature. Reika wore only the finest silk kimonos, the most beautiful hairpins, the most precious of stones and jewels for jewelry. She ate the best and most exquisite cuisine in all of Joya.

She was often offered human slaves that also resided in the Lord’s resident as pets but, she had no interest in such things so she always turned down the Lord’s offerings. However, as wonderful and dazzling her life was, Reika grew bored of living in the Lord’s residence and wished to see the world. From some of the mansion's guards, she’d spoken to she would hear stories of another nation known as Fiore which was North-West of Joya. From what the guards told her, it was a land where mages and organizations known as guilds for those mages were prevalent and in abundance. It fascinated the young Kitsune, so much she wanted to go there and see for herself if what the guards told her was true. However, Reika had never once stepped out into the real world but still, she wouldn’t let that stop her, she was determined.

When Reika was just 15 years old, she decided to escape the manor. When night fell, she bid farewell to her mother and left. To escape, she used her unmatched beauty to seduce the guards in charge of the front gates which allowed Reika to leave without an issue. Dressed for travel with whatever she could take with her, she set out towards Fiore. Within a year, she arrived at her destination. During her travels, she’d worked hard to not lose the luxurious lifestyle she had her whole life. Once in Fiore, she was soon scouted by a modeling agency and for the next few years, she rose in popularity to be a top-class supermodel. All her hard work paid off and she managed to make a fortune which allowed her to buy a wonderful and opulent mansion in the seaside port town of Hargeon where she also had joined the local mage’s guild, Blue Pegasus back when she first arrived in Fiore before becoming a model. Even in the present day, Reika continues to work hard for the guild and at being a supermodel to gain more fame and fortune.

Reference: Alt of Rin Moriyama

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