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A New Members Introduction.(Varjo)

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A New Members Introduction.(Varjo) Empty Tue Jul 23, 2019 12:28 pm

It seemed it would not take long Waylon and his new friend Varjo with their arrival, Would just head to the Fairy Tail guild it's self."Unless you wanted to head anywhere else."Waylon mentioned things in hand that they had for camping. but at least it was lighter for him at least.

It would be easy for at least for Varjo to see they were going towards the build of Fairy Tail."I would say we just go towards the guild hall."If she mentioned anything else Waylon would easily change path to follow suit, He was not picky and Waylon since they became friends would stop to see and learn what else he could about Varjo since Waylon was a lot more interested in continuing this friendship since it was interesting to learn from other lands.

"If not, We could look around later."With that normal peaceful smile upon his face Waylon just seemed to take his time forward towards where he was intending."I will make some kind of tea I have in my room."Waylon mentioned in delighted,as simple minded and delighted a person like Waylon could.

Eventually when they arrived at the guild building looking at the doors and opening them slowly poking his head through into the guild hall, it seemed not a lot of people were around."Huh, no one around, Here people were around more often when I was here last...No matter."Waylon walked in as he would normally with the guild."And here we are, Fairy Tail guild building."With that he would turn around and raise his arm up in welcome. "Welcome to Fairy Tail dear friend, Let us get your tattoo and anything else you would need done."At least the best to Waylon's power anyway, Alas he would continue walking into the guild, He had a few things he wanted to get.

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A New Members Introduction.(Varjo) Empty Mon Aug 19, 2019 2:37 pm

Varjo Ozoulf
The ice woman was amazed as she followed her new friend. Magnolia was absolutely beautiful. Waylon seemed to nervous about taking her to Fairy Tail, as if she would lash out at any moment. The woman laughed. "Don't worry about it. I want to join the guild" she smiled.

She would listen to Waylon. He offered to make tea. She was never a tea person, more ale and water sorta girl. Varjo could hold her liquor like a normal icebergian. The viking finally saw the building. The guildhall of Fairy Tail. Where her true adventure would begin.

Upon entering, she saw not a single soul in the whole place. She could ears the typical sound effect of the wind. Waylon seemed confused as well. "They must be out doing some jobs, perhaps? Or out with all the demons on hte prowl" she spoke. She was excited as he welcomed her to fairy Tail. A grin appeared on her face that was from ear-to-ear. Waylon had to get the stuff in order to get the offical guild tattoo. She tilted her head and looked around hte large building. It was clean for a rowdy reputation.

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With in a moment Waylon would also mention while looking around."It might be the case then."Waylon had gone out of the room and into his own. he picked up a few things and made sure it was what he figured he was looking for anyway. Waylon did not realize he picked up one thing he did not intend while walking back having two tea cups in his hands, A kettle. a small box and two books.

"I don't recall the guild being so clean."Waylon stopped for a moment finding a table to place things down so nicely and neatly but then again he was kind of just sitting things up for himself."I wonder if the master hired some one to take of keeping the place clean."Waylon mentioned but he was getting what he would need to place a guild tattoo.

Being the standard tattoo press that uses magic to infuse it into the skin with out pain."It will be interesting to meet who ever they are."Not realizing yet even if there were signs of who it was around. But Waylon was distracted by making himself tea and giving Varjo her guild tattoo."Where i am placing this tattoo?"Waylon would asked nicely about it, waiting to see what she would say while he waited in spot with two seats, Waylon did have it sit up for the both of them even to have tea if she really wanted it.

Opening the box it was various of kinda of loose leave tea's however they were not tagged with what they were. Opening one of the two books Waylon then mentioned."Wait...this is a book of Fiorian language...I must have mixed up my books."He would place the book to the side and opened up the second book."There it is, my list of tea."Waylon mentioned at least the other book would be useful to Varjo.

Waylon while waiting and making sure anything else."I am sure if you don't personally want tea, I can find you something to drink too."Waylon said, he was just making sure since they were generally just getting minor things done.

"I forgot at least one thing."
Waylon would get up and head into the kitchen are. Walking past pictures they he would ignore but if Waylon looked he would know what they are. it was framed nicely and facing towards the hall/gathering area they were sitting in easily to be seen from Varjo if she walked over, But with in a few minutes would return to his spot.

What framed picture is.:

A New Members Introduction.(Varjo) Dxyj9r10

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