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Aria Aerniea

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Name: Aria Aerniea
Age: 200 years old(August 1st, X578)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Demisexual
Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian
Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian
Class: Hunter
Profession: Law Enforcement - END, SPD
Race: Wood Elf
Rank: D-rank
Guild: Rune Knights
Mode: Normal
Tattoo: between shoulder blades, dartmouth green
Face: Rena - Elsword


Height: 5’5”
Weight: 132 lbs
Hair: Light Green
Eyes: Emerald Green
Overall: Aria has long light green hair that stops just past her waist, long pointed elf ears, and clear yet sharp green eyes that shine like emeralds. Her skin is fair and flawless with a shapely and voluptuous figure that could rival a top fashion model, including her well-endowed chest. Aria typically wears simple clothing. Nothing too flashy or revealing. She prefers wearing pants paired with crop tops and leather jackets. There are times she will wear skirts and stockings along with blouses but that’s normally when she reports into headquarters in Era. In her time off duty, she likes to wear corset tops paired with miniskirts and long boots.

Extra: ---


Personality: Aria isn't the most social person in most situations. She's kind-hearted and caring nonetheless even if she does struggle to express it. Aria is also quite blunt. She almost will always say what's on her mind and doesn't have much of a filter. Because of this, she tends to make more enemies than friends. However, Aria doesn't care. She knows there will be people who will care about her and like her for who she is, faults and all. So let haters hate, they are insignificant.

Aria has always had a strong sense of justice, just like her father. He taught Aria that one should always follow their path and do what they feel is right. Even if that means defying what the laws of the world say is wrong or evil. Since he taught Aria that at a very young age, it had always stuck with her even after his death.

Aria is extremely proud and confident for the most part. She's also rather straight-laced and pure-minded despite her age. However, the wood elf has a childish immature side to her as well. In the way that she's very stubborn and hates to lose or make compromises. She's even prone to throw tantrums from time to time.  As a Rune Knight, she takes her job very seriously, always giving her all to fulfill her duties without hesitation. Some of the things Aria enjoys doing in her spare time is reading and going for a drink. That's another thing, she's a horrible drunk. She can hold her liquor better than some humans but, it still doesn't take a whole lot to get Aria hammered. When drunk, Aria becomes outgoing, flirtatious and giggly. She's even been known to kiss random strangers when drunk. What's worse is she always forgets what she did once she sobers up the next day.

Unlike other wood elves, including her parents, she prefers civilization and cities over her homeland, Athalran. Having spent all her childhood and a good portion of adulthood in the enchanted forest she called home. She grew to dislike it, it felt stifling and never-changing so she left it behind. While Aria does agree to some extent that civilization will always be overcome by the process of nature, she's more open-minded and enjoys watching the ever-changing progress of human society.

Aria has always been a diligent and hard-working individual and as such has gained a great deal of knowledge about various things and subjects due to her desire to learn. She studied hard to get where she is and is highly intelligent thanks to her efforts. Aria isn’t one to act on impulse and always thinks before speaking for the most part. However, uncharacteristically for a wood elf, she has a rather short fuse. While Aria is usually level-headed and calm in temperament, she is surprisingly easy to irritate. Aria especially gets upset when dealing with people who aren’t very bright. She would rather leave them be if she had the choice to do so.


  • Reading
    Nothing makes Aria feel at peace more than curling up and reading a good book.
  • Booze
    One of Aria’s favorite pastimes to let off steam after a long day of work than getting a few drinks
  • Her Job
    Aria loves her job as much as her life and wouldn’t want to do anything.
  • Civilization
    Oddly enough, Aria prefers modern civilization over the forest where most of her people reside. She finds it fascinating and is never bored.
  • Humans
    Even though humans have short lifespans in comparison to wood elves, she likes how diverse and unique humans are. Aria believes they are the way they are because their lives are so short.


  • Dark Elves
    She hates dark elves. Not only are they extremely arrogant and high handed, they are the reason her father was killed.
  • Hangovers
    While Aria loves booze, she hates hangovers. She always gets a splitting headache and constantly feel nauseous until it passes.
  • Athalran
    Having spent so many years in that stifling place, she grew to hate it and would not go back unless she had no other choice.
  • Corruption
    To Aria, corruption is a plague that needs to purged wherever it's found lurking.
  • Idiots
    It's annoying to deal with dumb people who can’t understand even the simplest of things.


  • To Avenge Her Father
    Aria wishes to avenge her father’s death by bringing to justice the ones responsible.
  • To Become a Commander of the Rune Knights
    To achieve her most important goal of avenging her father, Aria needs to climb the ranks of the Rune Knights


  • Entomophobia
    Aria is afraid of most bugs. They’re creepy and crawly and look terrifying to her.
  • Mysophobia
    Aria hates and is scared of germs, fifth, and dirt. Because of this, she refuses to physically touch most people and animals. She even refuses to take on jobs where there’s a possibility of getting dirty. When people or animals approach her, she will often try to run away or at least keep what she considers a “safe distance”


Magic Name: Nature’s Zephyr
Magic Element: Wind
Magic Description: Wind magic unique to wood elves. By borrowing the power of the lesser wind spirits that live in harmony with the wood elves in Athalran, Aria can manipulate the very air around her to do her bidding. She can create blades of wind that are sharp as razors to cut her opponents, create a wall of wind around her and allies to protect from the enemy attacks and much more.


History: Born in the enchanted forest of Athalran 200 years ago was Aria Aerniea. A proud and beautiful wood elf girl. She had loving parents and happy childhood. Her father had a strong sense of justice and was known as a peacekeeper of sorts in Athalran. He taught his daughter how to fight and about magic. The young Aria inherited her father’s strong sense of justice and free-spirit. Aria’s mother taught her more refined and lady-like arts which also included reading and writing along with history and their homeland’s religion. From an early age, Aria was smart and gifted, she had a great thirst for knowledge and as such, would always study and read when she had the chance. She spent most of her time as a child improving herself in all aspects but, because of this, she didn’t make many friends so Aria was often alone. Since she didn’t socialize much with others aside from her own family and a few fellow wood elves that lived nearby, Aria became somewhat socially inept and had a hard time expressing herself so she would often come across as cold and unsociable. Nonetheless, she was a peerless beauty blessed with intelligence and high prowess for magic.

By the time Aria was 80 years old and considered an adult in Athalran, she had many suitors in Athalran wanting her hand in marriage. However, she had no interest in these men, after all, they only wanted her as a prize, they did not see her as an equal. Then one day, when her father was to travel outside Athalran to the other countries, she begged him to take her along. Her father reluctantly agreed, even though he knew well his daughter was strong and capable, he still worried for her safety. While in the country of Fiore, Aria met a man, a human who was only a few years older than her. She found him to be a warm and accepting person, one who could see her as more than a prize to be won, an equal. He was a mage and could use magic similar yet different than her's. Never did she think she’d feel closer to a human than her kin. Although the times they spent together were few and not for very long, the two fell in love.

However, being that Aria had come with her father, she’d eventually have to leave the man to continue on her way. Neither of them wished to part, so they joined their hearts and bodies a few nights before Aria and her father meant to leave for the next country. They ended up making love, again and again, always meeting at nightfall, up until the day of departure. However, instead of leaving Fiore with her father, Aria decided to stay with the man she loved. After all, she’d gotten pregnant with his child, there was no way she’d leave him behind. Aria and Aaron decided to tell Meirdrarel the truth. Her father was happy for them and gave his blessing.

For the next 10 years, Aria and her husband Aaron lived happily in Fiore, raising their daughter. They lived simple lives and once Aria had gotten rid of the weight from being pregnant, she joined the local law enforcement. She wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps. In her spare time, she educated her daughter, taught her magic and made sure she had the life skills she would need to survive on her someday. In the next 20 years, their daughter left the nest and went on to have a family of her own. She would occasionally come back to visit her parents. Over these long years, Aria didn’t age much, looking almost as young as she did when she and Aaron first met. Her family had gotten used to it, that their mother, their grandmother didn’t age like them. As such, Aria’s husband died way before her and her daughter and granddaughter were catching up. Even though she knew it was inevitable, it still left Aria with a sense of loneliness.

During this time, Aria had found out her father had been killed during his travels. The news filled her with grief and remorse which made Aria determined to find out just exactly who had murdered her beloved father. Aria ended up joining the Rune Knights in Fiore not long after hearing of her father’s death. She thought they could help her find out those responsible for it. While it did help Aria find out it was the Dark Elves, she still wouldn’t find out which dark elves had done it. This made Aria all the more determined to rise in ranks of the Rune Knights.

Eventually, her granddaughter had a family of her own, giving Aria a great-granddaughter named Judith. However, Aria’s granddaughter had trouble accepting her for what she was and thus, the two became estranged after Julia gave birth. In the years that went on, Aria continued to work in the Rune Knights, she developed her magic more and more. Aria eventually decided to move from Magnolia to Era so she could be closer to her work. She had no intention of falling in love again after Aaron passed away. She didn’t want to deal with that heartache ever again.

Reference: Alt of Rin Moriyama

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