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Into the fold. [Erebus]

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Into the fold. [Erebus] Empty on Sat Jul 20, 2019 11:02 pm

Ylva was tired. The sort of tired that had most people dragging their bodies around to get through the day. She had a restless night all because she was overly excited about today's activities. Since coming to Fiore she realized she was not equipped to survive in this new place without the proper skills. In her case the skills she lacked was not knowing the main language of the country. She could remember the first few days of being in Fiore. It was hard and scary, especially since she couldn't understand anyone. Ylva realized that she would need to fix this, and so here she was waiting outside of a cafe for the only person to answer her ad for an instructor.



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Erebus happened to be getting ready to leave the town when it had struck him that he was walking on empty pockets. His eyes slowly glanced between job ads and papers across a large board in the Square. Mostly bounties or quest-lines, but something monumentally more simplistic captured his splendor. Someone was interested in scholarship; translations more acutely. While Erebus happened to be a crazy lunatic, he was also very intelligent. Smart enough to know how to tie his shoe, and speak over three languages. So it sort of made him the staple mentor to any up and coming magi. Even if he had once been the warrior type himself. Erebus took a seat with the girl who's face was in the ad. "How do you do?" He tried once in Fioran, testing if that was her native tongue.


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She didn't wait long before her tutor showed up. Something about him put her off but she only smiled and gave a little nod of the head. The two went inside of the cafe where it was quiet with only a few others inside. She knew this would be an ok place to start since the owner spoke her mother tongue, so ordering food wouldn't be hard on her. Once the two were seated the man said something to her but she couldn't understand what. Excuse me? the words fell from her lips in Icebergic but it was almost like a whisper, too soft and unassuming.

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Erebus made his way inside and verbally tested her language. Just as he had imagined, Fioran was not her dialect per say, but another language was. Icebergic. Erebus had recently realized he was speaking it with Vali a few nights prior, bending his speech he began to talk now in Icebergic. "I said, 'How do you do?' I was wondering if Fioran was the language you were trying to learn or if it was another. I'm assuming you're a foreigner then?" Erebus said, having realized she either hailed from a different country, or had been raised under a certain ethnicity that he and Vali held in common with her. He felt she was mildly disturbed by his rugged clothes, and sunken eyes. "Yes. I understand that I'm not the most eye-catching, but I've come for your money. You've sought for my knowledge. A trade then, among us?" He offered. Making it clear he had intentions of walking her through the Fioran language, at least enough for her to communicate with others in the world.


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Her face flushed pink. She didn't think she had shown any discomfort and now she's gone and disrespected the man who would be her teacher.  I'm sorry, I didn't.. I don't think that about you. Averting her gaze she really hoped she didn't get off on the wrong foot already with him, that would have been just awful.  I'm doing well thank you for asking. I'm from Iceberg, I sort of came here suddenly and don't know the native language.. It's been hard for me. Sighing a bit as she said this, she remembered her first day being just awful for the most part. She needed to learn this language if she was going to survive.

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Ylva's light tone did little to quell the blunt enigma in Erebus. Obviously his attention was right on her, reading her to see her reactions. To Erebus, this was no more than a girl with a bit of shyness, but years in the Abyss made you somewhat the creepy, paranoid type. He was faster to catch onto subtle hints in the character. So any move would be left noticed, it wasn't her fault, he just had simply seen too much. Erebus was a harsh judge. But she hadn't exactly given him a bad impression. "It's quite alright. I'm Erebus Cassiel, I'm the type of person people like you avoid, and normally we would not meet by chance like this," He started, flipping a book he had pulled from his pocket open. "Firstly, however. In order to survive in this god forsaken country, you will need to learn to stop apologizing. This country is loitered with the worst kind of characters, from where you hail humans have more manners. Don't expect that in return here. Your name?" Erebus ventured. He was only being honest. Ylva would get taken advantage of in Fiore, she needed the discipline to stand her ground in this nation. That was a lesson in and of itself.


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She nearly flinched at his words but she knew deep inside that what he said was true. She already felt the bite of how cruel others could be when they spotted a weakness they could exploit. She didn't want to accept it but this was the reality of her situation, she had to survive long enough in this world to find her family and this is where it would start. Standing up a little straighter and placing her sapphire gaze on the man who called himself Erebus, Ylva was certain that in his presence she would need to learn to be just a little stronger. My name is Ylva. I don't have a last name. She could remember her old name but that part of her was long gone now. That was something she had to shove down deep.

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Well that was easy enough, Erebus smiled. Ylva had actually listened to his advice and her new body language was befitting of someone who was on a mission. He thought she looked rather cold when she was well postured. Which was a good thing, it would shake about half the people who approached her up, preventing them from using her as easily. Good thing too, Erebus was a bad guy, but he never wished the worst on others. He simply destroyed their lives within the first ten minutes. That's normal isn't it? "No surname, interesting... Well, let's get right into it then. This letter is called ayy it makes the 'ah' sound, but can also be used to describe a subject. When doing so it can make the 'uh' sound. Example: uhh (a) cat. Means, one cat." Erebus drew with a pen the lowercase and uppercase symbols for the letter. He knew that the alphabet was a long way off from speaking the whole language, but everyone starts somewhere. If she paid attention, he could make a lot of sense to her in the next few minutes.


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It seemed he approved of her resolve and for that she was glad. For now she felt like she placed herself back on the neutral side with him and she only hoped to improve relations with her teacher. Once names were exchanged he jumped right into the first lesson. She listened to him pronounce a letter, explain it's usage and write it down on paper. Ylva had come prepared for this, pulling out a small note book and pen from her own bag. Flipping to a fresh page she copied his hand movements as she wrote the letter in both its forms down. A.. A-ayy. As she wrote the letter down she said the name. She did this a few times over to really drill it in before moving on to the sounds it made. Ah, Ah, U.. Uh. Like that?



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Erebus nodded, he then wrote three more letters. T - H - E "So now that you know about 'a' meaning one, there's another word that also refers to your subject, but it can be plural as well. It makes the, Tha sound-- if it makes it simpler you can say 'thee', and now. What once was 'a cat' is now 'the' cat. See, he is special now, because he is the cat we are talking about, as opposed to just 'a cat we are talking about'. Does that make any sense?" Erebus said, showing her the letters while also translating the words he used interchangeably between Fioran and Icebergic, but before he did that, he went ahead and drew all 24 letters down on paper in order, allowing her to copy his notes. Underneath every letter he wrote the sound(s) these letters make. B- 'Buh', C- 'Cih', D- 'Duh' and so on. He wrote the sounds in Icebergic, then wrote their true Fioran spellings as well.  He knew this was quite a lot to take in, but she didn't seem inept. He was actually quite sure she was understanding as well.


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She got the nod of approval. If all the other letters were as easy as this she didn't have much to worry about. This caused her to sit up just a little more, chest poked up a tad, her confidence radiating as though she had done something worth praise.  She was confident that she could get through this and so she listened on as he spoke and continued her training with copying his writing of each letter and copying them over to drill them into her mind. T-Tha... Tha. Tha. Tha. She needed to get her tongue used to the feel of the sound. She needed to get comfortable with her mouth making those motions in order to get the most out of her teachings. T-The... Thee. Theee. Th-Th... Mmm Thee. It was strange going from one thing to the next so quickly. Looking for more approval as she let the sounds out, she really hopped she was doing it the way she was suppose to.

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Erebus watched her routines, she was picking up in quickened haste. "Not bad, but there's incredible amounts more for you to get through. Lets try the 'Sh' sound. If you combine it with other sounds, example... 'uhh' and 'sh', you get Shush. Which means to stay quiet. Or the combinations of the word 'it', ighh and teh. Shit is basically what we call Rune Knights or our fecal matter." Erebus chortled across the table. Meanwhile he scribbled the word on the paper. This was actually more fun than you might have thought. "Basically you can use this word to explain surprise or sudden frustration; if someone jumped ahead of you in line. You'd say shit very loudly so they understood that you were surprised or irritated by the rude behavior." Erebus smiled and looked up from his paper, turning the notepad around for Ylva to examine the letter sequence. "The singular character of 'I' is used to represent yourself, and the combination of the letters a- and m- create 'am', from here you could fill the dots in. I am strong, or if it were a Rune Knight speaking, they would say 'I am shit' do you follow?" Erebus asked, with a waitress making way over beside them. Erebus would speak in Fioran, asking for two coffees. It was quite unusual, but for once he was happier that he'd found something to do aside from the typical narcotics, or butchering people who annoyed him. Plus, he was cashing in for this later. So he'd have travel money.


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Smiling brightly as she had gotten the sounds correct, she wasn't the least bit discouraged about how far she had to go before she could even remotely pass off as competent in the language.  She understood that nothing worth learning would be learned in a day. She was fully committed to following this whole thing through to the end, no matter how many months it took. She listened to him as he explained the sounds and meanings of two new words. She was excited to use them both. Her excitement bubbled over as a waitress found her way over to them and soon she found her footing on one of the harder words a little too soon. S-Sh...SHIIIIT! She had done it! She had gotten the word out. It felt so great to understand, to know, to learn. The word came out louder than she meant it but it was still out there, and she was proud.

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The waitress jumped at the loud cry, quickly grabbing a loose hair strand off her forehead and walking away from their table quickly. "Dear me, and just look your first word is bringing our server to make haste, I wonder if we should tip." Erebus laughed, his entertainment had been peaked. Spinning the notepad around he spoke up some more. Encouraging her enthusiasm to not subside. Learning was fun after all, Erebus had always been into it. "I was raised in Fiore, in this country we tip the service industry, 'tip', we use the letters tee, iyye, pee. Tih-Pah." A tip is like our gratuity system for the underpaid. Even though I despise sharing my money, even I tip because the country can sometimes be... Well, shit to the service industry. In this case it wouldn't be a noun but instead closer along the lines to a verb, you'd say, the economy can be 'shit-tee'. The only time you wouldn't tip is if the servicing person was rude, or disregarded you. It's based on appreciation after all." Erebus slid his notepad around so that Ylva could collect more notes. In bold letters he highlighted the difference between a noun and a verb, and added the ends to the words that could change the form of them into such things. His example was laid out under the text, using the sentence. 'I like this spot.' he circled spot and created an arrow pointing to it, marking it a noun. On the other side of the paper, 'You've been spotting new places'. In this case, he underlined that 'spotting' was an action, therefore, it was a verb. Nouns and Verbs were a pretty easy one to grasp, there was already nouns and verbs in Icebergic, so translating the concept over was half the battle already.


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She must have gotten her first word right because the waitress reacted with a yelp, far too similar to the definition of the word. Almost on beat she realized that this was the moment to use the next word. S-Shhh-... Shhhu. Shhhush. Shhush. Shush. Shush. This was fun, she was learning so quickly a wave of endorphins were released into her body. She wrote down the words, her handwriting neat and clean, almost like art. She continued her lesson, jotting down the words, taking in the information, and showing that she understood. All was going pretty well until a grumble came from her stomach signifying her hunger.


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Erebus wrote out a few more words into the paper, along with letter combinations that would help her get the idea behind them. More specifically Erebus moved into explaining the words 'Are' and 'Is', as those were important, so he stayed quiet as he wrote their meanings down in Icebergic across the paper. "If you're feeling like you're getting somewhere, I'd recommend trying to create your first sentence." Erebus offered, his sunken tired eyes, gold like amber drifted up to the ceiling, as he sat back in his seat. The sound of Ylva's stomach growling instantly told Erebus the girl was hungry. "Try and apply some of the sounds you've learned to create the words you need to ask for a good meal, the waitress will back with our coffee momentarily." The Husk was admittedly feeling hungry himself, but he had to fast this one out until he could reach Era, his funds simply weren't high enough to just waste yet.


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She thought the sessions was going well. But then she was asked to make a sentence using what she learned, what he taught. She would be lying if she said she were confident enough to do that. She learned other languages before and going from what they had been learning to sentences in only a hour was sort of a big step. She didn't know how to tell him she wasn't ready to take that step, she felt that it might come off as a slap in his face, as if he hadn't taught her anything. Fidgeting in her seat she looked at the letters again, feeling each of their sounds out and trying to pull a word from her mind. The biggest issue here was she didn't know the Fioran word for food items, surely he should have known that. Even if she asked with the letters she was given she would only be able to use the word in iceberg and spell it in the Fioran language, and that would sound weird because she was sure that's not how that worked because the words from one language was different from another. This led her to ask one simple question. " How? "


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Erebus fell back to his chair's legs, and clap on the ground was heard, he was now leaning over the table reaching down to pick up his notepad. Just as he did so, the waitress was back with their hot morning drinks. Erebus moved his book, and the waitress sat down his coffee. She then sat down Ylva's, Erebus decided to answer her question rather bluntly. "Have you even looked at the menu? Point to something and I will teach you how to ask for it," Erebus then cocked a sly grin. "However, had yo been paying attention to your surroundings, the other people in the room have been making breakfast orders for the past hour. I won't judge you for your focus on the lesson though, I'm glad you are attentive." Erebus sipped his drink, allowing the heat to warm his cold body. Erebus gestured towards her cup. The drink she has delivered to you revitalizes your energy and keeps you awake. We call it coffee." Closing his eyes, the mortal coil returned to his own cup, wondering what Ylva would decide she'd eat from the menus, resting within the caddy that was sitting by the window next to them.


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Ylva had the strongest sensation to slap her face for being so stupid as to have not realized that she had something to guide her in the task given. Instead she just sat with a face flushed with red at her own embarrassment. Looking at the coffee she wrinkled her nose, it was black in color and smell sort of strong. Taking a sip of the hot beverage she instantly regretted it Bitter... Placing the drink down she quickly picked up the menu on the table and gave it a look over. Everything on it looked really good but she didn't want to fill herself up on a heavy breakfast. Thee fr..fruiteee sahlahd. She could feel herself struggling with the word as she pointed to the item on the menu. Her eyes move from the paper to Erebus as she looked for any sign of approval.


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Erebus stared blankly at the girl, she was trying but... Her lack of true ability was showing. She'd definitely need more practice in this regard. Language was like an art form, the further you go, the better you get. However, having been glued to the chair for an hour already, Erebus knew he'd have to get going soon. Then again, she needed more work. Guess it was time to invite her to where he was going for a later venture. "Yes, the fruit salad. She will have that." Erebus spoke to the server lady in a calm way, however he rudely shooed her off with a look of annoyance at her attempting to wait on his order. "Be gone then." His hand waved to and fro, then the husk peeped a shut eye open at Ylva, returning to her natural language to talk yet again. "Ylva, you aren't doing bad, but I'm afraid this lesson is going to have to be cut short. I have a homework assignment for you however. I want to know if you will be able to teach yourself how to speak a little better before our next encounter... I'm leaving today to travel to Era, my hometown. If you are up to get more lessons, you can meet me there. I'll take you on as a pupil, if you'd like. However, after you finish your meal I'm going to need my payment upfront." Erebus smiled ear to ear, allowing his eyes to lull over like a love-struck madman, revealing the first sign that he might not be all there. "Don't tell me you don't have my money." Erebus would have been infuriated to find out she had played him. In fact, at least one person in the room would die, should they have to cause an escalation. Erebus had a pretty large weapon slung over his back.


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She felt a chill run down her spin at his last sentence. The switch from tutor to something else had her quickly reaching in her little purse for the jewels she kept in a small pouch just to pay him. She even dug out a little extra from her purse to add to what she already owed him, just because she felt she was being difficult to work with. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to teach me. I'm looking forward to our next session. I believe I'll be a little more well versed in Fiorian next time. With that said the waitress came back with her fruit salad and then she quickly vanished from the table. Ylva felt her mouth water and she quickly dug into the cool refreshing fruit, making sure not to dribble any of the juices.


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Erebus smiled genuinely when the money was placed gently into his open hands, he opened forth his fur-lined coat. Erebus' aura went from the creepy monster that it was, back to the intelligent quiet man, and his next movements were nothing short of odd or off. Counting the colorful gems up, one by one. He dropped them into an inside pocket which was held up with his free hand. When the scrumptious salad hit the table, Erebus didn't move a muscle, he simply hummed a sweet lullaby, minding his own buisness til every last bit of money was in good storage. "You're absolutely welcome Ylva, of all the people I've met, I can't help but notice you to be amongst the kindest. Perhaps, big things are in your future. I look forward to our next session as well. See you in the capitol!" Erebus stood up, dropping a clear jewel on the table to cover his coffee. "Don't go getting killed by demons, okay?" With that parting farewell, Erebus was gone.



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His last comment made her freeze and she could only nod as her mouth was full of juicy fruit. There was most definitely something about that man that put her on the edge. She wouldn't say it out loud and she would could try to hide it, but it was such a ominous creeping feeling sometimes that she felt...Hunted. She was thankful that it hardly surfaced during the time he taught her, but towards the end it was too much to ignore. Once he left the store completely Ylva was able to breathe a sigh of relief and continue her meal in silence. It looked like she was going to have to do some self-teaching before the next meeting with her mentor.


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